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The most mind-blowing trick shots EVER?!? With Mr. King himself, the magical Zach King!
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Pound it 👊🏻 Noggin 🙇🏻‍♂️
- Dude Perfect

Zach we've been wanting to pull this off forever. Yeah, it's going to be sick.. How do we get you to Texas? Well, let's kick it off with the California to Texas, trick shot. Love it.

Later this week or -- Right now.. Here, let's go., Oh Oh Oh. No.! What's going on here. The world is turned around and upside down.

Right. Oh. Oh., Welcome to Optical Illusion, Trick Shots. My feet are up off the ground and I'm upside down now.

All of a sudden the bottom floor. -- Dude Perfect., It's time to flow beneath my feet. With me being tall, I'm thinking two on one. OK., Good luck., I'm feeling the speed, I'm feeling this H-E-A-T.

Inevitable it's out of control. Turning me inside out and upside down., Let's go. Oh. No..

What's going on., This world is turned around and upside down.. It's your work, here. Give us a go. Wow that is close.

But OK.. Turning it inside out and upside down. Oh. No.

Woo Made it. Ha-ha. I love magic., Pound it. Noggin., See ya.

No no. Wait. Wait. Oh.

Oh. Right out of nowhere.. I don't know where that came from.. What Upside down now.

We're in the hockey area hanging out with our bud Zach King, making some illusion trick, shots. Down down down smack down right down.. Well, this is air hockey.. Let's do something more advanced.

Oh. No.. What's going on here. The world is turned around and upside down.

Get it. Oh. Oh. Right out of nowhere..

My feet are up off the ground and I'm upside down now. Knock down right down.. This is the Deja Dude.. Hey! Think you could lower just a little bit Yeah.

Of course.. Thank you Cory. That Is huge.! Oh, come on.! Oh it's so close.! Thank you for the rebound.. That is really helpful..

Hey Got it.! Thank you dude.! Oh, I love having a mirror. Nearby. Down. Down down.

Down., This is how we're getting to LA. Your phone pit is like a magical. Portal., OK, see you in LA.. Look at me: now.

I've been in a cage and put all my life on delay., There's no way to run and nowhere to go. Boy. Where's Ty Guys. I think I took a wrong turn..

I got stuck in a portal.. Just give me a sec. Y'all start without me.: Let's get going., Let's go. You're the bowling king.

Wow.. You got really tall., I'm the tall guy. Up the ground and upside down. Down.

Knock down right, down. Down down down., Smacked down right, down. Down down down. Oh..

You want a high five., Ha-ha Zach, a little instructions for these trick. Shot rooms would be nice. Yeah.. Well, it's called the holey room for a reason..

It don't feel very holey.. Did you try using the magic, beanbag Magic beanbag? Do your thing., I'm living it down? Looked as a clown, the frowns I've caused., Assume you're the king and do a few things., Don't think. There's a price to pay. Woo.

Look at me. Now. I've been in the cage and put my life on delay.. We know where to run.

I know where to hide. Wait. What in the world I could have sworn it was right over here.. Oh, my leg No place to hide hide..

If everyone could walk my world, my -- No. There, it is. I knew it. Yeah., Like I said the whole time.

It was right: here., Yeah., Yeah., It's right, there. Upside down., Oh. No.. What's going on here., My world is turned around., You know now you have all those world records Yeah..

Well, we hold them for the most Eastern European paintings on the side of this side. Of the Mississippi. Cool. Yeah, my grandma would love this tour..

It's right up her alley., Hey no food or drink in here. How'd that get in here. It's just ice.. I don't care.

If it's water or ice or whatever., You see it Now, you don't., You see it Now. You don't. OK. What --! Now I don't., That was my least favorite painting, anyways.

Oh. Wow.. That's going to -- Thanks for snagging. That for me.

Can you imagine if that would have hit Mona in the face? You got my only snack.. Oh, it got taken out of the museum.. What kind of water was that See? The world is turned around and upside down.. I don't know.

