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73. 74.. 75.. He just started we're live sorry.

You guys had to sit there for that whole time. Tall guy beer twins, purple, hoser, dude over time, tall guy beer twins, purple hoser. Now we're heading on to oversight. Welcome to overtime 16.

We got a great show for you guys today kicking it off with some wheel, unfortunate this and taste test. Then some get crafty, then some cool, not cool, did you just say wheel unfortunate first. Yes, i did hit him with the intro uh shout out to uh one of the greatest movies of all time, but not my top 10, dumb and dumber. A little hat from the um from the movie: what are the chances we can get corey to pick? Do we even waste our time asking him to pick all right? Let's have cody pick it.

I, like picking it he's close enough to corey that i think you think some of the magic might still be there. I think it might. I hate that you just thought of that, because that's probably true one elimination, you picked the name. I picked the eliminate okay, the people are ready, come on corey.

Are you spinning the wheel, we're getting corey to that one? What are you doing you're eliminating? He has a good person, yeah whoa careful. I know i got. Should i shake it for the eliminate? No, no keep it keep it regular, keep it regular yeah. What is he grabbing an eliminate, an eliminate for the person who is not spinning the wheel cody jones? Can we address something? Cody has been picked.

What the first time, the level of acceleration of my heart rate, pull corey's name out of the hat hold on what whoa? No this is the this. Is the person he's numb he's nothing hate. This show everyone start chanting, corey's name, and it's going to be him. Stop stop corey, stop something.

I'm not gon na lie every time. I see a c. It is the greatest thing ever. I agree.

I love c's head over there head over there. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that don't know who i i'm dead, foreign and you're thinking to yourself well, i wonder why this got a gator head with him. Today i got a cousin. I call him a cousin, i'm not really sure how we're related up in oklahoma old, joe exotic.

He says: hey dan, why don't you come on over there and scare some people in a gator hand, i said i'll, take it off your aunt's joke, but i think i'll just set it aside for now all right. Well, why don't we bring up our contestant? Mr comey got it all right. Thank you guys. Welcome how many times you've been on the show.

I think i've been three times and it's great to see you again three times on the show. Do you have a favorite time that you've been on the show? You know french toasted stands out share a snake. The funny thing is, i didn't even care what your favorite part. That was a distraction maneuver.

You know, you know what you can't have while you're out here a golden boy too i'll. Give you one of those awesome man. Thank you hold on to that. You know it's going to be a great day for a wheel spin, so just uh, no i'm just kidding.

I would see that when i got you again, i got you. Oh, i feel bad for you, so i'll just give you some money, because all that's we're gon na get a little creative with that one, it's gon na be more enjoyable than it sounds. We've got a little bit of a predicament here. It's a rare case where the wheel did not stop perfectly online.

This is not a decision. We're gon na we're gon na want to rush you're gon na have to shake your head. It's called a clarification clarification that is a man of grace generosity. What i'm gon na tell you to do what i'm gon na mandate is that god head downstairs, enjoy it buddy, we'll see you next time get out of here.

Enjoy this little segment. I would like to take this moment nominate the man of the hour, the man who kept me from having to shave my own head and did the incredible pick job out of the hat. I would like for him to do the ribbon cutting ceremony, oh cody jones. Thank you very much.

Yeah just get a good little. Oh yeah, oh wow. It doesn't even look that different. It actually looks like it looks better like that.

You should do your hair like that, more often, oh yeah, right there. Ah, oh, oh, my gosh. I've been there careful, don't go too far out all right sidewise. What do you think it needs to go down on the side? Oh we're just going for it.

That's it! That's it that felt lower than expected. Come look at it now. That means a lot. Why are you laughing? It just looks great.

What do you think my wife's going to think i think she's going to love you for you guys i'll give you guys it was supposed to be a private talk. Yeah, let me let the other ear breathe. I want to see my new look. What am i working with? No, i look like tom from guess who i didn't.

Oh my poor wife all right. It's not a great look say it with me. That's unfortunate! Well done! No hats allowed at the desks see pounding guys. Hey guys was this: the reaction that, when i showed up to the office one day, looking like that, i mean it didn't wasn't that bad yeah, it's just a different feel because that one we couldn't really, you know, laugh about it, but you wanted you.

You wanted to now, you know where we were at. We should move the attention off of kobe agree thanks, let's pretend say, for example, i'm the burger boy. Let's say that garrett is the king of coffee. We have, in our group a self-proclaimed prince of pizza.

