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Summer Themed Episode! Top 10 frozen treats, a wild betcha, and a brand new segment!
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Can somebody get the shark out of the water? What are you doing, though? Thank you, sparky, let's head to the intro tall guy beer twins, purple hoser, dude perfects in overtime, tall guy beer twins purple welcome to a very special summer, themed ot28. Here we are on location and speaking of locations, we're gon na be hitting the road very soon starting in september. Actually, if you've not got your tickets yet for the dp, 2021 tour click over here brand new stage brand new show anyways great episode. Uh we've got a brand new segment commercial class, we're actually going to be kicking off with headed to betcha, headed to top ten headed to cool, not cool, wait! Yes, you heard it here.

First, this is the only wheel. You will be seeing the hot streak of cody continues: let's head to commercial clash, welcome to the first ever commercial class wow, each team will have to make a commercial using a specific product, this week's product koosh earlier. I tasked our two teams: garan kobe's codes and core with the responsibility of creating a commercial under two stipulations. Talk to me, one, including a reptile.

Two using the phrase. That's a no for me dog coined by our buddy randy jackson - he's not really our buddy, but i'd love it if he was randy hit me up in my dms brother and obviously, you've got to use couch she's got it. Otherwise, our friends are cool should be very disappointing because they did sponsor this segment. They sure did bring in the laptop.

Let me see them um. As always, i know you're a huge apple fan, so, okay, we present to you our clash. This is a day. I've been waiting for for over two and a half years every once in a while, a product comes along that changes everything i present to you, the koosh ball.

Thank you. Thank you. I'm honored and excited to share with you some of the latest innovations in coochball technology. Please watch this video.

True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. It's about bringing order to complexity. We've considered the tiniest details, distinct, functional layers, we've included more tentacles per square inch than any other toy in history after decades of research. What jumps off the page is the harmonious design combined with elasticity that blows minds.

Our lawyers have informed us that i must notify you that using a koosh ball is likely to attract large lizards within 16 kilometers, it's a bit spooky, unless, of course, you love large lizards, which makes it incredible. Of course, there are plethora of colors to choose from, but there are variety of sizes as well, the first the size of an orange, the second the size of a strawberry here at koosh. We are consumed by what is still to come. But until that day you have koosh, as you can see, we are very excited about this new product.

Uh available now uh make sure to go get them. We got to do something about these uh lizzie's boys, because that's the note for me dog, you know what i'm proud of us you're sitting on your couch at home, and you just saw that what are your thoughts, i'm buying a couch first thing: pies kobe's accent, Gear's, tucked in sweatshirts, randy jackson quote, felt a little bit just thrown in there at the end. That's my con, not bad, not bad. Uh.

Gentlemen. I think the only important key here is that you are familiar with billy mays, the legend. The icon of infomercials click play hi willie hayes here for the koosh ball, the million tentacle elastic fun toy, that's easy to catch and hard to put down. Most toys are stiff, boring and keep your attention for less time than it takes to say koosh.

So push these pluggers in the trash stop wasting cash on an overpriced toy. That brings you no joy. I was getting used to spending over 300 a week on toys that absolutely bored me, but then i discovered koosh and now i'm happy with thousands of tentacles you'll find thousands of ways to play with koosh. It stretches it feels good and it's practically indestructible.

Our design team has taken 20 years to perfect the ball of happiness where it has been clinically tested to be allergen free on every species. That's not for me. Dog koosh patented technology delivers more stretch and more catch impress your friends, the fun never ends, but that's not all our extensive product line goes on for miles check out the original koosh goose, mondo, goose, mini ghost fling, shot, coo, squoosh and koosh hoops and our latest The coos paddle playset, it doesn't matter if you're, old or young, the koosh paddle play set packs all the fun and for just 9.99. You too can have your very own gooseball, but wait there's more call in the next three seconds and we'll trouble the order.

That's right, three cooch balls for 18.75, but you got ta call now. Here's how to order call 555-555-5555 to get your very own. Koosh ball call in the next three seconds and get triple the order. That's three original gooseballs for just 18.75! Don't wait! Call now! Probably my variant size and shape unity, the couch consumer experience and satisfaction made for the people showing here all products.

That's game, recognized game, the grass in sparky's, my number, one, also the old generation to the youngest generation. The message screams kush is for everyone. I do have a con, we didn't quite nail, the quote: it's that's a no for me dog. It's like a really famous quote.

What does parker say? Well, that's not for me dog. I have a tough decision on my hands here. No no question about it and the winner of commercial clash is amazing. They deserve it.

Hey. You know what i'm gon na vote. Oh cher, you can have a couch as well. I got a feeling: that's not the last time, we're gon na head to a clash of commercials comment below.

