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WE DID IT! Coby wakeboards behind RC boats, plus 10 more incredible RC stunts!
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Special Thanks to Traxxas for helping us pull off these incredible stunts!
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Special thanks to our incredible "real car" stunt driver Samuel!
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“Let’s Do This”
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We're about to attempt 10 impossible RC stunts, including a mystery we've debated for years --. If we get enough RC boats, can we wakeboard behind them? Let's do this.? Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh oh., Hey! Oh! Oh, oh --! This is the light post lander.. Here we go.: Let's do this., Let's go baby. Whoo Whoa.

How do I get it down, Watch and learn my friend., I'm going to drive her right off and down the ramp land. It smoothly.? Oh Yeah, Don't look away.! Oh there she is., I pulled two all-nighters building and painting her for this. One shot. So smash the Like button, because we're going to do the loop de hooper.

Calling on survivors. Are you up all nighters? We can take it higher.. Let's do this., Let's go. Whoo get it..

Let's go! Oh! Oh! Oh, let's do this.! Oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh oh.! Whoo-Whee Get there! Ladies and gentlemen. Today is the day. We're RC wakeboarding Come on Shout out to the legends.. We've got nine boats, hooked up..

The team has run all these antennas to all these separate boats linked them all together and -- Ho-oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh., Hey, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh., Little water slide with no water.. This is the half pipe ringer. Ready set go.

Are you ready for a comeback? Are you ready to fly? Let's do this.? Are you ready for the moment, Get ready to ride.? Let's do this. Whoo, Let's go Ride, Let's go Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! That was so sweet. And if you think, wow Cory you're a great driver, you may want to check out the bloopers.. Oh, It's -- in the trees.

What is wrong with you kid? I'm Ty.! That's your line. Oh.! I'm Gary., And this is the quarter mile hydroplane.. Here we go Gar And start your engine.. Let's do this.! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh.! Yes Go little buddy! Let's do this.! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh oh.! Oh, oh, oh --, Whoo He's got it.

Go little! Buddy And they're all full of water. They're too heavy now., We'll figure it out.. We've got the team for the job. -- running through your veins..

Now you're burning -- We've got a ramp., We've got a ball., We've got a gong in the goal.. This is the RC header.. Let's do this. Yes Goal.

Today's a big day. We're about to go test how hard the boats can pull.. This is a tension scale.. We need to get the boats pulling at about 65 pounds of pressure in order to have a shot..

Let's see what happens. 25. 42. Oh.

63 63 is the highest. I saw. Oh 63, pounds. That's wild.

Count down the seconds. And start your engines.. Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Oh oh.! Hey! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh oh.! Let's do this.! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh oh.! This is the high speed drift park.. Here we go Samuel, That's beautiful.! That's why he's doing that and me and Gar are standing here.

We're going to stick to the RCs. He's done it Yeah. I don't think we've ever jumped anything this high before.. This is going to be very dangerous., OK peeps., While Cody's in the background warming up his tires.

Ya'll want to hear something cool. Today's sponsor Epic Games just dropped, Fortnite Zero Build. And it's going bonkers online right now, which is pretty ironic, because this video is the biggest -- he's going he's going, Not gon na make it. Going in..

Oh, Oh, oh. What I was saying was it's ironic, because this video probably has the biggest builds we've ever done. Cody., You buffoon., That's right., Fortnite Zero Build is a no-build battle, royale game mode that can be found in the Discover page in solos, duos, trios and squad playlists.. I'm telling y'all this is the one.

Gah Cody. Zero Build is here to stay., So jump into Fortnite and check it out now.. Let's do this Cody In 3. 2.

1. That's it! Yes, He's done! It first. Try First, try. Let's go play some Fortnite! This fire looks dangerous..

I say we jump an RC car through it.. Let's do it Ty.. This is the hydroplaning ring of fire jumper.. Here we go boys.

Calling on survivors.. Are you up all nighters Yeah? We did it Whoo Ring of fire straight through the middle.. Probably the most impressive RC jump, I've ever done., So maybe a like comment: a share, a subscribe, a tick, the little button to where it notifies you. Whenever we release a video would be nice.

You know every once in a while., See you Top of the morning. Folks. Today is the final test of wakeboarding behind RC boats using the boat to pull me out of the water and all of the RC boats. To keep me going..

Oh, I hope this one works.. Oh, it was close.. Let's do this.! Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh oh., Are you ready for a comeback? Are you ready to fly? This is the triple stack, helo jump. Here we go, boys.

Go on., Helo Yeah, Let's do this.! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh. Put a truck in a truck and flip it. There. We go.

Cory good to go baby. Practice.. We got a truck in the back of the truck.. This is the back flip bullseye., 3.

2. 1.. Let's do this. Hey.

Yeah. We've got it. Whoo Good job buddy.. It's our last shot.

You know., I'm not sure. What's going to happen, if we don't get it this morning., This will just feel like a big waste.. Coby is going to wakeboard behind RC boats.. Let's do it Whoo.

I know we've got a long road, home., All right., Let's party., I know we've got a long way to go.. Are you ready Good here.? No way.? Let's do this. Go Coby Way to go. Cobes He's doing it.

Oh it looks amazing. He is wakeboarding on RC boats.. Look how long he's going.! Let's do this.! Oh, you know we're gon na do this.! Let's go guys, Let's do this.! Oh! Oh! Oh, let's do this. Yeah! Let's go baby.! What a team effort.

That was unbelievable!.

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