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Today's episode is straight fire! Cool Not Cool, Small Games Big Prizes, Betcha & Wheel!
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Wheel Unfortunate: 18:05
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How are you coming yeah, i'm just getting if the camera got off its track, i'm just trying to it's got to be steady for you yeah. No, i know i know i got it it's employee appreciation week. I got it, it's not focusing on codes. It's like time, speed warp travel, let's head to the intro, welcome to ot21, the month of ots every monday, bringing you an ot, it's the gift of giving.

We couldn't possibly give more ot's what if we did one overtime every day for the month of december. I think we'd lose every employee and you might even lose me. Yeah, we'll stick to just four gon na be a great show. We got cool, not cool back with some small games, big prizes, giving away some more cash, followed by betcha, ending it with a very special edition of wheel.

Unfortunately, let's jump right into cool, not cool, welcome to cool, not cool. I feel good about my item and i would be willing to kick us off. Are we comfortable with the button set up here? Are you uncomfortable with it? I don't know. I just i feel like it's something weird.

Oh, you know what we didn't do everybody should test your green, real, quick, no way, no, i've already got four greens. Thank you guys. Thank you. I am underway and i am presenting gentlemen.

Let me introduce you to the grill gun. I would agree that anyway, i need that, yes, that is sweet full power, let's tone it down, because this is not the only thing i have to offer. Oh, it's not going to stand yeah, you hold it for me. No try a regular nut.

First, just a quick, regular, nut, they're good! You just do one of these with the grill gun. Just look at that nice crispy! Oh, that's! Gon na burn our desk right, no sure! Oh okay, all right kobe toss me ow ho-ho, ten times better. No, it tastes like propane, it's a green for me, my only downfall to the product you got ta carry around a propane tank, but a mini tank. I mean it's so portable, like for your house, guys you have to carry it around.

You better, read it red! If no, no we're gon na super cool that i will wow, i do not know that the grill gun warranted is super cool, but i am eternally grateful i'd like to go next. No, i've never wanted to follow a super cool, but i'd be honored, quick, just test your red buttons. We didn't test those make sure the red button's working. Oh sorry, didn't count yet uh reach out to a fella.

He makes things out of sand. That's the dp logo. Wait! That's sand! Stop! Look at that! How crispy, if you're impressed by this, allow me oh that right there what's called sand art, no expert level, no way those are individual grains of sand, individual grains of sand. You guys watch the video.

I have no words, that's an easy, green, unbelievable i'll go in with you. That is unbelievable. You know what i thought i would never stoop to this level before i feel like i'm gon na be a cody. I just can't do two super cools back to back.

No, let me take that burden off of you, a grill gun. Oh my goodness, hey! Thank you so much. I didn't want to do it green. For me, that's unbelievable! That was for you well done unbelievable.

So what you basically just did was this. I did. I missed the first stage, super cool, that's not right that! Did it guys i'll go next! Cole nicole's been a little chaotic today. Fortunately, my item is perfect for canceling out chaos.

I would like to present to you guys. Peace in a box sounds like a spiritual gift, good question: before you go any further, is there a amount of that that you could buy piece in a box like how much money does peace cost? Well, i can tell you it's 400. You place it on your head like this. Oh the birds just started chirping.

Oh, my goodness, do not even hear what you guys are arguing about right now, because i am in such a state of calm. The birds are chirping, the water is rushing. It's massaging my scalp, the music is playing. I have never felt better how's this for peace, all right coach.

I think we've had enough of that. I'm glad you enjoyed it four hundred dollars, you kid! Oh, oh, no! Wow! Before i vote, i will give it a shot. I've been transformed and transported at the same time. It's fifty percent amazing.

Fifty percent. I feel like there's a nail being driven into the top of my skull on the top of your head: hurts. Doesn't it yeah kobe? I will green it if i can keep it can't give that to you. That's my life we're talking about here.

Okay, cool! Oh here we go, oh, be cool. I hate it i'm out on that. That is not cool i'll, give it a green uh kobe. I there's no other way to do this.

No, no! I need a helmet. I need a helmet. Let's move on who's up. My item is straight fun, a personal space or flying space orb.

