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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our very first ever tour overtime. Cue, the intro.. No, that was the intro.. That was just you doing.

The -- Tall guy beard twins, purple hoser., Dude perfect's in overtime. Tall guy beard, twins, purple hoser., Now we're heading onto to overtime.. We are coming to you from our tour stage. Sitting in a big arena currently with nobody in it, but it will be completely full tonight., Hey by the way we may be coming to a city near you., Check to see if there's any more tickets, wherever you May find them., I don't know if it's here or wherever., Just look.

We'll make it clear on what you guys should do in this moment.. It's on, Well, yeah. Check it out, see if we're coming to your city.. If not we'll see you in the summer., What What Why That's? What you call a tease., I like what you guys are wearing.

Yay tour, merch. Yeah. Going to be at the show.. Well, that's great to talk about wardrobe, but we've got four segments to get to..

Those being cool, not cool games with consequences, wheel, unfortunate and trailer park. A little sneak preview of the tour.. Let's dive right, in. Doo, doo, doo, doo doo., I'm going to start us off..

I did bring some items with me that will revolutionize messy people's lives.. That's a green for me., Gentlemen. My product is Never Wet.. Pretend Gar was headed to a business.

Meeting. Hey. What kind of restaurant is he at He's at an Olive Garden.? They have ketchup Yeah. If you ask for it., I love Olive Garden..

You get a tour of Italy. He's eating at home, but he has a very fancy business meeting to go to.. I wanted him at Olive Garden. And I'm out..

He goes to a business meeting., Oh no., Oh peanut, butter and jelly.. An ice cream sundae. Have no fear., Not an issue.. I can't tell if it's working.

Somebody tell me it's working. Hold on hold on. OK., I'm never going first again by the way.. That was a mistake..

Hey, I'm going., You stained our desk.. Oh it smells horrible.. Do you guys, like to wear sunglasses Yeah. A couple problems with sunglasses.? The rest of your face is exposed..

Wait for it. The full sunglass face. Mask., Nothing is getting through. This.

Hail, Doesn't matter. Throw some hail at it. I don't care., No, no, not a button.. You're not really covering your eyes., The only thing that they should be covering they're, not covering..

You know what they need: A nose. Stopper., Hey Ty., Give me the glasses., Sorry guys.. I am just I feel so -- It had a nose. Stopper Yeah.

I didn't put the nose stopper in., That is literally --, Honestly --. How do I bring up the one flaw and you're like I'll fix? It.? That's salesmanship though.. He solved your one problem., It's flawless. Yeah.

Dude, that is a game changer.. The game has changed.. I voted green before I vote green again.. I agree.

You can't find the sun if you tried dude., You can definitely wear this as an MLB player now.. It's like secure, now., Dive. Dive for a ball dive for a ball. Dive.

Layout. Yeah. Oh.. Did you catch it though I dropped the ball and they came off.

All right, who's up I'll go.. All right, you guys know this., I'm not like the greatest drone flyer of all time. And I found a drone. That's dummy proof.

Check it out. So put the remote on your hand. Place said drone here. Take off or land..

Obviously, we're already landed, so you push it once you're in the air. And guess what you're just flying with your hand.? How easy is that Look at this. How nice. You want to go a little right.

Sure. Want to go a little left, Sure., That's actually pretty cool.! Oh! What was that You wanted to land? Oh just push the land button. Coming down coming down. Boom.! I really enjoyed that., That's a green for me., I'm currently on the no fly list as well for drones, so.

And dragon ball. Flip it. Drone flip. Take the joysticks out, but not the joy..

I didn't have to sell it. It sold itself.. There's a trend going on not just in America but across the world. As the years have gone on.

There's this desire to just get a larger and larger television.. You and your family might have a 40 inch.. You might have a 55., You might be on tour and you desire one of these giant wall-sized screens.. I am here today to make a strong argument that you will never enjoy TV more than you will enjoy it in the way I'm about to show you..

