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Hotttttttt sauce, a western fight scene & HUGE GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Overtime at it's best!
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Guys In Disguise: 14:27
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:01
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What is up guys welcome to ot guys meet on court at nine to film book promo giveaway, welcome to the biggest giveaway in dude, perfect history. All you have to do to enter the contest is order. Our brand new book on amazon, five lucky winners will find this golden goodness inside their package. That means you will get a brand new dude, perfect custom wrap segue electric go kart.

Also, a brand new xbox series x with custom dude perfect beats headphones, but that's not all one of those five winners will also win the grand prize. Oh a custom, rap dude, perfect man. It feels good to have you guys back up. It's lonely by yourself.

It's a big desk when you're one guy, i get it incredible, show noose eggs, old segs, let's run through them cool, not cool fight scene, coming back brand new segment, guys in disguise and then we're wrapping it up with wheel. Unfortunately, let's get to it. We have a very special cool, not cool. Today, food themed, wow, every item being presented, we'll have a food element to it.

I will do my best to resist the green, because if it's a food item i'm in producers have said you know, hey it'll be a little bit more dramatic. If you don't just green everything by producers, you mean mainly myself yeah. I had that internal combo yeah. Okay, ty i'll, do that, for you all right, thanks, buddy, okay, so i'll be going last, this episode.

Anyone is welcome to kick us off. I like camping, i like to go out to the woods, so i like things that i could take easily in a backpack. Not gon na get messy. I also like bacon, i'm on board tactical bacon.

It's fully cooked smoke, flavor added bacon. I have not tried this yet wow. I was very skeptical. Oh okay, bro bro, i'm in it's a food item, dude no way it's like good bacon.

It checks the box of bacon here, wow that tastes way better than i would have ever expected. You would think that would be terrible. It all tastes, fantastic guys. I got ta say i can't green this man, it's just too greasy you're at the finish line.

Just lean over is this show of honesty. Guys. Do you think we could all agree that so far, that's the most convenient bacon you've ever seen. Yes, i would like to potentially raise that a notch.

You also brought bacon real quick. Did everyone else bring a bacon? I did not. I did not either full disclosure. I've got more down here and they're, not all bacon.

You have other flavors. I just came off a hot bacon pitch and then you bring out a baking soda bacon. You still have an opportunity to change your vote. Oh peanut butter, that's disgusting! If you want dessert pumpkin pie, i'd, try that i know you would sweet, corn, i'll, try, corn, oh i'll, try, the strawberry corn guy, hey, let's, try it together! One two: three mine wasn't that bad mine: it's fine! I'm still out guys before you give up forever.

We have ranch and buffalo. If you can drink a sip of ranch without spitting it up you get agreed. I don't want your green bread for the first time in cool, not cool history, a back-to-back, not cool from the presenter themselves, all right gang we live in texas, it's super hot. My favorite, dessert to refresh a day is an ice cream sandwich.

The problem is that hush puppy melts in under five seconds. These, sir, are freeze-dried desserts, freeze-dried ice cream, yeah cheers. That is how you adorable cool, not cool. You really like that.

It tastes just like an ice cream sandwich. No it doesn't it does mine. Doesn't you pull out the bacon at the campfire and then you pull out this dude? Your pack is so light right now that was okay, we're not here for just okay. What does that look like to? You looks like a chicken.

Everybody loves fried chicken. What is the other item that is almost universally loved in this world ice cream? What, if i told you that these fried chicken legs were actually ice cream, i can't wait to try them. Take one pass it down. It looks like a chicken wait.

Is there a bone in here? This is the cake, lady. You think it's an onion you bite into it no way and it's ice cream. Dude! That's mentally that'll mess you up, dude! Let me go into this hot juicy chicken wing i'm in! Thank you, the not fried chicken ice cream chocolate cookie bone. This might be my new favorite dessert.

Thank you guys. Thank you. I got to go downstairs to get dressed. Give me a sec i'll, be right back i'll, be back in just a second yeah.

