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0:00 Introduction
13:29 San Diego
27:50 Beyond The Trick Shot
41:35 Going All In
55:00 Overtime
59:53 Faith, Family, Friends
1:16:00 The Final Stretch
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
If you like Sports + Comedy, come join the Dude Perfect team!

Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all-around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible! Welcome to the crew!

Pound it 👊🏻 Noggin 🙇🏻‍♂️
- Dude Perfect

This shot doesn't even have a name. Hoo-ha. Back of the rim.. That's so close.

You got me., You got it now. Gon na make it son.. This is the shed shot.. I still don't know why we decided to ever film it..

This next shot is called roof-alama-ding-dong.. Basketball goal was $ 80.. I remember the price because I was like `` Man, that's kinda steep.''. We were just having fun..

This is the chimney ball.. What did you just hit? Cody? I thought it was a one and done.. Let's just make the trick shot. ....

Yes, Dyno ... upload, it see what people think laugh about it and move on. And then it just caught fire.. Yes, He made it What's up baby, Yes, Yeah Cory, So we decided at that point we're going to put out new videos every other Monday.

Yeah. When we made that jump, our channel just exploded. We're Dude Perfect and welcome to RC edition, Let's go Get in ball. Aah Yeehaw, ♪ Yeah.

This is it ♪, Ten years later, we're at over 50 million subscribers. Ten billion views.. That's a lot of billion.. How many people are in the world What's up guys, We're Dude Perfect.

And I'm Paul Rudd.? We got some targets up in the stands. Russell's gon na help us knock'em down. ♪ Go let's go ♪. Oh, this is awkward..

Oh ♪! This is it ♪, ♪ Yeah. This it ♪. Are you kidding me Yes For Dude Perfect? We always want to continue to push the envelope., We're always trying to do something new., So we thought. Can we do this live? Should we talk about the DP Live tour? I think we should.

Wow. What? If we took the show on the road I mean, is that even possible This summer we are going on a 20 city live tour? Yes, The Dude Perfect live tour.. This shot does not even have a name. Hoo-ha.

♪ Put your hands up. ♪ ♪ Raise'em higher ♪ ♪. We made it ♪ ♪ Yeah we're on top of the world ♪ ♪ World ♪ ♪ We're on top of the world ♪ Announcer. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand to your feet and help me welcome Dude, Perfect, What's up L.A., So this thing's happening.

That's what I said.. I think it's real., So we're gon na drop that in down your back - and this is gon na stay up. Top. Okay.

Shake your head. Jump up and down. Cody. I think that this tour is, without a doubt, the biggest risk Dude Perfect's ever made..

We've literally never done anything like this.. Are we ready to jump in? Oh, no Garrett We're doing 21 shows.. First, one kicks off in San Diego. San Diego.

Am I saying that right, San `` Di-ago'' Is that where we are Yeah And today's the first day of rehearsal., You look like a huge weirdo. Dude. All right. This is the first battle.

Make some noise. If you guys are excited Coby, We're 90 % sold out right now., Somewhere around 120,000 tickets, which is crazy. Cody. Everything we've done is behind a camera and it can always be edited.

Short.. Oh man, We just disconnected.. We should probably stop that.. So for this tour, it's gon na be raw and real and are people gon na, like it There's just a lot of unknowns.? What are we doing? Did you guys want to go on tour like next week? Yeah., That's what it says at the top of the page.

Yeah. Cory. We've come up with pretty much everything for the tour.. We are working with a great touring company'cause.

We don't know how to do a full-fledged live show.. This is the day to like stop. Ask questions. If we don't like how something's feeling, let's bring that to surface today, so we can address it prior to San Diego.

Tyler, We're essentially taking the best parts of all of our YouTube videos and combining them into one live show.. So we'll be doing some live battles, ... some trick, shots, ..., Yeah ... and then some of the fan favorites from the `` Overtime'' series that we do as well..

Oh Welcome to `` Overtime !''. Hopefully it goes well. You've seen the `` Overtime'' desk.. It's basically the same one as upstairs, and then we've split it into three sides.

So ..., No way., It's not happening. Ten bucks. If you do it., Oh he did it. He did it.

Let's go. Let's go Boom, There were casualties.. Was it worth it? I think so. I spiked my chicken biscuit., I'm so sorry., I'm so sorry.

Jeff People ask me `` What is it like to represent the Dude Perfect guys, ?''? Well to me it's very easy, because what you see is what you get. They're the same guys when the camera's not rolling.. You know I can show up at your house uninvited and I wouldn't even think twice.. Please do not do that..

I might. Okay, well ..., They're, crazy and fun and competitive and all of those things rolled into one. Tyler, I'm definitely excited.. They.

Five of us living together on a bus It'll, be like college. Being roommates. That's kinda how we started all this in the first place.. We all met at Texas, A & M.

Had a wonderful experience. Meeting the twins for the first time. Showed up at their house. They are learning the Soulja Boy, dance on their projector.

And I walk in and they're doing the `` Crank, That'' Soulja Boy and I'm like ``. So these are the guys you've been hanging out with at school Okay. I mean I guess I can get on board with that.'' Coby. We ended up living together with Tyler and Cory, and me in the house.

Garrett was too clean for us.. He was down the street. Garrett. Let me show you something.

Garrett. Basically, I spent the whole day there, but they were just too messy for me.. Like one day, I remember going in there and I had to wash the dishes before I could even hang out with them.. I can't do this man..

I'm too stressed out.. We needed one more roommate and Cody Jones squeaked in by the skin of his teeth. Cody. I met the twins through playing basketball at the rec center..

I'm telling you right now. I was almost embarrassed to say that I knew them because they had the straight chili bowl haircuts.. This is like sophomore junior year of college. Coby, The definition of a bowl cut., We're talking, `` High School Musical'', Zac Efron days, and so people thought that was a cool haircut.

Tyler. So you have a tall goofy guy. You have two twins that just moved out of their mom's house, a clean freak, ..., Yeah, ... and me a guy who would probably rather live in the woods..

