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Get Crafty with Chainsaws! Wheel Unfortunate returns! Plus Hack Attack and a brand new segment! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit your local Bass Pro or Click HERE to get all your outdoor needs! โ–บ
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Segments for #Overtime29
1. Get Crafty (Chainsaw Carving)
2. Wheel Unfortunate
3. Hack Attack (Outdoor Themed)
4. You Get It For Free
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It's my weirdest friend., It's not a duck. It's me. No way Welcome to Overtime 29 Tall guy beard, twins purple, hose ``, Dude Perfect's'' in overtime. Tall guy beard, twins, purple, hoser, now we're headin' on to overtime..

We are here at the Bass, Pro Memphis pyramid for a very special episode., A city that is very near and dear to our heart and in fact we will actually be coming back in October on our tour. -- Come on -- one of 30 shows. Click here. For your tickets.

There, they are., Even if you're not coming to Memphis, come to a city near you.. Anyway, we got a great show. Coming up. You guys.

Kicking off a little `` Get Crafty'' downstairs.. We are chainsawing in the Bass Pro Memphis pyramid by the way.. I don't know how that got approved.! It's like a bucket list. Inside of an `` Overtime.''.

Thank you Johnny.. I don't know what you were thinking, but you signed off on it. And then after `` Get Crafty ,'' we're going to head to `` Wheel Unfortunate ,'' early on in the episode. Ugh.

I thought we got rid of that forever. Yeah I know.! Then we've got some outdoor life hacks and then a brand new segment where we actually involve the people of Tennessee that are in the pyramid, just trying to do some shopping and live their normal lives and we force them to become very, very awkward. Huh. I was trying to sit in an awkward pause..

I got it. OK. And you guys --, you guys, wouldn't let it sit. Great show coming up., Let's go to ``, get Crafty !'', Sparky Sparkman, checking in as a judge here as we're about to get crafty.

We're here at the beautiful Bass Pro shop in Memphis. Tennessee. And today, arguably the hardest `` Get Crafty'' to date: chainsaw carving., Aw, Brutal., Yeah, brutal., Brutal., Five Sycamore trunks stand behind me: five dudes ready to carve into them.. Like I said two hours, boys., Let's get crafty.

And go I'm going to carve a tree.. I am about to create a literal masterpiece. Christmas tree's kind of what I'm going for. Time to lock in and grind baby..

I'm thinking bear in a log. Team Cory checking into the game.. I have never held a chainsaw before.. I've decided to go giraffe..

My goal here is to be done in under 30 minutes, as these guys take four hours., I'm going to go, get a nap.. I found this online. Full credit to whoever made this --. It's a woodpecker, It's genius.! What are you thinking? Tyler I'll tell you in a minute.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, guys, remember I told you I was going to do a tree. It hit me halfway through the top of the tree, I'm not a good carver. And then what I looked at inspired me -- a number two pencil.. You can already see it..

I found this little nub, so I'm going to practice on it.. Ah, That's fun. Eh.! Not as flat as I would have liked., This is the bird. He's in here somewhere.

I just have to release him. The ETA on the twins, a long one. At this point, I'm just hoping they finish their carving by OT 31.. I feel like I've been doing this for an hour, and this is what I have.

I've made like three cuts. Woodpecker.. It's taking absolutely forever to cut through the whole tree. Still going to do it, but I felt I needed some confidence and motivation.

So I'm tracing out my giraffe with the chainsaw. T, Tone's silent, but deadly., Not a lot of chit chat from over here. Well composed under control. I like where this is heading.

I broke it.. I broke my chain saw., I'm kind of hoping. That means I get to quit.. What are your thoughts on the Cory debacle right now? Lions don't concern themselves with the problems of sheep..

I can go. Ask anybody in the audience right now. What did I just carve? I guarantee you, they will say a pencil.. I got a question for you..

If you were to judge what I made. What would you say it is A toothpick, A toothpick.. I don't care what people say, I'm proud of this.. To be honest, I don't think the twins are going to be much of a threat.

This episode., I don't even know what he's doing.. Is it like an African painting like a cave, Oh., Hey Wow., So the foundation of my cub is complete. Now to add the detail in the final touches to make it a mosaic. Down to the final half hour now or never.

Time. Final 30 minutes 30 minutes remaining 30 minutes Coby.. I don't have time., There's no way to literally carve the entire giraffe., I'm just going to torch the whole thing. Three two one tools: down.

Tools down time's up., Bravo, boys., Finally., Wow., All right. The dudes are done now, they're, going to take a step back., I'm going to analyze their projects.. It's time to judge.. Bravo, boys.

