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The Wheel Unfortunate spin you’ve all been waiting for. Today's OT kicks off with a brand new segment, followed by all your faves! Thanks to Dr Pepper for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to learn more about the Tuition Giveaway!

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Intro: 0:00
Small Games Big Prizes: 1:02
Cool Not Cool: 7:44
Dude Perfect Plus Sneak Peak: 15:24
Wheel Unfortunate: 17:52
Shout out to @WorkshopHustle (Instagram) for creating the unbelievable DP chair. We are terribly sorry for what happened when we put it through the Get Crafty judging criteria...but that doesn't take away from the incredible craftsmanship!
Special thanks to Little Elm Animal Shelter!
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Boo Hey. Welcome to Overtime 20.. Here we go. Tall guy beard, twins, purple, hoser., Dude Perfect's in overtime.

Tall guy beard, twins, purple hoser.. Now we're heading on to overtime. Man. I've got to say..

I was not able to sit in my seat and do the intro., Because the seat could not contain the excitement that I'm feeling right now., Because guess what guys.? For the first time ever in DP history, we are bringing you an OT. This week. We're bringing you in an OT next week. And we're not stopping there.

We're bringing you a third OT the next week before Christmas. And to cap of the year that shall not be named. --. We're bringing you a fourth OT..

Four OTs Wait: wait! Wait! What Wow Buckle up Gar because we got filming to do. A quick PSA before we jump in.? If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, DP merch, store., Pew pew pew., Let's dive right into the first segment: small games, big prizes., Let's go., I'm Ty. And I'm Cody., And welcome to small games - -- --, big prizes., For example, a game like rock Paper scissors might earn you $ 100,000. Holy Toledo., Because today we have partnered with our friends at Dr.

Pepper, for a tuition, giveaway we're going to be playing simple games like Take the Cake and my personal favorite Turtle out of the circle., That's fantastic.. Let's get to the first round., Let's give a big round of applause to our first two contestants -- Kirsten who is studying aviation and Christopher, studying studio. Art. Welcome guys.

Thank you. Chris. Where are you from I'm from San Juan Texas.? Oh, a Texas, native. Texas, boy.

Kirsten what about you, Baton, Rouge, Louisiana., Louisiana, not far.. So here's how the game is going to work. The game is called. Take the Cake..

We have 10 items on the table.. One of them is a cake.. You don't say.. I do say: Code., That's crazy., The first person to correctly guess which item is the cake $ 100,000.

Wow? That is not small money., But even better news. Talk to me. The loser $ 50,000. Wow., I'm ready..

Are you guys ready, I'm ready.? Let's do it.. Please write down what you think is the cake.. Oh, the duck. For $ 100,000 did Christopher.

Take the cake No. It is a plastic duck.. Kirsten goes headphones. Ty.

Is it a cake? Oh, it is not a cake. Kirsten good guess., But we are headed to Round 2 of Take the Cake. Second selection.. Oh, let's do it.

Kirsten goes boot.. Oh two different. Chris goes toilet paper.. Did you take the cake? It's just a rubber boot.

No. There's. No -- there's no cake in there. The toilet, paper.

I'm going to go straight knife., Because if this is a cake, it will just glide through it. For $ 100,000. Is the toilet paper, a cake No. No.

No. All right round. Three. Lock in those answers.

Get them on the board.. Kirsten goes banana.. Christopher goes onion. Two food items.

Christopher for $ 100,000. Did you take the cake? It sounds crunchy., Ripe, onion.. Ok, now for the moment. Christopher, you took the cake.

You've done it.. Ladies and gentlemen.. He's eating the sugar candy shell.. I love Dr.

Pepper. Congratulations. $ 100,000 to Christopher. Kirsten you're, not going home empty handed.

$ 50,000., Well done., Proud of you guys.! Thank you for being our first ever contestants.. That will do it for Take the Cake. On to Round 2 of Small Games. Big Prizes.

