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Do you guys know how we're going to kick off ot18 we're going to kick it off with a little awareness test, green, yellow red purple, blue green, yellow red you're, changing the colors behind you, it's going to be a colorful episode, hey ty! I'm going! To be honest with you, not your best intro ever, but i like it twins purple hoser. Now we're heading welcome to ot 18 kicking it off with some get crafty, followed by a brand new segment, we'll just call it a mystery segment for now, then we're heading to wheel unfortunate and to top it all off a little top 10.. Let's head downstairs back at it with some get crafty, i'm sparky the judge today, pendulum painting super excited. You got to fill the bucket with some paint drill, a hole, spin, aroma.

Whatever your technique is first up will be corey, cody ty, let's get it started. Boys come on out good luck, garrett and i are excited to get to watch, because this is one you really feel like watching is going to be helpful. I think i'm going to go black background with just white paint. Keep it simple.

I know if you flash back to some previous git crafties. What is it wrong with this painting? It wasn't pretty. This is my shot back to back, get crafty champions. Do we have the triple crown coming in hot, just going red base pouring the paint in all right, i'm committed now? Oh, he did he.

He did it. He did a good talk. Hey way to go, imagine hole, pull pull paint filled each one. What are you doing, i'm a multi-color guy? Are you gon na put a divider in maybe go take a peek in my bucket.

You think that is gon na keep what could possibly go. The rolls of tape are not secured to the bottom when he goes to pour the paint in they're just gon na leak out at the bottom darn, it don't say anything just zip it, oh gopro just got hosed. I think i need to make a move. I think i need to paint.

Oh no, oh, oh, oh! Oh, do you realize that ruins the whole thing? Oh now it's just a splatter piece. Oh no! He can't. You know what uh it looks amazing as you all can tell. I do think.

I need to stop it soon. I like how it turned out. I get it that if i did another round it could elevate again. The deciding factor is knowing when to stop.

That's everything. Sometimes you just got to make a play on here. What are you doing? This is what i wanted. This is painting with training wheels and you're still falling off the bike, i'm a painter, absolute and utter accident, but it actually looks pretty cool all right.

Despite all the pressure for me to add more color, i think i'm gon na shut it down and just pray that sparky likes it. I've made two things: a huge mess and maybe an accidentally cool painting, cody didn't clean up. It's not the way. To start, i'm a clean freak and i'm gon na get all flustered with it.

I'm gon na take our dp off our wall, put it down in the center of the canvas and after all the paint dries. It's literally genius. You know what it's a dripper, but you know it's different, so that's all you have to do wow. This is the easiest get crafty ever whoa.

You guys are about to have your mind blown. Did you drill through your shirt? Let's take this opportunity while we're at it. If you two need to buy a new shirt just head to, see you guys in about two seconds: what's up guys, hey sorry, i just had a quick wardrobe change, i'm feeling less and less confident about this. We're not done the deciding factor is knowing when to stop hello.

991. Yeah. I want to report a murder of a painting, i'm finished that is sweet dude. I thought you were done.

No, what does dun even really mean? I absolutely love it. Cleanup duties done now. The power's in my hands here we go judge time. Oh no, oh his art is moving, i'm going to take it from last to first five to one yeah.

It's got to be numbered. Number five, it's leno messi is what this is. He tried to overdo it and it didn't work who is number four, judging oh gosh, what's he doing over here? Oh number, four, the hoser twice in a row that you've absolutely hosed me twice in a row. This is insane and you're horrible at your job and i'm done.

I can't wait to hear what you say about kobe's can't hear you. I hear fourth place ringing in my ears. Okay, take closer look! No, don't you dare don't you just take them out yeah? I forgot the easy, the kid you take it to third place. That's your final warning can't get mad at him for being greg propovich over here.

That's a good play, that's not bad, but this is what i'm judging all right. Final two paintings: these boys killed it, but you know at the end of the day, there's only one champ, no participation trophies here: dp nope, okay, so here we go the winner by unanimous decision unanimously. Have you oh get out of here? It doesn't bother me whatsoever. I've been there done that i did middle school girls, basketball.