Oh wow cody jones claims that he can tell the difference in any pizza out there. It's time for taste test all right codes. How well, can you see zero see a lot of blue you look like anakin skywalker, oh! Thank you, my good sir yeah, hey. Let's turn this into a betcha, i betcha.

No, i go five. Two confusing all right. Chad throw up the better graphic wonder if he could feel between our bald heads. Okay.

Here we go okay, very smooth, okay. This is head number two. Oh that's prickly! That's kobe, and that was gare. Take it off, take them off, okay, not off to a good start.

I didn't say i was good at that. Here's, your pizza, you can i'm not going to feed you. You do you. I said you yeah all right there you go a bite, that's all you need.

Don't stick your tongue out just eat it normal, just fight it. He declares now, but he can switch later later. Do you want a crushed bite too? No pizza hut, the man, is confident. I'm gon na stick with pizza hut next random piece of pizza.

Coming at you, okay, please open your mouth. Cody, it's been open. There you go. Would you like a crust bite, yeah yeah? He has no idea.

He has no clue, he has no clue, you print a pizza, you're, a fraud, false heir to the throne. He had him, it's either a domino's or a papas. I can just tell it's good quality high-end pizza, okay, okay, so which one of those two would you like it to go on? Let's put it in dummies. This is your next pizza, i'm so excited.

I touched your chin with that one a little bit. It was so cold, i'm gon na say you guys, didn't heat it up enough and see those are frozen. I got ta taste. The sauce pizza coming up, wasn't a very big bite that you did there.

This is gon na blow your mind, but when i used to do door-to-door sales ate gas station pizza all the time - and i haven't had that piece of pizza in at least 10 years - that's gas station pizza right there. I'm telling you right now, it's just so distinct. Would you like to lock in that slice? I would like to lock in that slice pizza. I don't want to mess me up, in other words, lock it in for no change.

That's 2.99, a slice too! That's premium! Pizza, oh i messed up that needs garlic. Butter cause, that's papa john's. I don't want to touch that's fine gas station and i don't want to touch frozen. Okay, here's what i'm thinking i might have gotten dominoes and pizza hut mixed.

Can i have a bite of each of those yep you can't. This is the pizza that you said was domino's and it might be i you know, i got ta trust my gut here. Okay, yeah, it's right here, technically your tongue. What did he say? He said this was domino's, you know what normally here's, what throw me off at pizza hut.

I always go stuff crust. Every time. Nine times out of ten, i never had the regular cheese. That's pizza hut.

Would you like to taste the other one might as well? I'm on a pizza cake, pizza, roll. This is the pizza that you said was a pizza hut. I love that you fit a pizza roll pun in there. That was dominoes, so you have locked in essentially all five now, if you feel good about those last two, would you like to make any more changes? I feel like you want me to say yes, but i don't know where i would go.

Okay, all right! That's fine, take off your goggles cody jones. Am i the pizza place, you claim to be the prince of pizza dang it that's, not a good sign you! You are not the prince of pizza dang it because you are the king of pizza. If you would stand on the desk and take a knee, i now dub you cody jones, the king of pizza, it's time to head downstairs and let's get crafty, welcome to get crafty, i'm sparky and today the boys are recreating this iconic photo of panda the basketball Goal on fire, but we're going to give them different backgrounds. Cody, let's do forest.

I like background for you mountain the beard says mountain to me: mountain i, like it core seaside. Okay! Does that work? Yeah? Okay: let's go desert western theme, perfect moonlight like a midnight edition. It's like the hardest one i'll be your judge today. The curriculum, pretty easy, whichever painting would sell the highest and is visually pleasing to the eyes, will get the gold very subjective, very subjective, starting in three two one.

What's up guys core checking into the game um some of you may have seen my appearance on the original get crafty. I made a phenomenal chair. This is gon na be rough. The saddest thing is that my sister, i'm not joking, is a professional painter.

I would argue that paint brushes are over hyped and this metal thingy is under height. Also, white shoes seem like probably a bad choice today. I think i'm almost done honestly. I mean just put some panda eyes in there and call today, just kind of getting the background started off just putting some happy little clouds in here shouldn't.

We all turn our things sideways. If we're trying to match that people have thought about that beforehand, when they looked at the painting - and it was sideways - i thought about it and chose not to it's a good catch. I just had there alright way too low. I don't paint if i ever do art it's drawing with like a pencil or like a like some some crayolas about a good seven minutes in now, you're gon na put brush to the portrait here or we're gon na just gon na we're gon na mix colors.

