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Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!
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Intro: 0:00
Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
Get Crafty: 06:00
Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
Hack Attack: 20:26
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Coming up kicking it off with wheel unfortunate with a unique twist followed by get crafty, then bringing back wives versus chad in a brand new segment to round us off hack attack. Let's go, let's go to the first one who thinks wheel unfortunate needs a shake-up. Oh cancel it, i love it. I've only been picked once that's not where i was going with that.

I was going to say we could go spin know what's happening, then come back and draw. That makes it worse. I know because we would know what's happening as we draw. I like it, i'm going.

Oh that's right, we would go there first. I didn't even think that threw in my head, ladies and gentlemen, i'm king dad surname whichever you prefer. I was voted on by my peers, as the king of game shows. That's why they gave me the crowd great to be back with you.

I've got a wonderful special show for you guys today, i've been told we're gon na have the whole dude perfect grill, coming off the show, it's virtually a dream. Come true. Please put your hands together. This is incredible great to see you guys.

God is a huge fan of everybody, especially you die. Do we have time for this? Can i give you a okay? I won't give you a hug, i'm sorry guys. I got ta just take this phone, but you know what they say strike while the iron's hot. Well, i'm feeling the bird i'll die.

I got an incredible business opportunity. Two things: people love timeshare, multi-level marketing. I combined them. Some people say it's pyramid skeet, it's not really it's a pyramid, but it's not a ski.

In this case, you make i'm sorry so i'm so sorry. I would love to hear that i got ta. Sorry guys just spin the wheel for me guys. Let me know what it lands on yeah we're sorry about that.

He would have been perfect for that. Okay, i'll tell you about it some other time. You know what he's probably calling his agent. He is he's so excited about the opportunity, nothing against you guys.

I was really hoping for ty to hear a couple more pitches from me, but you know what, while you're, here i'll pitch you one of my other business opportunities, yeah i'd rather not pet turtles, my pet javelina named igloo as a child. He died. I decided to create a company that will eternalize them forever. This one here comes with the removable plug.

It's a small up charge about 35, okay uh, oh hey, bryson! Another opportunity for you guys to invest in prop blocks; no! No! No! No! It's fake! You want to invest in a weight loss, the pyramid scheme, kind of interesting yeah, pet turtle. Think about that one too. Do they even know what they're supposed to do? I don't even know why they get braces and ty certainly doesn't need them, but that guy's got a smile like a sunrise. I think we'll brighten your day.

The longer i thought about it. I think i'm actually going to go in with ned on that investment really yeah, because if i convince them, think how many people would be under me, making me money, making ned money someone's getting braces by the way, that's what it landed on yeah, yeah wow. Oh the names this is so horrible. Last time we went with jerry's boot, oh we did that panned out horribly.

We will never draw out of a boot again. I actually thought i loved it. Oh, my goodness, we're letting destiny decide. All we need is one name to fall out of this guitar read it read it.

I hate this game so much, there's james, dr james ready for some braces. We want top six and and do it just as aggressive as you need to okay, you just you. Do you have you had braces, i have yeah. Do we have to sit here the whole time? I feel like it's kind of a long process.

I would appreciate you guys to be here all right open for me. Thank you very much. That's a good fit. This is yours, i'm gon na have you brush wow dp toothbrush available on walmart near you.

How much did they pay you to say that they didn't? This is a good deal. I actually they're, not hey. This is a wheel unfortunate penalty quit enjoying it now. This part you got to be as still as possible.

Okay, oh gosh! I feel it's close all right now, once i place these, the glue is going to be on there. It's bonding to the tooth. Okay, we're going to place the wire. You know what you remind me of the girl in finding nemo when she walks in with her new fish.

That's you, i hope, guaranteed somehow get more crooked after i one of these. Oh last one final piece folks, and then we got ta wire it up position. It wow: how are you feeling at this point ortho james he's, he's a good patient. I was a little worried about it at first yeah me too.