You know what kind of ducks those are: Cinnamon Teal and a green wing teal. On paper. It shouldn't have really worked, but for some reason we just clicked.. We were always making up these weird competitive games just for something to do..

We had this game called Hustle Ball, where two people would sit on a couch and you'd have to sit on your hands, and then somebody would throw a football right in between you guys.. It was a free-for-all. First person to get the football. Is the winner.

Toney in the second round. Coby? I don't think Ty went to class., We would get home and he would have some ridiculous idea for something to do. One day Garrett and I were like ``. Well, hey, let's go get a basketball, goal.'' Garrett.

We didn't have a driveway., So we just put it in the backyard right on the grass and just started playing backyard. Basketball. Whoa One thing led to another and we started filming'em. Coby And we're all just trying to top the last guy.

Boom. So we posted it on Cory's YouTube channel because none of us had a YouTube channel.. We sent it out to all of our family and friends on email., Obviously just for fun, but we put a little bit of time into it. So we wanted people to see it., We went to sleep, no big deal., We woke up the next morning and it hit `` Sports Illustrated's'' website.

And we were freaking out and we were searching for it and seeing it was on all these different blogs.. It felt like it was everywhere. Sports sites blogs morning shows.. We were running around screaming like little girls, we were so excited.

Coby Made a couple more videos after that, and they were just continuing to get more and more views.. We just felt like we were on to something and we just wanted to keep making fun. Videos. Yeah You don't keep people's attention and keep them coming back by giving them the same thing over and over again.

So each video had to be better than the last and that's honestly been our philosophy ever since. Coby. We do not want to do something you've seen before.. We want to make sure that it feels new.

Yeehaw Cody. We are always looking to go bigger, and that applies to everything we do.. We appreciate y'all coming. Well, this is gon na be fun.

Yeah. Jeff On behalf of all the Dude Perfect guys, thank you so much for taking your time to come out tonight.. As you know, we're getting ready to kick off our first ever live tour. So what we wan na do? Is we wan na rehearse in front of friendly family.

Right So no heckling? So no what Heckling. You can heckle. If you want. Where's the comment box, There will be hecklers, so we need to see it., I'm sure the wives will heckle once they get home privately..

We need to feel it.. I respect it. Bethany. I literally have heard zero about this tour.

Kristin Garrett. Debriefed me last night. Garrett, always debriefs you.. He does he does..

He keeps me in the loop.. I have to ask Kristin for all the information regarding Dude Perfect., Hey Bob-Bob.. How are you buddy boy? How are you Doing good. Enjoy the show.

Cody., Enjoy the show. Good to see. You. Thank you., Keep expectations, low, folks., Keep'em, low.

Mykael. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand to your feet and help me welcome your starting five. Thank you guys.. Thank you.

Truly. I did not have any idea about what this tour was gon na, be like until we saw the preview as a family. - Oh no., Oh Pierce.. Oh no, He's gon na have to get PB & J'd..

That's what I thought. Kristin. I did ask him the other day. You know, will you be nervous on stage in front of all those people Y'all have done it before, but you're going live.

Garrett? I can't really picture 8,000 people just in front of you.. You know that's kinda --. It's going to take me a little bit of getting used. To.

You knew this day was coming Ty. We're talking about your rage, issues buddy.! Oh, I don't --! Those are long gone. I mean. When was the last time I raged Like a year ago, Allison Cody.

He kinda shines in the live events. Like that's kinda like --, that's his personality., So I think he's excited just to do something different.. I think they all are., No, No Ty. What are you doing? Oh my --? Oh Oh, We'll work on that.! Oh, oh! He just hit me with a guitar Allison.

Seeing it live is really fun because, like we don't ever get to see that part of it., So it's super exciting.. We get to watch what -- Yeah they do it every day. Yeah. Like he thinks it's his normal life, but I'm like --.

This is not normal.. I don't --, Okay, guys. That is what we have for you tonight.. Do you think this is gon na work? Yeah, We're still not sure to be totally honest., We don't know, but this is what we got so ....

I thought they did a really great job. Yeah. It was good., It was funny. Jeff.

Thank you, so much. We're really excited about the show.. Obviously, we're going to be gone, a long time. And what we'd like to do is bring the guys out here and just ask God to watch over us and allow us to do the best that we can.

And we will start off by praying a special blessing On this incredible team, as they launch from home that each of us would go with them in our hearts, in our prayers and in our support., We pray this in Jesus' name. All Amen. Tyler. I feel pretty good about the overall show..

I still think once we get out there on the real stage, with the real lights, it's gon na be a completely different experience. Having the families here is awesome and great, but they're pretty supportive of us in general. So they're not really gon na give us great feedback for how well the show's gon na actually go.. I think they'll do a tremendous job and I think the audience will respond really well.

Tyler It's about to be go-time. Here we go and we're on the hook. For 21 shows so ... What up guys We are about to head out on our first ever live tour.

20 cities.. Here we go. Got the bags packed. Cobes, you hyped Whoo.

Let's do it. Here we go. Yeehaw. Here we are.

We're headed to California.. It's tour time boys.. What are we doing? Man? Let's do it Morning, Ryan. All right today is the day.

First show of 22 here in San Diego., It's game, day. Cody. Now that the show is put together, the only thing that I'm nervous on is like. Will it play, I just don't want it to land flat right Like I can see it in a YouTube video, but in a huge arena I don't know..

You hear that rumble. Oh they're gon na cue, it up perfectly for us to walk in.. My gosh., Oh Mykael, Ladies and gentlemen, please stand to your feet and help me welcome your starting five. Oh Oh my., That's insane.! That's insane.! Whoo boys! It's happening.! Yeah! We going on tour, boy.

Tyler, It's kind of like a real production.. We got people pressing buttons on slides, running lights, building props.. What would happen, though, if I just did that A couple of these a couple of those. Yeah, I mean look at this thing..

This is the set-up.. Well, you know what I appreciate more than the coffee bar is the sign in the coffee bar., Once we're 15 shows in it's gon na be nice to have a little reminder of where you're actually at.. I really think we should probably get rehearsing., I'm a little nervous about it.. What is up San, Diego Whoo, That is loud..

