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Let's GET DESCTRUCTIVE! Opposite OT is back with Not Cool, Not Top 10 & Wheel FORTUNATE!
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Sparky checking in we're about to get destructed the opposite of get crafty and boys. I brought you a gift today: five vehicles undrivable totaled, completely, not street legal. So these are total cars, total cars, yeah three and three, and you all get to go ham break on three one, two: three, not good at building stuff, but i might not be good at painting either come on. I keep going short.

Oh, it's such a good one hold on what's happening, wow, i'm not built for this cory's on attempt number 10 of trying to break the windshield. I don't know why, but i feel really in my element here: okay team, you know who you are it's time hey. I tapped out i'm tired push, that's incredible, huh kind of feel like i just lost, that's my team. Meanwhile, i'm over here shaving part of my leg for a nice burnt hair smell right there in the center console my son's name's easton.

Let's have a go huh. I'm out of breath hey, apparently i'm the only one with the sunroof, let's see if we can get it first, try it's not gon na work, not gon na what let's go. I just lit my car on fire watch out boys. Oh gosh, this was horrible.

Oh working tail light having got away from me, i'm tired. Oh i got one more tire to pop got ta go! Do that yeah! Hey! I need that back real, quick gene yeah! You can get it it's working! It's working! I wrote hi sparky love! You smiley face all right, it's time to pop the top three two one: convertible the destruction's over judgment, time power in my hands ooh. It feels good boys, let's go baby in fifth place. I think this one's pretty easy and it's corey honestly, i'm i'm shocked.

I even quit halfway through hey, see i'll, see you on get crafty. Fourth place. Amazon boys don't sell yourself short there gare in fourth place garrett, yeah, hey, i'm a fan of a minivan. You definitely called off the dogs early in third place, cody jones yeah.

I'm a guy who loves a convertible. You know letting my hair blow in the wind while i'm still here, we need a new judge, i'm out of here. I don't want to hear it sparks boys. I thought you all did really well with your 15 minutes.

Put it to use and y'all were the most destructive but sure, of course, there can only be one winner. Only one the ttpt cruiser baby well done well done. I wanted it back interior. Thank you because i appreciate it.

I didn't want to bring it up back there, but it is opposite episode. You know what i mean. Are you trying you reading when i'm reading back to the desk, welcome to not cool cool where obviously you're trying to get a, not cool, all right, gare? Don't kick us off, oh good savings, because corey needs to do it. Yeah, let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a terrible item. The only thing that you do with it is press the button it turns it on and then the box turns it off press the button to turn it on and the box itself turns itself back off. I will say i will say before you say it, then it's a little fun. There is no actual benefit of this box.

It is pointless, therefore, an obvious, not cool, you're, saying that it doesn't actually open because it closes itself. You can't use it as a box. I mean you could if you were really quick. If you can put something in this box, then you can green it good luck.

That box. Do your worst green! I agree cool! That's funny! Well done what a start! I will follow that with the dumbest item of all time. Okay, a pointless puzzle. It is a see-through puzzle.

You literally drop the puzzle pieces on the ground, you build a puzzle and at the end you really don't see anything because it's all see-through good luck, dude dude! This is the dumbest thing of all time. That's one of the dumbest things you've ever seen. I mean that you kill an hour. You'd kill the rest of your life, trying to put this together.

That is so cool. The whole point is like at the end, you're so excited to see the picture you made and there's no picture. It's just nothing. I agree.

The challenge is there, but then the payoff isn't so i'm a red. I think you could use this as a form of torture. This is successfully not cool. I lied.

I'm a huge puzzle. Guy, that's a saturday right. Let's go ahead and go. Let me just go back here for a second, you know, i'm not a huge talker.

You know guys if you never want to talk to anybody else in your life. That is disgusting. You wear you wear this. You wear this to the grocery store, no one's going to bother you they're, actually going to walk away from you.

