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BEST CHRISTMAS PRANK EVER! Plus a Christmas themed Get Crafty & Cool Not Cool! Special thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to download the game for FREE!
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In what was in there, because that broke, that was the fakest fall i've ever seen by the way really yeah you faked. It was that intentional yeah i was gay head to the intro tall guy beer twins, purple hoser, dude perfects in overtime, tall guy beer twins, purple hoser. Now we're heading on to oversight. Welcome to overtime 22.

Merry christmas, everybody also the third overtime in december wow for the first time ever four videos in a month, never done it before. I'm not feeling that gift you're, not i'm, not it's, not a gift for you, garrett's, a gift for the people. I have a weird feeling: i'm going to get drawn out of that hat again to back to back. I woke up this morning and the cat looked me in the eyes and said it's you it talks to me.

Wait it talks to you. I felt like. Oh no, i got some good news for you kicking it off with get crafty, gingerbread houses. Oh well, sparky's back he's the judge yeah.

I forgot about that. No, no! No then, a very special mid-episode surprise that you guys don't even know about somebody's, been a very good boy this year and they deserve so much more than we can give them at this desk. Then we head to wheel unfortunate, keep in mind brand new wheel, brand new consequences, and then we finish it up with a christmas themed, cool night call, let's head downstairs, gate craft day, sparky sparkman back at it get crafty time my favorite segment and due to popular Demand boys, i'm back as the judge, isn't that right gary today, one of my favorites christmas season, you know what it means: gingerbread house, yeah i'll, give you the curriculum. Creativity, stability.

Is your foundation sturdy enough and then of course, just in case i have to lay lips on it, uh taste, i might have to taste it so boys get to crafty and gingerbread. That's all team. Quarry fans know i shine and get crafty, i'm just so crafty. I'm thinking i'm going to look at all my materials game plan.

I've got an idea of where i want to head. These are some of my favorite. I don't even need these, i'm literally just gon na eat one real, quick, i'm gon na do a golf themed. Gingerbread wonderland game plan here is get all of my gingerbread out and kind of see what we're working with here.

I have a vision that i'm trying to recreate i'm trying to make an over water bungalow. My theme here today is uh. I don't like to go there in real life, but you know what it's fake life right now. We have a recurring theme here once again on get crafty about 20 plus minutes in and a baking sheet.

That's all we have. One of my favorite pastimes is just eating brown, sugar, okay, so kobe already in a dark place, he's drawing out what his plans are, and it looks like a four-year-old on word document right now. If i have scissors i can cut this cardboard. I can add a new a-frame and this this house will become tall er really competing against one person, and that is the sparky time to put the logs on the cabin it's not going.

Well, i had a wall here and i just lost her. You know it's disappointing. None of my pieces really fit together and somehow they came in a kit. So well i don't know what roofing company you hired, but they're fired.

Oh, oh, no, i'm not even gon na talk about it. The fact i get to watch the twins and get crafty and get paid for it. It's not a bad day on the job, there's not even corey that i feel bad for it's larry cotton. I mean the shame and embarrassment that that man must feel every time he watches and get crafty.

There are certain things we missed out on in life, but you're still looking at me early in this competition. It doesn't fall. Oh gosh! No, oh, no! No! Turn! The camera five minutes, gentlemen, i'm actually, okay, i'm just final details from an observing standpoint. Right now, i don't know how well the gingerbread would go with the peanut crackers just seems like an odd combination, i will say: gare devoured, almost half the uh sugar bag.

You brown sugar, just straight a half an hour on your sand seems a little overdoing. It maybe we'll see, we'll see just doing aesthetic things. The structure is complete, looking to just finish strong here and take home and get crafty. Three two one hands off hands off time is up, hands are off the projects now judge time.

Judging time, my favorite time and i'll be honest, my work is cut out. For me today, because i don't know if we've ever had to get crafty that is closer than this one, no one likes to finish lives, but ultimately somebody has to take that fifth place trophy. If there even is one - and i got ta go here to my man core and here's, why core no door access? How do i even get in to this beach house in where, through the bottom, it's impossible to get to the honeymoon hut yeah? It just lacks christmas spirit and, to me fifth place, to be honest, just the fact that core got a presentation to the table is a win in my book. Thank you, fifth place.

Hey, give it a little shake just see what happens now. It gets tough but in fourth place kobe, i agree. I am not picking on the twins and i'll give you my reasons very much like his brother. It lacks christmasy spirit.

I don't golf in december. I love golfing, but i don't golf in december. A fourth place finish: leave boys just want to congratulate you for making the podium that that's never something you should overlook. Third place.

My man cody jones, you've got the apartment complex with multi-generational family housing. You've got a single family development here in the middle and then at the end, you've got the church house up on a porch. Thank you for visiting bedford farm gingerbread house. Not house is wonderful.