I think the bottom would look good he's saying, put it on the bottom right here: yeah right across the box, yeah from left to right on the bottom got it. Oh, that's what we were waiting. Here's like what's happening, that's fun, to see hey, let's go get a box of skittles and let's play a game trying to get game. It's going to be fun sour patch trick shot.

Oh, that was here sorry buddy infection. We got a rimmer, it's like a carnival game way harder than they look. So now we are placing the wire. So how do you feel lovely? You look lovely yeah thanks.

I can't even put my lips on. I, like you, put your hand down and smile. I'm a purple hoser and i'm gon na embrace it that's unfortunate back to the day, give the people what they want. Gary yeah can't eat popcorn anymore, i mean literally popcorn's off the table, apples laughing, say apples again, i'd rather not okay.

You know what time it is. It is time to move on from the braces to get crafty with braces. Let's head there now we're putting braces on people sparky checking in as judge and today we're getting crafty. Yet again, it's gon na be fun, taking it back.

Old-School kind of elementary egg drop with a little twist, though these eggs, slightly bigger boys ostrich eggs, we're gon na drop the ostrich eggs from different heights. You survive, you advance the goal, not let this bad boy break simple enough with that said boys, let's get crafty, can i just choose whatever i want. You know you can like. Let your lips hit your braces.

It feels very weird, it's foreign feel free to just talk. Naturally, i can't this is not my first time to do an egg drop third grade. I won the competition trust me on this one. I have no idea what i'm doing.

It's really hard to think because uh braces i'm just i need to get through this episode. This is just rough there's a reason. Amazon uses boxes to deliver your fragile stuff. First of all, i've never seen tai so clueless, and i get crafty it's kind of weird.

Seeing the twins more confident than time, i've got a plan, and today is the day for team cory to get a get crafty win balloons all the way around my egg. I feel pretty good about it. I'm gon na cut this football in half it's real soft foam and then the egg's gon na sit right on top cradled in just like a nest out in mother nature. Let me go on record.

I've never been more confident and get crafty strong words for a guy who had no idea what his plan was like six minutes ago, pretend there's an egg inside amazon, priming himself and l overnight shipping. I can't believe i'm about to say it's on camera delete this. Don't put this in the video, i just blew up my balloon with helium and i went to set it on the table. It started to fly away and it caught me off guard.

It was helium, so it shouldn't surprise me: the egg goes in. There drops down boom, absorbs it. Egg is safe. The only thing more annoying than your face with braces.

Is that sound like there's a decent chance? I get a call from like a huge engineering firm after this, which one can you think of any not the right tool for the job, but hey for effort. I guess wait. That's your thing. Huh! It's gon na work.

I know mine's not gon na work. So it's gon na go out beautiful. My main concern right now is just the bounce up. Oh no somebody get it on film.

Oh goodness cut the camera. I really do believe in corey long term he's gon na win one eventually right. Not today, then, you put the bird nest right inside carved out football. Then he adjusts coax her right in we're so good, just a quick nomination for the worst looking project and get crafty history, that's fair! I would like to put this up there.

Five four three, two one: the projects are done now, it's time to drop, but first, let's go visit. The guys see each individual build. What do you think she's a dandy? It's unique i'll put it that way. It doesn't look the part, but good luck bud.

Thank you. My good man welcome to the bird's nest. Look how just cozy this egg is nestled. Good luck! Buddy! I like your build appreciate it.

You were looking at winning with flying colors inspired by up yeah your name. Oh no question! This is going to be used in the sequel, obviously still in search of win number one. Maybe it's today. I think it's today.

Good luck. I hope it's today i picked a parachute thought it was going to be. The quickest thing actually took to be the longest thing, probably going to break first. So what do you call it easter basket? There you go because it's carrying an egg i'll say your mouth looks better in your build but look wow.

This is what i call the bird's nest see the way that it just kind of catches, the egg there absolutely yeah 15 things named birdness. Oh, i see what's happening. Did they play kobe's in front of mine in the edit to make it seem like he stole? My name he stole your name, dude golly, that's unbelievable! I see what you guys did and i'm not playing your game. That is nesty.

