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TOP 5 VEHICLE EXPERIENCES! Wing Walking, Monster Trucks, Tanks & driving 200+ mph! Our best Bucket List yet! ► Thanks for subscribing! -
► Check out the Behind The Scenes:
1. The Score - Top of the World
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2. The Score - Miracle
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3. Hardwell⁠ feat. Trevor Guthrie - Summer Air
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Monster Truck FPV Drone Pilot IG: Justin Skinner @justinsmash
Vehicles and Locations!
1. Mason Wing Walking Academy:
2. Ox Ranch Drive Tanks:
3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway:
4. Sea Breacher:
5. Bristol Motor Speedway:
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This is insane What was I thinking On today's Bucket List? We split up to try to conquer the top five vehicle experiences. We could dream of. Hi guys. Codes.

Here., I'm excited to present to you my vehicle of choice.. You can hear the motor.. It is a biplane and I will be wing walking.. I've been waiting for this all my life good things never come to those who wait in line., All right.

For those who don't know or aware or haven't been to an air show wing walking is the process of climbing out of a perfectly good seat in an Airplane and standing on top of the wings. Holy smokes.. This is scary. On the ground.

I've done. A lot of training walked through it at least 100 times. Plane here and then I climb out. And then I'm just like wing walking like that..

You are wing walking out there.. My son James, has volunteered to show you the ropes., Oh James., What's up buddy You're smaller than I thought as instructors, go. Belts buckled all the time., The mags and the master switch you don't want to be touching these. Duck a little further to get under the Wires.

I work the throttle. Did he say that right I am over it.. I think everyone's wondering why we can't go ahead and strap in here on the runway and then take off.. That's part of the fun, is you know getting up there.

Yay Y'all haven't even met my pilot.. This is Mike. Me and Mike go way. Back.

We met about an hour ago.. How many times have you done this Mike Couple dozen at least. We're pretty much golden.. All the guys are telling me I'm crazy.

My wife's kind of mad at me. And I'm just hoping we make it back. Home. Woo I'm losing my mind.

Trying to find the perfect line.. I think I'm running out of time.. I need a mira-miracle, a mira-miracle. Yeah.

I'm losing my mind counting seconds passing by.. I need a mira-miracle, a mira-miracle., A miracle. Just got the green light. Whoa.

Oh oh oh., Whoa, oh, oh oh.! I need a mira-miracle. A mira-miracle. Never goes the way that you planned. Success is a door that always slams..

I'm trying to break it. I'm trying to break it., Searching for words and praying for signs. I struggle to find the rhythm and rhyme. Don't know how to say it., Don't know how to say I'm minutes away from going insane., I'm on top of the world..

I been waiting for this all my life. Good things never come to those who wait in line.. Oh my gosh.. This is crazy Woo.

I was afraid of heights until I learned to fly. And now I'm staring at the ground from way up. High.. Oh he's flipping Going upside down.

I been waiting for this all my life. Good things never come to those who wait in line.. I been breaking these walls in mind.. I want my mom I'm on top of the world., I'm on top of the world.

I'm on top of the world.. This is the best experience of my life. I been waiting for this all my life. Good things never come to those who wait in line..

I been breaking these walls in my mind., I'm on top of the world. Woo Holy smokes. That was insane That was 50 times crazier more intense than I ever even could have dreamed or thought. Of.

Can not wait to tell the guys.. I can't even. I'm still like -- just the adrenaline is just coursing through me. With every start.

We are born again. For the Purple Hoser vehicle. I proudly present the party bus., I'm kidding guys.. It is my transportation to my vehicle bucket list., I'm not going to give it away now, but you're going be pumped., See you guys in a little bit.

Couple of reasons. I chose this. Low to the ground., Can't penetrate it. Heard Cody's getting on like a biplane.

Had to sign his life away. Out on that., I feel like I'm pretty safe in this bad boy.. So that's why I chose it. How's it going man What's up, buddy How's it going Thanks for having us.