I feel like this is a prime example of a guy trying to do a little too much. At the end of the day, i've seen people wrong. I've never seen somebody wrong that bad. I really like ty's project because it was attention to detail.

At the end of the day, the christmas tree has ornaments. There's, there's droppings in the snow. There's logs here, there's a front door, your lincoln log structures. Oh no, was it not pass the sturdy test? No we're fine, we're fine, we're fine, we're gon na do a structure test here, a little mini earthquake there.

Oh there's a slight little tree tumble. That was a big earthquake. I don't think you need to go that big. I'm gon na go earthquake again on your time.

Oh that was like a level five earthquake. That's fine! It's fine, though fun fact is. I designed this in an earthquake to where the roof would sure on people inside on both sides and then get you a little mind if i do yeah tastes like second place garrett, that is a makeup goal. His first ever get crafty champions.

Call revenues well get crafty's done and i will say: we've officially seen it all uh garrett. First ever get crafty champion codes, you got hosed man, i'm the new garrett. Now i'm frustrated with sports. I got home too, hey.

I've never said a word about sparky. As a judge, don't put that on me sparky's an incredible judge and he is a gift to society. How do you like your molos, just slightly brown, i like to burn it. Okay, is this the secret segment time yeah? Are you gon na give us any inclination? What that is, santa's elves are hard at work in cody's office.

It is 9 40 p.m, and we got a little christmas surprise. Gary, let's get started, are we currently in it? Not yet? Oh does anybody else know what's going on? I hear christmas carols from below. Should we investigate sure santa let's see what's happening, i'm a reindeer, i got ta follow the music. Now i've just got nervous.

Now, i'm just now. I'm stressed. Oh, my goodness. Gracious, i'm gon na kill a man.

Wow, you've absolutely ruined everything in here and he's pooping in my office, yeah yeah. He left you a little something in there wow we got a there's a caribou in my in my office, i'm missing lightsaber where's, my lightsaber. Oh my! Oh, oh wow, that's ice! Yeah! This is luke's luke's original lightsaber, i'm trying not to cry i'm gon. Na be honest.

This was supposed to be giggles and fun and full of jolly and now i'm full of hatred and anger. I will say last night was a doozy. It was a doozy and a half. Oh yeah.

We need more water round three. Well, i got ta. Ask cody. Are you surprised, yeah, hey you got me hey, you might want to sit on santa's lap.

Tell them what you want for christmas yeah. Do that yeah? What are some things? You'd? Like my son uh, i could use a a couch yeah. Definitely a vacuum all right new carpet, uh-huh yeah. I think it also just box up some patience and forgiveness.

We'll get that to you. You know it comes from within, though we'll see what we can do: okay, okay, thanks all right back to the desk cody, i will say i think you got enough credit for how well you handled that. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm kind of assuming that my office will go back to normal. If it doesn't, then there will be a new segment called kobe gets. Revenge pranked by cody could be a good segment time for wheel. Unfortunately yeah wow yeah.

I need chad, the conductor to play the saddest royalty-free christmas music. He can find right now. Well, that's really sad! Here's the hat! I want gear to pick so he cannot blame anyone but himself if he goes back to back to back. But when you pick it, i need you to guarantee me that we can eliminate at least one person that we're gon na eliminate got it.

This is the elimination. This is the eliminator hey. Let me pick my name, you pick and don't look. I won't santa listen to me.

I got it. Oh no. This is definitely mine. There are three names still in the hat.

We're gon na leave those on the table. The person not spinning the wheel come on is cody jones reindeer. I don't get it. I've only spun once that would have been the one.

If you just said your wheel record is nearly blemish free. Can i see it before you, oh and i'll? Give you the good news. Absolutely not! I see this by myself. Do it.

So this is the person spinning. Yes, you want a cat with it. You keep the cat. You get out of the wheel, he'll trade, you right now a new wheel, spinning all right, ty! Guess what? If you shake these they're jingle bells, yeah see you buddy, see you guys.

Ladies and gentlemen, i know if you're thinking dad you're looking rather fabulous, you guys might have noticed. I have a little beard decorations and some crazy man threw him in the trash, and i said what man's treasure can be found in the trash can of another man's disposal. That was a quote. I came up with back in the day and i i tend to use it when i'm trying to teach life lessons to little youngsters.

You know anyways, we've got a great man coming on this show. Oh he's gotten peter in the spirit, so great ned good. To see you good to see you hey love, your hat. Get this get rid of that.

I got a better one for you cubs. You know they say the longer. The hat the more jolly the man am, i is that one. Is it too heavy in the front? Sorry about that? I probably should have taken this out before you put it on it.

So i got a christmas bonus last week. Okay, you know what we should do. You got ta play a game yep, let's play real or fake all right. Here we go real estate, facebook.

