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Eating dog food + liquid metal + a new world record = Overtime 15!!!!!!
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome door over table your twins, purple hoser, dude, perfect in overtime, tall guy beer twins, purple holes earn our head over gon na be a good episode, though you know, got some cool, not cool aids back. You don't have to worry, then a little special announcement segment coming up man whoa, followed by wheel, unfortunate and absurd records to finish it off. So, let's dive right in. Let's do its head to cool.

Now cool feels good to be back on the cool, not cool, set yeah. You know and I feel good about my item too. Okay, okay, start us Wow, you must feel yeah. I do if I told you that I could put metal in my hand and then just melt it like if that were physically possible.

Would you or would you not say that that would warrant a cool, that's a cool. What I have here in my hand, it's a metal called gallium, which is pretty cool in the heat of your hand, it's so heavy. What is this? No, it's a metal that the melting point is low enough to melt in your hands. Who wants this in their hand? I will you'll put it in there.

Okay, you ready. Oh, oh dude, is it heavy Kobi yeah? Is it you want some? No I'm doing alright, completely metal, high-five metal, high five and a libros? Oh, that's, probably bad! We just got liquid metal everywhere. I'm gon na go ahead and vote um. I think it's cool, I'm gon na go ahead and cool it.

Thank you, apart from it being all over my clothes and I've really enjoyed that. Yes, yes, me too, I'm gon na give it a green in sign up Cody, yes, yeah, that early zero hesitation hate me bring it on. Well, as I've been recovering with shoulder stuff, I found that my shake the shoulder what's next for you. I think that take care - oh that's it, but this has increased the speed of swimming and most people that have used it fish.

Flippers. That's understand I believe, in order to vote, I need to know how much you paid for that yeah less than ten dollars. Here's my question in OT six: can we verify that these were not on in his violin? Yes, it's a mile, but it's not that damn! I think we just got to the bottom of the mystery, I'm probably a worse swimmer than anyone watching this video. I need them easy, green, recreate that I've always been jealous of the people who can go underwater their entire length of their pool.

I've never been able to do it. That could get me there. I'm in, I just feel like you, didn't bring your best stuff today, codes, I'm gon na have to drop a red eye. Pre voted so I mean I'm all ears a free vote.

It wasn't a revenge vote. I honestly be happy with three to two greens who's next, why? I'm just pretty good I'll go all right Cory! Ladies and gentlemen, there is an item that has not been upgraded in, I don't know centuries a lightsaber, the wheel and that's neither of those. But those are both good a copy, and I know you think I'd like to introduce you to the cup that cannot be spilled. Unhhhh spill, coffee, mugs carrier.

You have to carry the Box around with the cup. The box has to be plugged in so ya. Know that whenever you're wanting to purchase this and use it yourself, his pictures are so long, whoa, hover Cup, a hover Cup gentlemen. This Cup floats, I know what you're thinking it's not actually floating.

The real test, of course, is when you take a nice crisp, dr. pepper, and you pour it in. Let's get it really spending you know so that if it's lachcha, so the real test is when you pour it in oh wow, and what is this doing? It makes it more foamy on top guys. How cool is that, though, demonstration timeout? If the power goes out, I was gon na say you could store candy in it in the ants couldn't get to it, but they couldn't the power went out.

I will show in that case real quick. The budget episode ended, you better vote it yeah yeah, I'm gon na. Do what needs to be done and that's hard to do it's harder than you. Can I ask for somebody on the interweb? Can you go ahead and make a chart with like how the voting went over the last pastry of Oh team, who brings the best on? If you don't get a majority cool next time? I think we kick them off for it like we did Kobe you're saying next time I have to get a majority cool or I get suspended for the next game, suspension three or more cools, muted and no buttons.

Gentlemen, if it's okay with you, I would like to go next sure. I'm pretty excited about my item today. This item was originally designed for pets. I would like to present to you the Ferb, oh oh.

