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We're doing perfect welcome to overtime 33.. Here we go tall guy beer twins, purple, hoser, dude, perfects in overtime, tall guy beer twins, purple hoser. Now we're heading on it's kind of weird, with a gap at the uh at the desk. Don't you think yeah poor kobe? Well, you know, kobe, unfortunately, is sitting at home with kovid wish you a speedy recovery, my man, but we did find a replacement that potentially could be permanent.

I agree and without further ado i would like to welcome mark grover. There is one stipulation that you've got to go last. You know i thought it'd be interesting to mix it up, and so i went ahead and got us some mallets real. It's got a green side, it's got a red side.

Yeah, you definitely forgot the buttons. Didn't you yeah, i forgot the buttons i'm gon na go ahead and kick us off yeah. I thought you should, let's give it up for gary. I dabbled back into the food industry.

So would you call this a food item yeah? I would crane. I got a sunflower seed, cracker wait. What all you do is just wait for it is it supposed to dispense them the trash can is what this is it? No! No! No! I don't have that kind of time. Are you using the wrong slot? No, it got jammed and that can happen at a baseball game, and for that that's that's going to be a red for me gary! No, no, you already be a green man.

You know what let me reverse that there it is hey just so you know what the grocery stores they already sell them d-shaped shelves. I know they sell them like that, but that takes away the fun. This looks way more fun guys. What's my best performance, i'm gon na have to read myself.

It is my first ever not cool items. Could you read the inventory i feel like? I might be able to do this a little better. That's my next video next time when mark actually makes this work. I would love to follow that performance.

This right here is the pendulum. So if you're at the airport, killing time waiting on the uh dmv, you take your pendulum ball. You place it inside and all you do here is you're just you're going you're going into that hole into that hole into that hole, kill hours of fun. If i'm at the dmv i just sued, you i loved it.

That was so fun. Let me know: that's that's how fun is that? Oh reverse? Oh, that's a green! You got ta. Go one point there. You go! Oh wow! Oh, oh! I'm! In for a green.

What i like, i know, i do you are so lucky that mark just did that and made it look good. It didn't feel cool when it went in clean, so i'll give it the green speaking of fun. Ladies and gentlemen, we're gon na have to leave the desk for this next presentation. Oh, we have to leave all right.

We get to leave, oh, what a treat i've never been so tempted to pre-vote a red guys for my item. We have the stair slide. I actually have these at my house, you take these slides and you nest them on top of each other, and for me i put my toddlers down the slides at the house. They love it.

I love it. I figured here at the stadium. We could stack a few more of them. Hey feel free to spend that remain great.

That's great! I get it! Let's just let it land on green. Let me walk up to the top, can't wait to do it. We're going to slide down i'm going to leave my mouth right here and see what happens? Wow! That's how you have you don't have to do it at stadiums. You put it on your carpeted stairs.

It's a very unique experience to your body type mark! Give it a go, give it a go. This is gon na be more like corey, okay mark it looked amazing. I love the concept executions, a bit yeah! I, the concept is great. I just expected a 400 foot slide yeah.

I hear that i think they're being a little harsh, i'm going to give it a green. I think the concept is there. I like the concept you're just that was hard to watch. It was a bumpy ride.

I'm going to give kai give me a green, give it to me. Thank you guys, all right back to desk okay i'll go next today, i'm a budget man and i have brought the tic tac shooter 3d printed, nice simple design, simple, i say for guys. Like me and mark who understands things like this, naturally i brought pack of tic tacs orange, obviously the best flavor tic tac, oh, and for that, oh winner, green, are you crazy comment below favorite tic, tac winter green? It's a mixture of a mint and candy? No, this is just a candy. You eat this in a in a city orange i'm not just saying that.

Are you a crazy person? Hey guys update, i have about 20 uh seeds. Crack pass them out, pass them out. I'd love to have one here's, how the tic tac shooter works, you simply take your orange tic. Tacs take the top off and then you just simply place it.

Oh no way. It's a mag on the top. Nice simply load, no spring loaded open your mouth open! Your mouth open your mouth, no, it's fine! You ready! This is for you! Oh! I can't see it that was deep. Pick up.

The attack stafford might trip on that. There's no way they can see it yeah. I see it hey, dude, perfect! This is easy. I'm changing my channel, hey ty, i'm in.

