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BRAND NEW SERIES ALERT! Check out #WatchParty! Our newest series featuring some of the funniest, craziest, and wildest clips you've ever seen! Today's episode is themed around some of the worst injuries in DP history! Let us know what you think!?
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Pound it ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป Noggin ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ
- Dude Perfect

Yes, that hurt as bad as it looks and welcome to our brand new show watch party where today we're checking out the worst injuries in dude. Perfect. Some history from the show are dangerous and could lead to injury. Do not attempt any stunt from this show.

Every category today, inspired by an injury here at dude, perfect corey. What is the worst injury that you've sustained? It's your idea to do the farthest blindfolded catch while moving you threw me. A ball permanently broke my finger and yes, i did get the record, but i also got something else: permanent broken finger forever, and that is the category of our first clips. Let's take a look at permanently broken, i'm just shocked that he's shocked.

Do you think i could he probably can, but i'm just saying hardcore, oh listen to the vote of confidence from his friend. I think i could he probably can, but i'm just saying, cowboys stadium and kick is up. Poor sharon thought she was taking a tour of the stadium, got put on field goal, block unit fun day out tubing on the lake. I will say: commitment holding on yeah yolo sit down.

What are we doing hard left or reserved for nascar? Don't drop your hands? Keep him right there? Oh no he's gon na get smacked, i'm ready back story. This was this guy's bachelor party, surprise. He was gifted this opportunity, whose fault was that i'm gon na go 50 50.. Is that window open on the right side? Yes, yes, balls above the feet, you know that's going left, that's so something i would do.

Let me do this and then he immediately casts blame on somebody else play this out. This guy definitely was a stop ahead. Watch this happen. A guy sat down.

He goes. I'm just gon na film it you're right, he may not be permanently broken, but the latch on that door is okay, any guesses. He tries to kick the can and kicks him in the face. Trust shot gone wrong.

I think you got it, you got it. You got it you're clear. Oh, he literally ate it. That is an outdoor point play stupid.

Games win stupid prizes. If his nickname's not scooter, it should be. Oh, this is gon na end nicely all right, jerry do it for the honey. No, i would love to see that other angle, that is the first segment if you guys want to be in charge of picking our pizza toppings.

Next episode comment below and uh, we'll pick somebody to decorate the pizzas for us and we'll uh pin your comment. No anchovies, please, let's keep it good this next category, inspired by a near catastrophe, my boy sparky and me playing go-kart football in the office. Oh a little wide and let's take a look at our next category, whoa that was close and the oscar for best supporting actor goes to the squirrel's. Gon na wake up run away, run away, run away the squirrel she hit it.

She thought it was done, though. She put it in her car to what take it to a vet that looks so fake, like they grabbed it and shook it. You think we just got back it's a squirrel on a string, i'm telling you every time i overthought it. I think it was a classic case of overthinking it next clip guys.

Oh, let's take another look at another version. This is slurpee and that will do it for whoa. That was close. Our next category, coming up inspired by cody's retelling of the worst injury in dude, perfect history.

Before we take a look at the clips codes, give us a quick version on the top of a hill bmx track, i'm ready to go talking mad smack to the fellas. I'm three two one: i go to step on the pedal and i miss so instead of sitting on the seat, i sit on the tire okay, i thought i ripped everything clean off cody. Thank you for inspiring our next category below the belt. Oh you're, too big.

That's a lot of kinetic energy built up. I've never wanted to try rugby left. Oh that's another pole! Oh no! Don't do it! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Okay! All right! Oh pound! It noggin see ya. It's a good line! If you want these.

Oh, you want things, listen to the confidence. I love that you can see his paint on the ground too, in the mirror. That's my new favorite clip by far, and that will do it for below the belt. One category remains in this category.

Has one clip in it? This is the time when we watch a clip and then we recreate what we're about to see. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to recreation station. This is the clip that we will be recreating here. We go minus the front flip.

What? How did you do that? I'd rather do the band one. I think i would i'm gon na break my shins on that ledge without further ado recreation station yeah. This is a blooper pool. Do we have any employees who could chose the rope? Oh god, it'll.

Look like a doofus. I do think we have an employee who could do it, though that's harder than it looks all right. Ty show us how it's done. That's it for watch party, pounded noggin thanks for watching.

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