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Games with Consequences is back, and a real life ROBOT DOG.. YES! Time for OT17!
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Where's ty uh you're a bear he's in a crock he's losing a croc. That's just two screws, sorry guys back door was locked had to come through the roof. There's an opening, that's the glass! No! It's not yeah! You can't get through here, john. I know that what yeah, who installed glass there i had ryan, do it cue the intro tall guy beard, twins, purple hoser, dude perfects in overtime, tall guy, weird twins, purple hoser, now we're heading on.

Why are you wearing sunglasses? I got attacked by a stray cat over the weekend that doesn't sound like a true story. Oh oh, oh whoa yeah. He was not de-clawed. Obviously anyways.

Let's move on. We got a great show for you guys today, corey. What's your first segment games with concerts. That would be real unfortunate cops.

What's the third segment yeah, what's the first segment cool, not cool, it's gon na be a good one. Well, remember, uh that guy's not partaking and cool, not cool, oh wow, keep in mind. Corey is serving a one-game suspension been there. It's time to dive in to some games with consequences, i'm ty and i'm garrett, and it is a beautiful night for some games with consequences.

The game we're playing pga tour. 2K. 21. Kicking it off at monte.

Cervino got two contestants going head-to-head in stroke play. I just want to say i'm excited for this game because it is a game, that's great, with friends and multiplayer accessible for anybody to pick up and learn. It has tons of depth for the hardcore golf fan. If you say so, you know, we've got a wonderful sideline reporter tonight.

I believe his name is floyd floyd floyd, chester nut is the name i'm up from the junior tour and if you think this is fabricated, you're dead, wrong, perfect combo of shampoo and conditioner equals great flow. That's enough about me, though, where do you recite from? What's your name, my name is cody. This is my first night on the sticks. Gon na take down this salmon colored pink fella, it's gon na be a good night.

Here we got uh corey now here we got kobe, okay, tough night for chester on the job. I'm excited to be here yeah right now. My mind is already in monte and i'm halfway down the first fairway three holes uh best score at the end of that is the winner. As with games with consequences, there will be penalties and consequences after most, if not every shot, we've got the characters portrayed in real life, and, i do say poor trade in the truest sense.

How life-like and detailed these guys are resembled in the game? Oh and live from the 10th tee box from the woodlands, texas, kobe, cotton, good luck, sucka dusty! Oh he absolutely fights it second! On the tee box, cody jones! Oh, did that hit a tree. It did and the beautiful maple trees of monte servino are spewing. Maple syrup right now: oh this beautiful material. Oh these are my favorite pants one of the downfalls of booking that first tee time is sometimes the grounds crew is not quite finished yet, and i think we've got a mower.

That's getting a little too close to kobe. Cotton here after that, first shot, unfortunately, for him, oh - and he pulled it a little bit - that was a lot of grass pulled off an unbelievable one, absolutely holy toledo. I am absolutely covered in grass. He looks like a chia pet.

I think there's some gusty winds. Yeah and he's gon na have to contend with that. Yes, for the punt, oh we need. Oh, no chunky codes is back up.

The thick grasses up in monte, cerveno are known for their uh snakes. Oh my god, are you kidding me oh and he shakes one. No okay, okay! I'm done! I think i think i'm not is this poisonous and he bangs it in the back of the cup and there he is kobe, with a two-stroke lead heading into hole. Two you go into the maples, then you get on the green, but overall the sticky situation.

If you will what went wrong the syrup, mainly just the syrup on the tea, we have uh kobe, oh and he's fast waiting. Oh come back! Oh, do you have a corpse to throw on kobe for that one? Oh morbid, jokes from the large man? Okay, it's amazing what you can do without syrup on your head all right on to the next shot? Oh, no! Oh! No! It's slow get up. He hangs on you know you hate to see inclement weather come in so quick. It's this beautiful day.