Look at the belly button. That's disgusting! It's not cool. Can we cut the strings off the hoodie they're kind of distracting me from the illusion there you go that's better and by better i mean worse almost for that one move along. I have two firm opinions number one.

Please take it off right now, number two. I hate it very badly passionately. Your attempt to keep people away is only going to keep the normal people away and the guys who love this humor are going to be attracted to you, like dude love. What you're doing here and it's like now, you're stuck in a conversation with a guy who loves this kind of stuff? I didn't think that far down the road, you are going to track some weirdos and i did not think about it.

No offense to the weirdos. If you own that we still love you, we just you know we probably wouldn't buy it. Hey look at me right now, zoom in if you own this, you need to go. Take it from your closet, put it in the dumpster and thank me later, unless it's a joke.

No, even if it's a joke, you get rid of this right now, like i'm, going to get rid of it, this thing's a joke, not cool again. I i think it's not cool overall, i think it's not cool, i think, based on my logic, it is a not collider, because you're attracting the weirdo no way a super, not cool. I'm gon na go ahead and give myself a standing o good luck. Following that, you guys know what i would never do in a normal episode in the middle of cool.

Not cool is stop and make a huge massive announcement, but good thing: it's opposite edition, guys the dude, perfect. 2022.. That's happy! Tour tickets are on sale. Now, let's go 24 cities brand new show, perhaps our coolest cool, not cool items.

Yet i've heard a rumor that get crafty might be happening, no click the link in the description or click right here to go. Get your tickets. Now it's gon na be fun. See you guys in the summer that's happy named after one of the greatest phrases gear's ever come up with back to cool, not no, that it hurts my brain back to not cool cool.

I actually need to borrow something for me in order to display. My item. Would you mind taking your right shoe off for me and handing it to me wow, you really do only wear crocs gentlemen. I would like to present to you the croc spur.

Oh, my gosh, oh you're, having a hard time voting honestly here, hey think about this. You're right, it's it's! Actually it's one of the greatest things i've ever seen for a crock owner. I don't even have to change into my cowboy boots. Do you have another one for my other side, i do actually no way you want to put it on.

Yes, no, i i it was just getting away. You know it's a red, i own crocs. I would never attach those to them, and for that i mean out, there's no way that those are wearable, because you put that on your foot and i guarantee the back of it. Just rubs put it on your foot.

Ty, that's magical! Oh he wears socks. Oh, you got ta go. I genuinely think that that is cool. I agree.

Ty's instagram algorithm would definitely feed on this kind of a product. You need spurs for your crocs yeah. Absolutely again, i'm not sure if you should be happy or sad but good job. You know: what's cool is sports, you know what a cool sport is, basketball, yeah, yeah golf, i would say school baseball, you know.

What's not cool is when people try and take something. That's cool like a sport and just turn into a lackluster bad example. I would like to present to you guys i don't even have a name for it. That's how not cool it is, i guess i'll just see if it probably doesn't even hit the ball a hole in what you got a hole.

A man will admit when he was wrong. Honestly, i'm just glad this segment has concluded. What's next ty coming up next is not top ten and by the way, i'm not hosting it. What? Oh gentlemen, oh welcome, you know what i'm just gon na go ahead and say it he's not the guy.

As we all know, tyler had his chance in the sun and uh he blew it. There were 43 000 comments. That said, he must go welcome to the school brother gentlemen. Today we are going over the worst animals in the history of animals, god's worst work.

I would like to present to you the kappa bara. I don't even know what these are. Honestly, the kappa bara to me was too cute to put anywhere higher on the list, i'm personally interested in being a pedophile you're supposed to be ranking the 10 worst animals in the world. So all these should be bad.

It shouldn't be they're too cute, as one of the cutest animals in the world has one of the worst names i've ever seen. The bible says that adam named all the animals and i'm going to ask him about this in heaven one day. This is why the kappa bara deserves to be on the list moving right along to number nine humans. Oh wow, humans are number nine.