That was real. No, it's fake! Oh, i got it for you check it out. I bet you're really going to blow us up. What do you think? I bet it's real? Oh! No.

What have i done? Oh my feet, overcome with emotion. I think i just blew up a building. I need to sit down. Oh this is really bad.

Did you feel the aftershock? I think i need to call someone. I need to report a crime yeah a building. It blew up yeah. It was a guy in a blue onesie and a santa claus.

Hat i'll hold him here until you come all right. Hurry come back all right. You got ta, get here all right, they're on their way hey. I know it's gon na it's bill's thing to take the fall for that one, but i think you earned it.

Okay come on hurry and spin the wheel. Oh! Oh! What a horrible situation you found yourself in, oh, i feel bad for you. I really do. I feel i feel pretty bad, not bad enough to not make you have to tow your own car, though that's pretty terrible, hey hurry! Hurry get out of here! Blue onesie santa hat the santa hat's up, really long.

What's going on man, how are you good how you doing i've been better? I was just wondering you guys: tow cars there's. Actually, a white tahoe parked in front of the dude perfect office that needs to be towed. No, i wouldn't say they were parked um illegally or anything it's a pretty standard parking spot. We just would like to tow them.

Uh appreciate it. We'll see you guys soon. What a day hey? What did you tell him? I did not park illegally, but i need to tow my car what's going on man just got to get this guy out of here. This is a real bummer cry me, a river okay.

I got a cat to go feed nor she blows be gentle. If something happens to your car, we are not paying you that is so sad. Okay, well i'll, see you guys at some point. Yeah probably should have asked this earlier, but joey is it cool to ride with you? Yes, sir.

Okay have fun, that's nice. So is this the uh tow car lot? This would be the tow car lot. You would say: okay, great agreement, any more than anything. It's just kind of embarrassing if you want to follow me i'll, take you around to the front 400 bucks that sounds fair yep.

That sounds fair thanks for what you guys do. Well, i guess it's back to the desk. It was unfortunate, but at the end of the day i think i would have rather had my car towed than a winter wonderland. Thank you.

I i can admit that i can admit nothing worse in the winter, wonderland is having a get crafty trophy just ripped from your favor. I was going to say donner pooping in your office that was unfortunate, final segment coming up and it's a special edition. Cool, not cool, welcome to a very special christmas edition of cool, not cool. Last week we drew names secret, santa style and we have got cool items for the person that we drew specifically okay.

So this one's going to be a little different in the fact that only one person will be voting on your item. The person that you got the gift, there's a lot of pressure, a lot of pressure. It's either a super cool or it's not wow. We are free to give opinions, but one vote will be cast at the end of the day.

I love the pressure. Can i start i wouldn't expect anything left yeah. I was fortunate to pick one of my favorite guys of the girl he's so deserving corey corey. Thank you.

I'm gon na give you this card. Okay, it has a phone number call this number on speaker. I need you to say the words i need one and hang up greatness takes a little bit of time to prepare. I need one.

I need one hang up on speaker. I'm like really excited here. We go hello. I need one just keep your phone just kind of by you.

Let's wait! Okay, who's next kobe, if you would do me a favor and grab your buttons. Oh, my god, i picked toby very excited kobe. There's a santa wonderland happening right now in your office. Yes, the only thing rarer than your birthday is a dude, perfect battle, video trophy yeah and i feel like we have done you a disservice in celebrating those monumental days.

The first one was good. It was huge feeling so good. I would agree with the you. Don't even know what a second battle win was, i don't know what we didn't.

We didn't market the memory it was, but we was celebrated. We didn't celebrate it well, i did for 2021. I want you to celebrate rightfully so this round with this is a weird reveal. Do you think he just pulled out from under the desk with firework you light it? It blows up, we celebrate we party and we mark that victory mentally you're, giving him a real firework.

You know what i see where this is headed stay right. There make no moves. I feel a good victory coming in 2021 kobe's. Oh, my god.

What did you win in 2021? Buster brown? I want you to light a fuse, so big that you get fined by the city because you dad come through a fourth of july in the middle of february. Yes, sir. Yes, sir, this side up. Oh wonder what happens if you don't? Oh wow, that is really good! Oh my goodness! Yes, oh, that man! Well, hey i'm rooting for you next time! So what if he doesn't win, he can't use him.

So this is specifically for his next battle win celebration. Guys i have an unfortunate thing to say. Tell me: cody threw his fireworks on the red button. Oh no! I don't.

Let me lift it carefully. Okay, oh no! Be quiet! Oh it's on it! I pressed it. Yeah, it pressed it, you know how much that cost and the eternal hosing of the episode continues with a great item and pretty good sales pitch. I don't need a button to tell you what my heart feels.

