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“Legend in the Making”
Performed by Jamie Lono
Written by Justin Beckler, Jamie Lono, Emily Kopp
Tough Mama Music (ASCAP), Jamie Lono (BMI), Move Yourself Publishing (BMI)
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the long bomb bounce back bucket, welcome to unpredictable trick shots. This is the drano bucket. Ah, what a bad ball sailed it. What am i doing? Do i just need to find a new job? Oh wait! You know what this is unpredictable right.

It's unpredictable. I thought orange stripe corner pockets. Let's look in the cup come on, hey, what's up guys, not gon na lie totally missed it. Okay, okay! You made it great shot, though corey, but wait there's more time for a little bowling, truss shot.

What kind of truck shot would that be with a helmet on here we got next shot is not a football shot, but a pinger show you got a soccer. Ball got a tire: is your classic tire shot not gon na lie? I spent 10 hours on that shot, busy, building, cornhole or gone comment below really small ball, really big hoop. Let's see what oh happened. Abs are on fire: oh whoa, hey car, hey! What are you doing, you're upside down, you're upside down that way just put a cup right there for me, i'm trying to do it better, high five, or did i check this out? Hey, who said a two-putt wasn't always good baby, i'm disappointed honestly.

I know what you're thinking is that a couch cushion in the middle of that concrete wasteland? Yes, it is, and i'm about to have one shot at glory in a phone toss, but before i do that, just so you guys know in case we don't get to do this down there. That's happy. Tour tickets are on sale june july. This summer little rock birmingham kentucky charlotte city near you.

Here we go one shot at glory. This is a tricky trick. My turn pick the cup, i'm ty the corner pocket guys yeah a little bit of an angle, help me out there, but you know still a good shot here. We go.

Oh, why do i keep missing left worst part? Is i didn't use my phone? I used kobe's phone mine's perfectly good, come see. Us, though, make it up to kobe. Do it for him, so this was worth it. Am i thinking football gloves with a baseball, that's weird.

What's even more weird is cody's doing the baseball shot? What is unexpected did that go in, let's do a slow, celly, just in case back at it with a corn hole, sure felt good. I've got to get this hole in the door. Fix. That's really going to be an issue working on a short game, ultra short game.

Much matter, don't forget it: 168, 168 red, hey hot! No, over there new ball who dis? That's what the kids are saying these days, anyways it's on the store, go check it out. It's nice, it's good good grip, good, shot, making ability check it out, left-handed, even cut it before the shot. It's not the end of the trick shot. This is it oh! Yes, it was yes, it was fine.

Folks, are you serious? This is worse trick. Oh she's! Leaking that was unexpected, say i am strong. I am strong, i am brave, i am brave, i can do this. I want you nope.

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