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Red lights on, which means we're filming t, you ready sorry, i'm reading the book. They know you read books, only books with pictures like the brand new dude perfect book. Oh my goodness, guys, there's so much gold in here. Oh, it is out and available for pre-order right now, stop what you're doing click right here at amazon or, and you can get this book 101 tricks tips and cool stuff.

It's amazing. This book will bring your families together because there's incredible things to do incredible. Behind the scenes stories, our favorite trick shots battles back stories and, most importantly, incredible photos. The most important part of a book get it for your kids, get it for your mom, get it for your girlfriend.

Ask her to prom with it. If she says no, let's buy another book and try again with a different girlfriend. Smart, yes, just smart! The publisher strongly suggested we go with a two color scheme. It's much cheaper.

We did all the colors, we went with all of them. We couldn't resist. We did it for you guys so help us out. You guys wouldn't believe how expensive colors are it's crazy.

I never knew that check it out, cannot wait for you guys to see it and enjoy it. 101 tricks tips and cool stuff, all kinds of fun things whoa, showing a lot of leg there ty that's a pg page, it's safe for the whole family. Really it is, everyone will enjoy it great show coming up garrett tell them what we got. We got a continuation to get crafty, you know a little egg drop, we got cool, not cool, a new segment and then, unfortunately, you guys had to throw a wheel yeah, let's head, they get crafty previously on get crafty egg drops with a little twist, though, these Eggs slightly bigger boys ostrich eggs, we're gon na drop the ostrich eggs from different heights.

You survive, you advance the goal, not let this bad boy break. Each guy soared through rounds. One and two things are going surprisingly well rounds. Three and four more the same for the first time in get crafty history, we're going bigger, we're going badder skyscrapers in play, possibly helicopters find out ot26 back at it for another egg drop.

We maxed out our distance inside the hq now it's time to take it in the bird up to 100 plus feet a judgment call by sparky. If all the eggs break man so be it. If all of them survive, then i guess we'll go up into space. Cody you're up first go get him brother good for me.

So we got a lot of comments saying uh yeah sparky. Well, they are ostrich eggs. They're indestructible! Well, i'm here to tell you more brittle than you think: don't have a lot of high hopes. Eli, keep us safe.

Let's have some fun is this. Is your moment of glory three two here we go. Oh, it's gon na work. No! Oh! It's all right! It's got.

Ta, be dead, devastating blow, cody jones one and done like a kentucky basketball player. I guess it's safe to say that cody jones prefers his eggs scrambled. The trash can is now going into the trash. Can kobe's up boys, don't like his chances, but we'll see anybody like him i'll give him a chance.

Yeah, it's a fighting chance of coach. Let's do it oh boys. This is very exciting. Oh, my egg has never felt safer.

We are very high. Oh, this is terrible. It's fun the exact opposite way. The egg came out.

Tick, tick, tick, tick; boom, oh for two helicopter uh. On top again, all right guys potential first ever get crafty win huge moment. I'm not gon na lie, i'm feeling hopeful, which is gon na, make it way worse. This guy's hungry wow never underestimate a hungry man.

Oh gosh, we're high hey. This project could go anywhere. Boys heads up three two one: oh no, it's a no-go. Oh, that gets all cory is still in search of his first ever get crafty victory which eludes him once again today, no you're all right, then it's good try feels, like all hope, is lost and i'm just throwing an egg to watch.

It break play a really sincere sweet, somber music. As i say my last advice to my egg. If anybody was going to defy the odds, it's been fun, it's been real and it's about to not be real fun. It was quick, it was fast.

She didn't feel a thing, and that was how i wanted her to go. We've made a huge mistake. I'm going up, i need to go higher, though the guys aren't going to like it. It might be cheating, but if it gives me time for the parachute to open, i have a shot.

The helo has proved to be a worthy adversary. No doubt i think we need to go higher. I asked the pilot to go 200 feet. I think it will give me the best chance guys he's going up higher for his parachute three two one here we go himself respect the name.

This is my trophy. I don't even care what you're going to give me gare. Why did you not want to be in this competition? Originally uh, i'm scared of heights. Are you uh comfortable now that you've done it? Absolutely not.

That would be my last ride. Ever garrett get crafty champion number. Two. Congratulations celebrate that one.

I know it means a lot too yeah. Well, yes, sir, all right back to the desk here that was the most unbelievable performance in a geek crafty i've ever seen. That is what six years of schooling does for you college masters boy. I mean if i learned anything from it: it's how to drop an egg.

Hey you're lucky my buck's turned. You know what he deserves: one last clap yep. I agree. I said we had to cool, not cool, welcome to cool, not cool.

