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First RC cars, then RC planes, and now.. RC HELICOPTERS!! Another incredible DP Battle!
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First, up save as many army men as possible before the building burns down round. One incorporates a little bit of fire. Don't worry, safe demand codes. It's been tie on the ready look at that it works.

What did i dust him? You are no longer the safety guy. No, i got my helo here been spending a lot of quality time just to get to know the helo just made some homemade salsa with it earlier. Take a couple onions and you just stick them right in there, chops them up nice and fine. This also was great.

My fight is going to be even better. This is lima, echo, nine. We are ready for takeoff over he's out of the building. Oh wow he's making this look really easy.

Give him a minute: okay, nice, good grip, there's, okay! It's not the men that i save that i think about it's. The man that i was unable to save as of now two men home currently advancing to the finale, we'll see what happens jose here, got last place. Uh last battle wasn't good for me, i'm a podium guy always have been always will be, don't need a win. Need a third place: let's do this here we go.

Will you guys? Let me have a master's degree? Okay. Well, you forgot your master's degree. The first time you took it off hey, it is very windy. Don't you dare come this close? Oh he's knocked the army.

Men down, hey hi, my bad guys, you get away from me, he's right next to the building you're, not supposed to chop them into bits. I am not a helicopter pilot and the building is going up in flames right now. Oh no you've got to save. I at least did something to save the guys.

Garrett actually saved a lot of lives because he flung them so far away from the inferno. Oh and they were fine yeah checking in with an ed forrester shirt, one of my favorites, as you guys know, i won rc airplane battle, so this feels similar. Those guys are over there, we're winking at each other. Like yeah, you got me and i'm like.

I got you, i think he's gon na get zero. I thought we were gon na be honest. This year we are tim, kobe right here. Oh he's going so far, he's doing pretty good.

Oh, oh time's, a ticking! That's it! That's it go down! Oh no crash engine failure. I really thought on the crash. I saved somebody safety codes here. Oh, oh wow, that's good! We're gon na bounce back next round.

Unfortunately, my helicopter caught on fire and it crashed as a kid loved rc stuff i haven't played with them in a very long time. Expectations are very low. Hopes are very high. Let's do it come on call guys.

Wow stay this course and you're fine, you're, good, hey, you're, good, get up brother good job ty! It's over. We have a new leader, new camp champ. That's five total corey! Don't get six, i'm just now, realizing that we don't need to be here. We could go to round two and cory's gon na join us, hey, congrats brother.

Are you all serious? You still got ta go it's a good call. I'm gon na go log some hours on the flight. Can we grab lunch on the way seriously? Everyone just left me, except for cody, appreciate that still weird i'm rooting for it yeah we can shut it down. I think they were right.

I think it's time for round two round two. We are moving up in difficulty and helo size going for the impossible landing. The helicopter starts down here in the parking lot and you got ta, take her up and fly that bird all the way across the water park and land it on this tiny little platform, no chance closest to the landing pad we'll be moving on to the finale. Don't forget the hurricane that's happening currently sure you can probably tell by context clues.

It is gusty. Things are going to get broken today. I can assure you of that. Let's have some fun.

Obviously, i'm up. First, i'm ready to full sin brother. Here we go. Okay, wow, really climbing.

Oh, you have no idea how far you are right back, bring it back and drop it. Oh, no! You almost killed wall street. Are you insane? Is everyone? Okay, they're alive, yeah, we're good! This is a horrible idea. We were spinning absolutely towards five people.

First of all, they shouldn't have been downwind at a heli. Second of all, good luck, beating that brother. I feel great about that. All right, ty is up.

Next he's got to beat a 110-ish feet. How we feeling brother, not good, i'm feeling i'm feeling worse than when garrett went just do it there you go. Oh, he goes. We got lift he's in the air.

Oh he's doing great. I got it he's over the first slide. He seems under control. This is where i lost control he's doing great guys, oh a little deep little deep, oh no, a little deep, oh and he's going for it.

Oh this one's so close, dude, oh and he's going for it. Oh, i think we know what we have to do. Standing ovation wow all right: we've got a twin going next, two more flights to enjoy some more wreckage. Corey.

Look at me and tell me your confidence level, zero. All right. Let's do it. Bye-Bye corey bye-bye brother, i've been laughing, but i just realized.

I think i just got eliminated from the video you did. You did but you're in third place. Yeah i mean that's cool. I guess that's the best place to be brother.

When you get last place in two running battles, you get kicked off the dp team, so i'm now the camera guy toby's up last team kobe come on baby. Get it tight, i believe, come on. Let's do this. I want to see you go down with control in three two one and he's up.

Oh wow he's flying low low and right get up done. Oh he's going baseball field, he's full, send it into our rec center. I hit a metal bar, i'm off camera duty. I didn't get last place and tyler is officially advancing to face me in the finale tall guy tt manawi mono.

Good luck, new nelly, new teen knew me me too. No, that was one you were in the second one. Actually, the other one had like a little logo. Welcome to the finale.

We've got a copter search. We have a bandit loose in the city behind us in the form of a little mouse. We will fly over. The city find him with our search cop yeah.

We will oh look. There's chad, hey, hey! Oh sorry, i didn't mean to it's gon na be tough. Let's do it first, guy to spot the mouse for three seconds: wins: tt the helly man that rhymed better in my head. I don't know what i'm saying anymore.

Just use an intro from a previous battle: what's up guys, helium ty here at the finale, let's get it off 2021 third battle of the year. Looking for a dub team tall guy fans, don't think there's anyone out there, but if you are hope to not let you down have you ever been in a finale? That's good! It's funny! Three! Two one go! Oh wow! Here we go. Where is he nope? That's just the street. Oh i see him.

I see him, don't say anything golly. This is an elusive mouse. Where is he? I can't find him he's by the wall. You have to have him in frame for three seconds.

Why can't i see him? Who is this? Wow, it is very tough to keep this stable. Oh i got a glimpse of him hold on. I just got a glimpse of him, but i lost him. Go cheddar! Oh, i had a glimpse where'd that little goober go there.

He goes he's going up i-95. Does anyone see him, i see him, you do yeah. This is so exciting. He's on the outside.

Where are you mouser is dude. You've got to be over him, he's going. What are you doing? Sorry sorry wow. That was unbelievable.

Thank goodness. Cody already won wow.

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    The guy flying the camera drone: Hehe boiiii

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