Those parents are brutal, ty garrett, that's nothing! Sparky, signing it off! That's it for get ready, just wanted to apologize, hey we're still playing cod later right, yeah! Okay, you can find me by the way sparky one to five central monday through friday, slash, dude, perfect gaming back to the desk. I think the one lesson we did learn is to know when to stop yeah you talking to me. I ran out of time. I still didn't even get to finish.

You guys were throwing hissy fits down there cuz i was taking too long it's time to move on. We have a great new segment coming up. It's called in my best game show voice name this when great name, terrible presentation. Let's hear your game show boys me missing, win that i did like the influence.

That was pretty good, so you might be asking to yourself. What is this? You might be thinking. What's that huh there's a game that i grew up playing by the name of crash bandicoot, if you're not familiar, chad give them a little something, so they can see what's happening very fun, game super fun, but for whatever reason it has been 12 years since there Was a new one whoa? I think it was a lack of mascot recognizability. Did you know that the animal that he is is a bandicoot stop stop? That was just his last name.

That's the problem, and that is what we are here to solve. Name this the bandicoot win that ten thousand dollars whoa. You identify the picture of this bad boy, bandicoot, ten thousand wow. If you don't get that and you get one of the other clues either crash himself in mascot form or the poster.

That literally says the name on it: a thousand dollars wow. Let's get our phones out, pull up the contact list free reign, whoever we want to call core. You want to start us off, yeah i'll, go okay, all right, calling my dad! Oh, what's up dad! What's up, how would you like to win ten thousand dollars right now? I would take the opportunity: you've got a chance to win ten thousand dollars right here, live on overtime. Oh here we go.

Ten grand gon na be venmo to you from me right now. The first name - oh my god and they're, so excited until they see the engine, some kind of rat australian field. Mouse. An aardvark, oh, come here, real, quick, real, quick! This is for ten thousand dollars.

What is it? No? No! He froze well, he blew it. You know he won't have that chance again: 10 grand ten thousand dollars pack rat. Oh it's a good face. Australian muskrat.

You still have a chance to win a thousand dollars here. Is the same animal in mascot form. I'm not sure that helps me! Oh gosh! I'm sorry what incrimination? What did you tell me? That name was: are you trying to steal money from us wow a meerkat? I didn't even have to show you the third clue, but there it is. That is awesome.

What do y'all say? What do you say? Jay. Thank you. How did you know it was a bandicoot? I watched people play the game that time was well worth it well, wow there he is he's gon na know what that is. Maybe you played this this game growing up.

Maybe you didn't. I was about to say crash bandicoot. What is that a dingo? Oh, i still don't know whatever abandoned code is, i guess that's what it is dad. You just won a thousand dollars.

Everyone stop. I know what this is. Eisley just told me: it's a bandicoot. I need the final answer from eisley banta cooch eisley.

You just won your family, a thousand dollars job. The kids are coming in clutch, it's a bandicoot. The name was in the title. What's it called tell me what it is, though? It's a bandicoot.

I told you anything what you mean: he was a bandicoot baby, cute yeah, the man, the myth, the legend jason belmonte from australia. If there's anybody who would know this is the man all you have to do, for ten thousand dollars is name the animal that i'm about to show you a picture of. Have you ever seen one of these before? Yes, yes, i've seen that before um. Oh, what is it called? I actually think one of my kids might know hold on a second will.

The kids come through he's, seen them before, there's no way animal. That is no. I've got no idea. Do you know what animal that is? No, oh! No! Oh there's one child left: do you know what animal that is? Okay, kids were not much help so familiar.

Is it a bandicoot? Is that your final answer? Ah don't say it like that because now now i'm starting to doubt myself say it with confidence belmont. I think that is thank you. So much hey! Congratulations! On being the first ever grand prize winner, i'll name. This win that well done, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the new most improved in the recognition category mascot there is crash.