We have five really cool items. Some of them may not get cooled. Some of them may garrett's. Gon na start us off, even though it's april oh month, joke my mind is just on another level.

If i may, even though it's april you're, my zero league me yeah kick a shot all right, brother, hey got a bag of cheetos. Oh, i want you to open the bag grab a couple of cheetos. I think people don't like cheetos because of the cheeto dust. I have an item.

That's going to change the chip game forever. Chip fingers, you guys, have cheeto dust on your hands. Yes, i do i don't i'm in. Can i try them look at the amount of cheeto dust.

That's on my fingers, three cheetos at the risk of sounding uncool. There is a problem. It solved the problem, that's what an item should do. These would be even better when you're eating sushi.

If you rename this product i'll green, it sushi fingers. It is yes, garrett. If you all genuinely think that i'm about to super cool finger gloves, i don't even have to look to gravel, and for that reason i feel sorry for people going after that performance, i'm not afraid to follow a good performance, which is why i'm going next. You guys like knowing the future, absolutely just a little bit.

Let me introduce you guys to the storm glass. I already love it, an unbelievable item that not only predicts somewhat the future, but also the weather, because you could consider the weather the future. Will this be a super cool? No, it's already telling you you don't have to ask it got it. What does it look like in here right now, the uh liquid inside it's clear, clear.

I would bet if you guys looked up the weather right now. It would say it is clear: no clouds and sunny hold on. I got this. It's sunny with no chance of rain 82 degrees.

What if it wasn't clear, then what does it tell us if the liquid is cloudy? The weather will be cloudy as well. The storm glass knows no boundaries or borders. What's the radius five miles nose, no borders. That would be like holding up a thermometer and being like.

No, no there's no borders. There's no way. You can tell us the temperature. How dumb do you feel right dude? I wish it was kind of raining right now to be honest, because, right now it feels like it, this stuff just kind of sits at the bottom, and it's always literally, i'm gon na trust.

You and i can't wait for a snowy day. I couldn't love it anymore. Thank you. Thank you, for it tell me you're not about to not cool the future.

I love cool things. I hate witchcraft and that whoa nothing to do with witchcraft says the witch doctor. What are you talking about i'm over here? Just trying to eat a cheeto, unbelievable wow, you are literally not supposed to shake it up. It's a snow globe that you can't shave, it's not a snow globe.

It's a weather project, wow next, who's up! Oh, you know what i'll go, as you all know, huge star wars. Guy may. The fourth is coming up, which is star wars day. May the force be with you? May the fourth you're harry potter, so i parted with this play, to bring you what is, in my opinion, the poster of the future check out this bad guy.

Did you hear that it's made of metal no wrinkles, no tears super durable and you don't need nails or screws, because guess what i attached little magnets earlier? No, how amazing is that! Oh, is that a little low, no worries just slide it up, not super level. Don't worry now it's worse and i got one for everybody. Corey in fight scene. You did decent acting, i feel like it was decent ty.

I really struggled to find you a star wars character. So i just let you be the hero? Obi-Wan kenobi. It looks kind of like a wand, it's not yeah gary. Your favorite character, i think, is baby yoda.

Oh that's nice. What do you have for me? Brother toby? Is the jar jar binks of our group? Oh come on there. It is brother, oh look at you. Go not a darth guy, but i am a baby yoda guy and because of that, i'm in hey and if you go to the website, they have over a million selections who's the best dude, perfect member uh me this is about to get awkward, not ours, but Hey whatever vote away, i will say if you guys know me, i'm horrible at hanging things up.

I have like a thousand nail holes behind every picture. The simplified bang i'm having a hard time. So do you know i'm an optimistic guy, but out of a million options you landed on jar jar. I agree with this.

This is on you, you did. He put a sponsor block on the button. No way, i don't even have a free will choice right now, but you know what i'm going to give you an honest review, because that's the type of guy that i am. I have one question i have harry potter, click the link in the description.

If you buy one or two disc plates, guess what 25 off, if you buy three or more you get 33 off you're welcome super cool. I love it. Are you talking to the editors or no i'm talking to the fans, the dp nation, the game, anybody who clicked it cody? Thank you for that. It was a real gift for all of us.

I am very excited about my item today. I believe we all remember one of the best items in cool, not cool history, peace in a box how's this for peace. Today, i would like to add to the peace in a box universe, comfort in a glove you're, not being serious. You can both massage and heat your hand.

The best thing for me to do is just walk around right. Now, i'm going to do something that that i will perfect scenario for this. If you have spent all day working in the cold and you need to come back inside, go ahead and vote, go vote. Okay, cody! Stop going to that website! Ty can come back, it's over, take it off and put it away.