You got to give him that i'll be the bigger man. I guess call it the the excellent catcher. Oh you have no chance. Now i think, you're the fave good luck.

Thank you appreciate that round, one we're dropping from the chair if you survive in advance on to round two, which is the latter. If you survive and advance that on to round three, which is the mezzanine and if somebody goes to round four, it's the mezzanine with a ladder, let's go, you know i look at it as like my baby. I worked hard on it she's. She might be an ugly baby, but she's mine, three, two one, oh okay, yeah brace for impact.

Oh, he was trying to get out. Oh he didn't say one, but it worked great. Mr confident it works like a charm. Never down was a gimmick.

It's moving on. Oh guys, that's a big difference. This is a new game. Good luck, cody! Oh, what a draw wow! It did great.

Yes, i'm ready for the basket to break stop making me laugh. I don't want to show up my teeth. Oh no, i heard something he's fine. I'm not feeling good at this point.

No, i detect some nervousness in thai, oh, a lot of upwards dude. He was in good shape. Wow, that's not bad! We're in good shape. Things are going surprisingly well, everybody's in it on to round three.

We go two days. Shipping is there a tempur-pedic mattress on the ground. I think i'm about to get last place. Did it work, she's secure? I i really don't know how this is happening right now, but no one's been eliminated last place, one.

Oh, how close is that to the ground? Not very no, this is going far too well. Oh he's done. He's done inspector gadget coming to check the damage how's, my baby, eight pounds, seven ounces and still intact, yes, bring it in the ladder believe it or not. We are headed to round four.

All five guys are in play. It's a little sketchy, extremely sketchy. Oh, yes, no structural damage whatsoever. Never a doubt! Yes wow! This is sketchy brother, good toss.

I don't think it was a crap. Oh you're, good. I think clean wow. I did not expect to be alive at this moment in the competition.

Oh coast is clear, no come on no way cleaner than a baby's bottom. I kid you not no way groundbreaking stuff here. For the first time in get crafty history, we're going bigger, we're going badder skyscrapers in play, possibly helicopters find out ot26 get crafty to be continued. Who would have thought huh? Who would have thought now would be a good time for you to comment below and guess your winner.

I have a personal favorite, i'm not going to say who it is comment below. Let us know who you think will be bringing home the extravagant competition in ot26. Thanks you're welcome what wow i thought you were complimenting my egg pun. No, i just know where you're going with your you're my faith you're, my favorite moving on the wives are here, and it is time to revisit wise.

First, ladies and chances welcome to the highly anticipated much requested return of wives. First chance we have amy, we have allison, we have kristin and of course, last but not least, we have chad come on and for those of you unfamiliar with our contestants, let's get a quick word from each of them. I now have three kids and even less time for sports than the last time i was on this show my toddler just got a t-ball set. We love sports.

I live with garrett, so sports are literally always on at our house. Hey guys, i'm chad. I find this whole thing kind of insulting, but i'm excited to be here all right great to have you, chad, welcome everybody, although it is only our second airing of wives versus chad, we've implemented a new role. Each team has a buzzer in front of them due to kristin's expansive sports knowledge.

She may only be buzzed in three times. Chad can press his buzzer and he's only allowed to call on anyone else named chad, and he can do that. One time are you guys ready for your first question: no, what is the official height of an nba basketball room starting off with somewhat of a layup, and they have to jump great critical thinking skills. I would say: that's pretty good.

All right reveal your answers in three two one: oh chad, it is ten feet. I don't know that was my first kiss. This is the greatest show ever wow chad, that's embarrassing in the trash talk begins to fly across the table. What sport did wayne gretzky play? That is a name that i've heard before he could be a race car driver wayne.

Wait is race. Car driving, a sport reveal in three two one. Nobody got it correct: uh apologies to race, car drivers out there. Yes, it is a sport, but um, no, the great one.

