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Who knew combining sports could be so fun!
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Trying to advance the ball dude perfect in today's battle, we're combining our favorite sports from ea play and xbox game pass for the ultimate hybrid sports showdown. Last man standing wins hi, i'm kevin sparkman alongside doris burke, the legend, the hall of famer nice to be alongside you, doris, a little star struck myself, but we're here for the hybrid sports showdown round. One give us the rules, doors, little combination, one-on-one football basketball guys are in pads they're in a helmet. We've got 15 yards deep they've got to cross the 10 before they get a shot opportunity.

Garrett is up first, all right, garrett lowest point guy is eliminated, so he doesn't even get to participate in the next challenge. How many points you think you need to win? What are you going for here? That's one we're gon na let corey get zero. I'm sparky sparkling and the hybrid sports showdown is underway good right hand in the first round now going up against kobe, the twin, who packs a punch, a little tie up situation. The right leg gathered up garrett's, going to let a prayer go.

The ultra aggressive tie now defending garrett who gets deep down inbound, so a lot of pressure here on gear. Oh for three to start now, court, the other, the twin i've seen longer bull rides, doris. That was a quick one that was about two seconds and dunzo. Dr gaddis, i know you said, stay off my foot for another six weeks, not going to happen.

Seeing surgery cody gets his chance. That glory only needs a bucket here. Doris now he's got to overpower him. Oh, what a takedown and now cody deliberate in his approach.

Try doing the uh drop around and look at ty come on. Cody keeps his feet, but now down, i have totally overestimated the number of shots we're gon na get up at this rim. I think we all have doris all right down to his final chance. A bucket gets him through trying to bulldoze his way through.

Look at this, i'm feeling, like you, just absorbed a derrick henry level. I really did. I think i absorbed the wrath cody. What do you think spark? How do you feel about my man? I, like kobe's chances right cody trying to use that speed technique.

Oh and he threw up a desperation shot and he paid for it. Oh man he's hurting. He got stuck hard, we're totally fine. He can deliver now after a big hit.

Try getting it up towards the rim. Smart smartie game, oh shot on goal, ball, checked in a little stutter step in the move. Good wrap-up! No, that's not down! Ruling on the field is no bucket. I'd like to review this with video evidence.

Looking back at the replay here, doris he does manage to keep that right knee from hitting the pad plus. I am a big team, kobe guy, so i say we give it to him and uh. Obviously, a lot of gray area and two perfect videos rules can be uh made up as we go here, but after review we got a point for kobe in terms of competitive spirit. You bring a level here, that's really maybe slightly above the other guys.

Thank you, doris. I don't think you're far off with that statement. I'll get him. Thank you.

2-1 seeds battling it out right here. Look at the speed, beat him oh and he threw it hard off. The glass trust the scouting report, granny shot from distance uses the boundary a layup is good. This is a labrador versus chihuahua type match up here.

Doris much of the same. Oh it's stiff on is a very effective football move, as i've learned today, so corey how's. Your vision with the helmet helmet - oh it's kind of like wearing glasses with a prescription when you don't need one they're, trying to break them down. No sorry easy take down against his brother.

He does the same tactic. Wrap up tells the tape says this would be a mismatch, but indeed it is. This is a tough made up sport all right, we're in sudden death folks, so we're going to a playoffs how we're going to do this is where the guy gets tackled. Wherefore progress is stopped, he'll get an uncontested shot, uncontested shots.

We need those badges the play off to go into round. Two continues on garrett, using aggressiveness and gets pulled down here at the 5.. Okay. Well done playing for his sports hybrid showdown life.

Here, dear good, wrap up into the board if corey misses the shot he's eliminated from the rest of the car yeah. Here we go here we go devastating loss on the bright side. I guess i'm done getting tackled. That's a good point.

I don't think you could take any more of that. No i'm not sure i could either doors and don't worry. Corey will be back in the third round. He's going to make a surprise appearance he's got work to do back at it for round two of three.

In the sports, showdown go cart, paintball. If you can believe that two will be eliminated, two will be eliminated three balloons on each cart. Two will advance we'll find out who they are. You want to survive in advance to the next round.

No, no, no, really just get third um. I think just aim down sights be confident. I think ty is my threat. I'm looking for the green balloons, driving and shooting at the same time is this.

A new experience wouldn't be the first keep reminding people you are wearing this and as a mother i can just say, thank god absolutely, but i am coming off of a dude, perfect battle win in our recent fishing. Video back back victories! That's! What's at stake today! Right if i survive in advance, i mean that's a perk. Good luck, five, four, three: two one about to get the code, russia's move by code, dang it i got two. I got two look out gary, i'm coming for you easy.

Oh, he got fired on fast. Tyler is in great position to take out some balloons right now. He is, and we have two with one balloon left: yes great driving by tyler to get out of the path of garrett, kobe sticking to his game plan kind of riding solo. Over there fun fact he didn't actually get his driver's license at the age of 19..

I got cared here: garrett is down to one fired on by ty and ty. Chai just took garrett out wow he got behind garrett and was simply able to play. Bullseye boom boom takes out two purple hoser balloons. Oh my gosh tyler just crushed it.

So it's tyler and kobe through tyler, will get the decision in the final to go first or second via his win, but wow impressive, driving and impressive shooting bro, so kobe he's got an opportunity to go back-to-back wow your strategy was brilliant. Tell me again: you drive to survive, luckily we're an ally, bros we've been there many times he's come out on top, though before i would almost say you're one of my favorite opponents in the finale. You know i agree with that: yeah yeah, absolutely ty and kobe. Well, congrats you're off to the final ufc golf back at it for the final showdown in my favorite doris, we have ufc golf, it's thai.