Give it up for our final contenstants Sydney and Mseke. Yes. Big day.. I have been looking forward to this final round because this is bound to be my favorite game Turtle.

Out of the Circle., It's a great game. Ty. The rules of Turtle out of the Circle are, as you would imagine, two turtles go in the circle.. The first turtle to leave the circle is the winner..

We do have our skycam. I would like to point out. That will give us a nice clear view of the playing field.. We've got our lettuce bait all the way.

Around. We've got mini-Sydney and mini-Mseke that will be riding the turtles.. Let's bring the turtles on and let them pick. Cody and I will both grab one..

Ladies first., I will go with Garret's turtle.. I can guarantee a win. Mseke. Coby., Yes, Coby..

Does your turtle have a name We'll just stick with Turtle. Turtle. Mseke? How are you feeling about your tortoise? I just hope that we'll get this win. Any words of encouragement Just get it., Get it baby.

Let's go Keep in mind the loser after the first round has the option to trade in their turtle and bring in a turtle. Reliever. Three two one turtle off OK. OK., Oh wow., Oh wow, Mseke.

And Mseke's turtle is making a move around Sidney's.. Oh and we've stalled. Out. They've come to a stand.

Still., And here we are. They're game planning.. They are not sure what to do.. Mseke's turtle makes a move.

Mseke Go, He is inching closer. Go. Whole Turtle must cross., That's it.. He is thinking about it., Sidney's --, Mr.

Turtle go --. Turtle has not moved an inch., We are nearing the end of round one.. We have a winner Sydney. I don't think you need me to tell you this..

We are going to request a turtle change. I would as well. Mseke. Would you like to switch turtles or stick with your guy? Oh no no.

I'm not going to do that.. That's probably smart. Sydney. Here.

Are your turtle options., Cody, Ty or Cory., The fellow's name with the gray shirt. Ty.? I will choose that turtle. OK. Sweet.

Good idea.. If Mseke's turtle pulls this off $ 100,000. In three two one turtle off And they're off., Oh and they're, getting --! Oh, Oh wow, There's 100 K. Mseke's -- 100 K.

Come on. Go! Oh, it's got some charges left! Oh and he pauses.. Oh --, Keep going, Keep going. -- it's going to come down to the wire.

Oh Keep going! Oh! Oh! It's Sydney! Dude.! No way! It's Sydney., It's Sydney., It's Sydney, Sydney got it Mseke you had it., I had it yeah. Sydney. Would you like to continue with the same turtle? I think I will. Mseke.

Would you like to make a change or stick with your guy? I will stick with my guy. Sticking with him. For $ 100,000. Gentlemen -- Yes., I'm sweating.

-- ready the turtles. In three two one turtle off. Oh they stalled.. Oh, oh wow.! Is it another --, oh no.

Mseke's turtle -- He wants it.. I think you got to encourage him.. Oh he's moving One step at a time, one step at a time.. Oh, oh, Oh Sydney's turtle is making a move..

I would yell at this turtle as loud as you can. Keep going, Keep going, Keep moving, Keep moving, Go. Go go. Go, Oh, Go He's catching up.

Go Oh Sydney's, turtle's, making a move! Oh they're, both on the move. Go. Both turtles are on the move, Sydney, Sydney pulls it off, Sydney pulls it off. She pulls it off..

She does it. Oh, my goodness, Bring the checks. In. $ 100,000.

Mseke $ 50,000. Nobody's walking away empty handed., Appreciate you guys being a part of Small Games, Big Prizes.. Thank you very much. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks again to our friends at Dr. Pepper and all the contestants. Back to the desk for COOL, NOT COOL.. We got a special COOL, NOT COOL today..

These items are all from you guys. From the fans., So we went to the mail room we each took our own boxes started digging through some stuff. And we found all of our cool items from you guys, today. Wow..

Thank you. Guys. Thank you.. The fans are really loving.

