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All Sports Golf... at Augusta National. Yes... Augusta National.
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Performed by Outasight
Courtesy of 83 Sound
Written by Richard Andrew Conte, William Lobban Bean, Scott Simons and Carlos Sosa
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We're dude perfect, i'm bryson de chambeau and believe it or not welcome to all sports golf battle at augusta national. Here we go hello, friends and welcome to the most remarkable golf course in the world augusta national golf club, home of the masters tournament. The dudes from dude perfect have a once in a lifetime opportunity to play all sports golf at iconic, amen, corner and you're invited to follow along the rules are simple. Once you use it, you lose it lowest score wins.

If you would have asked me, what are the chances y'all would ever film an all sports golf battle at augusta, national, i would have said zero, but here we are uh we're going baseball first. Ladies and gentlemen, if you've never pulled a vortex out of your golf bag at augusta national, then that's everybody, because no one's done that until right. Now, okay, let's go here! We go look today's not about winning it's about enjoying the course. Okay, safe week's awesome yeah.

I'm getting 520 to the pin, starting out with the tennis racket. Oh he got all of that one, but it's not! That far i mean i was just here to play a practice round. You know for the masters this year but shoot let's hit the tennis rack on the left. Oh be off, the start.

Did the jitters get to? You can be absolutely way more nervous than actually you know masters i yelled four. So that's a good thing yep. That is, you've been working on that i've been doing a great job. I like baseball bad straight down the middle fairway gotcha, oh wrong direction, currently in augusta meltdown right now teddy.

What are we thinking here? I recommend the frisbee. I agree, i'm not getting it out of the water, i agree at least it would float. Okay, you can get it just got ta avoid the water here, i think we're in a good place. This is how they do it.

We were having way too much fun to hit it. It was perfect or is it there? Oh, i think you're good dude holy cow, oh wait! What a unbelievable! I need to put this right next to the pin and put it in to beat corey. I have to make it he misses it. The door is wide open.

It's not that wide. I can't believe i did that. I cannot believe i survived a foxtail in the woods. I've never been more disappointed to be eliminated from a battle.

Little egg salad sandwich here at augusta, national between 11 and 12. Just feels right. That's good! What a glorious day out here at the beautiful augusta national as we head now to the par 312 golden bell. Okay, shake that off.

Oh, no, that's pretty solid feels good. No he's going for the green. Take a shot wow! It's beautiful! Oh, my goodness! No, that's a beauty! It's gon na get a kick! Oh! You know normal golf sand trap not a great place. All sports, not too bad shorted it.

Oh it slipped dude it slipped in my hand, water, bowl, hey finale, bros, fidelity, bro, see you there need a big recovery shot here, cannot believe we're walking across hogan bridge right now, what an iconic hole and not to mention the hole where tiger seized his lead. In the 2019 masters, this is just special great shots. Roll out, i did hey hey thanks for keeping that entertaining for me absolutely appreciate it. No problem, no problem, all right, good stuff, alright, hobie's all done finale time.

Twins are eliminated, it's down to four bags and scores reset. Let's go have a finale. Our final stop at amen, corner number. 13 azalea.

This magnificent par 5 will make for a spectacular finish and let's go to the action. Absolutely pounding nice tee shots. Oh no, not a good start. Bad start might be eliminated.

We're gon na keep fighting, though i know that this is technically a battle video, but it's also kind of a bucket list, video at the same time, just a shortened version nice to check two off at the same time. Oh well struck steak, oh no get across! Oh, no okay got a little bit under it, but not bad. It's not that easy! That's a good ball! That's perfect! We're out of trouble! Oh, come down! Oh no! There's a creek guys! This could go creek! Big time. Let's go in the creek got a vortex! I don't feel great guys.

Oh no water, again, race creek, is eating our lunch today. Good toss, bryson fighting through the elements, even though it's a perfect day at augusta national got ta love it here. I think me and gear are on the same shot. So it's gon na come down to the wire here.

He is good at this. It looks good. Oh i'll, even give you props for that nice. Nice spin control there a little long, but it looks good.

It's still soft. Oh it's drifting! Wow! That's! Absolutely incredible! The putter choice for the finale - cue balls, all right big moment here to finish up, amen, corner gare and i both have a one stroke lead on bryson. It all comes down to the putties touching. No, that's too hard.

That's left city. I think that might be all for me folks. I think the jitters got me. Oh, my goodness, if you could please watch out for bryson's line, i feel like yeah all right now.

Okay, i'm a little bit offended guys garrett is in the clubhouse, both bryson and tyler are putting with a chance to time for a playoff. I cannot believe that you just tied me up careful gently gentle gentle, but i'm excited he's a putting three-way tie all in at tim, i said we split the trophy: no, no, no, no! What 16 skip! Oh sure, let's go to 16. We go here. We are at the tie, breaker in keeping with masters tradition.

We've come to 16 for the skip off would be absolutely remarkable if somebody replicates rhombo's hole in one right here closest to the pin is the winner. It's go time. Why is corey's wife on the the ball? On the weirdest thing, i've ever seen, amy you're about to go on a trip of a lifetime couldn't go to the bottom of a pond, could go on the green bryson you gon na start us off. Show us how it's done: let's do it yeah go time there.

It is all right guys he left the door open. For me, this is wild right now, but i'm about to put amy onto the green for the title very nice not getting better than that boys. Congratulations: bryson thanks for joining us awesome appreciate it. Thank you.

Yes, absolutely i got ta work on my skipping skills. What's up guys huge thanks to the masters for allowing us, the absolute honor and privilege of coming out here and filming at the most iconic golf course in the world, make sure you subscribe to the masters youtube channel down here for all of your master's content? If you want to see airplane stereotypes, haven't checked that out, yet click right over here also special thanks to bryson dechambeau. If you want to check out the content, he's making click right over here, signing off for now pound it and noggins.

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