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Flight simulator with real world consequences and it gets CRAZY!!
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And you're watching games with consequences, so we've got an incredible show for you guys today, cody jones, corey, cotton and our incredible sideline reporter rip mcdonald burger. Today we find ourselves in a nightmare scenario for anyone on a passenger. Plane pilot goes down with a life-threatening case of athlete's. Foot has to be taken to the back of the plane and we are looking for one problem-solving soul to step into that seat and fill that role.

We are landing at the collin county airport, minimal consequences. Let's get to playing on the ground, oh he's he's going to have to get down and unfortunately he did not realize that he had trisha the flight attendant with a trick. Knee she's spilling food trains. All oh! How about this? He actually ends back up on the runway.

I have unfortunate news: oh no trisha, actually, outside of there, she fell out of the airplane, she's still alive, but actually broke her other leg. Oh no, we are approaching the runway. You know one of my favorite things about collin county gara is all the variety of animals great. Is that canadian geese it wasn't pretty? It was a b-minus landing in my book, a harsh environment, landing cody's up first he's headed to lukla airport and boy.

Do the consequences get a little bit heavier? Yes, a little weight belt. Oh no, and you can already feel the cold coming in cold. Oh, no, oh guys! Is this a convertible? What kind of plane am i flying? Oh we're here, oh wow and we're good ripped. That's the scene of the crash how's everything down there.

Can you see any remains thanks, boise had the bird checking in after cody's round two interesting landing spot. You picked out an airbnb just outside a couple hundred meters short of the airport. What was up with that decision? Uh it was, it was an accident lost airspeed and things just got out of control back to you boys, one of my favorite airports of all time, fire largo. I can feel the heat baby.

The sand storms are brutal. He's gon na have to go right through the middle of it. Oh, oh boy, he is looking right into the sun. He has got to get the plane down ow.

How does he do it? How is he doing this? Yes, the whole thing's a runway. What is this welcome to this segment? We call the hard land you know often times in the jungle. You get leaf, storms every once in a while. Nothing compared to the snow whoop-de-doo is.

It looks like it's been a while since anybody's trimmed up the runway. Oh, oh, oh, okay! That's different, whack him! Who is this? Who is this guy? Oh, i need to tell the pilots again. The throttle is your friend anyways. Moving on from cody.

I want to personally apologize for what corey is about to uh. I agree what what is being striped to me, you're in the lovely state of nebraska, the thunderstorms up there are berut. How do you think they get that corn, so high boy he's got rain? He's got wind and i think there is a lightning strike on the horizon. Coming up.

Oh, oh, he just got hit by a ball. A pilot must follow through. We have another lightning strike coming up. Oh, oh, no he's just got a direct hit by a vocal lightning.

Tell me that isn't a cumulonimbus cloud up ahead that is known for producing the largest lightning strike in history. Oh, he found himself in the jungle. They tried to uh shock, lock and drop you there and they did so successfully. Was that the worst consequence yet corey? You think the only thing i've ever been shocked before was in all weddings, you're out of the sky.

It doesn't mean the lightning is. That concludes round one all right into the next round. Oh, you know what that means. It is time for a word from our sponsors we'll be right back big thanks to our friends at sofi, for sponsoring this video do not skip this ad instead.

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We focused on our landings round two a little bit more real world scenarios. What you have to deal with in the air hands-on approach, you would say, absolutely got cody up. First, he is flying in uh, lovely san francisco. Let's take a look: uh passenger wall boarding handed you a cup of clam chowder.

You've got to eat the whole bowl of clam chowder because it would be rude to turn it down. I'm out eat the clam chowder hurry, hurry. You've got to eat the whole thing: dump it in your mouth, eat it like cereal, oh he's about to throw up fun fact: cody's, actually allergic to seafood. Oh there's seafood in here.

I need you to dump it on your face right now, yeah that works too. Oh wow, okay, oh, is that the faint but shrill cry of an inconsolable baby. Nobody in the plane can take care of this baby except you you're the pilot. They need a pilot's touch.

There is horrible turbulence over the golden gate. Bridge coach, you're gon na have to fly under the bridge with what hand check on the baby code. Oh someone glued a pacifier to his mouth. Hey, stop hey! No, i'm shaking it.