That looks like a cumulonimbus known for producing large quantities of hail. Oh, this is the worst night of my life. I thought cody put on the extra pounds to play through it, i'm so mad. Ladies and gentlemen, i've got some unfortunate news.

The cart girl took that turn too sharp and out spilled all the peanut butter crackers and they look peanut buttery. I can't hear you. This is insane, yes, show your shots, oh no. How is he doing? He couldn't even hear floyd lloyd.

What's his name, floyd floyd. Could you get us a uh up close look at that. Please. Can you hear me what was that you still got 24 feet to go? Oh that's him! It is his first gig and it looking like it might be his last.

If you know what i'm saying cody is up for his pot. Am i waiting for a skunk? Oh and you know what we've got a pack of coyotes running around behind him right now, are you? Are they at least trained? No, i think those are actual wild coyotes. Those are unplanned. We did not have that one in the boat yeah.

That just happened. Let me send a signal to my power animal whoa. What is that whoa? That my friends is what happens when you play golf around water? I think we've got a gator in the house. Oh my gosh, this thing's bite ears dude! Oh, oh wow! Oh no! He's about to clamp down, oh, is he so good and he shorts it? The gator is getting feisty he's attempting the death roll yeah.

Oh my goodness. I've only seen this on national geographic. I can feel them breathing on my leg cody. I think you really need to sink this for bogey.

Why is the gator still with me? He needs this. It's gon na be a little uphill and he absolutely sinks a buttery biscuit, and it appears one of the patrons who was hit has taken it upon himself. Oh yeah, there it is oh there it is and he has to punt right now. He has to pop out he has to, he has and he sinks it.

Monte. Servino is an unpredictable monster. Oh and we got a finisher for the ages, a 529 yard par five into the win he's down by one down by one headed to the final hole. I believe i'm ready.

Four, oh no appears they just turned the sprinklers off. Oh, no, then you hate to see it with one great shot todd. Do you see that i do see that say it ain't, so i thought the dust storms were behind us. The sandstorm is striking.

Oh no, oh! No! Oh no! Oh i'm kidding, i'm kidding. Oh wow gives himself a birdie opportunity, i'm kidding cody going for birdie. This is for the win. Oh my goodness, but you know what gare right behind the patrons there is a glaring, blinding light that is nearly impossible to see through.

This is a low budget show. My goodness and kobe kobe needs it. No, he is looking the same line for the tie for the tie. He didn't want him four, he sinks it wow, and this is a big putt.

Coming up. Will we head to a sudden death play-off, i'm not risking it for more penalties, i'm getting out of here man, i can't do another hole, see ya good night. It's over you're, the winner get me out of here, i'm going home good for you. I don't even think there's a trophy, i have to say i did not see it finishing like that.

He probably doesn't even know that we were completely out of consequences and it would have been a very enjoyable final round before we head back to the desk. We would like to thank 2k for sponsoring this segment to purchase a copy of the game for yourself click the link in the description also chester, nuts you're fired oh and he's throwing a shoe. Yeah he's just throwing a shoe on the oh. He there's a second.

Oh no, there goes the jacket. Oh no, oh yeah, i told you it was fake back to the destination. Unfortunately, i'll take my hand back all right. Thank you, ty in the past.

That was a great throw appreciate. You uh! You look good by the way, thanks for hanging out guys. We know what time it is. Chad, cue, the most unfortunate music you could find right in this moment.

Go! Oh okay! Stop the sad music because i have an announcement. I'm a gamer! Now, if you want to catch me at sparky on the db gaming channel, we just get more zone dubs and it's awesome go back to the sad music chad who's gon na select, i think, corey. I cannot stop the sad music cause corey's gon na, not, though cause i'm actually suspended from this segment. No, that is not how this works.

No, no cory's gon na pick give it up for him. Ladies and gentlemen, i can't chad cue the sad music you're, not a team player. No, i am no, no he's not he's, not a team player, not a team. No, i really am cue.