That is loud Gar.. I am. Give it to me.. Oh, Oh Yeah, you look good.

Yeah, you look good., It's still scary. Yeah it is.. Now go jump over that., Oh God., Yeah. Yeah, good luck getting up.! Ah, No! No! No! Oh God.

Jeff! I think the guys are good live performers. Practice. Performers, -- not so much. Go, But when you've got like 7,000 people sitting right there in front of you expecting to be entertained, 100 % of the time great on the fly may not be the best approach.

You almost died.. Did you just land on your face? I landed on my shoulder. Medic, Okay great.. You guys ready to roll that again Yeah.

Let's try that again. We'll start the entire run-through top to bottom. One two .... They never practice trick.

Shots. Just do it. Same thing with like a tour.. You guys are gon na have to get together and spin the same.

There's a lot of winging it. Hug. It out. Hug, it out.

We're very Last-Minute Larry.. So there's no script., There's no plan.. It's us just going with the flow. Who's, ready to witness a world record attempt.

How are you feeling I'm feeling like these lemons are very poorly spaced. Yeah? This isn't gon na work. Somebody take this., Hey, let's give him a plaque.. Do we have the plaque? We need to practice that stuff..

I feel like we're not really ready for rehearsal to be honest with you.. Is that just me? Anybody else feel that way What is happening. I don't know. That whole table set-up is not gon na work..

No, I know.. We got ta get a new table.. We got ta tell'em. Coby, I'm stressed right now, honestly..

We got a lot of details that just aren't working. Jeff We're trying to pull everything together before tonight's show and stuff., But like plaques, need to be ready to go for Absurd Recurds.. We need to fire T-shirt cannons. In order to even test it.

We got ta be able to cut lemons with them correctly, spaced. Yeah. We need to break the bottle. Tyler For any project that we decide to take on whether it's a TV show or a live tour.

We want to make sure that we spend the time to make it as good as it can be before we release it. Jeff. I know it's. The first show - and I know everybody's dress, rehearsal and stuff, but at some point in time we got ta, pull it all together and we're running out of time.

To me. It just seemed like a personnel issue. Still. There was -- people just didn't know what they were doing., So we've thus far have not made it smoothly through the full show, but we'll --, it's --.

You know game time., We'll show up. Maybe., I don't know. Ah.. I smile to keep --.

Oh, my goodness, Yes, He's pumped. So am I. Let's go: Let's go Dude, Perfect, Yeah, Dude, Perfect, They're, so crazy and so funny. They're, probably the awesomest YouTuber ever..

I, like all the trick, shots that they do., I'm their biggest fan. All Pound. It Noggin See ya. We're really doing a live show., That is my personal towel..

Well, I'm clean, I think. Eh. These are from yesterday., Definitely dirty.: Okay, cool cool., Yeah, no worries., Hey, no worries. We're brothers., Jeez, man., Wow..

You've been there that whole time I'm gon na move this. Yeah. Ho --. That's a pre-game huh! If you don't call that the nervous poos, I don't know what you call them..

Could you at least -- Whoo? Oh golly., Hey they're, ready to mic us.. Let's do it. Is it go-time Just got nervous all of a sudden.. Oh gosh Crush it., Keep doing it.

Keep doing it. What's up baby Yeah. ♪'Cause. This is what I live for: ♪ ♪.

No, this is what I live for. ♪ ♪ I'ma take another swing, so ♪ We're in game time.. Here we go. Good work..

Here we go. ♪ It's time to kiss the ring. ♪ ♪ I'm trying to get gold ♪ ♪'Cause. This is what I live for: ♪ ♪.

This is what I live for: ♪ Five, four, three, two one Mykael, Ladies and gentlemen, please stand to your feet and help me welcome your starting five. What's up guys, Let's go everybody: Yeah Whoo, Yeah, baby, Yeah, Mykael, Dude, Perfect Yeah! Yes, What is up San Diego Guys? You came, We didn't believe it. Tobes. How excited are we to be here Level? Ten baby? Let's get it tonight: Okay, Whoo Tonight we will crown the first ever Pound It Noggin Tour battle; champion., That's right., True.

♪ Y'all ready to go ♪. This is Dizzy Battle. Oh here we go. Oh! Oh! I'm gon na throw up.

Heads; up.! Oh, Throw it Yeah! This place is sick., It is so sick. Aah Ty, Oh ♪'Cause, I'm coming through ♪ ♪ Can't hold me down, can't bottle this heat ♪ ♪, I'm burning up like a thousand degrees ♪, Don't blow it. Good crowd., Good crowd., Don't blow it. ♪! I'm making moves! ♪, Do we have any Cool, Not Cool fans in the house tonight Tonight I decided to bring one item that I thought might bring.

The house down., The world's largest smoke ring, Go That is incredible. Yeah ♪, Like The Flash yeah and I'm coming fast ♪ ♪ Whoa, oh oh yeah, ♪ ♪. I'm making moves. Let's go ♪ ♪ Ready to go.

I'm making moves ♪ ♪, Let's go ♪! That was brutal. ♪, I'm never gon na stop ♪. He cut 68 of them ♪ I'm making moves ♪. Do we have any Ned Forrester fans in the house tonight Unfortunate? Oh, I hope you're ready for the grand finale ♪.

I'm gon na do do what I do. ♪ ♪ I'm making moves ♪ ♪, Oh yeah, ♪ Pound It Noggin Tour champion ♪, I'm making moves ♪! Thank you guys for being here tonight., Oh, my goodness, gracious. Every shot I took at the gong. I think I missed by a half an inch.

Yeah. You did dude. Every single one. That was insane..

That crowd was lit.. I think my voice is bleeding.. Oh yeah me too. Mykael.

You did awesome. Great job guys.. Here we go. One, two three.

All 21. Clearly, it's a conditioning issue because I don't feel like I ran that far, but I am sucking wind right, now., Partly adrenaline. That was incredibly exciting., Yo yo yo. What's up guys, Ty Ty Ty Ty Guys, I tried to pull it out for you..