We should all be apologizing for it when's. The last time you saw a dolphin make this type of a mess in the world. If you're wondering to yourself why humans are on the list, we're all part of the animal kingdom guys what other animals generated, two billion dollars in habitat restoration, no need to linger on number nine. Let's move right along to number eight, the king vulture, the king vulture to me reminded me of ty's pendulum pain, there's just too much going on i'm finished.

This should not all be on one animal that guy's bald. Just like me, i will say a bold bird is not a good look, though it's not the last one we'll see today, gare moving along to number seven, the black mamba as the deadliest snake, brings back snakes in the coffin vibes. For me, i'm not here for it everywhere. I have a question sure, can you i mean.

Obviously i'm sure you are such an integral part of the set design here tons. Can you name two of the three animals that are on your set? The top one is a mountain lion, you're joking he's being a troll. I don't. I actually don't know what the top one is.

Are you kidding me number six chad? If you would just go fast, kobe, just get through it. Garrett we've got another ball joke coming. It's the marabou store. In my opinion, this is like all the people out there who you just need to get the hint and you see to shave your head.

This little guy's just got a little bit of fuzz hanging on and he needs to go. You just put the unofficial bird of uganda up on your list. Do you know that the marabou store can swallow 2.2 pounds of meat in one single swallow? Really? Yes, that's why it's an unbelievable animal. It doesn't matter.

He deserves to be on the worst animals in the world list number six, if you're not familiar, if you yell or show an umbrella to one of these fainting goats, they freeze and then they fall over. It's unbelievable. It's one of the coolest things the animals do unbelievable number. Four.

We are moving on to an animal that nightmares are made of the japanese spider crab one of the oldest animals in the history of the world. That's cool! I mean i just told them on the list, how you know how old they live. Do you know how old a spider? I dare you to show this to your child and hope that he sleeps through the night 100 years old, it's unbelievable. Those things live to be a hundred he's, probably 60 right.

Now it's unbelievable, i'm afraid to talk too much because i feel like an uncontrollable rage may come out and i've never really been scared of actually being the rage monster in real life. But i think we're getting dangerously close at this point and if i keep talking, i might explode number three is the animal who has killed the most humans in the history of the world. The mosquito i 100 agree with that great pick: okay, okay, yes! Finally, some could argue he'd be higher. What would happen if mosquitoes were eradicated? Would the whole food chain thing fall apart? Uh i haven't done a lot of study on it, but i would imagine they're pretty imperative.

Some may argue with me on number two. While this animal has not killed nearly as many people as the mosquito animal at number, two, i would argue, kills people on the inside. It's not number one, but hey i'm here. You know i i don't mind.

Cats, no they're the worst thing in existence. Oh okay. Okay, okay, the top three so far great to me: let's bring it home with the bank. I agree two and three i'm on board with.

We will give you one quick chance to take something from the list and replace one of your horrible answers. Yeah in hindsight, i would like to replace this black and white creature with the black and white creature, the skunk to me. That was a fail, because we just showed that he has no backbone. That was a test.

This is your top ten. You need to own your top ten. You need to be able to stand up. There say this is my top ten, i'm sticking with my gun and you just folded like a weak little stick in a windstorm cue, the clips to ty doing the exact same thing.

This is my show i like that this is hey. It's a group effort. What a rule i said we we bang home at number, one here, yeah, the wow, your top three was absolutely brilliant. If you have ever been bit by chiggers, you are feeling me right now.

We are vibing, strong, very personal story. I have here with the chickens that was a long month of recovery. Those bites they'll get you say it with me us three: no, they must go. They must go.

The future can only be here i'll, see you guys soon. I'm sure i'll be back comment below which of the three of us y'all want to see. Next, let me do us all a favor. We will head not to wheel unfortunate, but we'll fortunate you guys can use my hat for picking huh huh cubes great job options.