This episode. Wow., That's enough. Enough please.. Here we go.

Who wants to kick us off Yeah, I will.. I love kicking us off. Who likes Fall time. I mean it doesn't have to be in the Fall but who likes Fall, weather A little tailgating action.

What's one of the best games that you play at tailgating Come on, give it to me., Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Hold on wait. Hold on. You play, Pin The Tail -- Yes.

-- On The Doney at a tailgate Depends: -- Did he say, Pin The -- --, who we're playing., Forget it., Hey thanks to Audrey for sending this in.. She made us our own --. Is that custom -- corn, hole., Oh wow, Nice., Hey got the boards here.. You guys got your own bag with a pic.

Nice. Cory. Yeah, Here's mine.! I think I have the best one though. Thanks Audrey.

Cody., I'm in., I like it.. I think it's great Audrey. Hey if you make it -- Cory. If I make this it's a green.

Love, it. Oh., You know what You got to do, red., That's what you said., Then Super Cool is off the board, which you know where I'm headed. Green, Because it doesn't matter. Hey It's literally.

Every time I'm going to make it a majority green., I still have not had one -- -- yet., I love it., Hey! Thank you guys.. This is one of the best games in the biz. Wow. Four out of five.

Could have been a five. If you had any talent. Yeah. But hey Coby, you want to follow that Happy.

To.. In a famous episode of Get Crafty, we all built chairs., Quick update.. It looks like Coby's trying to build a raft. Whoa whoa..

We all is a strong word. There. Buddy. I'd say two of us built chairs.: Oh gosh, I almost died.

A gentleman by the Instagram name of @ WorkshopHustle and his son -- Wow. -- built a --, Oh --, mater piece, -- Dang. -- and sent it to us.. What is that made out of? I, like the jointery here., Look at the detail in the legs.

Shaq could jump on this chair --, You think -- and be just fine.. Was this built to be thrown off the --? I was about to say the only way to actually --. No, no. No.

I don't want to, but that is --. That's the judging. -- the test.. Oh Oh, I feel bad, but I also feel like --.

I do feel bad too, but I felt the same way about my chair. Absolutely.. I agree. I agree.

And that will determine a green or a red.. I like it. OK. Yeah..

If we were strictly going off, looks it'd, be greens all around. 100 %, But this is all about how this chair holds up in our very controlled scientific testing. Environment. Dropping in three two one..

I almost cried a real tear. Seriously. It started welling up.. On the flip side, we would like to give WorkshopHustle.

We don't know you guys. Personally, we would like to give you a chance to build a chair that will survive. This drop test., And if you do, we will drop it again.. You have our word., We're both sorry and looking forward to the opportunity.

Back to the desk.. I feel terrible with what just happened. Everyone we know it needs to be done. Yep..

It's not what we want to do: -- Nope. I can't. --, but --. I can't.

I can't. -- for the rest of us --. I don't mean it., I'm going to like you on Instagram and --, I'm not sure he's going to like your character Coby.. This is not a reflection of WorkshopHustle..

This was not my choice.. I went with the crowd., It is what it is. It's life we learn lessons.. I have a very special item..

This one will take me to my happy place., No way. Ooh, Someone made that LeadFiddleGuitars and his son made this for me.. Does it work, I think, there's one thing to do.: Really Drop it off a balcony., Let's go.! No, no! No! No! No way! We can't! Yes, We can't. No..

We should come up with a new method.. I think we just plug it in and see if it plays.. Oh, that's, probably a good one for a guitar. Yeah..

I think. Due to copyright laws. I will play something really intriguing like the E minor scale., I love it.. Oh my gosh..

I never knew how much I liked the E minor scale. That is his guitar face, though, that he's currently making right there.. That's the face. He makes., That's enough..

I think we know it works. In honor of the chair. In honor of the chair. Yeah..

Oh that's nice. Sure. In honor of the chair. Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you., Beautiful guitar.. I'm not going to be the person that doesn't do it. What We'll make Cody decide.

