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Qatar Bucket List checked all the boxes! Dune bashing, world record roller coasters, a trip to all 8 FIFA World Cup stadiums, and more. Learn about the incredible experiences Qatar has to offer and explore more at and
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Just went to guitar. We raced camels f1 cars went dude bashing rode the world world's tallest indoor roller coaster and for the first time ever visited all eight cup stadiums in one day. This is bucket list all right we only have 48 hours. So we got to get to dune bashing pronto.

Yeah buddy it's my kind of day party time baby literally always wanted to do this finally here in qatar. Sand dunes are calling my name we're headed out to the dunes here we are me and cove just dune blasting turn around got a bunch of noobs that are keeping us from hitting the dunes can't even make it up the hill. What is this your first time in a dune in qatar roll the music again. We'll get them back up.

Here. Now that is good clean family fun right there no time to waste we're gonna hop on some camels let's do it you good fast camel how about you how do you feel about the need for speed can i take a selfie with you i got a lollipop here in guitar feeling great oh. I'm vertical. You guys are really crowding.

Me. All right guys you got purple hoser here in the tall man you got the tall man. There we are camel in it camelin. This is the first and the best camel.

I've ever ridden i love him his name is franklin. We're buds. I got a feeling my camel ai. N't sniffing 40 miles.

An hour ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wcc. The world camel championship go come on come on come on come on yes. I'm untouchable somebody get their camel over here sign me up bring it no need to go down cheyenne johanna. We're just getting going did shahen just concede.

No we're good we're good we're back hey we're back in it let's go i have complete control over this camel whoa thank you of course literally his camel is running faster than his guy look at this he's buying himself on the highway. My camel does not want to hang out with y'all. I'm no weather man. But i'm going to say we got a dust storm rolling in we should probably head inside to the world's largest indoor theme park that's what we're doing next.

It's been a hot one out there so why not hit up an indoor theme park. Why not why not this is insane. I'm riding that whoa. I'd do that is this a good idea yes come on i got you right here front and center are you going forward.

No. Oh watch so i'm great at watching oh. It's getting much faster. We look like wimps.

I look like a loser right now and you know what i'm i deserve to be called one largest indoor roller coaster. We are about to experience then we are headed to the largest indoor tower drop two world records right now we've got a uh safety ride going on before us. So one of the workers is testing to make sure our gopro is clamped on securely. We're rolling footage on it so we're gonna see his reaction.

My bet is that he tries to play it cool at the top he gets to the top of the twisty and he's just or do you think he enjoys it the whole time the humble smile. He's a humble smiler plot. Twist cody is too tall to ride this roller coaster which i respect the fact that they care took the shoes off and i think i just got it i'm doing it race your knees boys oh wow. Fancy i think i'm too tall.

I hate drops. I don't want to do it we are currently in magma. Which is the world's highest indoor vertical drop check it out get me off this thing. That was great that was so fun.

I think corey almost threw up uh. I personally enjoyed it you know back to back world record amusement rides inside is just a treat. It's just different ac in your face. So nice.

I hated it me and my new buddy basil. We're gonna hit the coaster. He's a little bit too short for the big boy so. Which one are we doing here.

The blue. One yeah okay all right me and basil hitting the blue coaster. Let's do it partner to get a new lens for the first time in history. You can see all eight world cup stadiums in one day.

We are here in qatar. And that is exactly what we're doing gare. What's the name of this one first one up out bait. Let's do it.

I got. A prediction. Pulisic. Putting two goals in against england.

Oh wow. Wow. Get the sunnies. Ready big time's head.

Last night. Here's the chance. This is enormous i love that hey chad. Do you mind if you get one more for me real.

Quick. Oh give me a break. I appreciate that oh that had to be good don't shake it don't shake it that's important. I just learned after the last shoot that it's better not to shake it while we might not be able to go on the field in real life.

Derek can solve that uh in after effects. Derek. Do your job brother oh. Dude.

You're sliding down midfield good goal. Brother. Wow. I feel like ted would stand right here.

And say something like boys let me give you a heaping spoonful of truth soup. All right guys. I brought a new perfect soccer ball across the world first time in qatar. This ball has been for sure are you yoda because we only have 48 hours in qatar.