Bandicoot chad put him up one more time and the belmonte family well done we're all done. I think it is safe to say the next time that someone is asked hey for ten thousand dollars. Do you know what a bandicoot is? There's gon na be a lot more 10 000 giveaways going down special thanks to our friends at crash bandicoot for making this episode possible. If you would like to pre-order the game for yourself crash bandicoot, 4 click, the link in our description, uh, great game, so good, yeah, 12 years later great segment.

It's about time! Yeah! You know what time it is. Oh, oh actual time, yeah! It's 2. 4.. Nice! It's actually time for wheel.

Unfortunately, i didn't want to know what time it is well unfortunate time here we go. I wore my ned forcer shirt today for good luck so that, hopefully i don't get hit. I do have a special hat, as always as i typically do, it's a panda hat. Oh that's nice, i'm gon na throw in 20.

It's not me, i will say i can't believe i'm saying this. I am willing to pick never picking again. You would think he would learn in the previous episode. You guys said i wasn't a team player you're, not a team player, cue, the non-team player, music, chad.

You know what that that hurt a little deep. I am a team player, i'm not gon na pick. Ever again, i'll, probably i will give it roll randomly close your eyes, i'm eliminating, eliminate one. This person is safe, kobe caught in the same.

If i have to buy another mic, because one of the twins loses their mind and throw the mic, i'm gon na lose it, i want to eliminate another one: do it yeah one more? Let's do a limited one more, the next person who is safe. Let's go! I don't care now who is it my hands are so sweet. He just picked himself again, one more one, more elimination more. I want the people to know before you guys.

That's court dude he's only doing this. If it was you no, it's not he's specifically doing it, because it's not me, hey, take my money, i don't even care. Do you know what this means cory just picked himself ore. You were the very first one yeah.

He has not been picked again. Whoever is, in this hand, is spinning the wheel. I can't even look i'm gon na throw up. Do you go back and backtrack, you being a team player and you're? Never picking again, i mean yeah.

Today was a huge strategy shift. I wore a net force or shirt. I smiled the whole time i was happy. I was a team player and i grabbed it and it's still me spin that wheel what's going on brothers, it's jerry welcome back to wheel unfortunate great to be with you, my good buddy old nester still on his sabbatical.

He will not be here today, but guess what i am here today if you're new to the show one contestant will show up here, he'll spin, the wheel, my grandma's, watching she thinks it's real. It stops. He knows the punishment. We all laugh.

It's a great time. Welcome your good buddy, corey cotton. I got ta get that fixed man. I will say i was not expecting you.

I was expecting this guy. Oh dad, yeah he's a good fellow of mine. You know last weekend we were duck hunting and we got a couple beavers. You know we struck out on the duckies, but man them beavers.

They came up and we actually didn't harvest them. We kept them as pets, that's betty lou and betty sue yeah. I just hope you know you don't have any stools laying around they'll chop those huggers. What's your favorite color cool, don't care, listen up, i'm going to spin it you're going to watch it we're going to laugh here.

We go three two one, i'm telling you right now. The show is not rigged, but today it is, the wheel is fun and you are done. I cannot wait to see the footage of you sleeping in a beachy bed. Huh, it's going to be itchy.

It's going to get rashy it's going to get nasty! That's when you leave that way, i'll leave that way. See you later corey. Let me be the first to welcome you to the dp motel wow, what a beautiful place, beautiful, accommodations you've got a bed a side table phone charger. You didn't even have to pay extra for that.

So you want me to like get tucked in right now. I think it's time pour it on. Yes, absolutely, oh, my goodness. I love this just a dusting just a little just a little sprinkling to start it off.

I'm seasoning, a nice steak yeah, and sometimes i like to get a little bit of this. I just got ta just do one of these and then at this point i think we just kind of do. One of these and that's gon na be covers on the start. Okay, and that is bag one of 30., so uh i'll be right.