A lot of sawdust. A lot of hard manual, labor. Coming in fifth place, my man Cory.! Yes, Let's go, Are you being serious? Are you being totally serious, You didn't cut a single piece of wood off., That's not true. I cut his whole neck.

A little too much focus on the burning of the wood instead of the carving.. Congratulations on the fifth place. Finish.. This man came, he sawed, but he did not conquer.

In fourth place. My man Coby.. Why Look -- we're on our way.? We didn't lose. We ran out of time.

Ok, The woodpecker has been pecking over here. We just have a little bit more work to do. Number two on his pencil but number three, it's a purple pencil podium.! I spent about a third of the time and I got a podium. You think.

Cody's bear is better than that pencil. Much like pumpkin carving. These two arch nemeses go toe to toe again in a crafty. OK..

The winner of the Bass Pro `` Get Crafty'' saw carving competition, it's a first place fishy for Mr. TT tonight. Ugh Thank you. Thank you.

Ty congratulations. Thank you.. Let's go back to the desk.. I would like to take a moment to thank myself on my fourth `` Get Crafty'' victory.

Thank you., Yes. Good job. Appreciate that.. It really was impressive..

Thank you. Thank you.. I was this close.. I would like to take this moment in the show to let the people participate.

I need to know.. We have internal discussions, we have our own opinions, what are the top three segments in `` Overtime, ,'', and I need them ranked in order. Yeah.. So if number one is `` Cool ,'', that means you like `` Cool, Not Cool, Better'', better than `` Wheel, Unfortunate'' at number two maybe., I'm assuming.! You want people's top three..

I want people's top three.. If you need a reminder check this out.. Oh there they are. Wow.

I forgot about that one. Yeah. Yeah., Oh those were good. And then remember these too.

Over here. Comment. Below., Let us know all-time favorite segments.! I don't know why the order got mixed up here.. I think the producers called and said, let's mix up `` Wheel'' and let's put it at number two, because the people want to see pain, early., It's time to head to `` Wheel, Unfortunate !'' There she is.

Before you begin, I'm invincible. In the last episode. I did claim that I don't even have to be here.. That's how confident I am., I don't even have to show up to `` Wheel, Unfortunate'' anymore., I'm just going to stop coming..

My bar stool will be empty.. This is me leaving.. No, You all have fun.. I'm not even worried about it.

What, if you get picked, How many episodes has it been since he's been picked, The very first one., So 28 episodes Ty just get it over with., I'm freaking out. I've got it. I have the name. Ah, This is the person spinning the wheel.

Who wants to eliminate. I will. I'm never involved in the show. Here.

Is our one. Go ahead.? We need to at least eliminate one., So this person is safe., Yeah, Tyler's safe., I'm doing another one. I'm on a roll.. I'm safe Yeah, I'm doing another one.

Wait. Wait! Do we need to bring Cody back in I'm on a roll. You've, never eliminated me. Garret you're safe! Let's go Yeah, that's happy! How are you feeling at this point? I'm nervous..

I mean it's a 50-50 game now.. I have opened up the paper.. This is what I've seen so far.. That means we're --, Obviously.

C-O. OK., Three --, Not even worried about it. --, two one --, Ah Yeah. The streak is over.

Why Heimlich Heimlich Heimlich Heimlich? I was on a run. Baby Streak is started brother. That was three years ago.. It's over., You're done..

We know what to say: boys. Spin, that wheel And see ya Code. Ladies and gentlemen, Ned Forrester, here at the Bass Pro pyramid in Memphis., Got a Golden Boy with me going to give that to my special guest., Ladies and gentlemen, bring him on --, Cody Jones. All right Codes, hey Great to see you Cody, it's been a while.! How you been Second time.? Second time? Ever.? Oh, Oh Sorry about that.! I didn't even see it Cod --.

What is that You had --? You had a bottle: -- oh.! Oh he tried to get me with a bottle.. You can't con a con man. You know what I'm saying: I'm going to give you a chance to get out of this wheel. How so Here's the thing.

I'm going to see how well you know your Bass Pro smells.. If you guess all four correctly, I will take your place and you do not have to spin the wheel.. I will spin it myself. Smell Number.

One. Number one is Fudge. Absolutely., You nailed it. Smell number two., Oh delicious hot nuts.; Yes, Hey d-d-d-d, great job Codes..

Two for two., You smell this one That one was a bottle. OK.. Here we go. Smell number three.