I don't know what happened. I fell, apart., What up guys, Let's give it up for Coby? Yes, Come on, come on., The champ is here. Are we a football team here? Are we just buds Yeah some of it. Lots of teammates lots of siblings.

Yeah.? We got older brothers younger, brothers., Nice nice.. This is the crew. I like it. I like it..

Well, what did you guys think? First show ever., Not horrible You'd, never know Yeah. What was your favorite ... Drew? The show was phenomenal., Especially the first one, just the amount of preparation that goes into it and having it go as seamless as it did.. I thought it was great..

Obviously the crowd loved it. Fans were into it. The kids.. I mean it's really all about the kids and their level of enjoyment., And I know our kids had a ball..

How glad are you that I didn't bring you up for Wheel Unfortunate on mayo and apples? I appreciate that very much., Okay. Badminton trick shots croquet trick shots and Build A Catapult Battle. ,'Cause I want more -- Take notes.. I need a notebook with all of those written down..

Let's make sure everybody gets a picture. Y'all want to get a picture with everybody. Coby, I think the tour is a really unique chance just to thank our fans.. Thank you guys for coming.

Really appreciate you guys., So it's gon na be awesome to go. Thank them in person. Is that tall man approved Just enough. Ooh.

Actually I don't fit.. Have we confirmed that Cody's, the worst snorer Yeah., Oh no doubt., So good, first show. Checking social media. Seems like the people enjoyed it, which is awesome..

That's a nice little weight lifted off our chests there, so getting ready to enjoy an experience -- our first ever bus sleep hopefully.. Hopefully we can sleep. I'm a little concerned that snore master up here is above me. Show number two here we come..

I did have dairy though., Oh great., Good night.. I love you, Cody Love, you more. I know everybody says this, but I really do feel like we have the best fans in the world. Garrett.

We have fans from all ages all backgrounds and I'm really proud to say that families can watch our videos together.. This is Flynn.. Oh wow., Hey! What's up I've been watching you for years. For years, All right., Oh, let's all get a little jumping..

Okay. I love the excitement. Nice. Cody.

Some of our fan interactions are just priceless., I'll have kids come up, complete strangers, just give me a full hug and their mom and dad are like `` What is happening? ?'', I'm like ``. No, I'm a YouTuber.'' Garrett. It's flattering that people come up and say they love watching your videos and your content. What you pour your heart and soul into., But it was definitely weird at first..

Why didn't I do my hair like this Golly? Do you think I could do it? Um has to be longer., Hey what about me? Um! You don't have any. All. Oh, This guy's cool. Who's, your favorite Coby., Coby.

Coby. When fans come up and want a picture, you never want to give that person a bad experience because they feel like they know. Us. From their perspective, they do know us because they've watched hours of our crazy antics.

Honestly there's a lot of weight to the fact that these kids hang on our every word and that's a big responsibility., Hey just FYI we're in Los Angeles boys. Thank you., Aerosmith, Kiss Gladys Knight and the Pips. That's awesome. A few names.

I've heard of up there., Oh Disturbed, Let's go., Doobie Brothers. Led Zepplin., Pretty much everybody that you could think of.. Oh Dude Perfect. There we are.

Look at that., Oh wow, What a great spot. L.A.! Yes, That's nice., Hey knee level., That's nice. Right at the knees., That's pretty sweet.! That's cool.! Wow! That's super cool.! We have made it. In our green room tonight in L.A.

Rod, Stewart. Neil Young --, Don't know who that is. Coby, Even though we've been doing this for ten years now, each of our kind of personalities within the group haven't really changed.. Look at our living room.

Area. Cody Jones, he is smelly loud.. What do you mean He's a great -- he's funny.. I know.

He is. He's a funny dude. Frozen yogurt. Let's go Check this out., That's frozen.! Oh, I need a cup.

That was on me.. Cody has always been the goofball.. Let's do -- ooh Ha ha, Hey good-looking. Cory.

The first time I met him. He was telling me some goofy story about him being a door-to-door salesman and that's what sold me on his friendship.. I was like dude this guy's hilarious.. These are giant darts for a normal man., I'm a tall man.

He's non-confrontational., No he's confrontational. He'll tell you like. When he's not --, It's tough. To put this kid in a box., I know., Yes, Garrett, Coby.

What would you say about Coby? I more concerned right now what everyone's gon na say about myself.. That's, where you mind, went. Let me guess what people would say about me.. They won't really say anything about like my personality or anything.

They'll, just be like `` Nah he's clean.'' Garrett is the cleanest person I have ever met. Yep. He likes to sweep vacuum.. I don't even know what that is, but he does it.

Guess I'll clean up. As you guys are, -- Thanks, Gare. Go ahead. All right, Gare.

Yeah, it's a concrete cleaner.. Instead of just moving dirt around it'll, actually pick it up. I' m excited. Cory.

Garrett is an absolute neat freak and just by far the most responsible., I'm hoping one day. They'll grow up be 30-year-olds, but not quite yet. Tyler. If we didn't have a guy like Garrett in the group that cared about cleanliness and being organized and stuff like that, what would this place? Look like? We wouldn't have room to do this interview because there would be a pile of garbage right, here.

Yeah, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go Cody Cory, huh Whoo, I'm going to be the first to say that is one handsome man. Oh. Wow yes. Strong last name..

Just a lot to like you know: Oh my. Yeah, you would., Yeah., He's Twin Two., He's a twin.. They love that., They do like that.. You can't really separate the twins..

I mean I have never met twins that love being twins as much as our twins.. It's true., It's true., Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Man, It's amazing., Coby, is back Cory. Coby has been the encourager.

And Coby is like the unshakeable positive attitude that most people really appreciate in their friendships. Whoo. You can't touch me. Coby Cory's super loyal..

He will stick with you to the end.. He will be the first one to have your back.. I've always appreciated that about him., Coby and Cory. Signing off..

Do you want to say some nice things about me? Uh yeah, Ty., Tyler., Hmm., Hmm., Ty. Ty.. What a guy huh When he gets an audience the guy just comes alive. Aah.