I guessed it right right, that's exactly what it is, give it a simple shake upwards turns on and we have ourselves garrett catch it send it back. Wow cody grab it, that's actually fine. What do you mean? It's? Okay, it's still floating wow. Send me.

Send it chad hit me, oh wow, i'm in for that coming at you, i blew it. I got to give it a red now. No, no you don't i let the item down. Therefore, i gave it a red if you were age 10 or under that's fantastic, but i'm not so that's a red kobe makes a solid point.

I have 310 i'm in and because of that, i'm going to switch back because it's not super cool. This is what i'm worried about the voting system that is in place. There's no longer honest votes happening, and you know what i think we're gon na have to do. I think we're gon na have to go to a blind vote.

It's one of these yeah. You can't know that everyone else, greens, you have to vote honestly from the inner loins of your heart. You need to vote with what you feel. I think you just saved over time.

This has gotten so political and that's not okay. This is not a political sense. This is cool, not cool, that we are voting on show-and-tell items. We should be able to be honest and then play amen.

Brother, hey! I want you guys to go into my next item with that attitude. Okay, i wanted you guys to take that and vote on. My item, where are we leaving? We got to leave today? I know what you guys are thinking where's the pool table. That's in the garbage can oh cause.

No one ever played it. I know you guys love the simulators. I present to you the virtual green, the putting green moves and creates break. It creates valleys.

Oh it creates any pot. Gary grab pill bear grab your pot, you know what ty, what let me show you where to aim we'll tell you exactly where to go. No got it bucket juicy. No, the man is ready for sunday, hey back to the test, fellas back to the dead.

I want you to remember thai speech, vote with your heart with honesty, pick up your buttons close your eyes, we're gon na vote in three. Do we have to do like the blind boat forever? No, you know what no, i just wanted to make sure our hearts were in the right place, great on colorado, including my piece in a box. Last week we gave away 300 000 it's time to do it again in small games. I'm ty i'm cody and welcome to small games big prizes, for example, a game like rock paper scissors might earn you a hundred thousand dollars ugly toledo, because today we have partnered with our friends at dr pepper for a tuition.

Giveaway, that's fantastic. Let's get to the first round, we have christy, we have hannah, give it up for us yeah. How are we feeling today? You feel good. Where are you from i'm from jacksonville florida feeling good and i'm from sunrise florida? What do you guys do for fun in florida? I just study mom's watching that's just smart and i guess you only eat vegetables.

That's amazing! Hannah. What do you do for fun? Are you a boater? Are you a beacher? What do you do? I, like the skateboard and paddleboard skateboard and paddleboard, taking advantage of the sunshine i like that coach tell them what small game we are going to be playing today. Ty. This is a classic game.

It is rock paper scissors. It's a doozy of a game coach. You have a strategy for rock paper scissors dude, i'm heavy rock myself. I like to just stay consistent: here's how this is gon na work, rock paper scissors shoot.

We will flip them over and uh. We'll declare a winner two out of three: are we ready for some rock paper scissors 400 grand? This? Is insane chad, cue, the dramatic music cody on you, rock paper scissors shoot we've got rock christy takes round one hannah with a massive mistake. Who would go rock early? What in the world would she think but feel that cody may have led hannah astray? Cue, the dramatic music rock paper scissors shoot wow and the music is even more dramatic than ever confidence level. Ladies christy, how we feeling my heart is beating fast, i'm pretty nervous this rock paper scissors will be for 100 000 rock paper scissors in next shoot.

My goodness wow double rock ladies make your selections for a hundred thousand dollars rock paper scissors shoot all right. Christy! Congratulations hannah! Congratulations! Thank you for joining us on small games, big prizes where rock always wins. That was nice. That was a good call.

Well done! Well done. We've got two new contestants, trey and kayla hi very excited. Look at the smiles yeah. They look like a happy bunch.

I agree kayla. Where are you from what are you studying, i'm from phoenix arizona, studying special education, heartwarming? Absolutely heartwarming? How do you follow that up? Trey, i'm from kansas city, i'm studying computer and electrical engineering at missouri s, t wow impressive sounds like a smart bunch. We got here. Trivia coming up, got some easy questions.

We've got some hard ones, i'll be honest, cody missed about 50 of them and i wrote them yeah. So that's the scary part keep in mind. This is sudden death trivia. When one person gets it right, the other gets it wrong.

