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Hey ty, yeah, hey, we need to start the episode yep one more cast just had a bite. I think we're filming. Oh missed him, i'm kidding i'm getting. I don't have any line on the reel yeah.

That was a joke. We know that yeah. I don't think they do it. Don't even have anything on it.

I was aware: there's nothing even there, let's, head to the intro tall guy beer twins, purple hoser, dude perfects in overtime, tall guy beer twins, purple hoser. Now we're heading on to oversight. Welcome to the first ever on location overtime. We are here at the granddaddy of all outdoor stores, bass pro shops in springfield missouri.

It's exciting! We've got our good buddy zeus behind us. I was fishing for him. Oh zeus is on the move: tail swag, some water to us zeus. Oh, he literally just said: hi kicking it off with some get crafty, pumpkin carving, found to be a treat, then a brand new segment.

I spy thai could be one of my new personal favorites, followed by wheel unfortunate wrapping it up with cool, not cool, let's get to it, headed outside for some good craft day. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to get crafty here we are giant pumpkin carving, go ahead and select your pumpkin. Oh, are you kidding me? Actually, i'm gon na take this one as well. I'm gon na go for a duel and sparky's, not with us, so we will have a judge at the end.

Come in he's, apparently a professional pumpkin carver. That is true and judge your way all right game time. Can i get help with my pumpkin. I there's.

No way, i will help you with your pumpkin. I only have one foot. This is oh, i don't know if you can zoom in right here you got a mouth and you got two eyes and you got a head. That's already shaped like yoda.

If you're underwhelmed, right now by the size of my pumpkin, just wait till you're overwhelmed by the talent displayed, this is the nose of my pumpkin. I've decided to make a jail, i'm hauling it out with bars and i'm putting a small pumpkin with a sad face behind the bars didn't turn out so well. For me, last get crafty. I, like my chances here, should be good.

You know what i'm doing ty. What yoda's face just hot take gear's winning it got this electric knife of sorts, i'm realizing. I should probably plug it in. I didn't even know this was gon na, be a thing that we're gon na have trouble with the tools to carve a pumpkin literally.

Have no idea how to use this? Oh no. We got a sword in the stone type moment. This is confirmed. This isn't a pumpkin there's a pickle yeah.

You guys don't know, that's how you lose it get crap. I've got my lines pre-drawn here you still haven't cut. No i've cut a lot, just not the outside. You ever seen a skin job like that.

I mean you could stick this thing on your head and become i'm literally a pumpkin wizard got a perfect fit right. Now so you may be noticing that kobe has an unfinished product. Unfortunately, he scheduled a ballroom dancing interview call for right now, so he and his wife are going to try and take that up, but they got to do a phone interview so he's over on a boulder stressing out about that for tuesday nights, his manny got canceled And he's having to reschedule yoda, you don't look so hot got a lot of flies on you. Oh, this looks good yeah.

Of course it looks good. What have you been doing looks really good, just keeping the company afloat guys. I took a little bit of a break. I am speeding back through this and i am still going to win first place cody and i haven't off the record, but now on the record hundred dollar bet between which one of us finished, 100 corey will win this.

Here's the head with the scalp off and then when the light shines through the bottom you're gon na see the little pieces of the brain. This is not first place. This is second place. Let's head to the judging table: good luck! Moving mine! Thank you for joining us here at the opjc official pumpkin.

Judging contest center, you might be thinking to yourself. Where is sparky garrett proposed the idea that maybe we needed an anonymous judge. This is insane and you're horrible at your job. Maybe someone who is a professional in the pumpkin carving industry put your hands together for mine.

He said he was going to bring just a little piece for us to uh something to take a look at. Do the honors. Yes, i would love to pull that off. There man i'll show you what i did.

Let me see that you know. What's so crazy is, i literally was going to do this with mine. Today you were going to do that, so we have not told mike whose pumpkins are who but go through, give us your thoughts on each pumpkin, okay and then we'll get to the rankings. To judge the pumpkins, i think, there's you know, there's three three things for criteria: storytelling, craftsmanship and creativity.

So this one right here the storytelling is awesome on this one. I do like the expression in the face and uh and the use of the guts which is cool this right here. This hubbard, it kind of looks like like jabba the hood a little bit. I don't really know.

I don't know if i'm feeling that this little guy here i mean really cool idea. Nice story craftsmanship's really good on it, but it's a little small. You know. So i don't i don't know craftsmanship on this one's.

You know in technical difficulty, which one are we talking about now. This is the jail okay, so you could tell that that was a jail i did. I could, and i could tell that you know that little guy in there he's not happy to be in there, and i do like the story on this one, this one uh, i i really like it's got good craftsmanship, definite story there. The only thing i don't.

Typically use a lot of other material could also be removed. If you think about it, i overall um that i think that's the biggest critique on that. One is just that other material going above and beyond, maybe would be the biggest critique. I think the obvious fifth place is this guy.