This was designed to give treats to your pet, but I'm gon na give it to the employees at the office, because there's a camera built into the fur bow I'll, be checking in and monitoring someone say: micromanaging the editors work throughout the day when Chad, for example, Chad, if you please step forward, makes a good edit, I will say Wow Chad, great edit. Here you go boy. That's spud to me. Do a watch good job Tim! Oh, my goodness, exceptional music, joint! Oh four! You got four hey! You know what, because I'm always the bad guy Tony proved a flaw in your system, a dog.

Is it smart enough to reach on the counter and open this up? A human could just open up the thing say: you know what I'm tired of waiting. I'm gon na have a ball, because that one flaw with Tourette. I really have to stick with the theme today and if the power goes out, yours also doesn't work. I'm gon na get ahead of this.

My item also requires power. Oh no, another a you know what doesn't require power gallium, but I wan na I wan na make. I want to make a suggestion here. If I get a super cool witch Cora can revote.

This item has to stand are over time set forever wow. That is a bold ass. Here's the deal, I'm a guy of change and our overtime set needs an upgrade. What do you guys think about the new overtime sign I bought? That's pretty legit.

Go your own neon sign, where's it go Oh hold on. Can I go? I'm gon na go pretend like I'm a viewer and look at. I want to pretend like I'm a viewer and look at it. Oh guys, I mean I'm its LED, so I can change the color.

I just felt like this. I needed an upgrade. You know what I'll kick it off? Dare that's a ver de gracias bud. I feel like I need to cast my vote for green.

Obviously, I'm green, so hey comes down to the old left side of the table, who brought just amazing. I too sure negative her an sees over there forever it's gon na be enough. I don't like it as much as a normal sign to the dumpster. No I'm gon na, probably I'm gon na, probably give it to somebody.

I should have changed my pitch and just said a couple. Episodes that's on me that hurts, I feel for you. There Gary we've got some big news. I would say it's the hugest news that we've ever broke really since shaving my head.

I think so, let's go to breaking news. Many of you have seen the official trailer for the do perfect documentary the most excited any of us have ever been about a project, not wait for you guys to see it. We've got another trailer put together just for the Oh tears to give you guys an extra sneak peek, it's the sneakiest peak that we've ever Pete. Let's ever poke, that's ever poked Appy, you guys have ever poked that they've ever peek.

This peak will peak on the pica chart here we go we're essentially taking the best parts of all of our YouTube videos and combining them into one live show everything we've done is behind a camera and it can always be edited about short, oh man. We just disconnect them. We should probably stop that we all met at Texas. A & M had a wonderful experience meeting the twins.

For the first time we ended up living together with Tyler and Korey me in the house. Care was too clean for us. He was down the street. We need one more roommate and Cody Jones squeaked in by the skin of his teeth.

So you have a tall goofy guy. You have two twins that just moved out of their mom's house a clean free eyes and me a guy who would probably rather live in the woods on paper. It shouldn't have really worked, but for some reason we just clicked pi is going to attempt to break another absurd Rickard it's about to be code time. Here we go my goodness.

This is literally it I'm on top of the world. We are super stoked for you guys to see the official dude. Perfect documentary goes back. 10.

11 years highlights the success of dude perfect, also the struggles that we had starting this whole thing. So it's a very cool story cannot wait for you guys to hear it. Three weeks from today May 11th mark it down guys it's 90 minutes long yeah. I love it.

Okay buckle up sneak your peeks polka pokes Wow. Let's go to something else. What time is it we, unfortunately? No don't do it really? Yes, I know we're good, because you know well without further ado. What kind of hat are we working with today who drew me? I was not ready for that.

You have to pick okay 20 bucks to pick right now, pretty good deal I'll, throw in another 20. Nobody to pick no one, I'm gon na double it 80. Can you promise that all the names are in? Yes, I want it in actual cash demos, not real. Oh, what's he doing he has it eliminate one eliminate one? Oh yeah, this verse is not straining the wheel.

We eliminate one more, I'm not gon na be Garrett's Butler for a day. That would be hard not want to own account the other person who is che sia. Why I'm stopping you we're stopping? I can't I can't you're picking it: hey, hey, hey, I'm tearing, you know: you're, not you're, getting new neighbors next notice. Why did I pick you get a bad hair drop at the saloon and I wouldn't say yes, you know it's good to show that it hasn't been.