We have a winner. We have a loser hundred thousand dollars for first place. 50. 000 per second.

Are you guys ready yeah? Let's go first question: how many inches are in two feet? Don't overthink it, but don't under think it two correct answers. Well done you never know and we are moving on what does ufo stand for chad we'll do the sound effects you don't have to add anything let's reveal unidentified flying objects. Well done how about the bonus point? Attempt from trey here added that last minute with the ufo well done well done next question: what is the largest lake in the united states wow good night? That was fun thanks for playing? Do we have an answer of any kind the whole set? If trey has the correct answer, he is the winner of 100 000 trey. What is the largest lake in the united states? Get the confetti, ready and kayla lives to see another day? Is it just me, or did we spell michigan wrong? It doesn't matter because the answer was lake superior.

It's the superiors lake there is this one's gon na make you think, name, a mammal that can't jump. There are four possible answers. I'm stressed for them. Flip them around wow give each other a virtual high five real quick.

I predict she goes the wrong way. I knew it, i knew it no k-pop and you got to time it up right. Oh no! Oh pretty, good, yeah! Okay! What is the strongest bone in the human body? Kayla doesn't love her answer, but she is locked in all right here. We go guys this be the moment for a hundred thousand dollars in three two one.

Let's see it, we have congratulations, kayla and you're still walking away with 50 000. I appreciate you both congratulations well done! That is it for small games, big prizes, special thanks to our friends at dr pepper, for helping us make this possible back to the desk. Let's pretend this is for three hundred thousand dollars one game. I thought you always go.

That's why it's a minor game, i'm dancing in his brain. I looked back at our betcha records. Do you know who has so far to this point been undefeatedly, flawless and betcha? I have a guess: am i blushing? I don't want to give it away cody jones. This guy has yet to miss a betcha, but we got a new one, as some of you may recently recall, with your superior mind and recognizability, we were at a tall tower.

Yes and we had homemade planes, our planes were trash. Yes, take a look now that we're back from that. I had a little idea. While we were out there and more so than an idea.

I had a little betcha, let's go back in time to austin and take a look at the bet shop. Thank you, ty in the future, uh dp guys hope your overtime is going well. The most flips we've ever been able to achieve on the ground. The trip flip flip beautiful, shot cue, the footage we've never done more than that, but i have a betcha i betcha this plane will do at least 15 flips off of the tower yes wrong, absolutely thumbs up.

Absolutely you can't change too late. Look at the stairs! Look at that, oh, my goodness, not sure we know what we just signed up for here. We go three two one, the love yeah. I will throw it where you want it, you can throw it down.

I will that was by far your dumbest thing. You've ever done three, two one, one one that was one there's two you're over halfway now and you're still at eye level dude. This is going to beat our other battle. We were going to be like why didn't you put it on foot mode 11, where's that 12 12.? Oh, my god, dude it's rising! This one is going a mile guys we're losing connection on the drone.

It doesn't land, it doesn't count. Dude, it's not even coming down dude it's gon na go for a while, no joke we're on like 100 flips. Now it's going up. Oh yeah jeff tone it down.

It is twice the height of our tower. We just dominated defense. We're taking the elevator baby somewhere between lubbock and austin, there is a styrofoam plane that just set the world record for the most flips ever by a styrofoam farthest distance and farthest distance, so find it and enjoy it. Hey losers.

Yeah entrance to the stairs is right. There enjoy that guys, hey have fun. Oh, it's air conditioning, wow level, one all right! Halfway, no we're not we're! Not halfway we're three flights down. We have 50 left.

Oh, we did it. We made it to the bottom in just under 30 minutes. That should have been a betcha we're about to hop on the bus and head back to the desk. Ladies and gentlemen, the now defeated with a blemish on his record, i mean i did not see that coming and i don't think many people did.

I want to believe that it actually just went up into outer space and that right there is a great way to end the episode. I got good news for you coming up next, we all know. What's coming, we've been thinking about it the whole time wheel unfortunate, but you know what we deserve, what a break 100! No way, none of us are gon na. Do it well that, are you kidding, boys stand up and walk off the set, because this is not on us? What a christmas gift that was yeah love, that idea say: cheese, cheddar cheese, i already hate every second of them.