This is the greatest toy ever Cody. I think he's. The face of the group. - What's up guys We're Dude Perfect.

We're Dude Perfect. We're Dude Perfect.; No, no! No, not today., Perfect Cory! Tyler's always been the center of attention.. He just turns it on.. Sometimes you just need a little disguise.

Dude. Let me --, let me just tweak your nose right. Here. He's talented at a lot of random stuff, like uh ..., Throwing plungers., Throwing plungers.

Unbelievable. Cody. He threw a plunger. It stuck on the wall.

And the excitement that came from that you're like okay, we got ta do a video because he is jazzed out of his mind. Really was hoping. You were going to high-five me: there. You're, a master of none but kind of like above average though., But he's not a master of anything..

You mean I'm good at everything, but not great at anything.. That is what I'm going for. He's in the ring He's going. The cool thing about this item is when I breathe this in ....

That seems unsafe.. I can talk like this Yeah. What do you think Is that a cool item Cobes? You owe me 100 if this goes in. Coby 50..

All right., One of our big fears at the beginning, was that our fans would just want to see like a trick shot tour.. This is the Cowboy stadium, shot. Yeah Whoo A live trick. Shot show just wouldn't be that fun.

Thanks for the 50 Cobes.. I mean it would if you made it on the first try but ... That was pretty close.. Ah dang it..

Oh, We actually don't make it on the first try.. Oh, Stop! Stop stop stop! Why were you not holding it? We have., We have made it on the first try.. This is the world's longest, blindfolded basketball shot.. Oh, you literally made it No.

You swished it. I swear. That was the first take., No way We're actually pretty good, but it's not gon na happen on the first try every time., Oh Ooh, cheese, balls., Love, those., Oh boy., Spoon, please. Coby, So we knew we didn't want to only do trick shot videos..

Could we try something different? Would our fans still like it Whoo Timster? Did you see me get pitted on that gnarly barrel, Both Whoo, So we took a huge risk and came up with this whole kind of comedy series called `` Stereotypes.'' Time to take a picture. Whoa. Oh yeah, Whoo, Nice toss, `` Stereotypes'' is basically us poking fun at all of the different types of people you would see in one given situation. Tyler.

There are millions of videos to watch online, so it's always a risk. When you decide to do something new.. What do you guys want to do? I don't know., We could go hiking.. What are you gon na do at the end, Just turn around and walk back.

To be honest with you, I was pretty hesitant about it.. I didn't understand how we were going to go from all these more hardcore trick shot like heavy celebration, videos to us now playing these like goofy characters.. I didn't even know they had samples here at this store.. All five of us were very surprised at the reaction..

What would you say would be the best one? What's the name of this stuff, Never mind. We're good., Thanks. People, absolutely loved it., Whoo, Ha-ha Ski tips, up. It's time to -- And it's quickly become one of the most popular things we've ever done..

There is one stereotype that fans seem to love and can't get enough of.. I need to talk to you.. Oh I see where this is going. Sure, let's --, let's talk about my rage, issues.

And that is the Rage Monster.. I just feel like I'm a changed man honestly. Like I, don't think, that's something that we have to worry about in the future. See, and I thought the same thing, but I just --.

My thing is, I think you love breaking stuff. Like you enjoy the thrill of the break. Really Yeah.. You could get everybody in here.

Chanting, `` Rage on stage !'' and I'm just not gon na do it., I'm a changed -- Rage on stage Rage on stage, And I am proud of you for --: hey, No, No, no no. Ty, ear, muffs., Ear, muffs, Ty., Ty, stop., Hey! Stop You don't! Understand. No Tyler. We knew that we had to figure out a way to put the Rage Monster in the live tour, just because it's everybody's favorite., but it's also one of the most fun things to do.

For me., Hey, stop, We've gone the whole tour without an incident. Stop Because I just get to destroy stuff., No shut it down Cory. The Rage Monster has been seen almost a billion times.. That is a scary thought..

I'm so sorry, moms. Tell your wife, I'm sorry.. Just kidding. I'm not Get out of the way It's nice., It's nice..

It feels good.. It feels good to release some of that every once in awhile. And not that there's anything that really needs to be released ..., But if there was, it would feel good. Cory.

It's his favorite part of Dude, Perfect, there's no question., It's his absolute favorite thing to do is to just go crazy.. No, not the gumballs. We get so many emails from parents like ``. Please get rid of the Rage Monster.''.

How about a paint job He's not going anywhere.? It's not gon na happen., I'm sorry.! It's too great.! No, Not the stage power box, I'm backstage man, He got me good.. Can everyone turn their lights on? I was making progress and then you guys started chanting, stuff and ruined the whole dadgum thing. I hope each and every one of you feels a little bit responsible.. I just -- he's around here somewhere.

We got ta find him. Hey What? What do you want? That was unbelievable.. No, That was the best rage. I've ever had No Coby.

There's no doubt looking back that `` Stereotypes'' was one of the biggest turning points in DP. By shifting and expanding beyond trick shots. We just allowed ourselves to reach a whole new group of people.. That's probably one of the things we're most grateful to our fans, for is that they stuck with us when we tried new things..

Oh, we got the late crowd staying up to send us off.. Thank you guys for coming See you guys. Thank you guys. We're here in Fresno.

Panda is ready to rock.. It's gon na get loud California., Let's go. Guys. I don't know if y'all know this.

This is literally our third live show of all time. Yeah.. So we need you to go easy on us., Laugh a little louder than normal. ♪, All these lights.

Turning from red to green ♪, ♪ Timing is everything ♪ ♪ And it feels so good to shine. ♪ ♪ Gon na get it like ay-ya ya, ya, ya, ♪ ♪, I'm living my best life ♪ ♪ Living my living, my best life ♪ ♪, So come and get it like. Ay-Ya ya, ya, ya, ♪, We're hanging out on Big Pearl., We'll be on her for five weeks.. Here's, the dudes., Whoa Hey! What's the temperature in here, It's cold man., All righty., Let's have some fun.

Being in a brand new city. Every morning, when you wake up is very tiring., It's very early.. 3 AM in the morning actually., But incredible awesome. Yeah, Once in a lifetime.

