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BUCKET LIST IS BACK! Bungee jumping, feeding elephants, paragliding, chilling with penguins and rhino rescue... South Africa has it all!
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I don't think i could do this. Okay, i'm going wow. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see on my folder, we are on our way to south africa. If you guys have not traveled in the last year year and a half, you have to get a negative covid test in order to travel internationally.

All five of us and the camera crew have tested negative. So we are successfully on our way to south africa, we'll send it bucket list. Is it go baby? Everybody has a bucket list that list of things you've always wanted to do, whether it's a wild adventure or a breathtaking moment. We want to take these experiences and share them with you.

Welcome to bucket list today is paragliding day. This is something that i saw on the brochure when we flew in, and i thought that's what i want to do. They're stealing my sunscreen give it to me now: we've had some bad experiences fried this is the riskiest thing we've done is sun exposure. I wish there's a lock and a passcode on top, my goodness, this green tarp right here, i believe, is cody's runway.

That's where we're launching from but he's gon na float down. This is going to be the best view of all time. I want to understand the point of the helmet yeah. What is the point of the helmet? Ah? Well, it's a little insurance.

Is it like, if you bump, into a bird, this is eloise, we just met and i'm putting my life in his hands. Thank you. How many flights do you think you have under your belt? Oh wow, i would say i've flown plus thousand whoa over a thousand okay, we're good we're good. The only thing that you have to do for me is to stay on your feet and run and run.

I can do that if i think we must stop. I would tell you stop, then we stop okay, oh hug. It out this could be my last hug love you guys. May the tall man live on forever come on holy smokes.

This is insane. This is unbelievable. He said don't stop running until we tell you to pull your knees up. The other guy's still running all week is doing this and cody just pulls his knees up holy cow.

I heard he could be in the air anywhere from five to 15 minutes. That is so cool dude. This is awesome. Bro ollie said he was gon na.

Do some tricks what up tubers this? Oh, this is crazy. Oh my gosh, oh wow, we're doing it we're doing it we're doing crazy stuff. Oh my gosh. Are you sure we're good? Are you sure i think he's still screaming? I can hear him from here: listen, listen, hey everybody! If you're in cape town, you got to do this cody just had his flight he's rolling in right now, what's up buddy and cody is down.

Oh, we did it. I survived now. Louise, you are my hero. Thank you.

Thank you. You do this every day, every day, if you're, friends with yourself, my legs are shaking guys check it off the list, paragliding in cape town, all right tying gear. We are uh on the road equipped with our cameras. Goal is to photograph the big five that may turn into the dangerous seven we'll see, we'll also probably take a picture of just about anything we see, so even trees might be the africa 30.

Who knows yeah, elephants, dude, no one's ever photographed just you know the backside could go for a lot of money. We're five minutes into this, and we've already got one down so uh yeah. I think ty's right. I think we go after the the after thirty, the african 30.

hippo would be sweet mouth open in the water. That's the shot, wow, okay, um! You know. Sometimes you have a plan and things don't work out. Came to this side of the lake.

All the hippos seem to be on that side of the lake, so we got ta. Oh i just got the hippo shot. Just got an epic shot of a hippo checking off one of the dangerous seven i sent gare over to the shore and he uh tried to attack him right when he got there. I'm getting gears in the truck, but look at that.

Look at those teeth t on the left, there's rhinos. I got some white rhinos gear by the way. I hate to tell you this now, but bonus points if you can get two of the big five in the same photo. So that's bonus points got it.

It's kind of like getting stuck behind two semis yeah and every time you try to pass the car comes bummed out, sat on the wrong side of the truck yeah. That happens. You know it does it. It comes with it.

You know all right: we've got our lion, we can see their tails flicking in the tall grass, but we can't get a clear picture of them. Hopefully, they'll stand up before the sun gets down behind the mountains. So we'll see it's going to be close, got him. Well got some uh insane pictures check lion off the big five list, which is a huge accomplishment.

I think all we have left is leopard yeah, uh, kate, buffalo, oh and cape yeah, so we got two left i drove around last night. Looking for the leopard couldn't make it happen, so it's our last chance today way over there over there dude, okay buffalo. Unfortunately, we were not able to photograph all the big five uh. Until now we did it.

The leopard is complete. This is incredible. He's like biting him, it's you want the hat. You can have the hat.