If you want to see it samo. Let's go to metro gentlemen, you i could bench press 405 pounds, that's a no for me, dawg, maybe with rocket boosters on the sides. That's no! How much can you do 2 20.? I'm gon na double them up today. That's insane! All right boats are locked in.

You don't believe in me. I bet you, i can bench 405.. I don't think he knows how much 405 is all right. Gentlemen.

Thank you for joining me. I will now bench 405 pounds. I feel lied too. Do you like being a con artist? Is this what betcha's becoming he tried to run cool, not cool, now he's trying to ruin batches, i'm not even going to clap for this guy here he goes he's going, can't even get off the bar dude dude bro.

Oh gosh, oh my gosh he's not going to get him die. He can't do it first. Attempt first attempt is a big nose. My bench is made of wood and it's floating, and so it's really close to my backside.

I'm gon na go again here. We go toby if you come step on my feet. That would help okay yeah. What did you do? Would you step on my feet? I'm part of your best.

Oh he's going. Oh wow. Let the record show he could not have done it without me. Oh man, joe's checking out back to the desk, feel betrayed it's still.

200. we've been duped, i'm not even impressed you shouldn't be. It was a spoof job. Spoof is such a good word.

We've been koosh, we've been spoofed, we've been boondoggled a lot of good vocab words. There anyways, i don't know if we should linger on it or just go right into top ten, no we're gon na linger. No, i say we had the top ten. No! No.

This reminds me of a time when the integrity of cool, not cool, was compromised, and that is exactly what is happening to this betcha. We were boondoggled. I don't wan na be boondoggled at my own desk. You know: what's a good betcha, can you smash a diamond with a hammer yeah because guess what you take a real diamond, a real hammer and you try to really smash it and you get an answer: anyways, let's head to top ten? No, no we're not going to top 10., because you know what else hey guarantee.

I could swim a mile yeah cool with floaties on and a jet pack hot smoke coming out. I'm upset well it's time for me to be frustrated because guess what it's ty again at top 10. no gary's been trying to send us there the whole time you don't deserve it gare it's time for top 10.. Welcome to another sure to be controversial, sure to be heated top 10, but luckily we are talking top 10 frozen, treats to keep us cool.

I got one request: what do you got gary? Please don't throw it over the balcony. I mean that is just a nightmare of a cleanup. I want this to be a happy segment right now. It is so argumentative for me.

I hope you guys see why this is difficult. Hey, you guys want to get started, yeah we're going to start it off. Uh actually a little bit differently. Ladies and gentlemen, the number one honorable mention of top ten chick-fil-a peach milkshakes, okay, this is good.

Thank you number ten. If you did not grow up around a pool with this bad boy dripping down your hand in multi-colored fashion. If it's a bomb, no, it's not it's, not even in the top ten. Would you like one? You just threw my bomb pop.

It didn't explode, so we got lucky, go my bomb pop i'll, throw your shake. I know we're filming, but i'm really sad. Okay. Moving on number nine, the only reason number nine is not higher on the list is expectations, don't always meet reality, spongebob frozen treat.

I have a feeling that what we are about to see doesn't necessarily look like spongebob, and that is why this is a number not number eight. What frozen, treat just exudes confidence and customization dequeue blizzard, oh they're, so good. What other treat do you hand out the window to somebody to drive through and say here you go dairy's worth it when it's a blizzard, this should be higher and i'm putting it upside down in honor of the texas. Stop sign number seven on the list.

This is where i could see some tensions rising. A very common item that who would have thought becomes an incredible, delicious dessert. Peanut butter, jelly frozen grapes, don't knock it till you've tried it my friends over at blizzard with reese's ice cream. You know what no you will not put grapes on a top 10 list.

It's a fruit! Next time we all drive through dairy queen on a trip we're going to get him grapes. This is a soft answer and i'm turning away the grapes of wrath number six. If you did not go to a baseball game and get one of these growing up, then you may not be in america, my gosh! This is number six number six, ladies and gentlemen, the big kahuna, oh there, it is disregard the placement for a minute phenomenal frozen, treat number five moving on. This is where we really take things up a notch.

One of the greatest regular treats of all time gets an upgrade as a frozen treat the snickers ice cream bar number five, a thousand times better than a regular snickers too, did we just all agree on one? Well, when i leave my grandparents house, that's what i grab for the drive home. This is insane kobe. You need to calm down all right number, four dip and dot there. It is probably should be number one, but yeah we'll take it unbelievable, top five frozen treat of all time.