Opportunity. Picklesburgh we're here for you.. This is the Taj Mahal of Pickle, Row., Bleah Ahh, No Coby, Probably my favorite part. Is you strip away all the business part of what we do and we're just back to being roommates again, which is super fun.

When we get off the bus before we go inside, for the show, we've got a few hours to kill.. Let's go Get on the ground. Yes, My back is burning from carrying this team.. Let's go Heavenly Father! Thank you for tonight..

Thank you for the opportunity for us to be here on tour in front of all of these people.. I just pray that you give us guidance, wisdom, just a good show and energy. In Jesus' name. Thanks guys..

Let's do it. Stay strong.. Let's do it.. Let's do it.

Buddy. Unh, There's nobody but that's cool.! Yeah! That's fine.! I'm gon na go out in front of the house. ♪. I got the password ♪ ♪ Yeah.

I finally got the password ♪ ♪ Added up the numbers. Now the math works. ♪ Scooter brothers are in town. ♪.

I got the way to make the path work. ♪ ♪ All these lights. Turning from red to green ♪, ♪ Timing is everything ♪ ♪ And it feels so good to shine. ♪ ♪ Gon na get it like ♪ Yeah, Amazing We've got our champion.

I've never been so proud. Thank you guys. This goes out to you, Hey Ty, by the way, welcome to the winner's circle. Man., It's a good place to be Whoo.

One thing I don't think we've talked much about over the years is how close we were to quitting Dude Perfect. After college. We basically went our separate ways.. We were all living in different cities., A couple of the guys got married..

We all started new jobs.. We were just in different stages of life at the time., But somehow we knew we wanted to keep Dude Perfect going. Coby Monday. Through Friday Cory and I ran Dude Perfect.

And then on the weekends, we would drive four hours to Dallas and the other guys would meet us and we would film to keep the channel going.. That time of any was the most stressful., While they're eating breathing drinking Dude, Perfect we're trying to balance that with also real jobs, also with new families., And so we did that for four or five years, and it was just a grind.. We knew that it was unhealthy, the place that we had gotten to. Cory When we were at our absolute breaking point.

I had edited three straight nights in a row. And I woke up in the morning and went to the sink to brush my teeth and I just noticed all the water was just dripping down. My face. And I moved my mouth and I realized, like one side of my face, was totally paralyzed.

Bet. You can't do this.. I had Bell's Palsy, which is a temporary facial paralysis.. What most people attribute it to is stress and lack of sleep.

Coby? We were exhausted, they were exhausted, their wives were exhausted., We were about to just pack it up and be done. Coby. A lot of texts would be like ``. Are we doing this or are we quitting ?'' Because something's got ta change because we can't keep doing this.? You got ta remember back, then, being a YouTuber making a career out of it was unheard of.

Coby, With a million subscribers, which you would think is a pretty successful channel. Boom. But I guess with five guys hard to make enough money doing that, even at that point. We definitely hit a breaking point..

We were going to film the Goodyear Blimp shot. We are gon na, do a shot out of the Goodyear Blimp. Garrett. Ty gets a call and just gets chewed out by his boss.

He's like ``. Well, that's my boss.. He told me that I can't miss any more Saturdays.'' ``. If we wan na keep doing Dude Perfect, I'm gon na have to quit my job.'' And somebody else chimed in ``.

Maybe we should talk about whether we should all quit our jobs and go all in on this, because otherwise, I think we're gon na have to quit Dude Perfect.'' Tyler. We came together and we're like `` Hey. If we don't give this a shot now, then there's no chance we'll ever do it. In the future.'' We basically looked at the bank statement., We kind of crunched some numbers and said ``.

I think we can pay for food for the next year.'', And so we just kind of sat there and thought about it for a second.. We looked at each other and we were like ... ``. Let's just do this.'' Oh Yeah Tyler Everybody was like ``.

Well, are you gon na quit ?'' `` Yeah I'll quit.'' ``? Well, are you gon na quit ?'' `` Yeah no definitely.'', And then it's like nobody was really making any moves.. It was like how sure are we that everybody's gon na quit when I leave this job - And I remember texting all of the wives and I was like `` - Your husband's quitting their jobs right, ?'Cause mine, just quit, ours.''. Imagine telling your father-in-law you're gon na do YouTube as a job with a wife. That's his daughter..

I don't know why he said yes., He didn't.'Cause, I didn't ask.. So that's how you get the answer. You want. Tyler.

It was probably extremely ill-advised to leave all these paying jobs and start trying to make a living on YouTube.. That's crazy. Bethany, Like are you sure we want to do this? It was kind of we had to decide as wives together to like say yes to this., And then I think we all went back to our husbands and said `` Okay.'' Whoo, But the minute we all went all in the thing just exploded. ♪.

I feel it now ♪ ♪. I feel it now ♪ ♪. I see the light break through the clouds ♪ ♪. I feel it ♪ Garrett, The Lord just took it to new levels..

The deals just started: flooding in. Tyler Within that first month we signed our first big deal with Nerf. Yeah Woohoo Company after company hired us to do videos for them.. It was just like boom quit.

Boom. This is what you were called to. Do. Do it.

♪. I feel it ♪ Cody. There were all these opportunities at our doorstep and we took advantage of it. Coby Cory wanted to write a book..

He made that happen. Cody, We started a merchandise line and we did three seasons of a TV show. Coby. We were making Dude Perfect games that were going to the top of the charts..

We were busy fast. Cory. Suddenly we are flying all over the world.. I love the travel side of Dude Perfect.

That's allowed us to go to New Zealand, to Australia to --. Actually, we've never been to Australia.. I don't know why I said that. That was weird.

Someday.. Okay. Here we go. Every major event that every kid dreams of going to Super Bowl World Cup Olympics National Championships.

We went to'em.. We were literally checking off a dream: list. Garrett Celebrities are calling us. Coby.

These athletes wanted to be part of the videos, people that we've looked up to our entire lives.. It still seems crazy to us., And so at some point we were like `` Listen. We need a place. We can call home base.'' Welcome to the brand new Dude Perfect headquarters, otherwise known as DPHQ.