Yes.. Oh yes. Yeah.. Will you have the revenge vote like you always do I just keep the SUPER COOL sacred.? That's all it is.! That's the super --! This is worthy.

And that's what I was going to say. Next. This item super cool., The song you played, Oh, my -- Dude because of copy right LeadFiddle, your son thank you.. I hate that I have to follow SUPER COOL., So originally when this was pulled out of the mail, it was looked at as something lame.

Weak sauce., But I searched further in the box and realized. It is a disk throwing device. Whoa, Probably life lesson there always search the whole box.. How far does it launch? That's the real question.

I'd say over 80 yards. 80 yards I'd be willing to put my green on the line for 80 yards.. Let's just go: throw it see it and see it in action., OK. You're, not judging me you're.

Judging the product. Got it.. Are we in a safe place? Here I don't know.. Oh Wow, I was not expecting that., I wasn't either..

I wasn't either. Custom DP disk and the way that thing absolutely hums Yep., That's a green.. I could have fun with that.. I love Gar..

I think there can be a trick shot. Video there., Oh Green., Loved the item. Super impressed by the toss.. I did think the thrower could use a little bit better technique.

At the end of the day, I'm just a guy. That's got to keep the SUPER COOL, sacred. Yeah. And that's where I'm at.

That's my line. I think that's my role here, -- Yeah., You know what -- is. I've got to keep that protected. Somebody's got to.

Somebody's got to and it's --. This actually is a SUPER COOL. We're moving on.. You know what Now he's muted.

Now he's muted.. What are you going to do So? Go ahead, say whatever you want, but you're muted., Green., So close.. I know we couldn't quite pull off a SUPER COOL there, but I say we end with one.. You know what I'm saying.

Oh Somebody sent me -- -- a pillow with my face on it. And I know you're thinking, man, that's pretty cool.. What's cooler is that you swipe it up and you see eyebrow-less old, Cory., That's nice., That's absolutely alarming picture of you. And I know what you're thinking.

Cory. That's a gift to yourself. That's not really the type of thing I would green., Maybe Garrett, How about a custom Garrett puzzle. Oh Oh, Show that's to the camera.

TNT. In your favorite state. You've ever been. Open that up.

One of my all time, favorite characters in DP, history. Mom. I ordered a Snickers Blizzard. This is a Reese's And so for that --, That's good., --, that's a green.! That's a good idea.! I'm going to give it a green.

Love the effort by Josh., Just these kind of beads. What are they called Sequins.? They honestly are like scales. Like fish scales., Not a fan., I'm going to vote specifically on Ty's blanket.. This is a green for Josh., Great job Josh..

Well, I got to say that was one of the more entertaining COOL, NOT COOL's. I've ever been a part of. Thanks for the fans that sent in gifts., We've got a ton of COOL, NOT COOL items to still go through. But if you guys have a super cool item, you want to send us, send it here., Hey T Yeah.

What's next I don't know Gar., Maybe we should check out our brand new Dude, Perfect Plus channel, with almost a million subscribers, that everybody loves, because it's all kinds of content that they've never seen before Whoa What kind of content I don't know., Just behind the scenes. Bloopers funny stuff, like cool. Cool content., It's just cool content., Only cool content.. If it was an item, it'd be COOL, NOT COOL., And it's probably get a super cool..

Let's check it, out. Dang it. What up BTS'ers., I don't mean the boy band. I mean the behind the scenesers..

What's up bonusers, I will say: I've only got one leg today, but that is going to be an advantage.. I know it's hard to believe a Dude, Perfect corn, maze. Woo. Don't you sleep on Jonesy? This was supposed to be my behind-the-scenes..

Oh, I didn't mean to mooch off of you., So I am the rage monster. Who turns out to be the hero? This time. Sparky is Darth Vader., All right.. That's how you do it., I'm sorry..

