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CHRISTMAS OVERTIME! Making homemade toys! Horrible Presents & a new Christmas song!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime32 - Today's episode features:
50/50 - A brand new segment where our employees pick between 2 presents, one is a good present, and one is a BAD present! It's 50/50 they walk away with some cold hard cash or cockroaches on their face!
Get Crafty - Santa Spark hosts this Toy-Making Get Crafty! Best homemade toy wins!
Carol Clash - Does Ty write the next viral Christmas Jam!?!
Cool Not Cool - Secret Santa edition of Cool Not Cool is back!! Who will give the best gift?!
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Welcome to christmas edition of overtime, we've got exploding, presents coming right up tall guy, we're twins, purple hoser now we're heading. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to 50 50. Our team here at dude, perfect, has grown significantly, and so we wanted to reward a few of our newest members.

Gentlemen. Take your blindfolds off guys. We've got an incredible game. We've got a good present.

We've got a not so good present. You guys are going to have the opportunity to choose. I've actually got a quick demonstration set up to show you guys how the game's going to work melvin, which one you want to go with. First, you want to go this way: okay and melvin.

If he would have chose this present, oh airpod pro hey way to go making moves. Let's just pretend, for example: melvin would have chose the left present. What do you have in that one? Oh 45 pound plate right to the chest: that's 50 50.! Who wants to go? First, we have shonstr. The monster.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: sean i've been celebrating christmas since about october 1st. What christmas spirit, that's incredible! Luke tell us a fun fact about yourself, i'm actually 19. youngest member of the team. I'm garrett's brother, that's incredible: we've elected to go with a big box.

Have you made a choice as to what you're going with so we're gon na stick right grab both corners, lift up with authority? Please it's okay! I was running low on shaving cream anyway, so i'm pretty happy we're gon na go with the right box, wow jack in the box. You want a jack in the box. I think left's a move eyes, open eyes, open any interesting facts about yourself. One time i was able to fit eight oreos in my mouth fun fact about yourself: scotty, i'm cody's, favorite employee.

Once again, there's some debatable fun facts. Let's make a selection. What do you think you know i'm kind of digging the picnic table, i'm feeling left. I think slide the hand in and feel for your price, okay, oh man, kind of go through the tinsels there.

Yep, oh yankees, take it off on the finger. This was maybe a terrible idea. My heart is pounding. This is so bad, i'm doing the chimney.

Okay, i'm gon na follow my word. I'm gon na do the right. Are you ready scotty? No, three, two one! Don't do it luke, don't do it i'm going right here we go. Oh, no! It's bad, oh something's in there, but something is in there.

I can't put my hands in there. I'm just scared he's only 19. firmly grasping. I can't grab that there's something in there.

I'm gon na open it up and you can get your prize okay, oh my gosh. Unfortunately it was just a box of snakes. I feel your brother i've been there. I've literally been in there actually they're biting me.

You wan na go yellow snow yeah. I'm gon na go left ah my hand you're shaking you're nervous, oh get down in there grab it. Please don't be pain. Oh, oh! Oh! What oh, that is just dog poo! Oh it's boy, antonio! I hate that for you, my man, i'm going in okay, oh wow, i have an android, i don't know if i could use it now, we will get him to make the switch one package remains.

I think we're gon na go left this time. You're gon na go left yeah all right here we go, we've got some extra gifts left over we're to go ahead and give it to him. Congratulations go claim your prizes. Well done! We'll see you next time.

On 50 50. santa here checking in just kidding it's sparky. Could you tell today boys we're going to get crafty holiday edition due to a supply chain shortage? We need some help making toys so today, y'all will be the elves poor world. I will have some helpers.

Come in aka, y'all's children, let's get to work, all i'm saying is santa, must be desperate if he's reaching out to the cell. So i'm going to build jenga then draw on all four sides of beautiful mosaic go on rocking horse childhood favorite and i'm gon na make a slingshot. I'm almost done. I could do something.

