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First to 4 wins... WINS! You HAVE to try these challenges yourself!
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Welcome to the ultimate tick, tock challenge: win a challenge win a star. First of four wins. It all. Welcome to the toilet paper.

Tug rolls this is the tablecloth challenge. Let me show you how it's done boys. This is a lot harder than i expected welcome to oreo face wigglers ready, oh guys, i'm so close. 25 balloons, 25 darts, most balloon pops is the winner.

I missed the board just crossed my mind that if you throw the darts up, they might all swipe down and pop all your eyes. Oh bold strategy, cotton. I don't come up with great ideas very often, but i think that might have been one as much as i would like to take corey's technique. This will be my own version, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the blindfolded balloon challenge, and then there were three baby.

I want this star so bad final round in three two one done next challenge perfect circle challenge. This should be easy. Three, two one here we go. If you want to know this is the center of the circle.

We are good at this two one go! No! Oh, it was terrible that wasn't good at all. I mean they all look the same. This is the issue here. We go perfect circle.

Time go. Oh, i did it. I did a perfect circle. Can rolling challenge? Let's roll that's off the tape, oh you're, going for plus one oh and he did it together.

You look weird egg challenge. Last man standing is the winner three two i one it too low and it just skipped on by didn't hit the no loader. That is a strawberry welt on the chicken, oh yay. I thought it was me.

Two remains for one star. Please call me chloe one breath candle challenge here we go a little bit good luck, blowing with those teeth brother, oh your beard's gon na catch on fire. Can we get a replay ping pong stair step challenge first person to make all five cups is the winner? Are you ready boys anybody else think cody should take off his makeup. I can't take it anymore.

Take your makeup off. You look like a weirdo next challenge. Tipsy soda can challenge one continuous drink. One chance at balancing glory come on t.

Oh, that's way too much, no way, no, no way. No! That's too heavy, oh somebody's in the office get out of here purple hoster. How do we feel? Can i just go? Go alright here we go. Don't short yourself, don't short yourself, you lucked out with squirt what a phenomenal beverage wow you really protrude your lips when you drink it, you look like you're from whoville.

Got it he's already shaking the kid does not drink soda. Are you? Okay, why are you convulsing not even close? Not even close, you got it let go. This is the torpedo balloon challenge. First, through the ring wins chase.

Oh, it's actually pretty close rpg that didn't work. Let her go slow burner thanks for playing welcome to treadmill racers. Last car standing wins, go, oh and the track is warming up. You stay right.

There. Oh we've got a cop car we've exceeded the speed limit, pulling somebody. Okay, hey we'll, give him a shot. Congrats cubs on your one battle win a year guys, if you want to see kobe, probably not win on our tour tickets, are available right here.

Go get them now. If you want to see the last video click right here subscribe down here, signing off for now pound it.

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