Hey stick your hand in here and tell me it's not a green. Why is it still on? I got it hold him down. Try it try stick your hand. No, it's really tight, very, very tight like the sword in the stone it's over ty come back.

You should have come with me: who's up i'll, go guys who hates soggy cereal. I do. Ladies and gentlemen, i would like to change and revolutionize the cereal game. This is the crunch cup inside the middle tube, your cereal on the outside the milk.

You put it in wow, you poured that perfectly a plus on the demo. So far brother don't blow it now, as the cereal goes into your mouth, then the milk milk goes into your mouth. The cereal goes in your mouth and the milk goes into your you. Just said that so good, i'm about to, let you guys try it, you get the perfect ratio of cereal to milk and it never goes soggy.

I got one thing to do. No way wait! Oh, but you, a huge bag of cereal, has to go in that little hole. Unscrew the lid. I have three kids and if my whole family there's five of us have cereal that's three times.

Five fifteen items - i'm washing it just doesn't mean it's just that was fair. That was fair. I've always wanted to do that. I thought it'd be with a glass of water and said it was with a crunch cup and fruity doubles, move on next segment.

Don't say another word: that's the halftime buzzer. Here we go special thanks to our friends at kiwi co for sponsoring this halftime kiwi co makes incredible hands-on toys and projects for kids of all ages focused around steam, science, technology, engineering, art and math. Super fun. Super cool projects that you can do with your family and kids at home today, garrett and kobe will be putting together the table.

Tennis robot. Oh nice pick, gentlemen: we're going to help you guys out with a little time lapse because they're not the best builders kiwico is a monthly subscription service, and each month you get a new crate with a new theme at your doorstep. Kiwico believes that by learning skills to problem solve and create today, kids can change the world tomorrow. Can y'all imagine how much better i'd be get crafty.

If i'd had this as a kid done, the real test does it work. Moving target. Nice kids learn something brand new each month and keep in mind all the supplies come in the box that you need so no extra trips to the store so go to Dudeperfect or click the link in the description below to try out your first month free of kiwico, let's search fake back to ot coming up.

Next, we got a brand new segment to highlight some brand new content coming in hot that we were so excited for you guys to see we couldn't wait until it launched. We got to take a little bit of a sneak preview. Welcome to a brand new segment. We like to call trailer park, creative yeah, funny, name, uh, serious promo, oh to be honest with you, cody was really pushing for sneaky peek no sneaky peeky, oh yeah.

Oh that's! Even better sneaky peeky. Let's change it! It's up for debate, comment below. Let us know bucket list south africa launches may 17th, but we just couldn't wait. Please sit back, relax and enjoy trailer park sneaky peaky bucket list.

South africa, i'm sweating, i'm scared for him. This is the second highest bungee jumping bridge in the entire world. I keep telling myself this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm only doing this once in my lifetime.

Oh my gosh there's a penguin right there. This is incredible: okay, tyler brother, you ready! Yes, sir okay, please put the darting uh for the cow. Please, that's amazing, just gorgeous i'm scared. I might be myself, but in the end it will be worth it holy smokes.

Most things in life that are worth doing are hard. That's where i'm going my knees just went: let's go five seconds of fear or a lifetime of regret. I chose to fear. Oh brother, let's go oh wow, oh my god, probably time to announce it from now on we're just a bucket list channel i'm kidding, we'll probably we'll probably still have to do some of those others, but i think we'll do some more bucket lists too.

I think so that was exciting. I'd say, give them a little sneaky sneaky peeky peeky of the music video. Oh guys, you didn't even set it up. You got to at least tell them what it is otherwise they're going to be like.

Oh, my gosh, i think they're getting into music now tell them what it is. Okay, we decided to make a music video, we'll give you a sneaky sneaky piggy piggy, not too much, because that one it's a much shorter video, so you know proportionally that was about the same amount of time. Anyways may. Third, next video yeah - it's not serious, but we took it pretty serious, but but it's not serious.

Yes, you hear us say that click repeat and just let that sucker run all day. It's catchy it is yeah. Yes, it's incredible. It's time to head to our last and segment that you guys just scream and throw an absolute hissy fit about when we don't include wheel.

Unfortunately, everybody take a deep breath. Bring it in. Are we holding never mind? Forget the breathing exercise, we're cooking up some benjamins. I will not be picking i'm not picking it up.

I got it cody. Do we want him to do it? Yes, so he picks his own name. Brother cody, i'm ready if you're, ready, cody hey by the way cody has never been picked other than the first one ever. Why don't you skill it flop it up in there and have cody grab one out of the air.

I like that, i'm gon na pop it up hot fake money, hot fake money in three two one. Okay, okay, he's got it. This one fell out, so we will eliminate this one. Do it ty? What's it say, tyler's eliminated be safe.

