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Homemade rafts in level 5 rapids.. what could go wrong! Todays battle gets INSANE!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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- Dude Perfect

What's up guys dude perfect here we just found some class 4 rapids and we're about to hit it in our homemade wrap all right guys. I think i'm gon na do a boogie board foundation. Today's goal is speed and survival. I must say i'm very excited about this, as everybody, i'm sure remembers the water bottle boat.

Today i proudly present to you water bottle 2.0. I mean potatoes of this bad boy. The 55-gallon drum all right game plan is, we are taking this foam, we are gluing, it all up into one single block and then we are going to carve a canoe out of the entire block. Anything that involves air i'm in for we got bubble, wrap, got dude, perfect basketball, brand guy.

I can't get away from it. This is probably the most durable thing in my entire plan. As you can see, g's not here the hoser's gone, didn't inform me comment where gare is could be anywhere. Indonesia, car shopping rumors are flying everywhere.

Comment your rumor below on the whereabouts of gare heck. I say the top comment gets pinned. We pin it i'll, pin it i'll, pin the comment. This is a four-person battle.

It's almost a guaranteed victory can't give away too much. No i'm just kidding. They don't want foam in the river. Okay, see you guys in here in a minute, decided to take my basketballs and turn them in to a raft.

Here's! What i'll tell you spark? We had the entire day to build and boy am i using it. You know i haven't done much in the last. Probably two hours: i've got each ball, zip tied each noodle connected with an internal zip tie. I mean this thing is solid, as a rock, maybe tate things are getting worse here, chad, they're getting way worse.

My confidence level was peaking early and it has only gone downhill since then, and people would call that a boat. Would they that's the question all right? Let's build a rap battle. I actually thought it was build a raft battle team battle. Oh, is it rock? Oh boy, i didn't get that memo.

Let's go. I'm done time to take the rafts to the water. The boys will be facing class 4 and 5 rapids so hold on tight. If a dude does fall off, he must restart at the previous checkpoint fastest.

Time is the winner here with uh, kobe, cotton, otherwise known as barrel boy. How are we feeling about the final project here moments away from going down? What could go wrong? I feel really good about it. I'm just going to either sit like this or lay down flatten. I think we cruised to victory kobe's uh, getting ready to hop on the raft.

My pre-game prediction is a wheel will be gone before the first rapid. Oh that one came true. Wow time starts as soon as kobe passes. Under the bridge we have reached checkpoint one a minute in checkpoint.

One has been achieved, and here we go, he didn't make it. He didn't make it hey. Hey boots review right now, just so you guys understand this sign was the checkpoint. He literally fell right here now he has to redo that whole section.

You look solid, oh and he's getting sideways. That is not how you want to attack the rap. Oh, there goes. The wheel, this is where it's about to get extremely fun boys.

Oh, this is bad, oh no, it is going backwards hold on he's, made it from checkpoint 402.00. I was inches away from perfection. I mean a run that you can't even beat. If i don't fall off, these guys said it sounded like i jumped off.

Maybe i did in honor of gary's absence. Would you say that you're safely away from the podium, i felt podium worthy okay, yeah, all right core. After a good night's sleep we're just moments away from going down the rapids confidence level, one to ten. How are we feeling ten in my craft three in myself, so an average of six and a half yeah all right he's six and a half confidence.

I love it it's time to take the youtube down the river team. Corey is time to hit the river. I cannot fall out or i'm not going to beat cody or time. This will be the time to beat a lot of turtles have won races to the face.

That's the checkpoint, yep he's cruising now: checkpoints, oh and he's got to restart back at checkpoint. Two, all right back in time is started. Oh no! You got to get out in there car i'm getting look at the pink stuff. Just hanging on by a friend boat is taking a beating whoa.

Oh, that was big, big section right there. The future is behind me and we're through nice core, not a bad run. I don't need to know there boys to know that's the new leader. Oh no chorus found himself yet in another eddie.

He may be stuck there a while. Let's go back up and get ready for uh round three here incredible run by corey ties up next, but first, let's hear a word from our sponsors: taking a quick break from the class five rapids to give a huge shout out to our friends at simply safe For sponsoring this, video simply safe is an easy to use totally customizable home security that focuses equally on having the most up-to-date tech and a reliable service team. It's free from contracts and hidden costs and your custom system is delivered directly to your doorstep, home security and even office. Security is incredibly important to us here at dude, perfect and simply safe makes it easy to check in while you're away.

In fact, let's do it right now, let's see what's happening at the office. Oh wow, oh wow, panda working on his golf swing. Oh i just rocketed one. The simply safe setup process is also super easy, so easy even corey can do it yeah actually yeah.

That's great and the interactive monitoring service is available, 24, 7 and we'll call the police if it's alerted to anything visit, to learn more and get 30 off your simply safe home security system back to rafting. Are you ready, ty, tony back back back right back backwards? I couldn't get back over. I just died well you're supposed to visualize success. No, i know, but you got to go through all the worst case scenarios.

Sharon was bad he's prepared for everything. It's about. Go time any nerves, butterflies, biggest butterflies. I got the glue's not dry.

You could see this thing just come apart. First of all, ty thought this was build a boat too, so he took my structural integrity of a canoe and he built it out of cody's purple. Here comes the first real test: he's good dude he's gon na get a jump, he's good, absolutely imperative that ty finds a way to make it to the second checkpoint here, wobble baby wobble big moment of truth here, good he's under control he's under control. Oh no! He goes played it well.

He is within 50 yards of that glorious. Second checkpoint he's got to survive this right here, huge movement, oh guys, he's going to be so sad. Tai fell right here and the checkpoint was right. There.

Official time is at about 15. So still doable, but at this point i don't know if we can have any more faults out of ties. When you went down the rapid, the tail hadn't cleared yet and the whole thing. I saw your boat open up the rear side.

Oh guys, as you can see, it's no longer a boat. It's a seven layer cake! Oh oh! It's not good time for ty to channel his inner tom cruise, because this is mission impossible and we're rolling. It's like star wars. Oh, that was the best thing.

I've ever seen. Oh look at the water. Look at all this. Oh man in our 12 year, dude, perfect history.

That was by far my favorite 20 second strand, as he was just shedding both credit where he held them as tight as he could. He tried to be the glue, a captain goes down with the ship and he sure did hey third time, there's a ride of a lifetime and i've got no regrets. Yes, i love that good job todd now it's time for cody jones to test the rapids. All right, cody jones moments away from going talk to me, not scared, not fearful, i think, she's, the best that can make it happen.

I've added fins last minute, zip, tie or die baby good luck, cody jones! Here we go good luck, brother and the timer starts. Now he's moving, i'm not even gon na lie, he's going so fast. His first real task happens now we're past it checkpoint number one, the future. Oh, this is a winning machine, though here comes the dishwasher from here.

A perfect run. 20. 21 baby. Oh, what a day hey we got it.

We got an injury, stood up to the tumble, yeah. Silly me on the concrete dude. Would you like to guess your incredible time? I i actually would like to just hear it 115. We had a blast.

Let's head to an outro first things: first, coach! Congratulations! Oh good yeah! Next time. If i would build the rap, i think i would have had it yeah thanks for watching guys if you want to see our last video click right over here. If you want to follow us on tik tok got some great content. Click down here, sign it off for now pound.

It noggin see ya.

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