It's jubilant yeah, i'm thrilled you're thrilled. I have never been so motivated to win a battle. Thank you, despite the red, thank you so much. I know that was bittersweet, but i am pretty excited and i'll take this opportunity to go next.

If you guys are good with it ty you are my gift. Tea, it's hard not to smile when you know you're getting a gift. Let me paint you a picture, i'm thinking back on what was kind of a interesting uh top 10 that you put out there for the world of top 10 cereal, so crunchy that it hurts the roof of your mouth, but so good that you play through it. Well, ty, if you could close your eyes, please reach out your hands.

I proudly present to you the first ever custom box of honey o's die. I called in a favor talked to my buddies over it. I am honey, dude read it to the people, it's so crunchy. It hurts to rip your mouth, but so good you played through it.

I am quoting look at the front, yay goodness. Oh dude, perfect os right, kobe, cotton with a hoot of jubilance. Sorry you up. I am up what music's playing right now.

It's i hate to tell you this codes, it's pretty somber in an episode where you've been triple hosed. Stop it it's even hard for me to speak these words, but i'm afraid you've been quadruple hoes. I don't remember who came up with the idea, but when somebody said secret santa i was like. Oh that's awesome.

That's like you know you go get like the really like kind of white elephant. So those are two different games. Polar opposite white elephant is purposefully bad secret. Santa is purposely good.

White elephant can be good. It can there's usually like one good item correct in general. They're pretty bad. Do you still want it? This is gon na be instinctual the minute i see it.

I'm voting on my face. I want to see the flow. It's not bad. It's portable, just kind of oh yeah.

No, those were great. Here's someone dude! Can you turn it off? Please very annoying yeah! Absolutely thank you um. I have two kids at home and they have very small hands yeah and i think that would at least buy me five minutes of free time if they played with that. It's not thousands.

So thank you for that. That's the only thing, but the only reason they'll buy me something. That's the only reason i could think of don't make me switch. I'm not trying something.

It's a low budget item. You don't have to take outside opinions. I just i feel like if i read it, i'm like putting all the things that happened to me on you right, that's not right and if someone's going to get hoes tripled, they might as well quadruple i'm doing houses. You got me a whole pile of fireworks and he bought you.

A three dollar did santa already deliver your forgiveness. I don't want this. I want the battery pack. This will last me like six hours in a deer stand.

Thank you. Moving on, i actually borrowed that from chad. That's chad's battery pack so give me the buttons back. I'm sorry! I got ho it's a five pose.

I'm about to pull. I have. Where did you get an item for my favorite person in the group? Gare wow? I thought it was. I thought it was garrett, hey, real quick.

Did you know that secret santa and white elephant are different? I have heard that yeah. I know that you're a man of many hobbies. I know you love photography, you love golf. You love basketball.

You love hunting. Fishing is currently about the middle of your list. You, like it you're, not you wouldn't say it's your absolute favorite. I would agree with that.

I'm giving you this gift today in hopes of making it number one hobby wow gary. May i present to you an animated lure. This will catch more fish no than you can possibly imagine. No, it's not a real fish.

I know it's confusing. Let me feel it not a real fish. Put it back in one. Second.

Boom come to life. My hey brother, my wife, is going to be livid cause. I just got a new hobby, not a new hobby, but a reinvigorated hobby. My wow brother, that is incredible, well done well done core wow.

That is, that is him hold on. Is that him hello? I'm here it's ready greatness has arrived. Where do we go guys guys you're gon na have to follow me. Let's go, let's go, let's go coming, let's go.

I present to you, corey your own vip milkshake service call the number in 10 minutes. It comes dude. What do you think? That's epic, no one loves milkshakes as much as me. That's right! If there is a milkshake on the menu, i order it every single time.

All right, sir. I will take your best milkshake. You got any more of those in there. You don't need that red one out of there.

Oh. Thank you, sir one more, please! Thank you! Oh beautiful dream. Oh thank you. Oh we got ta leave flowers, one more one, more one more! I'm out.

We have just witnessed the most hosings that you could. Possibly i got ta get out of here. I'm sorry codes, i'm gon na enjoy my milkshake. If you wan na see the last video click over here, sign it off for now well, code's got host and the mics are still fake, see you next monday.

It's got the chocolate. It's just got pockets of fudge in his ice cream.

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    Ty only said level 5 earthquake because everyone outside of California doesn’t know about the Richter scale

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    The times cody got hosed:
    Hosing #1: Got a get crafty win ripped out of his hands.
    Hosing #2: Got his office wrecked.
    Hosing #3: Spent a bunch of money on a cool not cool gift only to throw it on the red button.
    Hosing #4: Only received a 3 dollar mini leaf blower.
    Hosing #5: Couldnt keep the Battery pack.
    Hosing #6: Didnt get a milkshake.

    I'm so sorry cody. 🙁

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    Also would if sparky picked garret so garret would like him?

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