That is such a bold statement.. That's setting yourself up for failure.! I proudly present to you 25K, the tiny TV.. Oh my goodness.. It comes to this tiny, remote right, here., Oh tired of watching this channel.

Oh, what do you know.? It's another Dude Perfect.? Here's why? I think I'm sad for this TV., Because this TV had potential if the expectations were put on it properly. You threw up this and then went to this.. The world is going the wrong direction. Cody.

There's no need for this.. I think it's a less pleasurable experience.. It looks like it's a TV that only shows Dude, Perfect videos.. That's what I'm saying., I'm green-ing it., That's what I'm saying..

They both happen at the exact same time.. What does that mean I'll tie. No.? It doesn't show real TV., It's so small.. I like it..

I just don't like what you did with it., I'm doing one of these. No. Guys. Why are we leaving things up? -- Thank you..

Thank you.. You know what the best move of the day goes to you for going after him and not a super cool., And for that I'm going to go ahead and give you a pre-green. You're such a political voter.. All right, I'm going to end this segment with question.

By show of hands who here thinks they could beat me in a fight Oh., Coby Ty.. What do you mean? I did not think it going to be a clean sweep., But anyways well we're just going to go. Who could you beat up Right now, All of you. Whoa.

Oh. Oh.. Ladies and gentlemen, the expandable extendable battle rod. Any moment bust out in any situation --.

I can't do it. Battle rod Who still thinks they can beat him up. I red it., I'm out on the battle rod.. I don't want any of that.

Smoke., Oh no. And battle rod's done., Hey I'm going to undo that one and go over here.. I actually didn't vote., I meant to.. First of all, you lost out on the cool factor, because no one even got to appreciate the small package that it comes.

In. Yeah, guys see that little thing in my hand, I mean I don't know.. What do you think you could do with it? Whoa? Maybe A battle rod. Yeah, you lost me a battle rod., It's still no..

I mean it's cool, but it's not a battle. Rod., Hey! Look what you still disgusting. - Oh wow., Hey speaking of you, might want to change clothes because it's time for games with consequences and it's going to get messy. See you outside.

Welcome to games with consequences., I'm Cody he's Sparky. Codes. Tell us what we're getting into tonight. Junebug in the throat., A big thanks to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl for sponsoring tonight's segment..

Rules to this game are simple. Two lives. Each and death results in a consequence. 1V1 winner goes off to the finale..

That's exciting. We're here screenside with Gar, who is SpongeBob. Gar the inspiration behind your character, choice, Sponges.! It's my favorite noun. Down here with Cobes.

Minutes away from go time. Powdered, toast, man., That's right.! Why I've been French toasted in the past.. This is some of the best looking French toast I've ever seen. May the best square head win..

Thank you, sir. Off to Cantina. Three, two one action. And we are in the game.

Sparkman.. Oh my goodness., And that is starting off with a bang. No., Get powdered sugared brother.. I can't see.

Gar down to his final life. Spongebob hanging on by a thread. Huge right, hook. Spongy packs a punch.

Get out of here. Resilient. Get out here. Smoked him.

See ya, Oh. And Coby, with a jellyfish to the face. Jellyfish jam., All right, it's one to one. Next kill wins., Bring it square, head.

Get him Spongy. And Coby is headed to the finale.. Oh, my goodness. Games with consequences is so much more fun on this side of the desk.

Gar looks like a funnel cake. Cody., He probably tastes like one, but we're not going to find out.. At least it tastes. Good.

You're done. You're also done., Head back to the tour bus and wait for the next segment. Here with T Tone notorious pizza lover.. Is that the reason we're going Michelangelo today, Yeah always been a stuffed crust, guy.

But I'll be honest with you.. I don't like being here spark. I like being on that side of the desk. A lot more.

Always figured Cor for a bit of a buffoon, so I guess we'll see. Buffoon strong word., Good luck, Ty. Cor your brother just won from this seat. You have Catdog.! Can you replicate his victory and punch your ticket to the finale Yeah hoping to play Coby in the finale.? I'm choosing Catdog.