Back, did you say 30.? That's what i heard. I did you a favor purged, some gogs, for what you're welcome. Oh, it's not special delivery! Wow! Yes, somebody tuck that man in have a great you in the night, hey good night buddy, oh you're, serious hit the lights, all right, kill the lights. Hey.

You want me to turn your lamp off for you. You got it uh, you're gon na have to do it all right. I don't know what to do. There's no way, i'm gon na be able to sleep.

I'm really doing this, so i'm sleeping here all night i'll be checking with you guys periodically. Here goes nothing! I'm in trouble - oh everything's, fine. This is a bad situation. I have sand in my eyes and i was gon na wipe it with my shirt, but i have sand in my shirt.

So all my team quarry fans out there love you guys. What a journey we've been on, not sure why anyone watches the show currently stupid, one of the longest nights of my life standing in my ears through my teeth. Oh the back feels bad on the off chance. The guys are not happy about the fact that i laid a nice semi-clean piece of my sheet on my pillowcase.

Their lawyer can call my lawyer say it with me. That's unfortunate. Can you fix his hair? My question is: do you think it would have been better sleeping on a beach or sleeping in a bed beach for sure beach would be way better? It's the contrasting smoothness of sheets with the sand. I like how you're trying to be the expert on what it was like how many more segments do we have before.

I can go home and shower oh and guess what this is perfect, one top ten cereal for the morning time! Well done, then, it's time for top 10 cereal, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to top 10 cereals and i'm sorry. I cannot in good faith, go any further, knowing that pumpkin seed and flax is on this board labeled as a cereal, and for that reason, oh, no, that should not be in the cereal aisle. How are we gon na sit here and make fun of flax and whatever, and you got a serial name, basic four still on the board terrible cereal? How well do they make their box? I would like to request three straight replays: should we get to a top ten? I think so. I think we should.

A lot of people are expecting me to be like oh well, he's only gon na, like the cereal, with 80 grams of sugar in it frosted mini wheats. Oh yes, number 10 on the board. They only put frost on one side. My wrist hurts.

If you broke your wrist during a cereal segment, number nine number, nine, let's go number nine. When i have a cereal, it is a benefit to me if there is variety, and that is why, for me, number nine, you cannot go wrong with lucky charms that late night. Are you guessed up by? No hey, you do know they sell. Just marshmallows was about to say that i have a quick confession to make cory and i did not grow up ever eating lucky charms, i'm not sure i've ever had anything, never tasted it is it good.

Here we go. Let's connect, as i pick i'm dialed you ready. I got my pick me too. Okay, oh! No! No! Oh! That's not what you were looking at honeycomb.

Oh, i totally thought you were going. Honey smells honey smash. They have the worst aftertaste ever that's the best part. Is they last forever? That's why they're on the board? Hey? Can i try some i've never had it.

Yes, let me describe what you're about to taste. It's a starch leather pocket of grease. You've never had a honey snack. I'm not sure i have either that's going on my top ten, no yeah.

That's not great! Now, hey speaking of dried cereal, can we all address the best dry cereal to eat by itself, whoa whoa, i'm just gon na point it one real quick! Is this your show? It's not forgotten five, six and seven coming in hot. If you're mad at this, i can't help you you need to stop watching nothing close with berries. Yes, yes, very solid in no particular order interchangeable middle row. Any of these three.

I would happily walk into my pantry any morning, see them and be happy about. Having a bowl, i will say: i've never had a crunch berry, but the other two are phenomenal. Dude wait! I'm sorry. Could you remind me how we, how we became friends get to the chocolate cereal cocoa, crispies hurry up and put it on board? I agree with cory.

Ctc has not even grabbed you. There are cereals on this board that i have personally not tasted and the fact that there is a twinkie cereal that i have not tasted. I have not even i need a group, it is a taste it and then it's a pick or punt and i go majority. They feel not as good as i hoped one.

Two three put it. I don't like them good. Try! Oh kisses: do we have milk, a good cereal needs? No milk. Cocoa puffs have been around forever punt that i am taking a beating.

