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New Parent Stereotypes... Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em!
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Dad are you ready to hold him? Do you want to hold him yeah? Okay, let me grab him for you, nurses go ahead and take him with the other dad please here. Let me give you back your baby. Does that happen very often, all the time wow we're flying to coachella tonight me and her. I love midnight showings past popcorn.

Thank you. My parents just offered to watch the kids for the weekend. No way love you too yeah tyler, yeah nice to meet you guys. Whoa she's pregnant, i mean i say that she could just be really bloated.

I'm going to look like a total buffoon. If i'm wrong here, that's hard to tell this is why you should never say anything, don't say anything, there's no upside! Nobody be rude not to she's rubbing her belly. Why is she doing that? Would i do that? She's pregnant i'm gon na. Do it three two one congrats on the baby by the way, what maybe not just kidding? Okay, hey bud, i'm grabbing a diaper i'll, be right back, just don't move.

I will never understand honey. I'm gon na need some help. As you can see, we are very girl dominant. I love the dolls love the playhouses, but i just want one son.

So we can play a little baseball in the backyard. Three two be blue one. No, i'm so happy the end. All right, buddy time to go to bed.

Excuse me, get your hands out of your mouth. This is a serious conversation, your mother, and i really need you to go to bed. No, do you have any weapons on you? What is this a sword? You trying to pull a fast one on me, yeah? How much more time do you need five best? I can do is three: no, i can give you a cheese. Stick.

Do you know where dinky is? I've got people in a very special place right now that can execute some very harmful things to dinky yeah now, you're thinking, aren't you what about this snack pack? Cheese, stick: doritos. Eight more minutes can't do eight minutes. You wan na sleep with mommy and daddy yeah in our bed, yeah. Okay, let's go sleep with mommy and dad looks like daddy, didn't smell your diaper.

You know what else daddy didn't smell as a home-cooked meal. Tonight, when i got home, if mommy was sleeping through the night, maybe she would have more energy. Maybe if mom would get off tick-tock, she would have a little bit more energy mommy's been up all night feeding the baby. Well, if daddy physically could feed the baby, maybe he would help at night as well, but he can't oh, it sounds like daddy's gon na be sleeping on the couch tonight.

You know what i'll just change him. That's what i thought yep so twins, huh! That's crazy! Did you decide our names? We haven't told you the names again: no, it's niebuhr and metered your great names. What's up thunder kneebert and no you're saying it wrong. Meter meter meter, no t like meter, mirror kind of meter yeah.

Well, we can't wait to meet her yeah, that's it! You got it. I know it's humid, just don't be judging. You should be judging this family they're set up for failure, literally just staring at screens to travesty. If we have kids, we will never be like that.

No screen pinky promise absolutely here: phone down phone down. Okay, i got some emergency back up crisis. I've heard it 30 more minutes of peace. Welcome to grandpa and grandma y'all come on dad.

We've got some rules so we're on the b schedule, which means vegan food. Only gluten-free pasta, but i love gluten, only make with filtered water. What are you cooking for them? Chicken nuggets, no, the pasta, y'all go have fun. We got this.

What are y'all doing? Oh guys, guys lucy, you don't like ice cream. I do who does now? Would you say something they're your parents? Well they're your rules, i mean you can see 99th percentile right there, yeah he's faster than water kind of called a michael phelps junior check out. How fancy is it's unreal? Go. Do your bench press watch him rip.

These he's ranked in the dallas area, top 100 kid's a four star for his age group, he's a match-up nightmare. I've got a five-year-old that i'm still trying to get potty trained. He can really do it all wait. Did you just ask me over to show off your kid? Well dude, don't you wish you could have met tiger woods when he was five? Oh camera nerd, you missed it dude.

It could have been his documentary. How did you get out here? No, no! No! No! No, no! What are we doing? What are we doing? Give me the sharpies? No, no, no hey! We've got some news, you're, finally, retiring no you're gon na be a brother. I already am a brother again we're pregnant. Are you what it happens? You're gon na be like 70 when he's in kindergarten better than 80..

Thanks for the high chair, we'll get the crib tomorrow dad. How many can i join with you yeah jump in man. I got a few kids, it's a little messy. It's not bad! I got kids too.

Did i get it no worries? Okay, you got a problem, make sure you get your seat belt on turn it to the back. It's fine! You don't need that just. Why do we have to come to this again because she's turning one? It's a big deal. Yeah great question, see that's.

Why are we here he's gon na, be here? Oh great that'll make it super enjoyable. Yes, it's gon na be awesome. Look at princesses, hey borderline obnoxious! That's how we roll here at the jones house. You know what you need: a nice unicorn right here on the chin.

Yeah, look at that pop through sorry about that. He - and i are gon na - have a little date on the bounce house. Oh you look a little upset. Are you angry? It's an educator! Yeah! Ah, is your body's gon na go through some changes, but that's part of pregnancy? I am in it with you and i promise i will never let you be the biggest one in this family babe.

I think you need to pump the brakes, i'm not even showing yet your hormones are showing i'm fine. I can lose weight worry about yourself doing this. We're coming. My wife is coming hey.

That's my italian music! Sorry, my mouth was full. I said italian, it's a tour of italy. I know we got ta change your diaper. I know it's a bad poop! Oh bud! That's a stinker! Oh oh babe! It's a blowout, oh babe, good news.

I found that missing airpod, it's not connecting who engineered these things to break my shoulder. Trying to get this thing all right, honey come check, it babe wrong car. I said the tahoe hey boys, raise your hand if your dad now just me dad mode engaged tucked in shirt every day, all day, rad dad ain't bad. Did you guys hear about the new electric minivan? I want it so bad.

When does a joke become a dad joke when it becomes apparent? Like me, okay, i need y'all to eat all your food, i'm not hungry, i'm hungry mommy, which one's yours, oh, the, safe one, actually added the bells this year. I actually think he likes them. Smart! That's really sweet baby. Let's not talk to that kid! Welcome to dude burger.

What would you like yeah? Can i get a wall wall and an ambogo sorry? Can i get a water and a hamburger kids? Will that complete your order, sir she's gon na order um yeah we'll have an ice cream cone with extra sprinkles ketchup or mustard? She says ice cream, but she means corn dogs.

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