Not really a cat person, but my dog has a cat attached to it., So I'm going to play with them. Good luck., Yeah thanks. Ty and Cor getting it on at the cemetery and Codes. Oh, my goodness.

Forecast is calling for scattered showers.. Oh, that's not good.! No, why does it have to be raining? You can smell the rain in the air. Three two one go., Oh and it's raining.. Oh.

What is that Dog pee We've got rain folks.. What's crazy is there's not a cloud in the sky.? I'm not sure Cory knows the buttons here. Folks. Oh.

Upset alert. Folks at home. Ty is not --. What In the ever-loving heck was that I can't see anything.

Go Michelangelo.. I literally cannot see. No, no no., See you. Stop stop..

We don't need to pause. No no.. What is that Cat food? I'm really sorry.. It looks like peanut butter from here, but it does not smell.

Like peanut butter. Got him.. I love the ties in the chair. There.

We go. Here we go.. This is bad. I got cat food dripping in my mouth., See ya Catdog Oh.

I can die happy. We're even.. I feel zero bad for you, sir. Cory, advancing to the finale twin playoffs.

Twin.. We've got Powdered ToastMan captained by Coby. Catdog captained by Cory.. Let's get to it.

I've. Never been more focused in my entire life. All right: let's do this. And go.

Heading to outer space. That means no gravity: Codes. They're, spinning., 10 spins each boys.. What Now? Yes right, now.

Go. Catdog trying to get to the top.? Oh that's big, time. Cobe! We can smell the cat food.. You can watch the toaster play with the buttons..

We are watching him learn the game. Cat food him Cat food, him., Everywhere. Garrett did not miss on that one.. This could be quick..

One life left for Coby Cory on the fringe of victory.. You can't think you guys.. This is over. The length of Catdog, creating a big issue.

Here., I'm about to send him., See ya Cat food on the face. Cat food on the face. Direct shot to the mug and Garrett went there. Come pour some more on him..

Pour some more on him. Sparky tell them the fun facts.! Congratulations! Cor. Earned not given.! You deserve it, my friend. Back to the arena.

Catdog.. What a worthy adversary. Thank you.. Where are we headed? Next We're going to wheel, unfortunate.

Ugh. Play the thing. Guys remember. I said we weren't going to be drawing out of hats anymore, Since this is a tour edition I figured we should draw out of our tour hat..

Yes, it's upside down right now, because if I flip it over the names will fall, out. Doesn't look upside down. It says DP. Our logo..

Did you know it's a palindrome. Vocab word of the week. Name, your best palindrome, you got. Dad., I'm full of them..

That's your best! No racecar.! I don't have any. Cobes. Normally my go to is racecar.. I have one that I guarantee you.

I will blow your socks off. Nora, a raft.. Is it far Aaron? That was one of your more impressive little talents., Who taught you that Is it fun, Aaron No. Far.

Fun would not be a palindrome. Nora, a raft.. Is it fun Aaron? Who is it It's Cory.? Oh my God.? No way., Hey, you know, what's not a palindrome, Cory. Yeah.! Ladies and gentlemen, I am tour Ned Forrester.

New Ned new head of hair.. What a wonderful addition of tour wheel - unfortunate.! Yes, that's right.! There will be actual child humans up here. Spinning this wheel. Give it a spin.

Yeah, that's unfortunate.. We wouldn't ask them to do anything that we wouldn't do ourselves.. So with all that said, please welcome Cory. Cotton.

You're always doing the same. Kind of shedding that head.. I just got my hair colored and I'm afraid it got fried. Now, for whatever reason, when you just grab it -- Oh.

Oh., It comes out in bunches., It sure does., That's tough, to look at., No matter how many times I do it more hair comes out.. I never should have pointed that out., I'm kidding, I'm not worried about it at all.. That's Ned's got a thick old head of hair. That will be around longer than I am.

Anyway. Hey. Love that shirt.. Who is that on there? That's Ty., That's great.! I love him.