Go back., You can actually hand these things off, the guys can put it in their pockets and it will track them in the cornfield.. Hey good brother, you taking to the BTS'ers. I am Oh., I am.. Oh goodness, me brother., It's Chad, tech, talk.! Oh wow! I'm sorry, you guys had to sit through this., Let's go somewhere else, because we almost lost you guys.

Whoa. The stiff arm is a very effective football move. As I've learned today.. I don't like all these people.

I'm over it. Whoa.. Oh, what was that BTS'ers? You guys are the heart and soul of our group. - Love you guys..

Some of y'all already found out about it before we even officially announced it, like a million of you, but a good subscriber base, starting there.. If you want subscribe and join or don't. It took me and Gar until I don't know, we were 40 million before we subscribed. Yeah..

So it's that time. No. Yeah.. That's why I was --.

Let's just end the episode. --. This is the time that they've been waiting for.. I feel like we're all owners in the company..

Can we just end the video? If everyone raises their hand, we will. All right. I'll, cast a vote for that. Here's.

Why I'm not voting for that.? It's because Cory's going to be it., So we're not ending the video we're doing WHEEL. Was that the throw or was just you really excited about doing it? Oh, that was just me saying. I don't need to end the video.. Oh got it.

It's time for WHEEL. It still hasn't gone. Functionality., It's still not there. Well no..

I --. Let's go to WHEEL, You have to say the words unfortunate after wheel. Yeah., All right.. You want me to send it.

I think you should.. I want this to be the most energy that the 50 million strong Dude, Perfect audience has ever seen from Garrett. Hilbert. Boys buckle, up., Put your seat belts on.

Because it's time for WHEEL UNFORTUNATE Wow. Well, I do have some good news.. You fixed his chair, No no.. No, it's still very broken., No no..

The good news is that I didn't have to pick a hat.. That's great news. Ty.! I didn't know that was such a burden for you.. It is a burden.

We don't understand, but I'm sure -- No. --. That was a burden. Thank you.

Wow.. I empathize with you. Wow. Golly.

Thanks. Aw., That was incredible.. That's got to be hard., There's not that many hats out there. Wait..

So somebody sent you a hat, Somebody send a hat and it's Saran wrapped., No, no no.. There are five pieces of paper.. I have no idea -- No. You're, going to trust that I think we have to..

That's a tiny hat. Yeah., It's a very tiny hat.. That's why they sent tweezers., Hopefully all five of these names that here are different, especially for my sake., But a fan, Saran wrapped five names inside this tiny hat. Wow..

Will you pick one Meaning doing all the picking Take a name out and set it right? Here.? It does sound like a fun way to pick it. Just take the tweezers grab a name. OK. Just set it aside right, here., The person spinning the wheel is Garrett, Yeah, Read it and weep Garrett., Hey here's the deal.! I never want this man to choose my name.

Again. I've never felt so shamed in my life., I'm going to go spin. The wheel., Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Ned Forrester and today is a wonderful day., Not only because WHEEL UNFORTUNATE, but it is also my birthday. We got a great contestant today., Let's bring him up.

Garrett Hilbert., Hey Gar. Hey., Thanks for coming., We'll be socially distant. You know what I mean. You got all these tricks up.

Your sleeve, you weirdo. He's onto me., Yeah., Hey, look folks., Get that away from me.. I had a bottle., You guys --, Who was that You thought you were onto me Like. I said today's more about me and less about you Garrett..

It is my birthday and actually my mom's calling. I'll check my pockets. Thank you.. I love you.

Mom. Aw.. Take chances make mistakes. All right..

She said she left a birthday card in my pocket. Yep.. I don't trust you. Aw to Neddy Boy..

That is so sweet. Oh.. She only gave me 20,000, this year.. Well, hey! You know what I got to take a minute to just thank everyone who made this birthday so special..