The non-team player music, chad, cody's picking, okay, i'm like guys, that's not how this works. It doesn't matter it's how it works today, see y'all knows so much better. When it's not me, i've never seen him before huh. Who is that i'm dale tweedly and it's good to be with you, brothers and sisters? My stepdad told me to i could make twenty dollars if i this one, if i just come on the show and then fill it for uh enforcer brother he's going to sabbatical, you know it's not gon na be a lot of pay, but it'll be good at The end of the day hey come on out brother.

What's your name, where's ned, he told us yeah. I i only do the show with nick the producers are saying, get in front of them: okay, yeah, the better. It's a better yeah nice man. No, i got.

I didn't even tell you my story, so i'm last night, i'm up all of a sudden. The dogs start losing their minds, the dogs are going down and i'm out there and i'm like. Oh, i better grab my crossbow and go out to the back 40 because across the creek it sounds like there's some there's some trucks they're loading up, and i hear metal, blinking and banging, and god it's just crazy out there. You know what i bought and i had on me in my chevy's i'll show you don't go anywhere.

I bought this. The titsy fly masterpiece and i snuck up on one of the cattle rustlers and i stuck look. Let me show you what i did hold this now. There's a couple big-headed, weird fellas right between the eyes and i'll, just drill it i'll tell you what it didn't, kill him, but it knocked him out for about 30 minutes.

I just spin the wheel hold on the other. One is this: is my punch hold this hold? It is this my unfortunate punishment? Can i i just suffered through listen, i just the other one stuck up on me from behind like this. Oh god him and then they continued to just oh and he comes and he swings at me and i went oh and then it was a fight to the death with the last one. You'll, like i said, bring it on me: cha-cha, it's halloween yeah.

This is my penalty, isn't it you know what i forgot to tell you, i'm gon na go ahead said: let's do this brother, hey what? What does that mean? Oh that's what that means. I got that no damn quickly. My first time on a show, i never got off this one. No, no! I never fall out of this one.

You know what you know what you know what brother brother, hey! You know what what i'm going to tell you a story: brother, okay, okay, okay, you know what i got you stay right, there, don't move, don't move, go ahead and select one out of the other pitfall, give it a good mix, and you already selected it all Right spend a day as gene simmons walk on i'll pick, whatever i'll do, whatever all right. Thanks brother and sister we'll see you next time stay with me. It is time to unveil the gene. Should we look at him? Oh yeah, it's not! My real tongue.

Wait! Put that back tongue again that looks creepily real. I don't know how you got that penalty, but i love it. Can i get rid of this? No that's the best part i would get makeup on and i thought all i had to do was dress like this. Whatever - and he said no, you got to go out in public.

Did you film it yeah? Of course here you go. You know, honestly, when i landed on the question mark. I i didn't know what was happening then, when he said i had to dress up at gene simmons i was like. Is it that bad and yes and go grab some lunch? Can i do five? Four finger? Meals, i can't let you come through like that, without getting you on, like our group chat, you do know who i am, though right uh, i don't know like what i'm dressed as, of course yeah.

Okay yeah. I honestly, i can't believe you did this every night. This is brutal. Thank you.

You know on a nice summer day in texas, gene would get ice cream how's it going. I'm pretty toasty. To be honest, you know who i am dressed, as someone's felt like a kiss kind of day. I had to take a picture.

Oh absolutely hold on my my hair is oh yeah man, people love gene. I love it. Man, you guys here to see dude, perfect lincoln. Is that daddy or somebody else can you give me a kiss? Well, skarma kids got some ice cream and uh hope it was worth it.

What an effort all right next time, i'm just gon na drink, a hot pocky smoothie if it lands on me, oh okay, i'm not doing whatever that weirdo wants. Where are we heading out today? Betcha as gear hinted at it's time for bet, show. We've had some pretty good batches in the past right the moment that we first hit that diamond with a hammer that was just like mine grenade, central okay. We also had not great ones: cody uh floating a mile.