That's why we have a new judge. That's why hey hey my fellow architects! Here's the deal! I want to know what you said because they didn't. Let me have a real pumpkin hey, but tell them what it was supposed to be. It's supposed to be yoda, okay, good news, sparky you're, going to be back next year.

Fourth place uh, i'm gon na have to say this little guy craftsmanship is good. The effort there is a little less than the others hope you guys take into account who worked the shortest amount of time on their pumpkin. Maybe a correlation. There work hard, hustle wins games.

The storytelling is really big for me and i think that the two bigger ones - and it's not necessarily that they're bigger, i think that they tell a better story than this guy. So i'm gon na have to give this one. Third, an extra layer of depth to the story, as corey now owes me a hundred dollars. It's really disappointing.

It is a hard decision for first place man. These are both really great. If you wanted to like a fight, you can, you can go right here and you can raise somebody's arm and the winner is a joke. I think the audience agrees with you thanks for being here.

Uh, probably your last judgment. I don't think the other guys enjoyed having me as much as i did just to shoot you straight, but yeah appreciate it and uh time to go back to the desk. You know what i feel like right now tell me. I feel like tiger in his prime tiger woods yeah and get crafty.

I feel untouchable. It feels like i'm playing with a bunch of amateurs. Didn't you get smoked in the last pawn? Don't recall that hey new segment coming up, i spy tight. Okay: here's how it's going to work! I need 15 minutes.

Okay, i am gon na go, camouflage myself somewhere in the store. Your goal is to come find me after i have time to hide and the last person to find no, no, no but gets an extra name in the hat, oh for wheels. First, to find you gets fudge first to find me can have fun. That seems fair.

Think of this segment as the most extreme game of hide and seek you can play ready, set, go all right, got 10 minutes to hide. Then the guys are going to come. Find me first one to find me is the winner technically, the last one to find me is the loser in the meantime, let's have some fun great deal on socks. If you're interested great deal on socks, oh yeah! Well, you know we got a great deal on socks right over here safety first.

Can i help you out with some sanitizer? Are you scared? Oh i'm, sorry about that. Have a great day, boats on sale right this way, how's it going buddy. The girl just came up and stepped on my toe and goes not real safety. First.

Can i help you out? I thought you were on to me. I thought you had me and three two one ty's hidden, you boys, ready hey first to find ty wins all right. Let's do it! Oh, i think he's in the boats. Oh ty's, going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Oh it's! My favorite coffee brand. Oh stay focused, i mean, have you ever seen so many mannequins fun little detour totally went the wrong way. There's nothing up there. That's the museum! Cody made the same mistake.

You don't think he's in the museum. There's nothing up there, no he's not in the museum. He could definitely be in the museum that would be fantastic: okay, ty's, not in the museum. So far, i'm in a dilemma right now, because i'm honestly getting too distracted by the cool stuff in the store.

My theory is ty's in the hunting section because he's going to be able to full body camo. If i were ty i'd, be in like a tree stand, i've got an idea. I bet he's hiding in one of these blinds just got word from a fellow friend that ty is in the area. Is this a mannequin yeah yeah? That's a fake person, so you turn the corner, and you see someone like this.

That makes you feel like that. Could be tight, i'm going to freak out if he's in here, not time right, so we are in the books. I think i got first place because i don't see anybody else. They are so lost.

They are so confused. Here's corey just cruising just all kinds of confused could have sworn he was up there for a second he's, not that's too small. That's a that's! A child, mannequin, hey, ty, hey bud! Is that you, oh we've got to leave kobe in the dust. That's all that matters at this point.

Oh my gosh no way yep, i knew it was you and it still scared me. I think we have a sighting no way. I was second no way you got last place literally the last one. I really thought i found you, but it turned out.

It was a guy with a balloon head and it fell right off when i touched it zeus give me five we're buds now. Look. He wants another one, but i'm gon na leave him hanging right now without further ado cody jones, and did you hear the density of that fudge when it hit the desk? Let's not forget the other part of this, an additional name into the hat new hat. As always, because that's what i do and with that name edition, we are officially ready for wheel.

Unfortunately, big question is: is he bigger? I am not you're not going to be a team player. I want you to look at every single person watching this video in the eye, and i want you to say i corey am not a team player. I core, i'm not a team player. I cory, i'm not a team player.

I cory, i'm not a team player. The hat knows that that was not sincere. You can hear the screams of corey from every pass wheel. Unfortunate in this hat.

Listen! Listen to it. I bet him in the sandy bed. Yeah he's tossing and turning you can hear it. Oh, you want to hear the screams of corey, oh no! I i wanted to pick so bad.

That is how you were going to do that. I was by the way you guys were probably wondering this whole time. What are you going to do? Go back to the office. No, the wheel is here full of brand new consequences.

