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Cell Phone Stereotypes…Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em!
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Comment: I've def dropped my phone on my face
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If the ostriches can't be here by three, we can't use them. Okay, dude what happened to you, motorcycle wreck? Huh? Oh oh crack! My phone over the weekend, oh yeah, still got ta use it though it's really not as bad as it looks. You can still hold it, you can touch it, but definitely don't swipe it eight's the seven. The six is the five every other button's.

The same. Congratulations you've just won well gee whiz, let's board the boat hi, i'm jennifer, calling about your car's extended warranty. Well, good. Golly, let's extend it, i'm so sorry, no, oh! No! Oh! What are the chances? Oh, please tell me you didn't crack the front.

No! I like funny things. Oh sorry, man, you had to be here. I i am here. I just it's.

I already scrolled this into the abyss. Now you can't just go back gone forever, dude. I cannot believe that just no way what what what was it huh? Oh dude, sorry i just i don't even know where i put it. Can you call it please we're calling it don't call it at once? I look underneath.

Are we good it's not under there, but it is remarkable what is under there? Oh, it's on silent guys. You got ta. Take your shoes off if you're gon na feel the vibration. Oh, i found it.

Yes. Ah n64 rumble pack has same vibration pattern, so i'm eating the car did. We only gave it an hour dude. What oh man? I cannot thank you enough for recommending that hemorrhoid cream has helped out tremendously.

My sister has like 15 warts on her hand, we're trying to figure out how to get rid of those or two please dude. Another crazy thing i found out are you listening to my phone call right now, you know that's illegal, hey man! What's up hey wait! Are you in the bathroom right now? What yeah? No definitely not happy hey is that water running yeah uh left the office early to go fish. Can you see me picture the fish? No, no, no face time, just kidding, hey brother! Oh, what do you need? I my phone's at one percent? If i lose you any time, don't you do that brother? Don't you hey real quick got ta, let the dog out don't move a muscle, be right back. You called me by the way dude.

This is like his fifth time. Calling today are you under water. It's actually kind of impressive. I know you can't hear me, but never call me again: oh bag of diapers, 4.

54 on saturday, the 13th. I have some illegal dumping activity happening right now, hey gentlemen. I did great looking for the best coffee shop boom right there. Hashtag sponsored not really i'm not sponsored yet but put on a show and don't even try to wouldn't it.

They love me. They all love me yo garrett, you good. If i add you to that paintball group text, i appreciate the invite man i think i'll pass. The paintball boys seventh grade your birthday party.

We had so much fun. That was like 20 years ago. I got you added you're in see you saturday, hey, hey calvin calvin check out this concert that was out last year, dude i paid top dollar. For these seats.

Look at this that sounds like a broken washing machine. Dude. Seven minutes left baby to make something happen. No market doesn't close for another two hours.

East coast got plenty of time. Stay patient, great food, uh yeah i brought dip. I bought the dip too. I just bought the dip, which one did you get rod, chips and dip? Oh god, oh it's going down.

Still it's still going down. Oh it goes up. It goes up. Yes, look at me.

Time is money right now. Okay, if i got invited to an elementary school graduation, i would walk up on that stage and i would say etfs stocks crypto all in one place, sofi app mic drop and i would walk off the stage. That is the best piece of advice i could give them. Please respect the game.

No, i don't have your phone, it's your phone. It was in your front pocket this little knob right here, silent mode, okay, let's live life that way huh green bubbles, who's got the android jonah. I tried giving you an iphone and you still refused another vote for jonah green is my least favorite color jonah one more vote and you will be removed from the group thread. Jonah we're back to blue bubbles, the boys spider-man 3.

10 minutes. Let's go. I accidentally called my uncle i'll just be one second, one sec, hey. What kind of question is that, of course, i meant to call i was worried.

You might have accidentally called me here. No, not you uncle remus! You boys got ta get back down here to george this whole catfish came up and just scooped up the top water right off the top. You wouldn't believe how tall the trees had gotten since you were here last time. No, but i don't know if you remember that girl katie functions that you used today back in first grade hello, i don't have service unless i'm by the road hang on.

Can you hear me? I don't know, i can't see it now. Well, i have to go back up there and look. They've got a candle burning at the fire. These fireworks we're gon na test them.

You got ta, make sure they work just be happy with what i get, because i don't know what else you're gon na want. Yeah, what seems to be the problem, sir? You? Not only will you not buy a firework from my fireworks shop, you ain't buying one in this county or nor this state. You have the audacity to show up on my property after what you've done in my family. In my life get out of here right now, nope you better get out of here.

Oh come on! Oh no, now come on. Remember the koalas arrive at two, so whoever's phone. This is they're fired. Wait! Guys! Sorry, that's actually me the koalas are here! Oh, oh, that is the worst drive ever so ugly and flat only thing worse is amarillo to albuquerque good shot dude.

I would highly recommend getting lessons honey. If you want to take piano seriously, you got to get lessons dude. Will you please upgrade your phone? Why this one works just fine? What is that, like the original iphone? Look, how small this is looks like a pager. Is that the ipod app? If i want to listen to the google dolls, i just click them hold on it's loading.

Sir. Do you mind holding that for a second i'm having trouble seeing it? Could you move back a little bit right about there? That's great! Thank you. My son got a penguin. I just couldn't see the word.

Oh wow! Congratulations just use my credit card. It's three whoa whoa dude they're listening. What are you talking about? Watch this yeah thanks for coming over man, i've been meaning to get into a new hobby. These days been thinking about getting into soap, carving, they listen to everything anyways.

What was that credit card number again? Oh, it's three! Six! What's new with you, i'm glad you asked my granddaughters grandson family on the beach. This was a cool story. This guy bought this one in an auction brother-in-law, who's sheriff of ellis county being interviewed after the tornado. You have 12 pictures of the ground yeah, that's kind of the way i roll three sets yo gear.

Point ball! Dude! I can't do this well, we had to call in a backup. Sometimes you need somebody to drop a phone and the poor man just couldn't do it third person huge thanks to our friends at sofi, for sponsoring this video sign up for a sofi active, invest account where you can win up to 1 000 to buy stocks. Etfs trade, crypto and more and with sofi social investing. You can even see how your portfolio stacks up against everyone, including us, seriously, just search our names in the app.

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