Oh that's baseball! He's a hockey player chad, oh yeah, right, there's, no way, hockey's, not a sport. Why did we wait so long to redo this next question? What former quarterback was kristen cavallari married to yeah? Girls have a answer locked in very quickly, you're ready me too, you do. I do turn them around correct answer for the girls well done chad. That was, you know what that one was unfair and i apologize for that.

Yeah next question three strikes in bowling is called what chad is locked in and he is drawing do you buzz in oh and they busted it wow welcome to the game. Kristen. Do you have any advice? Was this a wise buzz in? I thought we had a little secret under the table like a kick situation, but it's fine wow. What's called a whopper or something like a wooker or a whoopee.

I love what's happening. I mean wait. No three strikes and you're out. That's baseball.

Do you want a hint? Yes think animals reveal the answers. The girls go pink, not that the points matter wow. We now have a tie ball game headed to the next question. What color jacket do you get when you win the masters in golf? That was easy.

I love how you like to degrade my question: if you know it immediately, i can't believe you'd have the audacity to ask me to flip them around in three two one green green well done next question: what is an eagle, an eagle is an animal, but it Could also be a sports reference allison. Why don't you tell us what an eagle is it's when you hit the ball all the way to the hole? One time you know what i think, they're gon na be forced to accept that chad, i don't know how you should respond after kind of golf. Oh half a point for chad well done good job. The only reason i know that is because of we goal next question coming in hot.

What does mlb stand for major league academy, baseball, major league basketball, major league men's league? You know, i i'm really confident in my answer. When i first hear it, and then i hear the girls chattering - and it makes me second guess everything that i thought - let's flip them in three two one major league baseball, we're smarter than we look not men's league, not minor league and not anything, to do with An academy who was the winner of this year's super bowl. I think i got this one, let's flip them. At the same time, we both have buccaneers.

Also with two different spellings chad went with the buccaneers. Girls went with buck eight ears, which i like, i think it's great. I actually looked that up right before i got on the show did you i was like that's definitely a question he's gon na ask: what did you do during the super bowl? I think i painted this is why this show exists. It's a beautiful show, that's sweet next question name, the three races of the triple crown is the triple crown race cars.

I don't know, or is it horses is that, like a mario kart thing, flip them? Oh, my god, the king ducky derby, which is correct. We have uh the grand slam incorrect and we have in the sea genre, but not one of the races. We are going to a verbal, lightning round. Name: a sports movie.

Chad. You will start us off racing. Stripes, i think that's definitely right. I don't know a hundred percent.

Nobody gave me a list beforehand, but, ladies first answer: what do you got tin cup? It's not the first dude that i thought i would hear chad harry potter. They play quinn, yes sure. Coming back to the ladies million dollar baby rocky rocky, yes, space jam space jam, that's a good one! That's a good one! Chad rocky friday night live jazz, rocky yes, you're on fire space jam 2.. Can you see a movie? That's not out yet rocky.

How long can he ride this train angel's in the outfield? You are unstoppable. Ladies airbud, oh well done chad. How do you decide happy gilmore, wow chad, mighty ducks four? That is incorrect. Chad! Congratulations to the ladies! The winners of the day! Well done, how are they the winners and that will do it for five versus chad? Thank you for joining us, give a warm round of applause for our contestants.

Thank you. We'll see you next time, thanks kristin good job, y'all too, we waited too long to bring that segment back. We did time to kick off our brand new segment to round out the episode. Ladies and gentlemen, let's head to hack attack, welcome to our brand new segment hack attack.

Everyone loves life hacks. That is why i have tasked garrett and kobe to bring me their two best. I have tasked cody and corey to collectively bring me their two best life hacks. I will decide which team brought the better life hack and they will be deemed the wiener the wiener deem the winner.

Oh, i almost forgot deemed. Is your vocab word for ot25 kobe him with the spelling and the definition you said, weiner steamed. What does it mean made forth put forth as deemed we'll go with it, brown crown garrett and kobe. Please present first, so you need a grill gun and a fake cinder block.