Pick the name. Oh my atlanta, he just picked it. Are you ready? Yes, the person spinning the wheel is that's why you don't read it backwards? I hugged you, ladies and gentlemen, dead. Forester back from sabbatical i've been in the polynesian islands, it's been wonderful at a sun-soaked vacation.

You know i actually ran into a little polynesian boy down there and he had a first edition dead, forester doll and i said i'll take that sonny. Those are pretty rare. Nowadays he was sad but he'll understand. In the end it was the right decision anyways, it's so good to be back.

You know, i heard my buddy jerry filled in for me and some other guy who said he's never getting a call back. The producer said he was a trojan dale. It is my game, show it's my world you're just living in it, let's bring on our contestant cody jones. Oh, it's not cody.

It must have been a mix. Let's bring him on comey god. I heard that cody was on the show. Was you yeah? There was a little bit of a mix-up like you said.

Well, hey. You know what i brought this back and stole it from the polynesian boy, because i wanted you to have it. We flew on the plate here. I don't have all my usual gadgets and gizmos we'll ship that back yeah absolutely.

Are you still a loser? In 2020? Oh time, performance in group, i've been carrying this model for the last two months on sabbatical, just waiting for a man, you are the man, that's exciting. It is a bright side. How deep are your pumpkins? I know we need to move on with the show, but umbrella should be in back. I just i'm loving every minute of it.

I don't want to go anywhere. You know what we can do to extend this a little bit here hold this for me. How long has it been since you just had a good old-fashioned, dead, dance party? All right, let's show the people what we got here. We got our travel wheel, it's a little bit lower budget just because it's smaller, so it costs less buddy.

But we've still got great consequences. I'll tell you what folks, as long as old ned's the host this thing's gon na start getting doubled. You know why i keep turning around it's, not because i'm taking a gander at the wheel. It's cause.

I got a perm. I don't know if you can tell, but it's pretty fluffy there in the back. That's where i like it fluffy. You know what i'm saying: save a little bit of money that turkey luanne platter on tuesday afternoon turned into a perma week for now, and it looks like he's gon na have to own a cat, not kidding.

I'm not gon na. Do that to you snake mate waiters come on over here cubs! Let me talk to you. You ever been uh fishing for catfish, oh yeah! I've done that. So you know what kind of bait you use for catfish yeah! It's disgusting, you're gon na hop in the waiters uh.

The boys are gon na. Take some catfish bait they're gon na dump it in the waiters they're gon na mix it up with some googly juices. You might have to shimmy shimmy. You know what i'm saying: listen to the good news.

It will be over fast bad news. You're gon na smell, like that, for about 60 days, i'm gon na need a tomato bath. Say it with me folks, steve cubs, great, to see you man, it's good to be back. I missed you, guys, love you, hey bring it bring it in for the real thing and i'm talking about a hug on leave me halfway.

See you guys, gentlemen. Oh, look at all the variety, the beautiful captain style. I got ta get this just in case corey, pukes everywhere, but that's the institute. That's it! That's the one! Stop! Stop! No, no dude whatever! That is don't what is wrong with you guys.

The catfish are coming from the aquarium, guys, oh gross, it's unbearably bad! Oh this one's horrible, hey, hey guys! Why are my eyes burning? Oh that's mean i'm gon na cry. I want to take part in this guys, but my stomach hurts. If i stand past that line, i'm gon na throw up past that line, i feel like it's probably about enough. What are we doing trying to not breathe? Oh, i would like to contribute some dead red blood spray, all-purpose catfish attractant.

Oh you're dumping it what's wrong with you. That's your brother! Oh that's! Messed up! I'm not done! Oh little, stinker! Oh that's! Dirty! Oh! Oh, hey! Let's! Let our camera guy smell! It! Yeah! Yeah camera guys, 100, the worst one just take a smile. You didn't contribute, oh, that was the worst five more. Oh, my gosh! This might be the worst see back to the desk.

I'm going back! You got some stuff too right here. I would try and wipe that off and get that below deck. If you know what i'm saying we'll see you back at the desk number one, i can't believe i haven't thrown up number two, i'm questioning all my friendships. Can i make a request that from now on, just in case we have a wheel unfortunate like this in the future, we do it at the end of the episode yeah, it's so bad dude, let's get to the last segment, it's time for cooldown cool.

It is literally stuck in my nose. It will not go away. Today's only rule was the items had to be from the store itself, not necessarily for sale yeah. I don't know what that means, but i got the manager involved anyways.

What do you got? Well? Mine is for sale and it is the dude perfect fishing ball that feels a little bit of a scam job honestly, not green. Our own product he's brilliant. I mean i'm not gon na, not cool that. Tell you what i'm not in the mood for right now.