It's been some time what I saw you last wait guys anything to say to the people. You know they're here today, yeah I did you steal. Our sign know that no you know old ed was rubbing it through the dumpsters. I typically do auto and Sunday afternoons ma'am and I came across an old site and somebody's kids alive.

Clearly so I thought you know that might be nice really cuts through the bottom part of the for the wheel, so yeah. I would like to actually see you eat a pepper that would be entertaining we'd have some experience here before cor. Last time you had to eat something on the show. What happened? I think it was a banana.

The whole thing: are you back here yeah? No, what do we got? Ta, send him off with we've been here before, welcome to quarry unfortunate good to be here for the record, the name of the show is not quarry unfortunate. Yes, it is. We have learned from the past. You cut this handy flashback to the banana you're, not gon na puke, 3600 calories per 8 grams, Wow you're gon na be full.

I'm gon na be huge after this. No now he needs to just show here the noise, it's good sounds voiced. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, here's my strategy, I'm envisioning in my head, that this is Cheerios. I can't all right for you, milk, I'm taking one bite, three spoonfuls.

I need to see the spoon. I need everybody to comment. I love you boy and that's the only way. You're gon na get me drunk.

I know before yeah you got ta have milk on yeah yeah, that's it that's it taurine! A dog food like cereal. Well, one kibble, something one cable! I need a climate level. I want to get one couple down: oh yeah, hey yeah, bad, you guys crazy. What's it taste like? What's it taste like like salty okay, one crunch, berry yeah, what color the red should eat? Tenable, hey get us four, always vote that he picks every time.

I will continually offer him more and more money to pick himself. It's just gon na, be it's gon na be great. I will say now and the deal is not to pick myself. It was to pick, and it happened to be myself your mic.

If we need to cut to a replay after I happen to pick myself, I swiped most of the mics off the table in anger, and it just went all the way downstairs in the show. Some might call that a rage moving on it's time for some absurd records. Our good buddy, Michael from Guinness, was here Garon Corey decided to attempt an absurd return. It was very absurd.

Let's take a look, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this segment of absurd recursion. Our good friend, Michael here, let's give it up for Michael, are you let's talk about what we're gon na be doing? Garrett and Corey are going to be attempting the Guinness World Records title for most headers of a beach ball in 30 seconds, with the team of two the mark to beat is 45 one meter apart, no toes over the line and the beach ball has to be At least 16 inches in diameter, we really had to juice this one up, Dave that 16 inch mark Corey there. This is absolutely absurd, be honest with you guys. I have never seen Corey or dare hold a beach ball in their entire life.

I mean do they have beach ball skills. I mean news to me. I definitely don't. I don't go to the beach.

Oh yeah, I'm ginger man. I don't go to the beach he's. Sunscreen guy favorite spot, I'm more of an indoor soccer player for the record. Three.

Two one go they're, so Daiso, sir haha you're going hey you're going like up here, hit it like here with your forehead. Okay, go okay, Scott boys dial it in ten seconds. If we both do the head thing, you need to do that floating for the record. Three two one go: okay, nice inning: let's ball, do the work ball.

Do the work. Focus boys float the job; okay, guys good, good, good, really good nice boys make a play. So good talk to you, Michael talk to me Mike. I got a number in my head and I want to see if it's the same as Michaels.

Okay, I just need to see those marks. O'Neal's was 45 good news guys. The number my head is higher than that that's good, but the bad part is my number. Doesn't matter Garrett and Corey, you had 61.

I always knew my spirit. Animal is a seal. Well done you're welcome. Was it tough yeah didn't look like it? What do you think you can beat it 50 hack me? So you need the video of you beat it.

I doubt you get a lot of submissions, but piggy do good, hey! You know what you know, what it's time for it's time for me to ask the viewers to do something that frankly, I'm a little uncomfortable with really don't like the way it sounded. I know, but it's helpful so if you have not seen the full-length trailer click right here to watch it last video underneath that DP subscribe somewhere down below that region and the bell I just lasered right to it signing off for now, where my metal never solidified And we're gon na work on our salesmen pitches for next time. That's right. Does anyone have any gum?.

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