Moving on to number three blue bell: cookie: two salad: it is a combination of chocolate chip, cookie dough and cookies cookies and cream ice cream combined in one. It's insane the number two: we do not have this in-house with us, the orange julius. What is that i'm a dairy queen? Have you had an orange julius? Yes, have you had an orange julius? Is it a smoothie, a frothy orange slushy, milkshake combination? Should we have an intervention moment, let's just take that one down, that's awful! It's not too late. What do you do in a moment like this? Do you trust your gut? Do you follow your heart? Do you follow your arrow, or do you succumb to the peer pressures of the outside world and say i'll just fold i'll fold over i'm a weak man who will just lay down when i'm challenged with adversity? No, the orange julius stays moving on get ty out of top ten.

Let's go top comment needs to be, he must go, he must go, he must go. Just call me number one, and so i can go eat my treats in private the number one single greatest frozen, treat in the history of all the lambs. I don't like the smurf, i'm punching him in the kidneys. It is unbelievable.

It will never be beat. Never go down it's the greatest frozen treat ever you don't even have a klondike bar up there there. It is number one here here to the chocolate right here: uh! Well, we'll see you guys next time on top ten, if i'm forced out against my will just know that it was not my decision if i'm not standing up here, know that i was forced against my will to sit in that city, and i didn't want to Do it and it was one of them hey, you know what we can all agree that we're going to have fun this next segment right, that's had to cool down the pool, welcome to cool, not cool in the pool. I'm gon na cut this intro short.

I'm gon na go first wow the theme today summer products. No one told me that, but i brought once yeah. I thought: we're fine, we're fine, all right, ty, it's a food item. Yeah is that the same product with a different fruit as cody addressed uh last item i brought in the pool a watermelon slicer cut a watermelon open.

All you got to do. Oh my lantern. I mean currently by the way great item today brought a pineapple slicer. Wow guys check this out.

Everyone struggles with how to eat this. You cut the top off pre-cut just like there, and then it depends how far you want to go down, save it for later. You put it down and you grab a slice brother. You get a slice, you get a slice, you get a nugget, no way that was remarkable.

I sometimes people make things that just work perfectly super cool in the pool baby, i'm gon na piggyback off the pineapple, don't touch that last slice i'll be right back coming in hot, literally how about a floating grill with the bros when you're pulling it some roast Containers, that's going i'll, go and throw mine in okay. I thought it was a really dangerous terrible thing. All right, i was moving my buttons around and i swapped them to make them like yours, cody you're. So lucky, oh, my gosh, it's cool, unbelievable brother! I'm on my way and just remember: you can grill a hot dog, a hot steak: oh oh down to the grill, a little soggy all right cory, this side of my bun totally good this side of my bun, beautiful, cannonball wet.

I have nothing to do with his items. I agree it has nothing to do with his item green. That was my fault guys, i'm not quite last time i was in the pool. I helped you cool down in the summer with a little spritzer, a remote controlled.

Oh yeah dude, oh yeah, you guys loved it. I'm sure you remember what is it goby, a pack full of ice? You put it on. You feel unbelievable. You truly have to put it on to experience.

You have not lived until you have mowed your yard. Wearing this, i had my thoughts. Originally, it feels incredible. It really does trust me.

It's not. The worst item he's ever brought i'll say that i've been on hot day lawn mowing. This is yes, it doesn't look cool, but it is cool. You know what i mean you just like it.

I can respect it. Okay, yeah. I definitely just like it yeah like a cube attacking my uh, the collarbone over here. Can we just go for a quick replay? I got a cube attacking my collarbone back here.

What is that called? Not your collarbone brother, i don't like it why it's important to have vocab words collarbone the bone right here. Did you guys believe me? If i told you, i've had my item in my shirt this whole time. I guess man. I have no reason yeah, i have no reason well, i would have had you guys, because i haven't hold it with my feet.

We call this the sea scooter. Let me show you uh mind-blowing speed and agility underwater okay. That is a waste of my time. I wan na try the thing, i'm an honest reviewer! Oh no! Oh no.

Can i change my boat? No, you may not the flamingo killer just got a super cool. Hey! That's on me! So we got ta get out of here. All right guys. I got three little kids, i'm sure you kids, just like mine like bubble baths.

What would be cooler to your kids than your entire pool becoming a giant bubblegum i introduced to you boomo. Oh guys, wow no way your best buds. How will the grill react? It's my pool: what do you mean? Of course i don't like it. I love it thanks for watching guys, special thanks to our friends at koos for making this video possible.

Now it is your turn to join the hashtag koos challenge head to target. To pick up your koosh and follow them on tick, tock right here for details on how to win an incredible giveaway, including sign, dude, perfect gear. You wan na see the last video click over here tour tickets link in the description sign it off for now pound. It and nogs cody's a liar 400 pounds baby.

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