It's kobe. I don't know how often these two square off in the final, but you love kobe's speed in this. Obviously, at a weight disadvantage, how do you overcome it? Well, i wouldn't say obviously at a weight disadvantage. I had a pretty big breakfast yeah.

You can't go in with fear uh, which i would say i am a little bit but the competitive spirit of tai. I'm really curious about how do you avoid being overconfident? Well, i think you just got to go into it with a plan somebody's going to happy gilmore off the tee box, okay minute rounds, what if they get sparring, i'm going to give them a good. You know three mississippi count and if we still can't get off each other, then yes, i will stand them up i'll, separate them and we'll go back at it. Listen you be careful, because i have an extra one of these.

I might have to easy doing it all right. Just like doris said i was gon na make a surprise appearance in round three. I am now the ring girl turned ring guy. It's show time the hybrid sports showdown finale gets underway in three two one and they're off.

Oh a good block early on ty avoids some pressure and now they're off, oh kobe, lost his shoe. He blew a tire. He blew an early tire tight, ripping and ripping. Oh goodness, my conditioning is being towed in a wipeout.

Ty loses a shoe time, trucking no changes direction, there's a gopro down and now there's a kobe down a little kicking a little shoving now off to the races five seconds left in the round. Three two one felt good about that: second shot piped it i'm exhausted round. Two he's got a good clean look at this. If he can get a step on kobe, we'll see how round two goes in three two one ty off seven iron and he chips it along kobe, trying to fend him off a block out a wrap-up job to take down kobe again with the aggressive tackling displayed Earlier undersized, but don't undervalue that man tie kicking and screaming he's got an arm bar.

I need oxygen. He's got about a five yard advantage kobe, making a light. Push now they're on the green now they're on the green five seconds. Three two one ty did get it off: oh, a good roll tai, absolutely winded in a search for oxygen, kobe, the same way all four's fetal position.

He lost a shoe here. I got you here: hey hey, we're good little smelling salt, oh yeah, too strong. We forgot the water, but here is what it tastes. Corey gives us the card.

It's round three tai with a chance to post a really good time here: ty, oh and he shorted it. He got a little quick with it. They're battling ty, taking shots on the green that is beautifully done boy. The background twice a strong effort by kobe, a last-ditch effort to keep.

He just got ta tap it in what a play ty officially in with a time of 24.66 into round three and now kobe's got to regain some energy he's got 150 or perhaps maybe 400 yards to gather your breath. Today i could borrow your golf cart. Maybe just hit you right on the way back. Abs come right in oh my gosh.

Thank you hitchhiking. Can i get one the second participant in the finals kobe time to beat 24.66 into round. Three kobe goes in three: two one and they're off cody hits the ground ball. Oh, he takes a shot right to the back, gets up on his feet.

A little stutter step move and now he's off to the races with a slight jog thinking about a lethal shot, half shoulder blade, half helmet, he is just pummeling in physically. Send him up stand them up stand up here, we go toby back up, takes a shot under the chin and now he's reassessing. Did i really want to make this final he's trapped? He can't get to his ball. It's right here on the left side of the fairway.

He tries to go low and he gets pinned a rib shot, a rib shot. Another one tried, the leg wrapper, doesn't work oh and an additional shot. Let's, let's break this up. Kobe gets trampled playing his role as mufasa as he gets stampeded.

The golfer's only hope here is a clean strike of the ball with enough time to get separation with his speed. Otherwise, i think kobe is toast a little stumble there from tai. Oh and a big shot from behind kobe keeps his balance, and now, with some regained stamina, he'll make a run at it round. Two carries on in the fetal position: maneuver doesn't work again, go figure and that's the end of round two.

Oh it's high, letting him know about it. The physicality is legit. Stamina is low with that man kobe is gon na have to muster up some kind of comeback, as he's 24.66 seconds away from elimination and watching his finale bro garner another title holding one right here for the win gone, but not forgotten. Thank you for your work.

You humble servant round three got to get it in 24.66 seconds about 170 yards out here we go live in three two. Thank you guys, thanks for watching appreciate it hi ty's, staying back kobe, you've got a shot here. Tough to watch appreciate it. You guys can bring the trophy over here you're by yourself, just you in the hole he lines up, a seven iron smokes it it's a blade.

Sit down, go in he's gon na be a little long. Unfortunately, and that is it. Thank you colby. He absolutely pummeled.

You he really did sparky's sparkling back competition over wild fun, energetic uh was it all that you imagined it would be. It was absolutely dude perfect. This is the most unique fun event i have ever worked. These gentlemen are the absolute best.

Can i just give a shout out to our sponsors, so xbox game pass ultimate, obviously top of the line? Well, guess what starting november 10th, they welcome in ea play everyone. So what does that mean? Battlefield madden need for speed. Hundreds of games - shocker football, you name it absolutely incredible. I know we can't be together, but we can play together a good time to plug, also doris, that xbox game pass is available on console, pc and all android platforms.

Is it time for the trophy presentation? Do we need a crown or champion? Let's crown a champion, let's do it. That was rough. Go ahead, ladies and gentlemen, closing my eyes, not my honor, but it is my duty. I probably present you this beautiful goldback spot.

Thank you. What a beauty one of my favorite trophies, i think i've ever gotten. It is a beauty. Thank you.

So much cops appreciate it good to see you again. Special thanks to xbox game pass ultimate for sponsoring this. Video click here to join because ea play is launching on xbox game pass ultimate on november 10.. If you want to see the last video click down here, if you want to subscribe to dp click down here, sign it off for now pound.

It noggin see ya.

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