Gare and i are gonna hit the other seven stadiums. The other guys are breaking off let's get back in later. Probably my favorite hobby in the whole. Wide world jet skiing let's do it.

While we're here stadium largest stadium of this year's world cup seats 80 000. Let's check it out. Oh. This one's cool beautiful all right lucille stadium.

Where the final match of the fifa world cup will be played predictions. Predictions will be england. Brazil for england's first ever world cup. I want to say maybe second maybe second dp ball in every stadium.

I'm gonna roll it on the grass oh he did it touched the final pitch comment world cup final predictions below and whoever gets it right gets the ball. Yeah all right so i broke away from the other guys i'm here with my guy. I've got a swimsuit swim shoes because i need a buddy on the big slide are you joining me. Yes.

Obviously. Yeah. I'm more excited. Than fahad.

Is ha ha. Ho. You look fantastic. This is the sixth bamboo.

Yes can't have a bucket list video without a giant. It this one looks really big fahad. What i don't know about this one next stadium. Ahmad bin ali right behind us let's go check it out gary.

It's going to touch every pitch. I'm telling you all right here. We are education city. Let's check it out.

Oh wow. What a treat you're touching the pitch. We've done it we've accomplished it yes welcome to elgin noob stadium. Let's check it out wow beautiful just a touch yeah just a little alifa stadium.

The oldest but a goodie let's do it yes. It's a big boy got a bit of a historical vibe to it i call this bowling down khalifa stadium mold it ladies and gentlemen welcome to banana island come on let's go i did a little online research and the banana island resort is one of the world's best resorts. These are the over water villas. We're about to go check one out on the inside obviously amazing place to stay looking out over the water.

This is insane okay time to hit the activities guys come on see you guys back in america. We're gonna stay here for a couple months. There's fish food inside the golf ball we hit it out there the fish eat happy to help fishies hope you guys. Enjoyed our quick trip to banana island out here in doha.

Let's get back to the city. When i heard we're coming to qatar. I had to check out the f1 track got a helmet a car and a track to go fast in wow. I'm shaking that was unbelievable i feel like we just filmed like a car commercial.

All right. I've decided to give fahad. One last shot to join dude perfect in a cart battle good luck. Sir.

Good to may the fastest man win. It's not fair. He's been driving the whole week. Oh wow what a move what a move fish.

I don't care who you are you got to come here and try that because that was a blast sorry about your second place you're the man. I'm gonna meet up with the fellows hey pound it noggin we'll see you brother oh. I thought you had it got it stadium night. Yeah you do it okay stadium 974 here.

We go this stadium is built out of 974 shipping tanner's actually 973 because that's number 974. I like the industrial feel oh look in the keeping the theme with the theme dude. I like it oh come on they did it welcome to stadium 974 come on last. But not least althu mama led check.

I'll get that usa iran. Play. Here. Where we will knock them out of group stage.

Wow. Yeah. You heard it here first. Oh.

We can also play in the pitch boys what a treat. I think i want to make a trick shot let's do it right here. I'm t tone. And this is the bend and sin.

He does it puts it in the bend and send what a treat little 1v1 shoot out here sudden death first and miss loses best of luck. I go first obviously so if you miss you lose yep. I think i'm going to go straight down the middle. I caught it i'm going to go to the right because he's thinking.

I'm going to go left. Oh. I went finesse last time. This is just going to be pure brute force yes.

I've got one flaw in soccer. And that's that i can't let go of the turbo button that's what just happened that wraps up the eight stadium tour. All in one day well done gary let's go check in on the other guys. See what they're doing we are here at sukwa keith checking out the original market in qatar lovely scenery.

I like taking in the local culture rugs. I do need a good deal oh it feels great in here. It does it feels really nice. Oh yes soccer jerseys.

Let's go oh we got a ballistic. Oh. We need it everywhere you turn you're like whoa incredible shops. Incredible food it's like the fanciest place.

I've ever seen all right boys we did it 48 hours in the books dude perfect signing off for now thanks to guitar 2022 and visit qatar for having us out. We're watching the world cup with you guys see ya.

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