Pleasure.. Well, tell us a little bit about this bad boy. Here. Ever been in combat Sure has..

So this is an M4 Sherman tank World War II.. We saw a little bit of combat in France.. In fact, if you walk around the side there you'll see four rounds. Penetrated the turret, A couple of reasons I chose this.

Can't penetrate it. Wow.. What's top speed of this bad boy, This one's going to be about 30.? So if I pulled into a gas station, how much am I looking to fill this bad boy up Several hundred dollars at least. Yeah., My truck's 100 right now so --? What about shooting out of this bad boy? What kind of shell does it take? So this one's going to be a 75 millimeter.

And we're going to be able to shoot it. We are. Let's get in this bad boy.. Let's do it man..

How did you get in this thing? Tank life? Is the luxurious life. Drive shaft right there. Your two handles to steer. Turn left pull this back.

Turn right, pull that back. Brake pull them both back. All right. Let's start her up.

Company-L is moving tanks in from the east.. This is sick. Let's go take down these bogies. Here we go.

Oh wow, we've got fire., We got enemy fire., Oh, that was epic. All right man.. So this is the Tank round. 76 millimeter.! That's hefty., Oh yeah.! So if I like, maybe accidentally shot this through my house, what would happen Probably just blow through the wall, all your furniture, then the other wall.

Keep on flying. Oh.. It's actually probably repairable. All right.

Let's go shoot this thing., Let's do it. Dude. This thing is: sick. Got the 76 millimeter main gun on the Sherman..

It's now live, so why don't you go ahead and step on it and send it., I'm locked in on the blue target., So basically just aim and fire.. That's all you. Oh.! That was a lot louder than I expected.. All right.

Need to work on my accuracy with the old tank gunner here., Not very good., Well, you're, a pretty good tank driver and we have some stuff we could crush. So why don't we go? Do that Ahhhh? No! More RV. That was insane. All right man.

I think we finally got the enemy we were looking for all day.. I think you got him man.. We did miss the car. That was unfortunate.

And that thing's just still sitting pretty down there.. This was an absolute blast. Highly recommend it. I got to head to the airport.

Today - is an exciting day., I'm about to hop in a car to go 200 miles an hour with Mario Andretti., As one of only two drivers to have won races in Formula 1, IndyCar and NASCAR. Mario Andretti is a racing legend.. His name is synonymous with speed., I would say I'm mostly excited and I'm definitely a little bit nervous.. The speed is scary..

The fact that the greatest racer of all time is the one driving me makes me feel a lot better.. Yesterday I got to watch the Indy 500 and help kick off the race. Drivers to your car. Nice.

Did not see that coming.. Today I get to experience the speed for myself., I'm hyped right now.. This is going to be freaking sick.. What's the fastest you've ever been in a car? Well, I drive a Tahoe, so -- In your Tahoe you've driven, maybe 60 70 80 you'll be going more than twice as fast..

Oh my gosh., Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today with the legend himself, Mario Andretti, the King of Racing.. This is a huge pleasure, a real honor., I'm very nervous., As you can see, I'm shaking a little bit. We're going to be going somewhere in the ballpark of 200 plus miles an hour. 200-300.

200-300.. Ok, that's news to me.. Well, like I said, just prepare yourself and say a little prayer. And then hang on..

You excited my man, I'm stoked Oh you're, going to love it. This is insane. What do I do with my hands? Oh, this is the most excited I've ever been.. Oh, my gosh, That is insane.

How was it my man? That's amazing., Not to bad right? Oh, my goodness, Mario, Oh, My heart is pounding. The coolest thing I have ever done. The straight-ways. You feel like you're, physically on a rocket.

And the turns they don't feel. Physically possible., It does not feel like you're going to be able to get around.. I know that all the other guys are getting do really cool things, but I am super grateful that mine was this.. The single coolest thing I've ever done., What's up guys Cory here in Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful places in all of America..