That's in my wheelhouse, which is a snowman socks. It's called newton's cradle. I found a youtube video explaining exactly how to do it. Santa how's the year been brother, not too good.

Okay, i wasn't expecting that from old cheery santa but be praying for you, brother, two parallel legs that are ready to rock burn myself with a hot glue gun, but we are looking good and squeaks we've all heard of elf on the shelf. That's turning into snowman! In the trash can, i feel good, i feel like it really came together, see if he shoots just an elf's duty. That's it hands off material. The kids have arrived now, it's time to pick out their favorite and least favorite toys.

Tell me what you like and what you dislike. I like the yoga and the rocky horse. Oh careful you've got paint all over your hands now. I think that one i'd give it a 10 out of 10..

Really the movement is very satisfying. What do you think? It's too high for kids. Oh no lincoln! Do you like it? That's four, some guests, just keep on giving you know, is something wrong with our kids he's playing with it he's playing with it nine out of ten. He just gave me a nine out of ten.

Well, he gave newton's apple a ten out of ten. That's fine. That is so fun. Am i right? Is it like more of a decoration? That's a toy girls.

That's a toy! Do you like puzzles yeah. Do you like getting paint all over you too? Oh okay, you want to ride the horse, an item's, so good that the kids are fighting over it. That's a special item. You know you built it really tall there buddy yeah.

Is it a hat? I thought the same thing i didn't even realize it could be used like that. It's so awesome after going through the toys. What did we like the most? I think i like the newest cradle because, like i already said, the movement is very satisfying. The structure of how it's built is very complex.

What about you? What was your favorite rocky? Oh, the rocking chair, okay, lucy wants the snowman landry, which one do you want? The knob, the marble, be gentle with those you going slingshot. Oh you like it huh in fifth place. The jenga blocks what it's a puzzling jingle, the wet paint. Also extremely my fault.

You guys put her time limits on this stuff and number four purple ho ho. Hoser all right honestly you're worth judging yet number three cody, i'm fine with it. I can't believe i got talked, let's go. What are you doing? Santa you are staking the place up and the winner of the christmas get crafty merry christmas and a happy new year.

Tte deserved it, it was so hard, crazy, great easy santa lost his mind. I shouldn't have even won that one back to the desk in the spirit of christmas, giving we have a gift for not only you guys, but you guys as well pay attention you're not going to want to miss this. Probably the biggest financial giveaway we've ever had. Whoa we love our friends at sofi they're.

Actually, the sponsor of this video, the all-in-one financial app. You can invest, manage your money, refinance your student loans, home loans, even a personal loan, pretty much anything financial. They can do it. The football game played in february.

You could call it the last game of the season. You could call it the duper knoll. Are you beating around the bush for legal reasons, you could say that let's pretend that we have four extra tickets to the suit. Oh no bleep me out: they did they bleeped you, okay, try that again we have four extra tickets to the duper.

Knoll yep, one of you, plus three friends or family members, will be joining us at the game in the suite, and you know what we'll feature you in the next overtime video: let's do it what a giveaway i'm here for it to sofie stadium with us. Maybe the greatest stadium ever built. How do i enter you? Ask go to sofi.comperfect and all the info you need is right there. This opportunity is available between 12 20 and 12 30..

We will be contacting the winner in early january, cannot wait to meet some of you guys in person thanks again to our sponsor sophie. This is going to be insane. Oh, i feel like i'm. There welcome to the brand new segment carol clash where we attempt to create the next christmas coach you're going to be.

Judging all right, i felt like maybe your musical expertise was lacking. What are you talking about? Okay rules of the segment are simple. I'm just going to pick my favorite. This song is titled rudolph, scott covid.

Oh thank you guys! Dude. I've never been more ready to sing my three words. Bro, give it up for the tg's, so santa went to cvs to get his cover test. Dasher dancer prancer.