This episode, i'm struggling how you're going to fit honeycomb and fruity pebbles on the board. I can alleviate one of those for you. We will alleviate honeycomb by putting it in the garbage. Oh and here's the deal honeycombs are like pops, i'm trying to go pops.

Here's my knock on pops. This is why it's not in my top ten, the horrible bag. Remember i remember, and then every time you opened it it like did one of these the whole time. Yes, like every time this number four will be a unifying yes across the board across america across the world number four reese's puff cereal, it's so good, so dadgum good number, three, no he's kidding he's kidding he's he would never you've, never even had grape nuts.

My mom went through a 1992, where i was like. Oh it's healthy for you, it's gravel. It looks like ground beef. Let me have some you you're, not you're gon na you're gon na throw up.

If you try it, somebody give him a trash. Can he's gon na bring him up if i punt the grape nuts no, and i have to face the retaliation from this side? I need a million likes sugar. I made a deal with the viewers and i'm going out on a limb here, saying they're going to do it for me. Number three cookie crisp, not my favorite, not even in my top ten, not in your top ten too much cookie, it's borderline, the greatest cereal of all time answer me this: how are you gon na fit tricks? Captain crunch and fruity pebbles in a top two? First of all, tricks are for kids, second of all, fruity pebbles instantaneously, delicious turns to mush.

You know what this deserves. Please hope it doesn't deserve to hold it i'll. Take them away. Stick it out, like skittles in a spoon.

Stick it out, hey hey! They should be up there, they should have been up there, but it's too late. We already have the top 10. number. Two, arguably, is the world number one goat, cereal, but number two on my list.

This is it nice, that's a great toy! You guys want me to finish number one. I know it. There are cereals that don't deserve to be on this board. Can we remove them? Yes, top rope, crackling oat brand shredded wheat, annie's organic.

You lost me at the o ty. That should be on the board. Number one, but if you're not gon na, do it give it to me when did duncan get into the cereal game? I don't know, but i want to try it. Let's keep that up here at the office for the next week.

That's a good cereal honorable mention yeah number one. Can you reach it? You need my help. Oh hey, hey, hey! That's the one! I want to try. Ladies and gentlemen.

The number one cereal in the world guys time out time out. You got to get some of this. This is unbelievable. Dude imagine milking that he's a huge fun petty guy.

This is my show. Oh gosh, oh careful, careful. I like that water rules. Ladies and gentlemen, the number one cereal in the world that we will be uniting in blissful glee, hashtag non-spawn, but i would love to be so crunchy that it hurts the roof of your mouth, but so good, captain cruz that you play through it.

Captain crunch, no, are you kidding me? No. Thank me later, gentlemen. Get over here enjoy a bowl, i'm leaving. I know you can't i'm leaving.

You can't leave it's over. Let's do it. I will say that is absolutely phenomenal. I've never tried it before.

Thank you for watching top 10. i've got a doctor's appointment to head to uh, we'll go back to the death, sign it off real, quick and then just thoughts and prayers for my wrist. Thank you guys. I appreciate that.

There's a reason that you guys choose me to be the beacon of light for dude perfect, and i thank you for that comment below right now. If you want somebody else to do top 10., i have some big news. Oh talk to me i'm having a fourth kid, i'm just kidding no way that would be insane. No.

The big news was that we created a behind the scenes channel for the first time in 11 years. I did know that yeah, it is called dude perfect. Plus it's what you love from dude, perfect, plus some more. It's got some great stuff on it, uh behind the scenes from every video.

Let's give them something to watch right now behind the scenes from swimming pool stereotypes, if you want to check that out click right here, if you want to subscribe to that channel click down here, if you want some dp merch click over here, signing off for now, Ot, where corey is defying all odds and cody just did a horrible hat talk and there goes ann i'll work on that.

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    Ty: in a cereal segment
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    I HATE when Cody does the game show bc he takes to long to do the intro

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    Coby got hosed he definitely should have at least got second but really we can all agree his was the best

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