You can have the hat okay, what an epic photo safari these pics we got are absolutely incredible guys it's 5 30 in the morning and it's bungee day. Oh man, we had two options: it was a seven hour drive or a flight trying to pack in as much as we can for you guys so we're flying we've arrived he's got a harness on and it's go time brother. I keep telling myself. This is once in a lifetime.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i'm only doing this once in my lifetime, i'm excited for you. I think paragliding is way, scarier sure, oh boy, why does the sign say? Beware of snakes that is not anywhere close to my concern. Right now, hey! This should say: beware of that! Oh my lanta! There's nothing below us! You guys can't feel it on camera, but this metal, it kind of bends a little bit under your feet and it makes you feel like it's about to drop out. I know it won't not looking not looking.

That's a hard, no from me codes. What about you? Yeah, i definitely know hard. No sorry, cobbs kobe, good luck now that we're actually here do you think rappelling will be scarier than this. I don't know i got ta stand right over the edge they're, both terrible this might be worse.

Come on. This is for you guys straight up 100. I would never ever do this if i was not making a video for you guys. I love you.

Thank you. I don't have to do it. I don't have to do it. Yes, oh my goodness, he did it.

He did it and it's sunny holy cow. That's amazing, guys, he's gon na be the happiest person ever he did it yeah dude. That was insane. That was awesome.

Yes, let's go say: what's up to youtube: yo, what's up youtube, let's go guys josh, my best friend right now, blood was rushing to my head. Pretty good josh. Is the man holy cow? This view guys look at this. This is what we're seeing right now come on, he's done it.

Oh, my goodness. That's unbelievable dude you're, literally flying you're legit flying. If you have the chance, you need to come. Do that if you never have the chance.

I hope you got to experience that just the tiniest bit through my eyes, if you really think about it, it's five seconds of fear or a lifetime of regret. I chose a fear. It's a beautiful morning in south africa getting ready to hop on the helicopter and go help some rhinos all right nico. First of all, thank you for letting us be a part of this uh.

It's an honor to be here with you and your team and get to experience what you guys are doing here firsthand. What is the main goal of rhino 9-1-1. Rhino 9-1-1 is a non-profit organization that we've established about four years, five years back and basically just protecting the rhino species of south africa. I guess the main problem with the rhinos right now is the uh decrease in population and that comes directly from poaching.

Oh absolutely, since 2008 we've started losing animals 1 500 per year. It has decreased because a lot more effort has been put into it, but we've lost over 10 000 rhinos in the fourth century. So what is rhino 911 doing to help the rhino? Well, we found that the only uh solution that that is available to us today is to do drumming. Every year more than 600 rhinos are illegally killed by poachers.

The rhinos were killed for their horns, which are very valuable in some parts of the world which can fetch up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market. While they can't protect all the rhinos in the wild, they can make some rhinos less likely to be killed by poachers and they do that by trimming or removing the rhinos horns in a safe way. It's dangerous work, but it's one small way to help keep these endangered animals from ever going extinct, sad reality that that's what it's come to, but i think at this point it's all about saving the species and doing what's best for the animal. Unfortunately, that's the only way we have uh in saving them, you know, and for our children and generations to come.

That is absolutely critical. Have you got any indication where they are um? There was some up here at at lobel dam, which is to the north, so whether you want to start on the northern fence line and work towards our position here. We don't know, obviously where they're overnight. After coordinating our strategy with the ground and helicopter crews, we load out and head to an area where a group of rhinos have recently been spotted all right.

We are uh up in the air, headed to uh. Look for the rhinos all right, i'm part of the ground crew ties in the helicopter, they're darting the rhino and we're uh heading to them and we're gon na minister when the rhinos on the ground, all the vitamins and dehorn them. Uh we've got a cow and a cap that we're gon na try and do right off the bat uh. So first step is getting a visual on them and then we're gon na try and get the cow first.

Okay copy that we've got them. There's four animals! So we've got the blue from monkey and we've got a cow and a coffee, a positive vehicle. I was thinking this was going to be an all-day process, but uh it's been like two minutes: okay, we're just gon na try and turn them around. That means we still want them in the open to trim a rhino's horn.

We first have to tranquilize it with a dart. The non-lethal dart contains a powerful sedative that'll put the rhino to sleep within minutes. Now let me see the dust you could just stand there, where you are copied. Okay, you ready tyler, yep.

Okay, please put the darting on the cow. Please take your time after this green tree as the tranquilizer begins to work. The ground team sweeps in to make sure everything is safe and establish a perimeter uh. That was insane.