I was training one of these that was like the opposite end of the spectrum, like not that mind-blowing. This one is diamond level. Also it's a first. This is the first ever we betcha, because kobe and i have come to the table united as one second time you guys are in for a treat come on into the betcha room tyler and i, as a dynamic duo, betcha that this entire table full of cotton.

Candy will fit in this here. Tiny glass no way. I love the concept, and i understand that. Yes, it's gon na dissolve.

That's a huge table. Ain't no way jean says no cotton candy, sir! Yes is the official betcha that it will not overflow the cup correct. All of this will just be gone into this. There is cotton, candy drippage down this side, yeah, okay! No! No! No! Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls enjoy this.

That's pretty! That's pretty amazing! That's one of the most satisfying things i've ever watched. If you guys do this and it's gone wow and it's gone just like that, and it filled up at least a centimeter yeah. No, it says adios yeah. You can't believe it dude.

That might happen. Look it's getting so so! Full you all are crazy. It is getting a little bit it's getting a little more full, i'm getting nervous! Oh my god, we're not even halfway through it correctly we're fine i'll. Allow you to change right now, yeah yeah, yeah rebound all right, i'm on there all right, you're on your own.

He brought the idea up to me. I didn't want to do it just so. You guys know the betrayal is the biggest emotion i'm feeling the second biggest is is disappointment. You know, i think, there's still glimmer of hope.

The table it's starting to open up. Maybe if you make it extra compact, that's what he did there. What we have on film that you're, not a man of integrity, hey, maybe you ball everything, that's left up into one ball and then you're going to think about. It is the last ball i'll help.

You just so we realized how far away you really were from doing this. Not that far, if you really think about it, one rope short just like that he's going to try and take it. Oh guys, look how close it was. I mean 12 winners fans at home.

We we don't fake this stuff. If we make a betcha, we we see what happens. We'll see you next time. No, no, no, take a seat.

You and ty have to take a seat nope. What do you mean before it was on fire chug it one more? No, that's good! That's good! That's all! You need i'll, be honest. I've, tasted, worse ty and i were really wrong. Gene sent it.

You guys got to clean up. First, we'll wait, we'll wait upstairs! Go i'm ty, i'm kobe, and welcome to a new segment. We like to call instant regret what we meant to betcha gone gone still gone just as impressive as the cup i told you, we should have used. Well, you blew that one who's, you you! You were looking at me when you said that if anybody knows a good counselor, we're gon na need to go to one.

You know what just got ta cool, not cool. Moving on welcome to cool, not cool, where corey is serving a one-game suspension, is that a noise? Do we need to tee him up right now? I got it we'll just do wheel next time. I don't hate it with a verbal confirmation. If you oppose corey doing wheel with a verbal confirmation, all we need is one one: no, okay! Well i guess the people have spoken, the people or the people of not smoking.

Was that worth it to you. Yeah, who wants to kick us off gene will, if you guys ever been to one of my concerts. You know i love fire and boy. I brought something that changes the fire industry who knew that's from the cave, who knew you could revolutionize the fire industry.

If you ever get stranded out in a campfire with your family and need to turn on your phone or charge something, i got the thing for you, the bio light. This thing right here turns fire into electricity. You put some handy wood in the pit. You light the fire and then check this out.

The fire makes electricity, wait for it. Oh look at that. Could you charge your phone or just yeah? Hey is this? Is this all? You can use a phone charger right here for you there. It is.

Oh, so you could just get sticks from around power, your phone and you would theoretically never run out of energy correct because a forest is filled with sticks. I don't know what you're burning, but i'm allergic to it, and for that reason i'm out i could use a little but remember if you plug in if the phone turns green, which you should hit that green button it does you know what i mean. You know smash that green. For me, oh there it is this to me is the type of thing that would be on shark tank and i love shark tank.