I'm going to take the elevator down i'll, be back guys. I present to you the world's hottest hot sauce due to the extreme hot nature of this product. It can cause serious injury if directly consumed ingested or applied to the body just for reference. A jalapeno is 2500 on the scoville, the pepper hotness determination scale.

This is 9 million. I'm sorry! What have you lost your mind? You're, not touching that yeah. I don't play games with my tongue, we're playing games! Oh that burns. Oh yeah yeah, i'm out congrats you're! The best i'm leaving, i don't want to be peer, pressured.

I agree. I think it's awesome. We have to try it. I will not be trying it any man in here.

I want you to come sit down at the desk with me. If you're a man come sit at the desk, derek get in here i'll sit here. Oh, if you're gon na sit here you're in nope, yeah, hey guys, i'm out i'll, take over derek's camera. We welcome another man, chad and derek.

I need you to do something very important for me, look into the camera and say just for legal purposes. You were not forced into doing this. I was not forced into doing this. I was not forced into doing it.

Thank you. I feel much better. Now. Here's your toothpick, i want to put it on something got to be able to taste it.

If that kills me dude, that's like more potent than black mamba venom. I'm not messing with this. Oh no, no, three, two one feel it already. Oh, i feel it too.

This is a bad idea. I think i need water hey. I have milk you're, okay, you're, okay! This is not acting, i'm keeping it in my mouth, so it doesn't go in my stomach. It's starting to get hotter john's drooling feel my back.

Oh yeah, wow! That really affected you dude, i'm good. I can do another one. This is for the people dude you're gon na die. What i did i don't know this is different than the chip.

That is significantly hotter. You're really good at this. Terry is strong dude. I'm telling you your body will shut down.

This is solely for derek's performance if you recall in an ot far far away long ago ot24. I believe it was. We were in the jedi world and there was a miscommunication over whose egos were in the freezer and it led to this that escalated quickly. Now we find ourselves in the wild wild west - let's head there now this here's a story about a cowboy who set out on a trail of westchester but ended up in a little town called diablo he's one of the meanest toughest grittiest cowboys on both sides of The mississippi, but like every superhero, he had one fatal flaw: short-term memory loss, hey how much terry you can't sneak up on a man like that i've been here the whole time and it's gary, my apologies.

I forgot. I meant to tie your horse up at the train station. I am ho we just hang it up here for the night lol all right put up the horse there, jerry it's scary, i'm looking for cotton c. Cotton also goes by the rock thief.

Oh, you mean the diamond thief. Some call him that yeah, i never heard of him. What can i get for you, brother, i'll, take a uh tall glass of choco milk on the rocks, who wouldn't the sam hill puts rocks in their choco milk, always fell c cut, go check on the horse? Has anybody got ammo? I got one cotton you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn i'll, give you a free shot boy. This wow this whole time we'll get on with it wow.

So we meet again remember who you are partner? 1884.. You robbed a bank up in prosper, stole a diamond and shot my horse, who was parked out front that weren't a bank, maybe a general store. I certainly didn't steal, no diamond, maybe some rock candy, except you know what my grandpappy owned that store. He gave me the candy.

I ain't no thief very well. Then either way you shot my horse, oh park, now. Listen, i ain't the kind of man that shoot no man's horse. You call me a liar.

Oh man, you shot your horse again. What do you mean again, you remember back in 1884 bobby sorry for the misunderstanding: boys, choco milk's on me on the rocks 23 yeah, no problem, but what happened to my horse western times were simpler. You know, i think we can all agree and that is halftime. A special thanks to our friends at id tech for sponsoring this video.

If you have ever thought to yourself man, i wish that i could unlock the minds and knowledge of 12 years of dude. Perfect experience. Well, boy: you're: in luck, because we have partnered with our friends at id tech to bring you guys a dude, perfect virtual summer tech camp for kids, ages, 7 to 17., we'll also be giving you some of our own raw footage to edit off of so. If you're not a trick, shot expert, don't worry it's okay, we've got you covered, hey court.