Well, my mom is the only one that got me a card and a present, but now that I think about it. It's been kind of a lonely birthday for me.. It's a really sad WHEEL.. This took a weird turn., Happy birthday.

You can spin the wheel for me bud., That's the first time that somebody other than my mother has told me happy birthday in --, Really -- 20 years.. Thank you! Man., Hey --! I appreciate that. We're good. Brothers.

Don't shake hands. Brothers got to hug. We're not brothers., Come on. Come on bring it in., We're not brothers.

Bring it in. Aw., Keep your hands. --, Hey! I wasn't even sad. I have a millions of people that tell me happy birthday.

Every year You wouldn't believe how many Christmas presents and birthday presents. I get. I'm the most popular guy. I know.

It's unbelievable.. You got a great wheel., Some really incredible consequences up on the board. Whoa And on my birthday And on my birthday Guys. Do you know what this means Yeah Now this wheel could be completely reset and I don't have to go home at night.

Wondering will someone ever own a cat, or is it just a figment of hope Thanks for being here., Say it with me Garrett? That's unfortunate! We'll see you next time., How long do I got to own this thing? It's a forever kind of deal. Yeah. Animals are forever. They're, a part of our family..

Typically, I let my dad sing Come from The Heart, not today.. I've prepared something I've choreographed it for the last week. And it's actually a beautiful interpretive dance.. I call it The Hands of The Dove., It's a metaphor, because doves don't actually have hands.

Shh. Promises, they could never stay. Unbroken. Shh.

The moment the world has been waiting. For. No no.. We are here at the local animal shelter and it is time -- To change a life..

It is. Two lives. Two.. Let's go get you a cat.

How's it going. I woke up today and decided I want to own a cat.. Did I come to the right place? Oh cat room. Cat room.

Smells wonderful., There's Tigerlily.. Is she dangerous And then we have Hook. Hook? Oh Yeah., No, I'm out., I'm out. Oh..

I am out., No way. Yeah. You know what We don't need to hold. Hook.

OK. Yeah, let's hold Lily., Does she have claws Yes. They get stressed out in a shelter., Really Oh.. Think of the stress you can take away., You don't have to take just one..

Well, she is kind of soft.. She is a pretty cat. Yeah. She's, a very, very pretty -- OK..

I think you're getting off. --, Hey, hey hey., It's OK., It's OK., Let's maybe hold some others.. Oh Gary., Oh Aw., Oh Gar, Gar! It's got red hair like you.. Timmy.

Timmy is a great cat. Too young sorry., Oh wow., That was a quick decision. Timmy.. Could I swap out two dogs for a cat No..

If Timmy was older, I'd go Timmy., No offense Hook., We all knew Hook, was off the table. Yeah.. It's really between Lily and Tim, and I'm going I'm going to choose. Lily.

Wow.. Gar paperwork is finalized.. You have chosen, Tigerlily. Tigerlily has yet to choose you..

You must make a choice.. No, no, no! No! No no. Go on Tigerlily.! That's good enough for me.! That's good enough for me. All right Gar.

Off to your new life.. You know what, At the end of the day, I don't know if I'm not a cat guy.. Maybe I shouldn't judge it like. I did before.

Daddy's home with a guest., Oh yeah.. I meant to tell you, I lost WHEEL UNFORTUNATE earlier today, -- What is this -- and had to go to an animal shelter, and we are now proud owners of Cat. Of a cat, but we're naming it Cat., Oh she's peeing.. This is perfect.

I feel like this should have been like an us decision.. It was us decision.. The Dude Perfect guys were very adamant.. Thanks for watching guys., Don't forget every Monday.

This month there is a brand new Overtime special., Thanks to our friends at Dr. Pepper, for making this one special.. If you want to learn more about the Dr. Pepper tuition, giveaway click right here..

If you want to see the last video click down here. And if you're not already a DP subscriber click down here. Signing off for now, where we just gave away a lot of money for an unbelievable turtle, race. Adios.

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