That's a green! Obviously, i'm in green and corey green just say it just just say: green yeah, you can just say, take that no all right i'll follow that as a family who purchased a puppy during the quarantine season. Sure i am well aware of potty training and the need for dog food and all the elements of chewing that go into owning a dog. I have provided today an item so cool that it could potentially replace the pet life. May i introduce to all of you a real live robot dog check this out guys he is a fully functioning non-potting puppy kobe.

If you would do me the favor of going and pushing my puppy in the shoulder, let me show you so powerful his ability to react. You can feel him move in the floor. Watch how cool this is. Oh he's, gon na break the tv look at that.

Hey: hey, don't break that tv! I've been there, it's not a good place to be that's a standing o for me. You get a standing goal from jegs. Well done! Standing open! Well done as much as i wanted to be a you there and just let you know what it feels like you wan na try to drive yeah. Let me drive yeah.

He can dance too yeah again ty. You know this. Isn't your item no yeah? I know, and for that i don't care what ty brings to the table yo, you guys, i bet you're. Did he just pre-vote good luck following that i'll go next? This is an item that was inspired by actually a previous item that we've had on the show.

One that i thought was simple yet particularly intriguing and useful, who had the watermelon slicer. Oh that was me. Oh my land. Here we have another version of that.

I guess for a different type of food: okay, corn on the cob, so you know a lot of people will you know, get the fork and then the knife and then they'll try and cut it. But you lose a lot of corn doing that you lose a lot of corn doing that not with this bad boy. What you do is you take the corn donut and you stick it right here in the middle of the corn cob once that's all. You start the process just like this looks really easy to use.

It's simple look at those veins, it's easy to use with ease and it comes right out and no issue whatsoever. Who is ready for some corn? The effort was there. I saw right through it from the beginning. Wait a minute.

No, i'm sorry! Here's the thing there. It is clear that you did not put any butter or salt on that corn and for that it's gon na have to be a red for me dog. Is he gon na get a super nice cool gear? Talk to me, brother yeah? I was that pre-voted. You expected that to go everything minus the reds yeah ty.

Do the right thing, hey look at me. Do the do the right thing and you push that button and you know which button i'm talking about. You know what i'm talking about the corn. Doughnut is wrong for all of us.

I just super not cooled my own eyes, that's big time, though. That's right, you know what that takes a man. It takes a man to admit when he was wrong, and today i was wrong. I'm tt and i was wrong opportunities to follow something that bad do not come around every single day.

I know ty just threw that, but i'm going red it just made gene so mad and all i can do is vote red hey. I apologize, hey, solid chance. I give you a green here. You know what he said.

He's going green yeah, i'm gon na. Do you a favor, go green yeah, you don't even have a green, oh yeah! You have to show us your product, yeah, that's what you got hey show and tell with no pressure, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. If you could please clear your buttons off the desk, i proudly present to you a kayak in a suitcase wow hold this place. Gene send her this way, don't mind.

If i do wow, it's got pads and seating just like that. What a design kayak in a suitcase wow - oh man, i might have to borrow this on the weekend, put it on the ground and get down in it. I want to see what it looks like deal. Happily all right boys.

Look at that very light. You guys are probably wondering yourself, but does it float? I've been here before i've already filmed a video of me in the water. Take a look boys we've seen this one, really beautiful perk about our office. So we have this disgusting pond in the back.

It's perfect. I'm not worried about getting wet, i'm worried about gators off. We go into the unknown. Oh dude.

I forgot how fun kayaking is you guys want to see a speed turn? Oh something just jumped coming aboard end of the day. Good item well done good job! That's! That's impressive! That will do it for ot17, thanks for watching guys, if you're not already a dude, perfect subscriber click down here. So you don't miss out on brand new videos, special thanks to our friends at pga tour. 2K.

21. For sponsoring this video click right here or the link in the description to purchase a copy of the game for yourself, if you want to see the last video click under here, see you next time where hopefully cody won't be wearing sunglasses and cory will actually be Able to talk in cool knuckles, oh and do the wheel, see ya.

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