Tell them about our team here at dp. Are you referring to the video editors filmers and motion graphics team that make our videos as good as it can possibly be? That's exactly who i'm talking about, and the reason i bring them up is because there are millions of these jobs all across the u.s and not enough people with the skills to fill them id tech certified instructors from top tier universities equip kids and teens with these Skills necessary for the most exciting and in-demand careers so head to, dudeperfect or click the link in the description and use the promo code dp125 for 125 off of our dude perfect virtual tech. Cam cannot wait to see you. There barely got that one out in 60 seconds just cutting that one close.

It is time to head to a brand new segment, guys in disguise. Here's the thing we have been inspired over the years: we've dabbled in the makeup game, cut to some of our favorite makeup. Appearances as you can tell, we enjoy them, probably a little bit too much, and that is exactly where this new segment came from our very own man on the street, reporter john rogers he'll be hitting the streets of frisco man. How do you like the town? What do you think of the dude perfect guys being here? Are they too obnoxious? Are they too loud and uh? We will be getting the real and honest feelings from the people of frisco texas good afternoon.

I'm john rogers, i'm here with randy roundhouse we're gon na interview, some local civilians to check out what they think about dude perfect. Have you heard of the new perfect fellas? No, no! No! Have i heard of what dude perfect yeah yeah funny or they're, not that funny? No, i wouldn't say they're funny. Has anybody here to do perfect? No, you ever heard of dude perfect yeah. What do you think of him he's cool? Ah, he if you could meet any of the dudes, which one would you prefer to meet.

First brother, red-headed guy yeah he's a good dude he's actually not red-headed anymore. He actually lost his hair. So now he's the bald guy. Did you know that the dude perfect fellas have moved their headquarters here to frisco? I think they were already in frisco.

That's true! This kid knows his stuff. Have you ever heard a dude, perfect yeah yeah, you like them. He said no they're trash tyler's, not gon na, be happy when he hears that one. When i swing by you toss the funnel cake, i bite it all right, funnel cake yeah.

We did it we're flying who's. Your favorite guy in the dude perfect group. I, like the tall one i like the tall one too, but i forgot his name: what's your favorite new, perfect guy, probably kobe, i'm gon na, say tyler tyler turn it off. Are you nervous about your bumper car experience? No well, you should because john rogers in town who's, your favorite dude garrett who's, your least favorite dude garrett.

Okay, we got a favorite for gary and elise paper for garrett, gary you're, very polarizing figure, man who's, your least favorite dude. In the group. I would say: garrett - probably garrett, oh man, garrett's having a rough night tonight. You watch him anymore.

Don't you lie to me son? You stopped watching, didn't you, he started watching. What would you tell the tall guy? If you could talk to him directly, you would be really good at basketball. You'd think i mean he's not that good who's, your least favorite dude corey corey, and why is that uh? No clue, sorry tyler, but it's going to you who's. Your least favorite dude, perfect member tall guy.

Definitely some dude named cody, oh good answer. If we had tyler the bearded fella versus the tall guy, who would win in a fight tyler, why would tyler win hate? Don't matter? Well, i'm cody the tall guy and i would beat that kid up with biscuits and gravy faster than you could shake a stick. John rogers is having a horrible time, thanks for hanging with us good to meet you, sir yeah y'all haven't you're on youtube brother. Did you know i'm cody the tall guy from dude? Perfect? Oh, got him wait.

Are you filming a youtube video? What maybe? What would you like to say to the fans hi? What if i told you that i'm the tall guy of dude, perfect? Oh you're, pretty cool yeah, i'm cody! You want to get a picture. Oh okay, he didn't want a photograph, i'm the greatest news anchor in all the towns, i'm john rogers back to the depths. You know that was about like i thought it might go. It was kind of good kind of bad time.

What what you said. That's usually my line, give a moose em up and take it away big guy wheel time. Let's do it and today selecting from the dark green depths of louisiana. We have that's gatorman.

