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We find GIANT CRYSTALS in search for treasure!!
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Welcome to treasure hunting battle, the dudes split up across the country to look for different types of crystals may the best treasure win we're getting bigger it's a good day. What guy is beating this we've hit the jackpot already just exited somewhere in arkansas just got to the site. We got the crystal collector here, he's going to help us dig for some cork. What we're looking for is the perfect six-sided quartz crystals, really clear.

It's perfect. Let's do it about within 10 seconds we hit crystals, i haven't even started digging yet um. You know it seems like a good size. I feel like i'm going to win this thing in 20 minutes we're at actually one of the best crystal locations in the world.

This mountain is just loaded. I come to break my neck. Oh my goodness, i see a fella. We made it very excited going for vinay tonight.

Roger has just communicated to me that we're going inside the earth yeah here we go so we've walked 100 feet below the earth's surface, we're going towards the end of the mine, and that is when we found it. This whole wall lights up multicolored with the ultraviolet light roger said, shine the black light on it and prepare to be amazed. Oh no, we're here in the great snowy state of michigan we're about to meet the guy who discovered the treasure we're hunting for eric. What's up my man hey what's happening, this is what you're looking for yeah.

They look so normal. Look like a gray or tan rock when you hit them with uv light. The the ions inside of them get excited bam. Dragon egg feel, like my whole, life's about to change it's about to change.

It's just kind of wild you're out there walking on the beach like normal, and you flip on your uv light and all of a sudden that first dragon egg pops up heck yeah come on now. Oh guys, we're just getting started. It's gon na be a long night in the best way it is a complete game. Changer get pumped guys.

We are at the quarry time to find some geodes. It's a good dick right. When i started it felt impossible. I'll, be honest, the rocks all look.

The same and when i say all i mean all right: let's play quick game, can you spot the geode go? This is not a geode we're in big trouble, but that's just a rock. I know it doesn't look it, but it's like 30s 40s out here so kind of brutal, i'm kind of staying warm, putting them boston getting height in the dreams. Here, we've arrived at topaz mountain topaz gets me jazzed. It's ty out here with david who's, helping us out today.

We are getting some charges set behind us from what i understand david. This is the most efficient way to find topaz. Yes, the topaz grow inside gas pockets in the rock okay and the best way is to blast apart. The rock a little tnt action sure would be nice if i had some like dynamite.

Sprott cheating now got some nice rock coming down time to introduce the manual labor to the mix. Digging for topaz is not for the faint of heart. If i don't have blisters by the end of today rhonda, i did something wrong we're about to dig with that. Uh, i'm not a big manual labor guy.

He digs the crystals will appear i'll pick them up ryan dig's about a 20-foot hole. We go down. I know this is in the bag. I mean, i know we're gon na find giant crystals.

I feel like we're getting bigger. Oh yes, i feel, like i'm gon na call it we're gon na go play some golf together. Garrett probably played golf, the second half of his day, kobe's going for some glow in the dark rock and ain't. Touching this check out this pile i've got, i feel so bad for the other guy.

I just googled how to identify geode from the outside. It is a round-ish rock that is hollow-ish and has crystal looking formations inside of it. Here's a normal rock here's, a geode, see the difference, started a little slow and then eventually got some momentum. It's a good dick! Look.

These shiny, bad boys right here probably can barely stare at the screen. That's so blinding i'm just hoping there's only a little bit bigger, i think, and hopefully we'll find it, but if not boom rhonda showed me the ways i feel like. I am i'm not gon na say a master topaz finder, but the topaz calls to me. Oh chad, we've we've hit the jackpot already.

My first tope has findings. Oh look at that. My gosh i got ta get this sucker out. I got jazzed about topaz.

You know if i've said it once i've said it a million times. Oh guys, it's over. Look at this and the easiest way to explain mining is you're, either an inch away from a million dollars or a million inches away from a dollar. I told you i'm going to help you win this competition.