You know what you're here for the perfect time you're here for my first stretch, the pain, it's good, eight minutes in, but we're underway. Finally, what is happening over there? It's so hard to focus ah figured what's happening over here. What's up coach howdy, hey you're, not the judge like you were a chair. Why don't you go back into your area before i push that pain in your face, huh, huh, all right garrett! You got the background.

All done, not much! Chitter chatter! Out of you, you, you seem like you're in your comfort zone, trying to just visualize a moon. This is what this is right here at the bottom. I couldn't really tell the color's pretty close. I went foreground before the background yep and i'm realizing.

Why that's a big deal, because i i got ta navigate around the fireball? I got to go behind panda and so at this point i think the title is out of the question. I'm just looking to make podium all right, we're about 20 minutes and progress being made time's ticking down. Focus at this point is at the utmost of importance we're gon na catch. I wish that had fallen.

That's what i needed you're one of those blue reeds. Don't worry about the blue, reeds, i'm hoping sparky's a big fan of birds, i'm gon na throw some birds in the sky. I do not like birds whatsoever if he goes, birds would only hurt i'm done at this point. It's not gon na get better.

I'm done! I'm over it the pando right here that is, quality, get away from me. If i could cut that out and go stick that on mine, i would three minutes three minutes left go people i'm making these guys. I needed five. Five, four three, two one hands up! Well done, gentlemen, it's good.

Let's set up the easels and uh start the judging process. Only one thing left to do time to judge them. I like this guy a lot. I would hate to say something bad about him but corey.

What is it wrong with this painting, panda's legs and arms completely disproportionate, supposedly fire buck 14. Mark 14.. Oh he's coming over where's he going cody. Oh my man.

My fourth place finished. I, like you, mini panda. It wasn't a bad call. I just don't like how it played yeah.

I don't like how it played yeah. I just i really wanted to emphasize the forest. If i had him real big, you wouldn't be able to see it. Eight bucks no no way way less at a dollar store.

You probably catch it for about four bucks if it's on clearance 225. i'll take that care, i'm sorry dude, you're, finishing third you're in the podium, you're finishing third gear. I thought the the midnight the moonlight background would be an easy one. It just didn't play well with panda, really tough, to make him pop, but i thought you were a little haywire with what you're trying to do here, just kind of win on you.

You know it's a good piece, don't get me wrong. American flag definitely adds value. Yes, whoa yeah, you got payments, you honestly got a good deal because i have the value at about 37.. Okay, so i i ripped the fire off yeah everyone's got your money.

It was handed to me it's not it's not. Let me, i think, we're getting a weird weird sense here. Give me that okay shock the world come on talk the world. Okay, they're, really close! One goes vertical, one goes horizontally.

Are they really that close? I think kobe's background is very close to yours. What are you all crazy? Let me judge are y'all nuts. Let me judge you hey late cactus and tumbleweed edition great, that was late to the game and you can paint better than your haircut looks at least no doubt, but you are second place. I totally agree with that decision.

I thought maybe i could weasel one out of you, but second place is what i expected. What a performance 37.39 is what i have that valued at that's how close that was 39 difference. I mean we're talking. It was really close.

My winner, thank you. Thank you, the shading shading's nice, unbelievable, the mountain work. I was a little worried up here when you started this added the light white, which was a great touch and then honestly, even the sig looks the best. Thank you, 67, even 67.

Even of us dollars not shabby ty looks pretty good, i must say the winner back to back get crafty champion. How does that feel appreciate that, thank you spark great to have you. As a judge, do you can judge my projects anytime, uh, that's it for get crafty back to the desk dude congrats brother. I didn't even know you were good at that.

You know what i'm finding out more and more about myself is that kobe looks like a funny guy, well that too, but more than i thought your mountains were fantastic. Thank you. Thank you very much. That was my pride and joy.

They were easy on the eyes. Yes, thank you. Okay, uh. Let's move on uh final segment, it's time for cool, not cool! All right, hey, remember! From last cool, not cool.

What did we learn? Better pitches, better pitches, more money and if corey doesn't get three greens, he is a one-game suspension. Oh man, no problem who wants to kick us off. Do you want to kick us off i'll go last, i like it. I like him i'll, go first.

Okay, here, start us off all right. I kind of went back in the archives. I saw that couple. You guys, like some, some lightsabers and big star wars, fans not only dude, that is a huge star wars guy.

I love it no way. Not only did i spend a lot of money. I spend a lot of my time saying no more wow green wow kobe's in for green and cody's in for green corey, green wow. Does money buy green here's? My issue, all i was waiting for was just the tiniest little bit of special thanks to tye for helping me.