I don't know i tried to come up with a creative intro for a hat and it just didn't play out well anyways, let's get to the picking you try one more. The ultimate sign of disrespect on this show, just so you guys know, is when somebody just casually throws. That's always me, hey you, you wan na try one more. I hope you get picked so bad.

I hope i drop your name in this hat. I hope i reach in and it's yours has anyone never picked the name chad, you're picking today, brother picking, chad come on in tickle them and then pick one taro. If you ruin this for me, oh my goodness, go ahead, chad! All right here we go. I feel invincible, i don't even have to show up to wheel and fortune anymore, i'm just going to stop coming.

My barstool will be empty. Where are you going i'm leaving? I don't have to be here, send them on. Of course i hate to do it to you but spin. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, you know me as the host above all hosts the commentator with good, greater ned, the great one forest, but let's not waste time, because we've got an incredible show coming up for our brand new contestant corey cody.

It feels great yeah. You know what i got tired of this being a negative experience for everybody. I've decided to create our own mini segment within the mini segment, and you know what i'm saying i don't. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new show.

Let's take a look at what's inside today on the episode i don't know where he's going with this maraca. Are you gon na hit you okay core? Would you like an opportunity to win two hundred dollars? Uh yeah, all you got ta do is guess what is this maraca have in it? Dried beans, dried beef, put it down, oh! Ah, rocks you were wrong, because that is a generous man. This is way more fun. We've got another barracuda, yeah.

Guess, what's inside that one i'm staying with beams, you know what we'll never really know. What was inside that one. The two hundred dollars is uh not going to be there for you today, but i will give you a golden ball yeah. Absolutely! Oh, you don't get the golden boy, that's the thing cause you don't even get to keep it.

It's my only one. I got left. Why don't you go ahead and just give it a spin, hey next time, otta? What is inside of the middle? Do you notice anything? Might i ask first, the night is spelled differently. Yes, in this case, you have to go to a night's end on a horse wearing a full suit of armor and attempt to get a good night's sleep say it with me for that, let's find out.

What's in the middle of our thing, see you guys hey guys. It's me corey we're here the night's in i'm here for a good night's sleep. Let's go check in i'm really uncomfortable! Oh no, oh, is that the world's smallest night helmet, oh that is so uncomfortable. I really don't think i can get off the horse, someone put a camera down and help me this way.

I didn't ask if they allow pets worst case, you can sleep with me. What's up man, how are you i'd like to check in you need a id okay um? I got it. Sorry. Is there somewhere i can park my horse, there's not a stable.

What's like the rule on pets, no horses in the room buggy come on come on. We can't be eating the bushes buddy. Let's go, that's locked castle is well fortified, so over this game show oh gosh, oh yeah, sleeping in a sandy bed was absolutely atrociously horrible. This is easily a hundred times.

Worse, no joke! I have no idea if i'm gon na get a single second of sleep tonight. Imagine getting stabbed like in every part of your body. What's up guys it's a little after 2 a.m. I think i've fallen asleep.

I don't really know this is horrible. Oh wow! Oh, i'm so glad that's over that was horrible good morning. We've done it. It was horrible if i've said it once i've said it at least seven or eight times that's unfortunate core.

It was a terrible night. It was yes, ah you get it. He was a terrible night. He didn't mean to do that anyways.

You know what i'm thinking of what are you thinking of gary going on tour this year? Yes, we are all thinking about going on tour because guess what we're going on tour? That's right! It's official! This fall going on tour brand new show brand new stage brand new cities, mostly and special effects is actually where i was going with that and also welcome to the reminder zone. We have a book we're going on tour, we're going to bristol okay, guys think of dp like a vegetable, you can't get enough of us, sometimes we're stale and we're mostly green, not a vegetable yeah, better guys if you want to get your tour tickets click over Here the link is in the description for the book. Go check that out and we'll see you guys sometime soon on the road digitally wherever in your house, in your living room, oh yeah subscribe down there and hit some bell. I don't even know i couldn't tell you where the bell is, because i never tell you guys to check it out, see you next time, click it all just keep clicking.

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