Who are these people? Yeah man? My name is jim shorts. My hair is long and my shorts are short gym shorts. I am from the great island of jamaica, your makeup shut up. Who are you, john carper? You guys remember me inventing thanksgiving my name is john carver.

Okay, let's get to it. Where are the honey? Who are you, i'm gon na assume, that's a joke who the heck are you? I ain't never seen you, none tingle. How did partner did chris tingle the beach boys are surfing a huge wave right now. I think there's one thing that we know for sure and there's a a slight lack of chemistry.

Good news is, we did cash, the checks, i'm actually wondering what you guys are going to do with your payday. You get that sucker, oh who's, your agent money, i'll. Let you guys kind of maybe just split this, because oh dad's got funny where that came from. I like this guy, it's kind of my staple.

Why do you think? Let me tell you something in these bottles. There is a day i don't know who should pick i'll say gym shorts, jim. I need you to touch one of these bottles. You know what i picked.

This is a tough decision, it's not that tough. Yet this is the bottle you have selected. Well, i guess we're gon na eliminate one okay. This person is safe from spitting the wheel, john carver you're, saying and because john is safe, the tingle gets to smash it on his head, mad you're, safe.

You know what who else to say. I'm sick of this here - oh my god, we need the real inside this bottle. He's spinning the see you next wheel. I don't want to see you mowing for a moment.

I think it's time for the tingle to go wait. What do they say here, i'm usually on the other end, i guess i'm just going to go spin, the wheel, i'm ty and welcome to wheel unfortunate, who runs this show goodness gracious easy on the fog. I've been a late edition as the host and we're supposed to welcome a guy named chris tingle, hey man, how's it going good to meet you, i'm ty, i'm tangled chris tingle you're, a jolly old fella. There yeah not really sure how the show works.

I've been on here once had a weird interaction: wow. I know you're supposed to spin this wheel and i know there's relatively new consequences. I think one man car wash tow your own car ned's choice can't stand that guy get bird seated hey. What does this mean? Free pass, i don't know, i guess you don't have to do it if it lands there, i'm making up rules as i go.

I think we've seen enough here just go ahead. Yeah, if i could sum up this show in a quick phrase. It'd be a lot of fog and a little talent, great spin, there tingle and we have a 24 hours in a diner where's. My note sheet.

Every waffle you eat takes an hour off of your time. That's actually pretty good, that's yeah! That's we didn't say that i know that's what it says on the pine prince, we're also supposed to say this together. Tingle, like i said, a lot of fog, little talent, all right here we are denny's. Let's go eat some waffles.

I won't be needing that just waffles today, just waffles anything to drink and a coffee. Okay, so here are the rules. I have to stay in a denny's for 24 hours, every waffle i eat deducts. One hour i feel like i need to take off my sun sunglasses because we're inside ah much better, oh wow, that's a lot bigger than i thought.

Um, let's just bring another one out, one more okay, let's keep them coming. My friend joey did this once. I think it works one bite at a time. Tingle's gon na gain a little bit of weight today, waffle number two, i'm pretty sure they serve kids mini waffles and i'm gon na have to resort to that.

They never said i couldn't do you guys have by chance a smaller waffle. Yes, we have junior size. Is that okay junior size yeah? Can i switch that out for a junior okay i'll, be right back? Okay, so here's your junior waffle? Oh i'm saved, i feel rejuvenated, oh boy. Thank you.

Number five tingle doesn't feel so hot all right, yeah we're at the halfway point. I am not feeling good. The tingle is hurting number ten, it's so good, but i'm so full wow. All right.

I've been here. Six hours, i have one two, three, four: five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven twelve thirty, forty 27 17. One more can i give one more last and final, one, here's your last waffle! Thank you pretty good price. I just wanted to go away last bite.

I may be full of waffles, but i'm still fuller of christmas cheer yvonne deserves all the credit. She really pushed me through to the finish line. Well, good news and bad news. Good news is another ot next monday.

Bad news is we're back on for wheels. Oh yeah, it was a nice break, got ta feel for tingle. You should well, you know, i think he got what he deserved, but it was nice to have a break. Can we all agree absolutely well that will do it for ot 21.

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