Close your eyes.. Don't have trust issues. Number three smell., It's a fish bait.. Is it earthworms No.

Doe pee? Ah, There's a little doe pee on you.. Ah, He forgot that I have to wear this shirt. Tomorrow., Don't worry about it.. Oh Oh.

Really smells like doe pee., hey. You know what Great news. I got a way to wash that doe pee right off brother. Bass, Pro's looking for a new mermaid in the aquarium and today's your lucky day, because you're going to get to swim with the fishes, Hey Way to go Codes - hey.

I forgot we got to say that one thing that we always say. Ready Go for it., Spin, that wheel Unfortunate He's got --, It's Tyler. It feels good to be on this side.. Do I have to wear the wig Yes.

Absolutely. We're going to go upstairs and watch from above then we're going to get in with the crowd really enjoy it. Ooh look at him.. This is hilarious, dude.

Hi! How is everybody Good? This is my first day as a merman.. It's really really cold in here. All right, lucky fans, -- you're. Actually in the splash zone.

That was one way to get in., Hey, Codes., How's it going bud, Hey, Oh, try! It Hey we're going to go grab you some fudge. Codes when you get some time got some great deals on boats over there., Go check them out., That's Unfortunate! That was fun to watch.. You know what I still think is worse. The doe pee..

I can still smell it. Ned lost his mind.. I didn't watch. What happened.

He threw deer pee on me. All right., It's time for `` Hack Attack, !'' All right. In this segment of `` Hack Attack ,''. I have tasked the guys in order to keep with our outdoor theme, to find some of the best outdoor hacks that you can use when you're outside out in nature.

Whatever it may be., We should have a couple of hacks from both teams. We've got Gar and Coby versus Cory and Cody.. Why don't you guys kick us off One of the essentials in the woods you need toilet paper.. Is this PG? Oh yeah.

Bodily functions happen and what you need is dry, toilet paper. Because with wet toilet paper. Well, that's worthless.! You just don't know when weather is going to hit. You take your skewer that you always have for s'mores, obviously poke it through there..

You leave this by the tree. That is your outhouse.. You just go, hang that on and then, at the end of the day, you have weatherproof toilet paper. Ok, Spins perfectly., This roll's a little thick right.

Now you need to get it down obviously.. You need to probably go with a half roll.. That's one of the best hacks I've ever seen.. Well, keep in mind.

We've only done this once before. So that's not saying much., Three, two one., It's like a paint brush.. This is the worst segment ever. C-plus.

A C-plus in my opinion. That might win it.. We don't know., That's a scary thought.! Ladies and gentlemen, you need a typical disposable cup of some sort. OK..

You are going to take out your crayons because you're with your children., You are going to take a crayon out. You are going to stick it into the cup and all you do -- All you do. -- is light it. And, ladies and gentlemen, you have a 30-minute candle..

If you need more light, you still have 15 crayons left., Hey I'm impressed with the burning capability of a --. It's a `` crown'' by the way.. It's a crayon., It's actually a very nice flame better than a candle arguably.. My thing is, you mention well just make sure you bring the crowns with you.

Right.. Well, just make sure you bring a candle or a lantern.. Would you rather bring that in your backpack or a candle? The packing capabilities is nice., It's done., 30 minutes. You know one thing that I don't like is liars in hack, attack., D-plus.

Bogus I'm going to -- wait. I just relight it. Nope., See ya, Moving on. They're, not even crashing and burning.

They're crashing and not burning. Oh wow. Sometimes you get very far out on your excursion, -- Yes. -- and you need to go north., I'm going to show you an unbelievable way to identify where north is., All you need is a needle --, OK.

And your own arm hair.. Would you like to try the magnetism of my hair Yeah., I'm sure it'll make it even stronger.? Are you sure that two body magnetism is not going to screw it up? I don't know.. I haven't practiced that, but I like our chances. Watch and learn.

A leaf floating in the water. And when you place the needle on it, the opposite side will point true. North., It's going.. It's going., Wait for it., It's working.! Ty knows it's working too..

He sees it. Look at the compass. Life saved.. Well, I guess I'm headed this way.

OK., Well life or death. You'll hit the North Pole eventually. That hack just murdered me.. I didn't drink the water because I was saving it for a compass, so I died.

Do you ever run into an issue where it just keeps going in circles. You know at this point I think I'd just look at the sun. Cody blow our minds.. If I look tired it's because I spent a lot of my night making my hack., I'm not going to do that in front of you..