What makes this trip even better is that I get to drive my bucket list vehicle the Seabreacher I'm here with Rob the creator and master of all things, Seabreacher. Rob. How are you doing What's up Cory Good to have you here. Good to be here guys.? It has been my dream ever since I saw this bad boy on the internet to drive a Seabreacher..

I am telling you guys.. These things are special. They're, not just special. They're rad.

Yeah., So these ones are all custom. Built. No two are exactly the same.. We do different themes: -- sharks, dolphins, whales, sports cars, fighter jets..

This one is an'80s themed, boat., Yeah, we're going to take you out, show you what they do., I'm in., I'm ready.! Oh my gosh.. I love it. Already. All right Rob for a second here.

Let's talk about this bad boy., So here's how it works. My pedals are kind of. Like my two dimensional right, I can turn left with my left pedal. And then, when it comes to three dimensional, that's these handles right.

Here.. If I go left, I roll to the left.. If I go right, I roll to the right.. So now what we're going to do is give it a little bit of power and just get used to it.

There. You go. Faster., Oh wow.. There you go.

Right pedal right pedal., You can't see anything. `` SUMMER, AIR'', ] Sun on your skin feel the love sinking, in. Woo hoo. That was it.

Guys. That was my very first mini-breach. It means I broke the water. Very small breach., Nothing to write home about, but I did it.

All right. You got to walk before you run. There. You go, keep going more power., That's it.! This is so sick.

I get it now.. I love it.. I want it. Go, go, go, go! Go! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes, That's a good one.

Guys! This is not a jet ski.. This is way cooler.. The only thing I can say is it feels like you are a dolphin.. It feels like you are a shark..

It's so cool.. I haven't gotten the mega jump yet, but it's coming., It's coming., Hey guys, I'm driving a shark.. Now that was a jump. Yeah baby! Oh Rob that is unbelievable..

You did great.! You want to try a barrel roll Dude. I would try a barrel. Roll. Little bit faster, this time.

Woo, Oh, I feel like I'm in Star fox., Guys 100 % worthy of my Bucket List.. The Seabreacher is unbelievable., I hope seeing it on camera. Did it justice.? That was the most fun thing: I've ever done.. That was unreal.

Boys. How were the vehicles Pretty epic.? How was the wing walking Dude, I'm alive. OK., And this is the finale of Bucket List.. It is almost monster truck time.

Not going lie a little nervous. Yeah. You should be., But Cody walked on a wing of an airplane.. If he can do that, I can drive a monster truck.

Let's go A couple of real basic things for everybody to know.. If the truck were to break down catch on fire roll over any of those things, there's going to be fire EMS and a loader all headed to the truck., Did you know it was going to be this big? I mean worst case scenario. I come up. Land short back tires hit and then we're just front flipping all the way.

Across. You nervous, | wasn't nervous till. I realized that I have fake headlights., So if it gets dark out here we're in trouble. It's a climb to get in this bad boy., Cockpit's tight..

I can't see a whole lot other than right here in front of me. Gas. Pedal. Brake., Don't push on the brake pedal.

You tap the brakes, you're going all the way, over. All gas, no brakes., Except when you're landing., Then no gas or no brakes.. It's a lot of work to drive a monster truck., It's a lot of prep kind of like grilling ribs.. You know just takes a little time..

So are you doing the big jump It feels doable. Also feels like it could go bad. But we're cooking ribs. You know And when you're cooking ribs, you don't stop halfway through the process., Even if they're a little chewy., It's not easy, being a monster truck driver., It's got its challenges., Make some noise for Tyler Toney.

Is he going to do it Wow Nice.? This is his first time folks.. Here we go., I think he's going for it. Come on. Ty Hit the big one..

Let's go, Oh guys. That could not have gone better.. Thank you to the people of Tennessee. Wouldn't have wanted to share it with anybody.

Else. Guys comment below., Let us know what you want to see. Next. Vehicle Bucket List is officially in the books.

Love you guys., Pound, it. And noggin.. See you.

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