Do this thing. Oh, i was right there with you. I helped you build it. Oh, he left that out how much work did you do on it uh at least half true or false? But what am i gon na say: hey ty help me build my cool, not cool, i'm gon na never help.

That's true, hey four greens is still a good start. If you don't believe that i made it chad cut out tai. If you don't mind all right coabs, are you gon na follow me? I would love to fall out. Thank you.

Good luck. I would like to acknowledge two of the greatest movie series of all time: the land before time series in jurassic park. I present to you the dilophodurus so great of a replica that everybody would want one in their own home. It's mountable, it's a it's mountable! It's the shoulder mouth of a dinosaur.

If you like the face, you didn't explain that oh wow, that has nothing to do with land before time. The main characters are dinosaurs. What do you mean hey first time in history? Everyone voted one time: let's get it over with three two one. What was your vote? I went green right, two red.

Okay, all right, i know you're like me, you found like a massage thing and it just can't get deep enough. I don't want you to vote. I just want you to feel talk to me. Uh feels pretty good yeah.

Do i sound like i'm talking through a fan, feels like an instagram ad, i'm not even going to tell you the brand, no one's seen this comment below. If you have not seen this. Oh see, yeah appreciate you. That was nice.

Look at that! Oh that's, nice i'll start the voting i'm in for that. Thank you, too. That's more than i thought. Maybe if you needed to beat a lot of dough, oh it could be good.

You're, making cookies keep going. What else could you do? I will say that i have a massage chair thing, not a full chair, but like a lazy in the chair thing, it's pretty good. It's way better than that. It's at my house and it's in my living room.

So it's in your living room, yeah all right, coax boat. I was just gon na say that massages are great, but my dinosaur was better red. Was that supposed to rhyme nope? I'm just ready for this episode to end, so i can go home i'll, be right back guys, cool! You guys do know, there's stairs down here right. It goes down below to our star first, no! Is it like monster inc yeah? Whose office is it going to? It goes into mine, i'll, be right back, there's a trap door.

Are you okay down there yeah you guys ready yeah, you sure are all right. I'm coming up! I'm coming up! I'm coming up. I don't know why. I just have an inch to do this budget.

It's done double time. Okay, look! Here's the thing ty! I might have just put a hole in your face. Let me see he did he broke it with the microphone broke. My jaw, a lot of people, don't know, but it's very beneficial to have a stuntman around, especially with realistic, looking hands.

So i figured you guys might not just right off the bat recognize all the benefits, so i've put together a short video for you guys tomorrow. I know yeah if you would just take a look, we're taking fire we're gon na have to bail off the edge. Maybe this will change your mind such a peaceful day to meditate. Oh, not again, huh hey.

What do you think hey? I mean look at this. Look look: look at the feet. Look at the feet in the hands. Those are the most realistic part.

Hey. You know what i like it. I think you would have sold it better if they were long time pass it back. Yeah, hey coming right back at you.

I love it: okay, okay, super cool, super cool, super cool. You all do not actually want me to give a super cool to this again garbage to vote. You vote with your heart. Oh it's! A red! Good luck, getting a green from me! Okay, all right! Well! Moving on corey uh shouldn't pre-vote anybody! No, no all right! Well, wait till! We do it a lot of pressure.

I felt it. I realized i had to step up to the plate because i do not want to follow in kobe's footsteps and get suspended for an entire cool, not cool. So, as everyone knows, hi loves food items. We now have an ice cream maker at the office.

No way. No way i got ta see it work, though you just slide your toppings drops it right in, on top all right, no scooping necessary. I need to see a demonstration. I don't need to see a demonstration you're, lactose intolerant.

You don't touch that correct. My problem is with the toppings who, in their right mind, would put a jelly bean on ice cream. I agree with that. I agree with that.

Sorry, it could work flawlessly and the ice cream could be tasty. Welcome to frozen yogurt in the comfort of your own office, why does it kind of ploop out just a solid? Why would you use that show the folks at home, the blooping? I don't want it. I don't want the flu ty. Can i interest you in a topping, simply pull it, you simply pull it you're coming baby, hey do the outro without me, i love you guys.

Be a coach hey enjoy that shave the sides down a lot. What is happening? Hey thanks for watching guys, if you're not already a dude, perfect subscriber click down here, so you don't miss out on any new videos. The last video's right here sign it off for now, where cory needs to learn his items and our mics are still fake. See you next time guys stop the bloopage.

What is overflowing? What is he doing? Control your item?.

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