So when you're camping and you're trying to kill time, simple 5 gallon tub of water, a shower curtain with some hula hoopies plenty of privacy for the missus and yourself when you're camping with friends., And then you hang this guy right above it poke holes in the Bottom and you take a nice little shower., I will say: I've always wanted a shower in the woods.. It's not bad.. I mean coming from a side of the table. But see you still want the breeze and the freedom of letting everything you know.

Gosh dang. Let's just hang a cooler up in a tree and pull the plug on it and use that instead.. That is genius.. You should do the next `` Hack, Attack.'' Anyways, regardless of who wins this.

I think we have given the viewers a lot of hacks when they go camping as a family. Yeah. Boy and what a trip that will be.. To be frank, I was disappointed with Garret's first presentation..

It could be useful. I thought it was a little lackluster.. I was humbly surprised by the lighting of a crayon. It burns well and could be useful if you had it with no other alternatives for fire.

Right after that, I was murdered by a `` Hack, Attack.'' Being a man who does not appreciate being murdered, Cody and Cory are the winners Yay? Well done.. I will say you almost lost it with the shower curtain.. You would have been way better off if you just didn't present that one.. Luckily they killed me so didn't really have a choice.

There.. It is time for the brand new segment of this OT 29. Codes. Give them your best game, show voice.

``, Get it for Free !'', Not bad.. That was actually --. That's why he's the host. That was pretty good.

`` Get it for Free'' is a very simple game. Show. The customers have the opportunity to well get it for free.. All they have to do is whatever Cody says., OK, Pretty simple..

It will be awkward, it will be funny. It will be enjoyable for everyone, but them., Let's go downstairs. Have you bought anything good No.? I got a proposition for you and it'll pay for your cart, but you've got to do what I ask. Yeah no.

You interested. If you take this guy's fudge and eat it in front of him I'll buy you that whole thing., I'm not really hungry.. Oh OK., I've had two strikeouts., It's OK.! That's why you get three.! You get three outs.! You chug this diet, Dr. Pepper in under a minute and I'll pay for all your stuff.

Yeah, I'm going to change it to 20 seconds.. Are you still interested 20 seconds? I just want it to be close.. Why not? If you sing your ABCs as loud as you can right now, I'll pay for your stuff., A B C D E F G. Go All right.

Dad's on it.! Oh that's got to burn.. It's got to burn kids.! I'm telling you right! Now. We're at 5 seconds. Oh, we are going.

H. I J K L-M-N-O-P. He's going to do --. This is a new world record..

This is literally insane.. The guy has a gift.. Now I've sung my ABCs --, That's amazing. -- next time.

Won't you sing with me. It's done., I'm paying for his stuff.. Well, done. Give it up for that guy., That's incredible.

And he's done under 10. We got us some dinner baby., Your dad he's a legend. Go into the middle of the store and yell ``. I just used the big potty'' as loud as you can., No you're good.

I'll offer it to somebody else. I just feel like you'd -- No.. No, I mean you got it I'll. Do it.

-- be the perfect guy for it.. I don't mind. All right.. We got it.

Attention, everybody. I just used the big boy potty. I just used the big potty Woo Way to go., That's worthy.. I would need you to wear this microphone and I need to go up to strangers and say ``.

I love you ,'' and let that awkwardness just sit. And then you got to wait until somebody says ``. I love you'' back.. I love you guys..

What like --? Why? Well? What do you mean? Like? I just love you guys.. I appreciate it. It's what we're here for., But you walk through that little hallway back here and then you come out on all fours barking. Like a dog, I will pay for your cart.

In the peach shirt. That's walking tell him ``. I love you ,'' and then get down on one knee., Oh I'll, propose to him in a heartbeat.. Would you really I love you.

Will marry me What How's it going. I love you man. Thank you.. How are you, I'm good., How you doing I'm good.

You from here? No ma'am. OK.. I love you guys, though.. Well, we love you..

You do love me Yes.. Well, thank you. Ha ha. Did you get an ``? I love you'' back, Got it -- ``.

We love you.'' ``. We love you ?'' Yeah., That's incredible.! Well, done.! Well, let's get you paid up. Proud of you. Larry.

Share the love people.. It always amazes me the lengths that people will go to get something for free. Well done. People of Memphis., Unbelievable Thanks for watching guys., If you're not already a DP subscriber click down here, so you don't miss out on any new videos.

Special thanks to our friends at Bass Pro for sponsoring this video. Click here for all your outdoor needs at or Check out one of their incredible stores., You want to see the last video click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it and noggin..

I'm going to go talk to my friends.

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