I would actually just prefer you to give me the orange tic tac, so i'll shoot one over too just catch it in your chest. Oh he's in the hand, do we vote yeah? Oh, i haven't voted wow. You know the show pretty well yeah yeah, i'm giving it a green yeah. It's clever design, 3d printed.

This is right up my alley. Yeah you had me a tic tac yeah, that's not bad, not bad! All you got to do is bring your tic tac. All right mark it's it's time to bring it home. Unfortunately, for what i brought, we can't do it sitting here we're going to get glitter bomb.

I got 30 squirrels in a basket, we're gon na, let them loose and see if they can get to the jumbotron. Take your ballots: let's go to the parking lot where the lawyers can't find us. Aha, this! Oh, this is the world's largest t-shirt cannon. Okay! If anybody else in our group brought this, it would be an immediate green, but because it's marks i'd like to see what it can do it shoots orange tic tacs.

I think what we'll do is we'll start with just a normal t-shirt and we can probably try and catch that i like it. I mean it's gon na go kind of high three two one: five it hit ty's hands. Hey! You guys forgot your buttons. I, like the risk hold on in unison, three two one, one last round of applause for mark incredible.

Well, now, it's time to head to get crafty, we were tasked earlier with creating the next duper. Knoll trophy love. It i see what you did there and due to sparky's horrible, judging though to say, unforgivable, judging unforgivable, judging some might say we're going to let mark do it and we're also not going to tell them who made the trophy. I like that, let's take a look at some of the builds and then head to the judging been sandbagging the get crafties for two years.

For this exact moment, lightbox trophy sits on top a football goes all the way up like this, and it's gon na be stellar. We got some nice walnut right here that i think i'm gon na turn. I don't know what's legal right, so it's like am. I allowed to use pre-cut cool items or do i have to make my own.

I think some of the guys are using 3d printing laser cutting, maybe even welding, i go and play it. This is gon na be a football believe it or not. I just found some inspiration and i'm thinking this is what i'm gon na make. Maybe something like this, it's so versatile, there's so many options by letting the wood cure don't want to run into a glue issue like we had on build a canoe boat raft.

Silly me, the cowboys in 2055 green bay, packers, you make it green, goes to any team. My toddlers would be very proud of me. I'm never using a hammer. So again just won the duper null, and this is the trophy you get and it says congrats.

I feel like that's right on the nose. That's what people want to be told. They just did something amazing, congrats, oh baby, i'm at least beating play-doh kid there. It is me and glue do not get along all right.

I did just hear that ty had issues for now: i've retired uh wd from the competition calling it a day huge moment about to stand up my plato guy time to turn the wood gold. The judges will never know. Oh that's nice. Just waiting for the glue to dry uh, then i'm gon na paint the base.

We got trophy, hey boy. I thought you were tired. What is he? Oh, my goodness he's back at it. I present to you the plato trophy.

Let's see what the judge thinks here. We are at the duper knoll trophy judging station mark has no idea whose trophy is whose it is time for the judging okay. Here we go for me, it's like what would i want on my man. I just won the super bowl yep, so starting here, this one is like i'm fun, but i'm also in preschool, which i like that's like.

I like also that it says congrats like congrats. It feels like it is a cake like a little fondue. Actually, it looks like a fruit roll-up when you come to the back kind of speaks to the maker. In me, i like this.

It's like laser cut, acrylic, there's flashlights in here is that it's like supposed to be on. I wonder if anyone over there knows if there's something they probably should be on. I don't know that i had to do that myself, but i like what it looks like. Okay, this, as far as presence goes, you don't beat this not as stable as i'd like sturdy construction, a good heft, a couple nicks.

Definitely some nicks, it's a hard one. I would have preferred a soft good spin, yeah nice mass moment of inertia. I don't love the stability. I'll be honest.

I can't get it to stay. Put we're gon na stabilize it with an arm. Fourth place. Uh we're gon na start with the one our bandit, whose is this okay good game.

Great judging mark couldn't agree more for third place. You know i was gon na pick this as third okay, but i don't like that. I had to turn these lights on. Why you know third place third place.

Mine should have been uh. Let's get this third place. Trash out of here now don't forget this is this: is a super bowl like made of soup? Oh, oh! Well, that kind of changes that might that's nice for you to or if you really like superheroes it could be a super bowl. I don't like puns, though so, like i just kind of lean in here: push it off yeah push it off get back.