It's fishing, okay. Well, that makes my decision easy, too. Okay, hey, stink, bait! How you doing? Can we finish this? I would love to. Should i go, i think so nothing states or yells at people.

I love the outdoors like a fish mailbox. Oh wow, hey! I'm! A mailman coming up to your house: oh my gosh, this guy loves to fish and i might even stick some bait in there because i love the guy wow. That would be nice. I will say it's the funniest mailbox i've ever seen.

Thank you. Thank you. That would never find my house, so i don't want you to have it. If i can't i reached over to feel the quality and durability of this mailbox, and i was very impressed.

Oh no believable, it's a green okay, dude seriously super cool here's. The thing i am the cody jones in this moment i have the potential to crush streams. It won't crush my dreams because, at the end of the day, i'm still majority cool, i'm still just bringing quality items to the table. I'm going to catch your mailbox, real, quick yeah.

Look at that item tied together to be fair. We have switched before so no that red a green sound actually make that a green button too. No matter what you do all day, here's green! Can we wrap it up one way or another boys, i'm gon na? Let destiny decide and it's gon na be like a wishbone, i'm gon na press them together in whichever one depresses first will be the one that it hits. I know it's our gear.

It was a green, the green red park as a fisherman. I respect it stink bait. Can you go if i may guys? I think we all remember the greatest pillow of all time. The ostrich pillow ty, unfortunately ripped it right in half because it was a horrible quality pillow.

I have redeemed that moment with something for each of you, gare gator, pillow, ty, nemo corey shark cody. It's a dolphin come on guys. Those are quality pillows. It's not necessarily the pillow, but you buy the pillow at the end of the wonders of wildlife exhibit, and that thing is top-notch, and for that i give you a green.

I like it i'm in. Thank you. This is quite the variety of pillow. If you can give me a pillow with a species of fish that is zeus, then i will give you a green zeus.

Is a tiger gar. Are you joking tigers and alligators? Hang out all the time tiger, gardens, hey kobe, real, quick i'll, save it i'll give you a super cool. If you can name the thing in your hand, i was going to say marlon. I know no close, i'm up close, all right, ty! Oh, that smells so bad.

Let me see if i can save us yours cooler than a pillow. Yes, we got to the store. Everybody walked around, they found their cool item. My cool item was a bass pro gift card, with an unspecified amount of money.

Of course, so i took my items dirty doll and i transitioned this item into just a few of my favorite things. Let me show you what i got new trail cam shimano stratic reel: hey garrett. I was going to need a green from you. Laffy taffy coats, green from you, corn, slices love, orange juice, new pair of camo crocs fox pro big foot, decoys.

You know what you know. What we're in the blind great question. You know what else i got pocket knives, yamamoto worms, these little things wow top of the water, big bass. It hits a turkey target.

You might need an oneida phoenix to shoot at your target, nice little full zip. You know what i'm saying you know what i'm saying hit me with a green right now, if you have a gold shirt, you know what i'm saying when you get down to that weight, you can wear the shirt. Be honest with me. I didn't hear anything.

You said, except for uh, saltwater taffy and not that's a green for me man, you had me in orange slices. Everything else was a waste of time. I think you are black. Rifled coffee, big family, never can have enough dough.

Urine you'd, be surprised. You run out of this quicker than you would expect you stop now i'll give you a grief. Okay, all right, hey! That's the deal: okay, okay, we're voting on the gift card or all the stuff. We are voting on vote for the store core.

That puts you in a tough place as a brand man, yeah yeah - and i know you are a brand man i kind of am. I think i know what you need. We're taking this out front buttons and everything bring your greens hey. Can he stay here? Please? For the love, as long as you leave the orange slices, that's fine i'll vote for you.

Cody said meet him at the front. Hey tom and that's great. For me, okay, okay, i already green, is insane green for me uh this is kobe's. Vote he's been in a bad mood since he had catfish waiters red for kobe.

So hey almost a super cool though well done, but i think you should probably go move that we'll meet you back inside. Thank you, johnny morris, let me borrow her. I'm gon na go parker head back to the desk. Did you really almost kill that entire bag of corn slices five and a half left wow? That is unbelievable? What did cody have? Oh, he had a nascar.

I gave him a green. You gave him a red, cody yeah, but you didn't give him a green. You were in a kind of weird mood, so i gave him a red from you that is better than my pillow yeah. No doubt special thanks to our friends at bass, pro shops, for making this video possible and hosting us on our very first ever offside overtime.

Big time make sure you head to your local bass pro for all of your outdoor needs, and if you want to do some online shopping click over here, you know in case you need a gold shirt. Let's make that a media, maybe a large. I wear a large excels. I'm going to get a medium okay, you know what you got.

Ta wrap it up finish it up! Good luck! If you haven't subscribed, you perfect click down below. If you want to watch a bonus video over there, i miss you ty. Come back, yeah todd.

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