First of many i got little nuggets tiny gems, big stones, giant cherry bombs, baby. It was insane oh wow, that just fell in my life. Last time we were hunting for treasure. I threw my wife's uh wedding ring lost it.

My wife's gon na kill me. Well. Don't worry, babe got you a new crystal. I think i might redo my wife's wedding ring with that one.

Please find me a clip of the other guys finding absolutely nothing started off kind of small until we hit the pocket and we started pulling out crystals and just filled basket after basket after basket. If this thing's based on quantity, i definitely won if this thing's based on value, i definitely won how many gs you think we smashed today buddy every once in a while. You smash something that you think is a rock and it's actually geod and you completely regret it. Oh my gosh, i just broke a jib.

Oh, i should have saved that one. We got a nice piece there. That's all the uh, hammering we're gon na do on the mountainside, it's kind of tough. For me to pick my favorite cause, i got so many special pieces.

This needs to come out. Look at that got. You got a crystal here. I don't know how to get around it.

I mean if i can get that out in one piece what you want to get behind them. Oh crap. Oh my god. Oh that's, the one! That's dude wait till we wash that jackpot.

I was born to dig for courts all right, guys, there's a dandy yeah the day tonight. Yes, it's a good day taking a break from the veneto night to find wolfenite crystals check those guys out. Oh this is nice. This is insane.

The whole thing is hot lava, holy actual cow dude. That might be the ball game. Yes, if that doesn't win you, i don't know what it takes to win. We're struggling couldn't really find anything much bigger than you know like a small racquetball and had to activate the backup no way a geode we're safe.

We got our crystals. Let's start washing. I think geodes are the most fun rock in the universe. They're like easter eggs.

You crack them open and the fun part's inside that looks horrible. That looks absolutely atrocious. I think i'm about to get absolutely demolished. So i'm about to do a quick spray paint job see you guys, judge time.

Boys are back, and it's uh time to rock and roll see what they did there rock and roll. I brought in the crystal collector yup, what a guy brian won't! You debrief us a little bit on each rock type and uh. Give me a little knowledge of what i'm judging here and then we'll get to the judging momentarily. So we've got a nice table full of stuff.

You guys y'all get really really awesome. These are geos guys. They all cut open. Really nice geodes are worth more when they're bigger.

I have a question because i've never seen purple. I found a purple hoser geode you painted it. He literally painted it. Five minutes ago i walked in here saw the other guy's rocks, and i said i need to pivot.

Here we have arkansas quartz clusters. This piece is hands down the best piece, maybe two thousand dollar piece, wow yeah. So with these topaz crystals. This is a really good lot.

This is a outstanding piece, they're much much more rare than almost anything on the table. I'll take that looks like you just stepped off the plane, essentially just came from the mine, and it looks like you went to the veneto night section and the wolf and knight, which were also pretty rare crystals. If i had to choose one piece off this table for my collection, it'd be this wolf and knife. This could be a thousand dollar piece and it is i've been out there a few times and i haven't found one that good, hey what we've all been waiting for.

These are hooper lights, yeah, they are cuba, lights, derrick, regular rocks, not anymore. Oh my goodness. Wow! All right well sparks uh. Do what you will with that information? It's gon na be close all right.

You know how it works boys, starting at five working our way to one no hesitation, five right here, take care core see you guys number four t-pass. Would it be completely inappropriate to pull a jesus and flip both these tables over right? He just called it t-pass audio here's, my reasoning. I don't even want to hear your reasoning, i'm just not jazzed about the topaz in third place. I expected the use to be a little more lit and the winner of treasure hunt it's a good day, i'm a sucker for courts, i'll, be honest, absolutely beautiful.

The real winner here crystal collector. Thank you, my man and a big shout out, and thank you to the other experts who helped make this video possible. If you want more info about them, click the link in the description below crystal collector sign us off pound. It noggin see ya.

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