We have a sleeping, rhino in front of us right now, how's it going guys, you guys hold a lot of rhinos like this every once in a while. It's first time for me yeah, so so dr g is giving the horn a trim right now. Basically, he measures four fingers up from the base to make sure he doesn't go too deep so that it can regrow. It also doesn't hurt the animal and believe it or not, that simple cut right there, uh potentially just saved this animal's life, so that is what we just trimmed off of the horn.

This will regrow will probably have to be done in about another 18 months. It now has nowhere near the value that it would to poachers if it had the full horn, so this will be documented and stored in a safe place, brilliant all right, good luck, mama, and now we get out of the way and watch them. Wake up all right, mom and calf are both up on their feet after about a minute of getting the reversal and uh. Hopefully we just saved two rhinos lives.

All right. Well, he's up and walking away. So that's that's happy. I don't know how to end it.

That's a happy ending it's weirdly worded, but i agree you can work. However, you want in africa. Can you yeah good? If we were? If we were in america, i would say - and uh couldn't have asked for a better ending but and that's happy is kind of that sums it up here. Good good, that's happy! Yeah going jack just want to thank both of you guys for uh, letting not only us, but also our viewers, uh experience, this incredible operation that you guys have going here just want to encourage you guys to keep it up and uh.

We are we're here to join you in the fight sincerely. Thank you very much. Thank you so much tyler and garrett. Thank you very much, a privilege for us all right gang.

We are here about to get on a boat and go find the kelp forest. I'm just excited to be here guys. I haven't traveled a really long time. I've only been scuba diving one time, so this is number two.

So rumor has it we're gon na head over to the island, where the seals congregate, we're gon na approach with our boat and hopefully it'll scatter the seals get them into the water, which will be awesome because then we're gon na dive in and see. If we can play with a beautiful that was nothing but a good time. I think i, like the kelp forest more than the uh, the seal dancing. That was epic put that on your bucket list.

If you come to cape town, that was awesome game time on the way to repelling. No, i think it's about to rain. There is not a cloud in the sky you're just going down a rock and you're whining about it. Hey: hey: hey, hey, i'm rappelling off the side of the earth.

Whoop-Dee-Doo, i'm not even nervous about it. I slept i'm sure just perfectly. I didn't toss and turn like all night about it. So it's gon na be good.

So we just rolled up and uh. That's where i'm going. That is very all the way up there, that little piece that sticks out, i'm repelling off, can't wait to watch, look guys. Here's the deal most things in life that are worth doing are hard wow, oh buddy, oh man, these just went absolutely weak, so we're going to step off 112 meter cliff just because we can and because you're nice guys we're going to give you a little bit Of a rope and that's going to slow your descent, you are going to get the greatest views in cape town could just use google i'd like to apologize to cory.

This is far more intense than i thought we are at the top of the absolute world right now, i'm feeling pretty 50 50 on this first bungee. It's not a competition. They both feel stupid are so sweaty trevor. Is that okay? No, that's pretty normal! It's your guess that i'm gon na absolutely hate it and then love it uh.

I think that's exactly what you're dealing it's kind of what i'm feeling, but in russian it's over quickly try and relax at this point and enjoy yourself. Oh man, how we doing buddy i've been better. I've been better. You look a little pasty, yeah, i'm nervous, i'm telling you dude it is.

It is a long way down a lot of stuff happening over there and i'm not going to look until i'm time off the edge, don't overthink it. You just got to trust me that it's cool all right. He has no idea what's behind him dude. This is the hardest part.

Give me a pound. I can't why a quickie mental mental pounding pretend i did i can. I can hold on i've been approved. That was the scariest pounded ever hey.

Look, you got a fan club, hey only half of them clapped. This is where we developed the trusting part. I want you to put your hands up, no both hands up one in the distance, another one. Okay, now all the way out wide.

Oh, my gosh dude. Are you joking all the way up? Oh my gosh. Okay, just nice, just dial in one at a time, so half the thrill of this whole repelling thing is to get the photo and you're about to see what i'm talking about derek is over there taking a picture, but in order to get the photo, i have To push off the wall, there's that little hill, where you all paraglided off of it, isn't little. But yes, this is sick.

It just became fun. Yo. I'm gon na give you a little taste of what i'm looking at right now hold your stomachs hey core. What's up dude one, two, three: oh wow, a view you're on top of the world man let's go! This has been the most unique and thrilling experience of my life that was wild.