What do you want me to do? Don't shake the baby! That's the last thing. You should do you need to put sunscreen on the baby cody. Oh, don't let the baby burn you can get sued for that. One-Handed! Fl! Yes, on the baby and on you, oh not in her eyes, i'm focused, oh good, fine, good, flying, okay elevate, oh at least consult.

Oh she's, throwing up. Oh no! It was too rough. Oh she's, fine, she's, and now it's time for cory and boy. Do we have a surprise there's a new company in town called fly dash, he will be flying around new york and he will need to pick up a pizza from the empire state building.

He will then drop it out of the plane at the statue of liberty, where then he will go and attempt a water landing court. Good luck to you and corey is in the air in new york city, make a little bit of a buzz. The tower move on the empire state building there whoa get out get out get out. Oh did you get a piece? Oh he's got to pee.

I got a piece that was really intense. Take it to the statue of liberty and drop it off where, where are you going? Do you know where the statue of liberty is i'm getting word that there's some passengers that are getting frustrated with how long this is taking? Oh no they're storming the cockpit and they're unrolling they're, hitting it with neck pillows. Oh no. Somebody can't control the people on this plane.

That's enough passengers, oh okay, all right! Three two one we're gon na need to put some floaties on and uh make an emergency landing. Just put us down in a wrapper down. Ladies and gentlemen, floaties are on land the plane and he is approaching. He's approached.

Oh, oh, oh no, wow! Oh he's got a head water again, oh no, i mean he must be getting drenched. He must be getting soaked to the bone right now. I think we've finished round two still out of tie. That's insane that there's no losers in that round, yeah we're gon na, say winner takes all in the final yeah.

I agree. I smell like cottage cheese round. Three takes us to the future. We are now in a place where we have taken not the best pilots but the only remaining pilots in the world, and this is what we've got.

They will go head to head. It's dog fight time. Lord help us all dibs on the galactic empire panda one versus adhesive beast get after it boys and in this galaxy far far away. There is some bad turbulence.

I just don't. If i break my leg a bit, i'm gon na lose my mind. Stop somehow a passenger got through security with a full bottle of shaving cream? How did the security guys not catch? That cannot see anything? Oh, no. The co-pilot just got sick, oh more clamps, oh no! Oh no.

Some balloons got loose at a kid's birthday party and they are blocking cory's vision right now. He cannot see a thing while cody has a free shot to shoot him down. There's too much chowder. Oh, the security is atrocious.

Oh corey got him. Corey got him and cody is hurt, locking into it down movement, i'm feeling sick yeah. We cannot escape the clam. Chowder he's got a tie.

Ty he's got a fire. Oh mis-levated, baby. Oh there's an alien baby in the cockpit. Oh, don't tell me it's coming out.

The back side, too, i can't watch this guy he's firing. Oh critical damage, oh and cory's. Taking damage. Can i get a piece of pizza? I'm just using my cannons.

I don't have missiles man, that's greasy wow. I was dripping everywhere yeah. I needed that about an hour ago. Oh man.

Thank you. Both of you don't deserve to be up here with me, but i got ta give it to corey. He will be my co-pilot next flight because i just lost mine, uh ty left out out of uh. I don't know pure disgust - i haven't done this before, but i'm pretty sure you say: uh click here to subscribe.

Okay, uh watch our last video click here, buy our merch uh special shout out to esports stadium for having us out for letting us uh destroy your place. Really. That is gon na, be a messy cleanup. Hey we'll see on the next flight.

12 thoughts on “Games with consequences | flight simulator”
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  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Super DK says:

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  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars carter hammer says:

    I would thrive annoying lil brother does this I drown it out and I fly simulator

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raiziel 78 says:

    Very poor choice of Cory almost crashing into a building in New York……

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ariana Jain says:

    Games with consequences can never be beaten especially with ty and garr as the host. This one was hilarious. Awesome video…as usual

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Silent says:

    imagine dude perfect tries every spicy asian foods from every country😂😂😂

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DJ ClarinetMusicLesson says:

    Love Dude Perfect they are hilarious!! Tyler and Garrett were just having the time of their lives torturing them!!!🤣🤣

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tyler Vander heyden says:

    This is the worst dp video ever there is no turbulence in space

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