Garrett. We moved into our first office and rapidly outgrew that in a couple of years., Today's a huge day because we're unveiling our brand new office DPHQ2.. Let's do it Whoo This section of the office, I've nicknamed The Fun Zone. We've got our putting and chipping green right here out front., It's a little silly to call this place an office'cause.

We have a golf simulator and a hockey rink and basketball court. Over here. We've got blitzball football and soccer., It's a pretty sweet, place. Coby.

Every day I show up at work and my four best friends are there.. It just doesn't get any better than that. Cory. If the five of us had not all committed, if we'd gotten cold feet at any point.

Like it wouldn't have happened., We would have been done. Cory, It's so hard to get us to agree. To anything I mean we are five very different people, so you would think that one of us would have tapped out at this point, but we haven't and that's key.. We need all of us..

I mean we really do. Announcer. Ladies and gentlemen, at this time please direct your attention to the Wrigley Field: pitcher's mound. From Frisco Texas.

Please welcome Dude Perfect.. This job has basically allowed us to just continually check boxes off of a bucket list that we honestly never even really knew that we had.. Okay, here we go, boys. Spread out.

Cory left side., That's good.! Oh it's nice. A little high.! That's nice.! Awesome.! We'll see you guys tonight. Okay, Will you all cheer loud tonight? You betcha. We're doing our live tour., So we're going to different arenas and doing like battles and trick shots and stuff for everybody..

So it's been fun. I was telling Jim some say. We have the best job playing ball, but I'm pretty sure you guys have it. Nicer., It's not bad yeah..

We don't disagree. No. Want to visit Wrigley Field Through out the first pitch. Do some batting practice Sounds good to me.

Yeah, Kris Bryant in the house.? Oh there we go. Okay.. I, like it., Look at the smooth swing. Just nice and easy..

I think you should crank up the machine for Tyler.. Oh really, Coby. We still pinch ourselves by getting a chance to hang out with them, but we've also learned they're, just incredibly normal people. Three.

Two one go Whoo. They like to have fun. What a trip He stands. A little -- stands a little larger.

Okay. That comes off the bat, a little different. Yeah. I don't think any of ours did that.

Hundred percent no question one of the coolest things about being a part of Dude Perfect. These last ten years has been the people we've gotten to meet., We're Dude Perfect. And I'm Russell Wilson., I'm Raheem Sterling., I'm Drew Brees. And I'm Paul Rudd.

♪. I got the magic ♪. Oh no Jeff, There's something about the guys.. There's this contagious fun..

If you were not a country music singer, what would you be doing Camera guy for Dude Perfect.? Okay okay.? I mean whether it's Serena Williams meeting them for the first time: ... Pop-Tart ... Mm okay., ... or toaster strudel, I'm going toaster strudel all day.

Yeah, We're toaster strudel people, Toaster strudel, Come on. You put these guys, together with people who are competitive and love to have fun and seek excellence in their craft. I think people want to see that., I'm excited. A feeling of competition in the air.

♪. I got the magic ♪ Spin ♪. I got the magic ♪, Hey Stay, awake, Whoo, Good, to see you., That's good., We've been able to kind of showcase the best side of them and there's definitely some magic that the guys have when it comes to creating those moments.. I hate to see you like this.

Yeah. I do too. Jeff Hi guys.. We got ta catch up on a couple of things.

Our schedule. We've got the request from Zac Efron. Coby, Because we're out for five six weeks, we've definitely got some stuff. We're gon na have to shoot while we're on tour.

A little background or insight on Zac. Love, adrenaline and adventure type things --. I doubt Zac wrote this actually., I can picture Zac and his computer typing., But he does have great hand-eye coordination.. Oh that's in there.

According to his publicist., That's good. He's also getting ready to shoot a new movie.. All Sports Golf Battle. Four.

All Sports Golf with Zac Efron, would be pretty funny. And he has a good personality.. I agree. A lot of times if you're working with an athlete or celebrity, or somebody like that, their time's really really tight..

So if they have an opportunity for us to do something dude, we have to do that. In three two.. What's up guys Welcome to the FADPASGBWSGZE. What Fourth Annual Dude Perfect All Sports Golf Battle With Special Guest Zac Efron? Here we go Amazing: Oh God., We're gon na do a day of filming with Zac Efron.

Do an All Sports Golf Battle.! You actually play golf without golf: equipment. Cody, I'm counting on Zac to bring the energy today.. Let's take a day off, tour. Tour's taken a toll on me..

I need Zac to bring the energy.. I agree with that.. I got it. I got it..

Let's go Happy! Okay, That's okay! That's gon na roll. Go I've seen worse. Is that backspin Dude it stopped and came backwards. Coby, I think part of what's fun about having guests.

Is we just kind of throw them into our world and they get to come? Do something totally random.! You're going out the same way as us. Hope. It goes well for you.. Oh No, First time playing All Sports Golf, It's my first time playing all sports anything man..

It's a dream! Come true. Yeah. That was a bomber., That's solid.! That was a bomber. No offense to Zac, but if we get beat by an actor, it's just not a good look..

This is our brand. He's a pretty athletic actor Codes.. This is what we do for money. Codes.

He has level ten hand-eye coordination.. I get to that, but the world doesn't know it.. We were on the same shot back there.. I landed on the green., You were short and had to `` Happy Gilmore.''.

If my `` Happy Gilmore'' was on the green, they would be the same.. I was trying to get closer than you on the same shot., Honestly, I'm thinking that I'm accurate here, but we can go back and count it up.. I think emotions are clouding your judgment., It's funny. We get so competitive anytime.

We film our battles and it doesn't matter if a celebrity is there or not. Hold on. -'Cause. That's why I tried to land short over there.

Coby. Did you whiff on this hole? This is very standard.. Ask Chad. Chad.

Does this happen a lot? We can't have an All Sports Battle without a large argument. Yeah., So once he hits this, then I'm one shot up'cause. I haven't hit this yet. Unh-uh., We're literally arguing about these made-up rules.

