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Performed by RYAN INNES
Courtesy of Position Music
Written by ARLO LAKE
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God tell me they're, OK, Say whoo, I'm your number one dream. Say whoo. Do you like what you see I'mma show you what I got there ain't nothin' like me: nah. Dude, Perfect.

Sparky, checking into the commentary booth as we have H2O underwater battle.. First up the cup station then devour a hot dog at the hot dog station and in round three, the ball toss. First guy to finish, will park his spot in the finale.. What's up guys Ty the dolphin guy, not because I train them, but because people say I swim exactly like a dolphin..

I can only hold my breath for about five seconds. So that's going to be an issue. Coming at you from the water park. I got to tell you guys: I love lazy rivers..

Some call me the LeBron James of the water.. I guess that would technically be Michael Phelps.. I've never had a hot dog at 9:00 AM before., Not a super strong swimmer. All things considered, but I am fairly light..

I have the advantage in all the athletic stuff so.. I went ahead and shaved all my body hair off this morning.. I feel good. Long wingspan.

Super narrow, get tight.. I need a dub. 2021's been great.. Let's get'em..

Let's get it., Let's go., Let's do it., Let's start. Three: two one. Go Underwater scooter race, underway. Ty off to a hot start..

I'm your number one dream. Say whoo. Do you like what you see I'mma show you what I got there ain't nothin' like me: nah. A long race through the lazy river --.

Oh, this is so fun --, as we've reached our first stopping point. The cup knockdown. Who's got the accuracy, the bull's eye with the water gun It's Cody first off and he's back into the lazy river. As he has passed, the cup knockdown.

Say: whoo I'mma show you what I got there. Ain't nothin' like me, nah. Fallen behind early. Is Cory but he knocked down the cup.

He's back in the lazy river and currently in fifth. There, ain't nothin' like me., Now up to my personal favorite, stop the hot dog station., Oh with mustard. I hate mustard Mustard. Are you kidding Ooh And back in the water we go.

I'mma, show you what I got --, I'm the world's slowest eater. Who planned this battle There, ain't nothin' like me, nah. I got kicked in the face There. Ain't nothin', like me, nothin', like me.

I'mma, show you what I got --. I hate mustard. Whoo I like it. Nope., Not doing it.

Whoo, I like it. Whoo. They got nothin' on me., Say whoo, Slow, eater figured. I just walk to the end., And here comes Ty and Cody in a battle., The sound and touch..

I'm everything you want that you want so much.. I got style, -- Mano, a mano, all four guys remaining still on the bridge. -- into the room. Yeah.! Oh no, Oh that's! What I'm talking about The red, See you on the finale., Pretty good year..

Let's finish it off! Though. Finale's great need to get the trophy though. Got to get the trophy. Got to hold the hardware..

It's the whole reason: we're here., Hey. I'll, see you in the finale. Get what I did there. Oh that's nice.

I'll see you in the finale.. I can only go up from here so., Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Ty captain of the Cactus Sub one of the captains who will be driving this bad boy. Today., Not the ideal vehicle for driving through a balloon. Minefield.

We'll be driving the Cactus Sub through the balloon minefield grabbing the golden boy. At the other end with the Extendo arm, hightail it back. Fastest time is the winner.. Any balloon mine explosion will result in added time, which is a bad thing..

Here we go !'sup guys Coby checking in here for round two. Here's one thing I got going for me.. Not only have I never driven a toy submarine before none of these guys have either. Coby.

Are you ready? I am ready In --, Let's pause one moment for halftime.. The mechs are finally here: huge. Thanks to our friends at Mech Arena for sponsoring this video. Mech Arena is a tactical team-based, 5v5 shooter game.

That's super easy to pick up and play. He's low.. Oh, we got Coby now. Got him.

Corey got me good.. There are thousands of different ways to customize your mechs with unique skins, custom paint, jobs and unlimited weapon combinations. So you can build a mech to fit your play style and personality.. I'm literally fighting these guys.

Both of them. By yourself - Yes, Oh, Don't worry, I got our six.. Yes, Battle, win baby! Congratulations to our Mech Arena. Winners! Here is your prize..

We get prizes Yes., Oh, what a cool case.! This is what I'm talking about: man., Unbelievable package.! This is legit. Click. The link in our description or scan this QR code to download Mech Arena on Android and iOS right now., It's completely free to play, and by using our link, you will receive a black carbon skin 300 A-coins and 50,000 credits to help kickstart. Your game.

-- one Submarine Whoo, They got nothin' on me., Say whoo, I'm your number one dream. Say --. Oh, Oh, oh, oh he's got Tangled baby., Oh no! Oh, How does he play Oh he's hitting it.? Oh he's hitting it.. Oh, We arrived on the golden..

We are clamping down now.. I got him Whoo. I like it., Touch the wall. Clear, Clear Time: Zero, pops.

Wow With an official time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds Well done, Cobes.! Well, done.! I'm going to show you what to do. Three Two One Submarine -- deja vu.. I got the feeling -- He's definitely on a faster pace than you.. Oh that kid's on a tear.

Oh, oh, oh he's, --! Oh no! It's tangle town! He forgot about his spike. --, something real.. I got --, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh! How did that balloon? Not pop --? So much.? I got style flare, the bang and boom --. Oh I've got Ned by the neck..

