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Our most EPIC airsoft battle yet!! Thanks to our friends at PUBG: NEW STATE for sponsoring this video! Click here to check out the brand new BR: EXTREME mode only available in NEW STATE!
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Welcome to snow sniper, airsoft battle solos, let's party time for airsoft in the snow last, one with balloons, wins just going to be fun, nobody's coming right down the road come on thanks for the slot buster that was borderline, a miracle shot. If i get the win, that's four airsoft battles in a row: it's just a beautiful day to be out on the slopes. There's no rush, the balloon popping can be later. I don't have a weapon right now, i'm just enjoying the uh baby.

I don't have a weapon, yet what a cheap shot looks like a great gun also looks extremely heavy. Just gon na lay the lace. This will work a little smoke action there. I've always wanted to say this line, sun's out guns out baby.

Oh yeah see a little cabin and stuff down there. Let's do it all right, dude, there's corey he's coming down. Definitely out of range corey didn't see us he's down at the bottom, as you can tell we're back to solos, which is a good thing, because kobe is obviously a massive liability. What a start! Let's go baby! No, let's go! Let's way, let's go! Don't pop don't fall, please be what i think you are.

This is a prank. This is a joke. Does anyone have like a knife or a chainsaw? Come on baby? That's the two for one special. This is not the miracle.

Let's rally we got a building down here to our left. I think we're gon na go. Look at, i don't think anybody's hit it yet, but we'll see, let's go. How is gary make sure he's not coming behind us again.

Okay, oh he's gone how'd that guy get get around the building so fast. How many did i lose just one? Oh god, i got ta find some cover. Oh, let's go back and get some high ground. Keep it slow all right, real, quick thanks to our friends.

At pub g new state for sponsoring this video make sure to check out the new vr extreme mode, that's only available in new states. No i'm kidding nobody's coming click the link in our description to download and experience the new truly mode. Now, look phenomenal smoke, grenades! Look at all the hand, warmers oh snow sniper is awful. I don't know why i left camping a shield if i lose now no excuses 100 on me, drone shop - oh my goodness, so light so compact put that in the pocket.

All right. Let's figure this thing out all right. All that matters right now is another balloon. Dynamo balloon baby 500 worth it order.

Drone delivery. Here comes the thick boy. That's a drone drop. Let me go find that one we're making a play.

I got my big boy come on. Sorry drone. Oh someone taped this on. Like a science teacher got him, we got ta go well, he has another balloon.

Are you kidding me we're running shoot? Oh dude jackpot! Look at this guy! I ain't no coward! Oh, i think i broke my kneecap. Oh good news is hot. Chocolate should be ready for me. Oh if i can move my knee twice.

I bet you three times come on baby. I know it's you. I guess i'm just gon na have to get close to him. Oh wow, tactical tt, with the smoke i have smoke too mustard.

Oh, my goodness guys, hey the four pizza over my friend scout drone. Okay, i'm down for that. Let's go to the back side of that big building and see. If we can, i don't need anything from that crate.

I'm gon na hide right here. Let it be bait. Whoever comes and waste him all right. It's either going to be a really good decision or a really bad.

It's really decision you smoke, i'm here, he's sitting behind the trailer. Let's go no way. Finally, my first airsoft victory ever core should have happened. Let's go.

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