He said. Congratulations. He always eliminates himself, it's so annoying, it's so annoying, and i he rips up. Oh my goodness.

He almost he's doing it, i'm having a great stretch of time, you're untouchable dude, i'm on time invincible. All i'm thinking is. I can't even go back home to my peace, helmet or my comfort glove. I don't have either they're broken they're broken no you're, you're you're the guy's supposed to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, i am the baptist style of all majesty's headquarters, along with many other nicknames, but i'm sure that's probably the one. You know me best buy love to say we have a special guest joining us today, but he's not that special, probably the last guy you'd want to see up here. Please welcome! Go because come on up here. I missed you buddy.

Yes, you too man, you know what how long's it been since we've seen you, it doesn't feel that long well, how many battles you up to now? Five six. I think it's three. No, he knows the exact number. How sad i just want you to hold! My second cash okay wow, it's obviously the muscle integrity - is lacking in structure, try and hold that one up with all your might.

Okay, that's cold hard cat. No, it's gold actually you're! Obviously struggling! Aren't you gon na it's gon na be a little bit different wheel. Let's call this confession time, cue, the music. I have something to tell you guys, it'll, probably shock you.

I've been concealing something from from you guys for quite some time. It's not my real hair. It's show thing. I know the producer said: look red hair plays better on camera.

This is my natural color. I tried to color it. It just doesn't take very well, it falls out, it gets. It turns weird colors, one time it turned green on me and now i just have to.

I just have to cover it up, and i you know what i love you man, i feel a lot better about it after telling everyone so comes your turn. You tell everyone, you know your big secret well, this is this. Is my real hair um but you're struggling with confidence, scopes i'll tell them you're weak and you can barely bench 115., he's a small stature but he's big at heart, but unfortunately his heart. Just never.

You know cuts the muscles so close. I almost had you man, okay, i think you're, seeing that uh lack of muscle, structural integrity and it comes around - comes around some grass. I'm drowned it's not soon in a battle video. What a spin do you know what that entails? My bad! I'm guessing! It's like a sumo suit thing in the next battle, video, which actually is not for a couple videos.

You will have to uh get in what i like to call a chump suit and participate in the battle, which makes it quite a bit more difficult yay, but the sumo suit, i would say, takes about 30 seconds to put on makeup, takes about five hours. You got ta, do it twice so say it when they come back all right anyway, slide it off for now guys? Okay, it's going to be a process, but you can do this. It's going to be long. Hey wait, wait! One last look! Those are so elastic.

Feel good, i'm going to miss that we're gon na go we'll see ya. I don't know exactly how long this is gon na take. I heard it takes the better part of the day. My only friend who's done this before is tyler, so i have to do.

This twice wants to show the guys today and once for the actual battle, i don't know what our next battle is going to be. Personally, i'm kind of pulling for sumo battle, maybe power lifting battle or sit on your friend battle. A lot of people give corey credit for the eyebrow shape, took like 30 seconds boom. Eyebrow's gone, oh wow! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh! This is the first time i've seen myself.

I love it. It's real talent! You have closing at an hour five, it's actually kind of hard to talk, we're putting the finishing touches on here and then we're gon na show the guys you guys ready. Ladies and gentlemen, after a short four hours, we have the new and improved. What do you think guys? Honestly, i feel fantastic.

Am i funnier you are? I got ta say it's a better look. It's an upgrade for you, you're in a constant smile. Can i touch it sure? Oh that's weird! Oh, it feels like his real face. Give the fans at home a profile, your forehead's, very fit.

I've been thinking about it and if i get a win in the battle, it'll be a chubby dubby. I'm rooting for a chubby dubby, we're not filming it for a couple weeks. Are you staying in character until we film, i haven't, asked my wife, yet okay, that'll be a great day when it comes. Is that a new lit as well? It's mostly all new.

Can we get a quick side by side of chubby kobe and chubby tai? Oh yeah, replace me with chubby tai vote on who's, the best chubby guy i mean you were good man. Well, we will certainly look forward to the day to watch. You compete for chubby, dubby cobs, because we have such a short time to enjoy this kobe's. Why don't you hit us with the outro? Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the opportunity to do this today.

As you know, we have come out with a brand new book and, just like i bring these guys together. We hope that this book brings your family together marketable. You can click right, don't mess us up. You can click over here.

No, you can click over here to snag one for yourself. Just keep clicking until you find you guys are gon na love. It can't wait for you guys to see pet peeves and bucket list and the chubby dummy. I love you guys more than you'll ever know see you next time.

That was a great outro. You did a great job that was, it was decent. It felt long, it was subscribed by the way.

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