They all checked out incredible comment and cupid and vixen are good, even though they didn't swab as deep as they should. One test remain christmas. Him stolen this not yet there gary, oh yeah santa now knew he could be in a real pickle, but he reared back and gave rudolph him big brain tickle pad mrs claus find out and her mind. Exploded rudolph's got covered.

How will all those presents get unloaded? Rudolph's got covered, it's catchy. No, i don't wan na be misquoted. Rudolph's got coving the only thing worse for christmas. Morale would be another big blockage in the suez canal.

It's clever so sent away to cvs everybody to get his coping tests, not sponsored by dancer transfer. They all checked out, yeah comedy cupid and vixen are good, even though they didn't swab as deep as they should. One test remain christmas hens, don't mess. The sleigh's gon na need a newly volunteer cause rudolph's in quarantine through the thank you so much appreciate it.

Good luck, topping that all right, what genre of music are we going carol? The world already has enough normal carols. What the world does not have nearly enough of christmas wraps, give it up for the twinsies. Are you ready ready? Everybody knows how coco is best when you store it up this year. Let's treat christmas, the same, no traditions, we all on a mission to end this year with the bang.

So here's our crazy idea. What if this year, we fought with our fam keep your pair of doves. All we need are these gloves drop the list, make a fist and go ham merry christmas to all and to all a good night half my fam went down with the fight. It's our best christmas.

Ever these memories will treasure. We can do this forever. Like money, mayweather drop, the mic all right, give it up for the tgs you're a winner back to the desk cool, now cool. Who wants to kick us off? Ah i'll go first, who were you the secret santa for ty? I'm glad you asked because it was you yeah.

I took that love test where you find out your love language. Mine was getting dips. Here we go ty we're flying we're playing quidditch, baby, zoo man right there, tyler tony as a gift for ty. You couldn't hit it better.

I agree: garrett uh, you you've, outdone yourself today. Thank you, my man, yeah. Arguably the only thing i like about harry potter. I was gon na give it a red.

I have a gift for kobe cod. I would like to present to you peace, own custom, with speakers with massage full body. Chair guys. Hey.

Can i use it when i'm not here, that's a great for me. Can i fit in it probably not yeah, i know you're already all right. I will not hold that against you, because i'm your secret sauce, cody jones, talk to me today. I have for you factory, sealed star destroyer.

No, that's the superstar destroyer. Are you serious? I'm gon na put it in a glass case, so you can't throw it off the balcony. Smart. A glass case has never stopped a minimum of 150.

That would make it all the sweeter a bulletproof bulletproof one. I got you boys man, i do love legos. I got ta, give it a great, but your reaction, i almost read it. I would leave right now and go do it, but i actually have corey as my secret santa recipient.

It is a milkshake glass with a built-in frother, a blender. Do you know the difference between chocolate, milk and a milkshake add ice cream? It barely does the chocolate syrup. Take a sip, then vote? Okay, i don't even have a dad. I think it's a super, not cool.

I can't believe you pulled that off unbelievable corey. Don't let me down because i'm your guy, so don't give me a moo cup. You know what this deserves. I want you guys to do a replay, a battery popped out and hit kobe street before this year.

Something very special happened to you and i would like to let you relive it for the purple hoser himself, a custom purple light up christmas tree wow no lie. I. I would probably green just that if you know stop there and part two, it looks massive. Simply press this stick forward.

You motorized my gif. Let the memories flow so sick. I feel like i'm pretty safe in this bad boy, so uh, that's why i chose it. This bad boy has a bad boy in it.

It's gear, oh and gary. I know the one thing you didn't like about your tank experience is that you missed your shot. You have a chance to redeem yourself. Fire expires camp.

Well done, that's that's nearly worthy of like a mini tank battle. Hey welcome to everybody on all the gifts. Everybody slayed it today, a good night ties out. Oh, oh there's a oh! It's a golden snitch.

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