Love him to death. He's actually my favorite one.. I like him at least three times as much as I like: you., That's fair. Anyway Cor.

I hope they told you up there, but special tour edition.. You got to spin the wheel twice.. What Come on everybody. Say it with me.

Spin, the wheel, All right. Cory.. You really had to spin it with all your might there. Trying to act like a rage monster on your t-shirt, Yeah.

I know I was. You're right.. He would have spun it a lot. Harder., Don't worry about it., Oh, and we have just squeaked in to ketchup popsicles..

Oh Cory.. It pains me. No., But that's just consequence, numero uno.. So let's do it again..

You know what I'll spin it for you. Can I win $ 400 Yeah, but I purposely made that pie a little bit smaller than the rest of them --. I noticed that. -- to limit the chances., I'm going to guess that's stopping on deep, fried crickets..

I don't even need to look. Cor, go, get your ketchup popsicles and your deep, fried crickets and I'll see you over.. Oh that's what kills me. Is.

You were just $ 400 and deep, fried crickets. Get over here. All right, Cory., Usually the guys are the ones doing this, but it's tour edition and you can't get enough of this guy when you're on tour.. I do have enough of you..

Let's start off with some crickets and then you can wash it down with a ketchup, popsicle. Deep, fried crickets., Oh wow.! This is solely the abdomen of a cricket. Dude.. Honestly, it doesn't look that bad..

I don't think they smell that bad either.. It's not bad.! I'm going to pick out a big juicy one for you.. You get to select the cricket Yeah. All right here.

You go. Put it your hand.. I don't even like touching them.. Oh it's greasy.! That's a greasy! Cricket., Hey camera guy.! Come here, get a closeup.! That's Chad., I don't know they're names.

He's here: every week., That's great., Hey nice! To meet you Chad., Get a closeup of that cricket. Get a closeup of the throw up it's about to come out of this guy's mouth.. I think I'm about to throw up and I'm not even eating it., Like my mom says, take chances and make mistakes.. This is a mistake.

Eat. It. Pop it., I can't. Crunch it., Put it in your mouth and crunch..

This is disgusting.. I do not live in the jungle., There's no crickets in the jungle.. Yes, there are. There's tons of crickets., I'm not debating where they live.

Eat the cricket.. I hope I'm getting paid overtime on this episode.. Can I interest you in a ketchup popsicle to wash that cricket down? Take a big, bite. Big bite right in the middle.? What do I have to do? Eat the popsicle., The whole popsicle? It's a popsicle., You don't ever eat half a popsicle, throw it the trash because then the bottom of leaky stuff melts out.

When you take the trash out., Oh there, it is.. I really thought it would happen with the cricket., Just one more bite.. No all the way through., I feel bad for the guy.. Well, you know what We're going to cut it there.

You want a chance to come. Spin, the wheel, maybe win $ 400 and, most importantly, meet old Ned, Come to the tour near you. Thanks for watching.. That's unfortunate.

See you later., I'm not going to lie Cor.. You have had a rough go at it.. It shows. Streak is back baby, It's not a streak.

Three more years. For me, One time is not a streak. Yeah that was disgusting.. Let's just put Cory in our hearts and in our minds and pray that he keeps getting drawn for wheel, so we don't have to do it., OK, moving on., As we said before, we are on tour right now..

If you guys want to come see us in a city near you, well, you would have to look up to see if we're coming first off to a city near you., But if you're undecided, hey DP's cool but they're, not that cool.. Well, maybe this segment will change your mind. Or maybe it will confirm what you already thought. You knew.

Here's, what you can expect., Let's go to trailer, park. Dude, perfect, That's unfortunate.! There you have it. Come see us out on the road. Special thanks to our friends.

At Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl for sponsoring this video. Click here to get your copy of the game.. If you want to see the last video click over here. Signing off for now.

Pound it and noggin. See ya. I got this.. I got that., No, not my best..

Two bad throws.: Should we go for another? Oh you hit Shon., No way. Right in the face.. Did I really.

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