So what we're left with is this beauty? Who did this yeah? Okay, mark wow appreciate it very well done you're, a great judge, great judge, great, to be here it's time for a giveaway massive giveaway. As you guys know, by now, sofi is the all-in-one finance app everything from buying crypto to refinancing loans, home loans. Whatever you need, we are partnering with our friends at sofi for an incredible expenses paid trip for you and three people to come to our summer tour at a city near you, and if that's not good enough, our friends at sofi are also going to drop. Ten thousand dollars into your sofa app if you're, the winner, all you have to do to enter, is download the sofa app at dude.

Perfect. It's going to be incredible check it out. Sofi.Com dude, perfect, download the app and uh you could uh have a chance to win all right before we go any further. Ty is unaware of this segment while we're in the state - and we thought it'd be a great time to have.

You do a tyler tony edition and you do all the trick. Shots we'll rebound it's your time to shine baby back baby. I don't need your input. It's happening, i feel honored and disappointed at the same time.

This right here is the one-two punch coming at you codes. Here's two pop goes weasel. What's up guys, ty the trust shot guy codes, i'm gon na need you to hang tight, don't move. This is the knee knocker you'll see why just he's still, they taped a target.

To my knees, great this is the knee knocker heads up. Let's go baby, i did it, he did it. We both did it. Yes, this is the splashy bucket.

Let's go baby, what's up guys, ty the trick shotguy here at sofa. I would love to take this moment to dedicate this shot to our boy. Kovy, that's kobe, who's at home with cobin, so this one's for you, big guy, hope you enjoy it. I took out the trash did that go to booth review that has to come out.

This is the world's longest vortex swisher. Here we go all right. Boys buckle up because it's time for the final segment and everybody's favorite except ours. Oh my he's trying to get out of it.

No, no! No! No! No! No! I really hate to do this to you. No, we enjoyed it bro, i'm so sorry i wanted to do it. I wanted to do it. Take his name out.

Is he serious if, if we pick him, i'm gon na go tackle that hey keep running away you blow one out and i'll catch it? Okay, that's it! Okay! That's it! That's! The one yep come on. Y'All come on be more. What is happening? Hey core before you spin, the wheel? Sorry about that. That's unfortunate, say: hi to the krauther family.

What's up t33 duper knoll giveaway, that's right! Yo, we're so excited it's gon na be so much fun. Yeah, it's gon na be fun. I want you guys to give corey some uh some encouragement he's about to go spin, the wheel. I know that's very sporty guys, but i'm on my way.

I just checked out the suite we're going to sit in it's unbelievable. It's legit we're gon na eat some good snacks. We're gon na have a great time. Can't wait.

Guys have a great rest of the week. We'll see you am the man there a myth and a legend dead forester, it's good to be with you on this fine day here in the state of california. You know it's got a few things going for it, the golf the weather, that's about it. No i'm kidding, california is great, we love being here.

You know last time i was here, i have to say i was attacked by a puma, pulled his teeth out and then sent him on his way, and i said, don't you do that again, we've got corey. Come on up man, all right, hey, poor, good! It hasn't been that long yeah. If you really think about it, it hadn't been that long you've been good. Yeah.

I've been good family good. Don't want to fight all right! Well, we've got a wheel for you. Uh we've got some stadium dependent consequences here, a little bit different than normal. We've got our travel wheel because we're on the road going back home soon as much as we love it out here right clark, i actually kind of like it.

You know. What's your favorite part uh, the beach? Is it what about? What about these? You still like those or not do you that has been a hot minute since i've been hit with a bottle. You forget the sensation every once in a while troy. Why don't you go ahead? Give this wheel a spin, see what we land on uh.

Personally, i'm hoping you have to return a pun against the ram special teams. Oh you want to spin it for you court. By the way guys, there was a strange man following me hold last week and probably nothing to be too alarmed, but all right touch every seat in the stadium car boy. That's unfortunate see you next time all right, my penalty, because, of course it's my penalty is to touch every single seat in sofie stadium.

How hard can it possibly be? I realized i should be walking in between with two hands and touching both sides. The toughest part i can already tell is that my back is going to be on fire time to make my way up to the second level. Let me explain to you guys why this is so absolutely brutal. The fact that i'm having to bend down this much that's like almost like a full wall sit.

I can't really express to you guys how horrible that is. This is ridiculous mark. This is your fault. You should have been doing this.

You guys are currently down there. Playing football for fun, probably got an absolute minimum an hour in order to do this whole top part. If you ever come to schofie stadium just know, i touched your chair. I love you guys.

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