Can you can you come and heat my knife up as i'm prepping? Oh, my sketchy knife involves fire, that's a plus for me, a lot of times you want to. You want to take a lot of different snacks camping, it's just really tough for people to put everything in one bag. It just mixes that knife is hot. It has a hot knife you're trying to tell me that ceiling what a horrible start to a brand new segment.

I think i'm getting plastic poisoning right now. Bonus points for this team just made a comparison so far. This may be the last ever hack attack segment. You see here on overtime but enjoy it.

While we have it, i guess uh, okay, okay and anyways. It literally oh, hey makes hey. Can we get a replay on that sleight of hand that was legit dude? You did it. It makes a personalize, so you were attempting what i thought you were attending.

It was just working very poorly unbelievably well done gary. Oh i'm crying okay, noted uh, i'm rob! I don't know where he got that cody and corey. How about you guys? Wow, i'm not really sure how useful what they just showed you is, but i'm thinking that you may be able to use this in your real life. Okay, here we have a marker, a classically dried up marker.

Please try to write with it. Kid might have left the cap off. You come back and i can verify it not a good marker, not a good, not working in normal situations. You would what throw that over your shoulder, throw it in the trap, because we are about to save this with a simple piece of string attach it like.

So is this the old just more complicated version of the ketchup windmill? Can i just try something real quick before you do anything i'd like to present it? I think. Okay and all you have to do to save this marker yep, it's fun too. Did you come over here, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one right away right! Oh it's! Almost too bloody! It's five seconds! It's not ten! It's five! It's like a paint brush, but this is the worst segment ever what is happening. We saved the marker, i don't know who i would be voting for right now.

We need paper towels. What is happening? Hi pick me. I got this. I will right the ship.

Please do everybody loves breakfast, but there is a challenge in the kitchen when it comes to separating the yolk. I'm gon na need a close-up on this one team. That was a great egg crack by the way, no shells i can verify, and why do you want to get just the yogurt for all kinds of recipes, avocado, toast? Okay, if you want to make a really good presentation, egg whites - you have just the yolks, should you just put the egg on the table? Sure, oh gross! That's your idea! Why didn't you just go, buy some toast perfectly presented now that is life-changing. Can you go back and forth, you can suck it back up again sure.

Well, i could in case you don't want it in your hand. Yeah do you want to see it again? It saved the second copy, all right, uh, who's who's. What's that we are gon na steal the segment? Okay, okay, let's see what you got. You found yourself in the woods not long ago and you needed a fire.

There's been many times where i've had a battery, go out, get stuck in the mud, and i needed to build a fire right then, and there how many times would you say lesson one: okay, we know that you, like survival tips. Okay, this is, and this is a survival tip, so you go rummaging through your console of your truck. Got it and you happen to just pull out. Oh i've got i've got gum.

This is great news not only for chewing, but also that's yummy. This just became flint peel off just a little piece. Remember it's getting dark, you better hurry. Do i keep this or no, you can do whatever you want with it.

Oh gosh, good, good news. My game camera had a double a battery. Take your gum wrapper. Take your battery connect the two ends and you will have fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner, tony and corey. The champions of the first ever hack attack well done.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Xian says:

    I really thought that Ty's egg will survive until it became sideways

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zoe Kingston says:

    For Get Crafty I think Cory Garret or Cody but to be honest I think everyone might win but those i'm confident ish

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Bunnymonkey says:

    I think the ballon ball will win. Unless you stick nails on the ground. I mean the mars rover did use a giant 'ballon ball' and it was bouncing around mars!

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    You should add a new segment it could be called who knows me best

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    Gare is winning get crafty. If y’all go longer his parachute is gonna deploy and his egg will be fone

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    I remember this in middle school we made a parachute and blew minds

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamie Moore says:

    I vote Garrett because I think the purple Hozer rules.

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    So imagine if Tyler got the wheel unfortunate, then Ned will have braces in the next Overtime

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    Chad, even though I love sports, I greatly respect people who don't. You've got your priorities in the right place.

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    What are 3 strikes in a row in bowling called?

    Allison: "A strike"

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    The answer of the triple crown question is Monaco, Le Mans, and the Indy 500

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