What's hap --, oh Oh., Oh. Right out of nowhere. Get up off the ground and upside down. Oh..

I got to let go. Down down. Smack down. OK..

This is the holey cornhole, I'm feeling the speed, we're feeling this H-E-A-T. Inevitable it's out of control.. I love this room. Yeah Upside down, down., Hey guys.

TV, Core, here. TV, Ty., How's it going Doing good TV Core.. Let's do this. Right, down.

Down down down. Thanks! Man. This is the real-life fake, live shot. And down.

Down down down., So turn around right, down. Down down down. Yeah, hi Woo. Oh, it's tough to break down.

Gary you good Dude. Did you see that rhino Yeah.? It was incredible.. I don't even know how he got in there.: Hey, guys., Guess what this is not an illusion.. If you want a chance to win some big money, then listen up., Thanks to our friends at SoFi, for sponsoring this video.

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Are you inching closer to paying off debt saving towards a big down payment trading crypto for the first time We know that all of those things feel good. Like really good. Like good enough to make. You want to dance right, Woo, Yeah., Garrett's, right.

Well right now. Sofi is giving 1,000 bucks to 50 winners and a $ 25,000 grand prize.. If you're making money moves that you're proud of SoFi wants to help you celebrate., All you have to do is post your version of the SoFi money, moves dance for a chance to win. And don't forget to download the app at the link in our description..

That's where SoFi will be dropping that green and you have to have the SoFi app to enter. So check out for official rules and more details on the challenge.. Don't wait to check in on your financial well-being and start moving your money. Whoa.

The twins are still down there and it's hard to breathe.. Oh Gar.. We got to get the twins Wow. This world is turned around and upside down..

Ok Zach I made it. Oh. No. Zach something's wrong with your room..

The world is turned around and upside down.. I'm not used to this yet. Oh. Oh.

Right out of nowhere. Soccer.. Don't you know, Garrett is the soccer guy On the ground and upside down. Down.

Knock down right, down. Down down down. Smack down right, down. Down down down.

Man down man, down. OK. Zach. I think I'm good.

You can shut it down.. I think you're good. Yay Yay Woo. Let's go baby! Hey.

Do you? Have any extra toothpaste, Whoa whoa? Oh I'm floating with my feet.. This is the holey cornholes, This situation's, taking me on a ride. All over around now chasing me down.. I love this room.

This is how we actually did it. My world my way, then I'd be the king of the world. No one would --. I could've sworn it was right over here., Oh my leg.

And upside down. Oh. No.. What's going on here., My world is turned around and upside down.

Gotcha. Down, right. Oh., Oh., All right., Sorry Zach., Getting a little touch. Up.

And upside down. Watch. Watch right. Here.

3, 2 1. On the ground and upside down. Down. Knock down right, down.

Down down down. Smack down right, down. Down down down. Man, -- Be nice., Yeah, Oh.

No.. What's going on, here. Yay The world is turned and upside down. Rotating room in the king.

World., That's such a good pull-out. Woo! Oh that's -- Feet up off the ground and upside down.. What's up guys. Thanks for watching., Huge thanks to Zach and his team for helping us pull this off.

Can't. Thank you. Enough. Make sure you subscribe to his channel right down.

Here. Also he's got an awesome kids series of books right here.. You can check it out., Also our last video down here. And we're on tour right now..

So if there's any tickets left come see, us. Signing off for now. Pound, it noggin. See you.

Thanks, guys.

18 thoughts on “Optical illusion trick shots ft. zach king”
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    Man,what a collab
    Thanks dudes and zach

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    My one of my favorite YouTube channel collab with also one if my favorite YouTube channel

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    Love how yall used the upside down magic song 🔥

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jauhar saputra says:

    2 youtuber in 1 video it deserve a like

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    I wish I meet dude perfect and Zach king their the best best best

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    All of these optical illusion was zach's idea cause if you search zach's video you can see all of these optical illusions

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    The boys :

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