Oh, Oh, Balloon down! --. We lost a balloon.. Oh, what an explosion. We're about to lose another boys.

How did that one? Not pop? I don't know, but Ned looks injured. Nah., Oh guys.. Oh, he is faltering.. This is -- He's gone dead silent..

This is never a good situation.. I'mma show you what I got. --, Oh and he's there. Go, Go Sprint.

I just murdered a golden boy., Oh Official time, 3:29., Oh wow., But he did blow up a mine. Plus 5 seconds. 3:34. 3:34.

Ty has officially, unfortunately been eliminated from the finale.. Oh wow. He's gone., Not a great swimmer. We'll see, if he's a good --, Not a good swimmer., Glad I'm not underwater.

In three two one Submarine Off to a quick start. Better than his brother.. Oh, Oh, Oh! We just hit a mine.. Oh, Oh! No! Oh gosh! Oh tell me they're! Ok! Oh! Oh! No, Oh, no Everything's fine! I would legit just zoom it in home.

Brother.. Oh no --, oh another one! Oh goodness, me. I'm still good. Oh.! Let's go! Maybe It might be a top two.

Maybe Did I pop any balloons With a time of two minutes and nine seconds edges out Coby other than the four mine popped, which puts him at 2:29 Coby you're still safe. We live. How do you feel here today? Ah, I feel great.. My stomach hurts a little bit.

Could be, the nerves. Could be the donut. Gar. Are you ready Ready Three two one Get your sub on.

He's going low, boys., Speedy, entrance., Wow., Absolutely phenomenal. So far It is coming. Have you done this before Peaking.? What a route.? Hey guys, how do you use the claws Move around? I'm not sure how to use it.. The jitters have arrived.

We're doing this. We're doing this. We're doing this. Ned by the head.

Again.. Please don't run Ned into a mine.. No, the finale is slipping away. Oh no Boom Kick kick.

He got to 25 meters. Oh no! Oh! No! The jitters Go up. Oh Ned! Yes, Oh, don't bring his mutilated body to the surface. Why? I don't even care.

Coby's first run was atrocious. Guys, we've done it.. No, we haven't., We've done it. We're looking for a twin win.

Cotton family in the finale.. Sorry buddy., Hey, I'm excited for you.. No, you didn't even swim. Underwater.

We'll see you at scuba ranch. Pa-chew Yeah. They got nothin' on me., Say whoo. All right! Gang.! Welcome to the finale., You got team tall guy versus team Cobesters..

The only rule in this finale is, you may not fish from the shore. I elected to go with scuba. Coby Snorkel. Good luck to you, sir.

In three, two, Oh you're, going for it.! I don't need a dramatic entrance. --. What I got there: ain't nothin' like me., I'm just going to get a little slack here, lock it down and I'm just going to literally troll underwater and catch a big fatty., Most fish caught wins.. Here we go Whoo.

I, like it., Turn your heads Whoo. I like it Simply a matter of time. Folks. This kid is essentially fishing in a lawn chair in the water.

And Coby. Has a fish Coby got a fish, I'm your number one dream. Say whoo. Do you like what you see Yeah boy, Just testing the quality of the seaweed.? I like to do that wherever I go just to understand the species that are here, what they've been eating on.

Getting a little territorial. Cody was popping up right there, trying to steal Coby's, spot. Coby said get that weak stuff out of here. So there he goes.

Cody's leaving.. Let's go Oh my -- Coby's caught in a ... You might want to start fishin' big fella Whoo. They got nothin' on me., Say whoo, I'm your number one dream.

Say whoo. Do you like what you see I'mma show you --? It's weird I haven't heard a lot of celebrating over from Cody's side of the lake. I mean, maybe he's celebrating underwater.. Maybe things are going perfectly..

I do feel, like we've been on a good pace over here, a good clip. There, ain't nothin' like me. Yeah. This is no longer a competition, Clap your hands.

I'mma show you what I got there: ain't nothin' like me: nah., OK, guys. Word on the street's Cody's catching up.. I got to keep the pedal down. Whoo.

They got nothin' on me., Say whoo, I'm your number one! Dream. Say whoo: Do you like what you see I'mma show you what I got there: ain't nothin' like me., Oh my.! Oh my say it ain't --! Oh, That's! It dude. Time's, almost up., No idea what Cody's at. Hope.

It's enough. Woo Underwater fishing in the future. --. Like me, nah.

Three, Two One, That's time Woo! I need you to just tell me. What Well I got a little cold late.. Well, I got a little hot late.. It's not what I wanted to hear..

Let's say our number on three.: I can do that. One two three. Nine., Eight, Let's go, I won by one fish. I lost at least two fish Keep talking.

That's my first fishing video to ever win. Let's head to a trophy presentation at the office: Woo! Congratulations! Codes., We always knew he wasn't great above water, but turns out underwater he's, not bad Woo. I'd like to thank my mom --. No, no, sorry guys! We don't have time because I got to tell you -- ow.

If you want to come to the tour and see mediocre Codes above water click over here, there's a few tickets left check. Your city see if they're available., There's -- gah-lee, that hurts. There's our last video. Last video.

And then subscribe. Yeah subscribe. Elbow noggin, see ya., See ya.

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