Take it how you will what i thought this was opposite edition wheel, unfortunately same logo. I cannot stand this. It's the laziest thing. I've ever seen you want to be on wheel by the way: ned's, not hosting hi, hey, corey, congrats, it's you and then it'll be you.

You want to spin the wheel and this person is not fortunate. Kobe is not i'm a lawyer, i'm alive the next person who is not fortunate cody. He is not fortunate. Let's do another one.

The next person who is not fortunate is, i got ta say if you get selected at the very end. This is a rigged show. I'm sorry buddy. Yes, just pick somebody hey, i don't care about.

This show hey. I honestly don't care who hey you deserved it. So do you. The person is in my hand, ladies and gentlemen, come on corey.

It hurts to take that from corey. Are you kidding me and in honor of opposite day, while the real host is away jim shorts is here to play we'll fortunate? I am your host jim shorts. My hair is long and my shorts are short, and today we have none other than garrett. The purple hosa come on down.

I have never been to see you today. Garrett is this show always like this. It seems very funny. Ah no, this show is not like this.

If it was like this, i would want to spin this wheel. Every day of my life, oh - and i somehow feel like - i have spent this wheel every day of my life before we spend. We must look at what you can win. We have every product made from apple, that's what i want.

I would love a shiva in new coin. I will tell you: well, i have 40 million of them i'll, give you one. Oh, we have gold bars dinner with somebody. I don't recognize them, yeah, that's horrible new cameras for the animals, that's very, very, very selfish! Oh, your supply of chicks and that one is not interesting to me in any way whatsoever all right, mr gary, because i am saying so you can do so spin that wheel.

Oh, i cannot believe it. We have a first edition, holographic charizard. Are we referring to what i think i did with my entire childhood? Is open, pokey, packs and hope and pray to god above for a card of a charizard, but because, if we are, i i need you to give it to me: hey gimmo. This is turning into gym.

Sorry, this is hey. This is turning into unfortunate for me, because i don't want to listen to you anymore. I am so. Let's go get my card, okay and then i'm going to sell it to buy my every apple product.

That's my goal: all right, i'm out of here we are here at the card shop. It is time for garrett to collect his fortunate charizard. Sorry, let's do it baby. This is insane i might retire.

You might you might wear the croc spurs what a day good day you have to. I believe this is the man with the zard. That would be me josh josh nice, to meet you, i'm sorry gary. I don't mean to hear it.

Is that what we call them? Uh zards, ah well, that's good terminology to have for them, but that's pretty much for everyone who's getting into it. Otherwise, you're looking for the big terminology would be first edition, shadowless or unlimited, and the big one is gon na. Be first edition shadowless wow, if you were to put a price on it josh. What would you put that at well? Price is all determined about grading cards and everything like that 3.0 right here, you know any words upwards of 10 000 is is pretty you know.

It's pretty high for a three, but this is better. Oh gosh he's about to just one up, so next you would have the venusaur and the blast. This is all the first edition shadowless trinity set and all together as the trinity. What would you say what the value is? I know that i'm kind of asking 35 for all for all three of them.

Your regular charizard feels a whole lot less cool, not to take anything away, but we need all we need to collect them. We got to catch them all, i'm back in i'm back in the game. Where can i buy some pokey cards? Let me give you a pack. I need a booster pack yeah all right.

We're done here back to the desk. No i'm not done yet. I'm not. I haven't even paid for mine yet scare.

I always wanted the first edition. Holographic tourism. Oh it's incredible! Yeah, as the saying goes. Good things happen to good people.

I don't think that's how that goes comment below and let us know if you want to see more card openings, because i could certainly go buy some more packs. I might go right back after this. In fact, i'm not i'm actually waiting for this episode to end that we'll do it for opposite edition. Let's hit him with the intro, oh nice! No, we don't have to.

We don't have i'm going to throw my hat first, okay and then now we're gon na say see, don't miss out on any videos subscribe, see you noggin pound it and pound. It.

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