For this made-up game. We came up with., No well --, -'Cause you're. Doing two mallet shots and I'm about to only need one.. The thing is a win's a win and for some of us they don't come around that often..

So you know you got ta, scrap and claw when you can. Two putt to win. Two putt to win.. That's in.

Great putt.. What a putt Wow. Tyler, No matter, how competitive it gets, though everybody always ends up having fun. After some time to cool down..

Well, Ty congrats man., You earned that. Thank you.. He's all yours. Look at this thing.

You're the champion.. This was a bowl cut. Attempt. Wasn't it I think..

This was making fun of me. It is.. How similar are they It's actually closer than you would expect Zac. Cory? Did we have the haircut before `` High School Musical''? That's my question..

Are you saying Zac copied us, I'm not saying he didn't copy us.. Is that your theory Think I'm gon na actually give this to Zac for being here. He's such a great guest. You've earned it.

Congrats. Aww thanks, guys., Hey, pound, it. Noggin. All See ya Whoo.

What's up guys Bus life pro tip here from Coby.? There's all these drawers down here., I have unpacked all of my luggage into these drawers.. None of the guys know.. I have to make sure to use them when they're not paying attention.. It is so much better than living out of a suitcase back there..

So just keep this between you guys and me. Literally both sides right, here., Love, ya.. What's up Codes Your toiletry bag, I did not., It must be hard living out of the back of the bus, huh Hey what What This is my toiletry bag.. It's got my initials on it..

Do we have any `` Overtime'' fans in the house Wow? I think we do. Coby After we'd, been making trick shots and then `` Stereotypes'' for awhile. We felt like people were starting to get to know us., And so we felt the freedom to really branch out. And that's when we started `` Overtime.'' ♪ Tall guy beard, twins, purple, hoser, ♪, ♪, Dude Perfect's in `` Overtime.

♪. All, Oh, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to `` Overtime.'' The show is decent and the mics are fake. Coby. Basically, `` Overtime'' is our take on a variety show..

Here we go. Beep beep beep beep.. Why does he always think it needs to be a creative intro? We got a great show for you, guys, today.. How long have you been up there? Oh wow, The world's largest gummy worm.

Oh my gosh., Oh gosh, Let's go.! It gives us an excuse to try all types of things.: Let's head to Cool, Not Cool., Whoo-ee Cool, Not Cool, is basically like an overhyped show and tell.. Oh That's sick! When you do an oil painting of yourself. That's when you know you've made it in life.. It is.

Yeah Lords and ladies ... Cody On and off camera. That's just us being dumb being funny teasing each other whatever., That's it.! The only difference really is that we're behind a desk.. I got you your own -- Dude, Perfect action figure..

They didn't turn out exactly like. I was hoping, but hey.. I wish that I looked that muscular in real life. Easy green..

I agree. I look like I got bit by a zombie and I'm 90 % turned. Yeah., Who likes Absurd Recurds Nice Ty is going to attempt to break another Absurd Recurd. The most lemons cut in 30 seconds.

Wow. That's a lot of lemon.. We've broken a ton of impossible records on `` Overtime.'', Three four., It's just gon na be horrible.. This is, might be the worst five minutes of your life.

Ow. That one was a good one.. Four. You got this.

Ten, nine, eight seven ... Go! You got it going son ..., five, four ... Cheer him on Here we go ... three two one He's good He's, got it Whoo Yeah.

Thank you. I can't see.. I got lemon juice in my eye. Garrett, Then there's Wheel Unfortunate., I mean the name kind of speaks for itself., Oh yeah., Oh he's going -- Dude He's biting the --.

Oh I just --. I have had a bad streak.. Now that's what we're looking for.! Oh, my gosh., Oh my gosh, oh my gosh., All That's unfortunate. Wheel! Unfortunate is also the only thing we do that involves a guest host.

Talk about an egomaniac., Oh man., I'm talking about the one ... The only. Coby. I don't even want to say his name out: loud., Don't even want to give the guy any more air time..

Do we have any Ned Forrester fans in the house tonight Uh? What Dude Perfect tour? Are you talking about the Ned Forrester Tour, Featuring Dude, Perfect, The guys brought me on the show. I'll, be honest with you.. They were kind of struggling to sell, tickets. And I came on and those ticket sales just skyrocketed for old Ned.

Thank you Because of you guys Are those the trick shot fellas. Are they still doing that They still chucking the balls off high places? Oh, let me guess.. It goes in Swish., Oh wow, We're so shocked. Three two! Oh Oh ho ho ho That was fantastic..

That is everywhere. When they guys first asked me to come on their little --. What camera am I looking at here guys I'm looking over here Okay., You know the guys asked me to come along on the road, bring a little of my show to their show.. To be honest, I'm not sure how we got this one past legal.

That says: `` Eat a live, goldfish.'', There's Petey and Peter swimming around in their bowls.. Pretty soon they can be swimming in your bellies. Spin. That wheel, I thought you know sure I'll help'em out give them a little pep in their step, for the show.

Give the people what they really want.. I just wanted to see. Who wants a Golden Boy? Old Ned throws it where the volume goes it.. I need to hear it Who wants it? You guys don't think I can get it there Coming in hot I've actually got another interview to head to so I'm gon na head out and do that..

Thank you guys for your time.. If you guys want you can thank me.. Okay, thank you. Guys.

See, ya. Ned out Owen, Hey Daddy, you're gon na be busy there. Garrett. I know.

It's gon na be really busy. All right, hey! I got ta go.. I just wanted to say hi before the show.: Don't go Owen stop.! I don't want to.. I love you., Say `` love, you.'', Bye-bye., Bye-bye., Garrett, FaceTime's, a good thing and a bad thing.

Man., It's good to be able to check in and see'em. You know, But then it's like man I wish I was there., But ... Cory Leaving our families behind is rough.. They really balance what we do at Dude Perfect..

I do think they're kind of the unsung heroes. I mean we're out making goofy videos and having fun and most of the time they're back, holding down the fort.. It's huge. There's no way we'd be able to do what we're doing without them.


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