You made it yes well done. All right next up is a tidal pool at sunset. In other words, it's a pool that gets created when the tide comes in wow. He just learned that he didn't know what a time was.

10 minutes no, but i knew what a tide was. Oh, this is awesome, play the curve. Oh beautiful guys, i hate to say it. The days of the three amigos are coming to an end: uh ty and garrett are showing up tomorrow, heck yeah, more adventures to come.

Come on one, two, three legos! Oh! I hated that don't put that in the video cut it. I just became a twin. I think they have hurrah we're back how'd it go, it was done. We are currently climbing lion's head and when i say climbing, i do mean climbing it's 6.

10 in the morning, uh got a probably about 10 minutes left to get to the top. Nature has provided a ladder. This has been placed here by the hand of god. Look at this i mean look at that view.

That's absolutely absurd. We're close to the summit here got to keep pushing. Oh my atlanta, oh wow. This is incredible.

Sunrise on lion's head check that off we were basically at the top of cape town. Only place higher is table mountain. I'm real super excited huge fan of star wars. I'm hoping to have a very similar experience to luke skywalker battling on the death star.

Let's see how it goes, we are officially in the air. Okay guys it is a little bit windy today. So some places it will get a little bit bumpy, but shouldn't be too bad. I just got really nervous so also on the left-hand side.

You're gon na come up next to lions. It's absolutely gorgeous. We are taller than mountains. This is insanity.

Oh that's, gorgeous! Look at all the people walking on the beach they're like little ants, hello, ant, people wow. That was unbelievable, i'm so pleased so glad i did it. Oh, my gosh there's a penguin right there. This is incredible.

Our wives are going to kill us good choice. Coach yeah buddy. Can i race him? No okay, good answer. Where else on the planet can you find views like this there's other spots, i'd like to see them, we heard there's an area with famous colored houses and i think we found them.

Let's go get a picture: oh boy, sharks live really far from cape town. This is the farthest south. Any dude perfect member has ever been and there's going to be a little inter competition between the group to see who can get the southeast, except i'm not going to tell anybody. So i'm going to just you know, get a little bit further wait.

Let's be, i think, it'd be this way when we get out on the boat that'll be the furthest south we've ever been. We can't swim, so we got to put on these really buoyant life jackets in case we fall in. Do you have to wear one kelly? No, i just want a duck. They don't care about your safety, i'm trained, i'm a stranger.

I am too. I can swim just got on the boat, we're headed to see sharks kelly. What's the plan for today yeah, so we're just heading out of conspire here: we're going to head into the shallows and hopefully encounter some big fish yeah and by fish you mean sharks. Right, i mean sharks.

Now, what do you think comey's doing right now, wow? That was exciting you're experiencing high volume waves. Folks, we were told two meter swells. It looks like it's 10 to 15 as we approach the shark bay area onward. I always wanted to be a captain, no brother.

I feel windy and great. I feel windy. Oh here it is that's happy uh, that's happy! How are you going to feel if we see a shark? Ah, i'm gon na i'm gon na be happy. Yeah yeah guys lost his vocabulary since we got here.

This is the coolest thing. I've ever seen. These birds are flying with us, that's the problem. Oh, he got my feet headed.

He got me this dude, perfect member south. Ever nobody can take that from me. Nobody, the water's freezing. They say it's like 12 degrees celsius or something i don't know what that means.

That doesn't mean anything to me. It's cold. It means it's cold kelly. How cold is the water? It's 18 degrees celsius, 18 degrees celsius.

12 sounds way colder. All right guys, i'm suited up and i've goaded. We got a stingray already in the water and i think, a small shark. It's still pretty cold, there's a stage right under here.

Oh, why would you see it? I gave him a tickle tickle, even after all the amazing things we experienced in south africa, some of our absolute favorite moments, we're meeting some of you guys, our incredible fans. I know we tell you guys a lot, but for real thank you to each and every one of you guys. Who've supported us these last 12 years. It's been an unbelievable ride and we are so so grateful for each and every one of you, grond's just asked us to sign this.

It's our first drum tiny. First trophy! This is a well done boys. Second, ever bucket list absolutely incredible: favorite parts, the beach buy, estimate, there's a bungee, see in line paragliding, i'm going to have to go rhinos by the way forgot to tell you guys who else reached out for a bucket list nasa no way what? Yes, they said. We can.

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