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Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting, Salmon Fishing, and more.. Alaska is INCREDIBLE! Thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for all your outdoor needs!
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We just went to alaska, we raced atvs jet skis and dogs. We found gold, climbed, a glacier and almost fell. We rafted bears fought and yeah. We met santa welcome to bucket list all right guys.

We are all geared up about top in the helicopters going about a six minute ride, all the way to the top of the glacier to go dog sledding. Any of you ever ride a dog sled before first timer yeah, quick details. This is your dog sled. This here is your handle.

You got to place both hands on it hold on to it tightly hold on for dear life and in between your legs. You'll have this black mat that creates drag. So if you press uh pressure on it, it'll slow you down a little bit, you only need to stop when we tell you to stop or if you're about, to drive off the glacier, how do you make them turn? You can yell out the command hall and now make them go left or yell at the command g and make them go right. I get my left and right.

It's mixed. I'm hyped zoe's hyped! Let's go dogs are obviously very excited. They start barking a lot when it's nearing go time. It's kind of like calling shotgun all right who wants to go with me.

This is up there with the coolest things i've ever done and i haven't even started: hey, oh, what's! Oh, what up amateur just had a runaway sled, i'm not gon na lie. I didn't know we were about to start first time what a play yeah. That was an incredible catch. Sorry about that, hey baby! Let's do this thing gosh! This is awesome.

I'm telling you what that was, i mean just the wind, the snow, the dogs barking, this atmosphere, unbelievable, what a day got 30 pounds of pizza in my lap right now from the mooses too whoa. Oh yes, yes, the elf looks as good as i thought it was very hot, hot hot on the mouth, ah, the roof of the mouth. I just burned it off. Oh there's, gold everywhere boys wow smells like gold.

You guys really left me a path to get out here. Ty had one request on our entire trip to alaska gold mining. Here we are he's guaranteeing that he comes back with the biggest nugget you've ever seen. Realistically, the other guys don't find gold, but i will be finding gold.

It is a complete fail if we don't leave crow creek mine, ten thousand dollars richer eat your total, no each. If we ever own a yacht one day, just know it's because of today yeah this was wise and if we do i'm ready because i'm wearing boat shoes so we're good. These yahoos are about to go waste half a day. Looking for gold, i'm going straight to the gift shop check that out.

Do you have gold found from the mine? We do they're right here. These gold nuggets folks time is money someone's already spent days weeks, maybe months. Looking for gold, it's been found and we're gon na buy it and we're gon na save a half a day callum. Have you ever watched somebody get an impressive amount of gold.

I have usually find like 25 to 50 bucks of gold with for, like 30 minutes of work, it's all about volume, dude, i'm a shoveling machine. You say volume. I will get you volume, i'm actually going to hide the gold flake in tyler's little pan and we're going to watch him collectively lose his mind. You guys want to see what a gold flake looks like look at that gold flake brother, all right, so the flake is in ty's pale, but he's got to fully commit to cleaning her out.

Oh thought. I had one what's going on guys: we got a classic sluice box situation here. Uh ty, who has already dug up some dirt with gold in it of course, comes over, drops a little bit here at the beginning, the heavier stuff, including the gold sinks down through the pan, which catches it as the water runs across and by the end of The day you're rich, it's crazy. How easy it is shocking! More people aren't here all right.

So one of my fears just came true uh. I snuck the nugget into ty's little sifting dish and uh. He went ahead and just tossed the whole loop into the into the river, so the nugget is now gone. Yeah! That's on me boys, moment of truth.

Oh oh, oh gold groves are ringing everywhere. Oh yes, let's go! Oh that's awesome! It's got to go in our vial. Look at that beauty, that's gold! I think i'm going to need a bigger vial. If you know what i mean fellas today is when our lives change.

I forever absolutely no idea where it is prepared. It was in my pocket and i never even unzipped it, but i don't want to bring it up now because they got really mad at cody for buying a 400 gold nugget mine was 800, so i think we just don't tell him until the video comes out. It was 1100, oh, it was yeah yeah. Maybe they just find out when the video comes out or we go look for it and see if we can find it or it's still here somewhere.

Oh, it's definitely got to be here. Who knows you have no idea? No, no clue it was in my front chest left pocket the whole time. Did you take it out and you're pranking me. First, shopping pit: stop here in alaska bass, pro one of our longest partners about to gear up before we all head our separate ways just grab the essentials first up, candy section: this is nice because it kind of limits you except that's, going to limit us too Much so we're going to go here, try to jump in for old, time's sake.

Anybody got a mermaid tail, i'm going fly fishing. Why wouldn't i wear a shirt that says fish lemon drops top five sour gummy worms top five. You could ward off the bears with it: mountain lions, like in parent trap. No honestly can't wait to get out.

There have a good time: cheap mountain traffic helicopter, eight six, eight radar, 44 picking up on sheep mountain lodge gon na be southwest towards fukushima. So have you ever spent the night on the glacier up here, oh heck, yeah yeah, and for a treat huh. Oh yeah, matt new glacier straight ahead. Wow holy cow 27 miles long four miles wide 502 could be a couple thousand feet thick.

Nobody knows, nobody knows how deep it goes. Nobody knows how deep it goes. I've seen it crack four or five hundred feet deep. I mean there was no bottom, no bottom high it just it just went into darkness.

I mean i landed the heli just peered over the edge nothing check this out. Oh my gosh, that is insane all right. Gents here's place your camp. I think it's going to be a good camping trip.

We should do a polar plunge. Would you i'll do it? If you do it i'll do it, you will yeah what are the chances 100 chance of alaska? Can we jump in the blue lake? Definitely now it's my good friend warren. He is the brother of jerry sanderson. I'm telling you right now this guy inspired the cherry character all day every day baby.

Just once we put these on, remember, don't step on anything. Kick flips and ninja moves also become off limits once you're on a rope you can resume. I don't think warden knows the thing about ice climbing he was just hired to for comic relief. He has no idea what he's doing out here.

What you got ta do he's bent weight back so if we ever say cowboy walk, that's what we're talking about us cowboys! We just call that walking, use the weight of your boot and swing your feet into the wall. Don't let your heels drop. Don't go! Tippy-Toed! Nice level foot and you can just walk right up this sucker. Oh guys, i'm gon na have to cut the rope.

It's not gon na hold both of us ty. There's no rope just slide down. Oh yeah, no you're right, yeah! Sorry about that this guy. Let me just unhappy wait five minutes and the guy goes into goon mode.

Yeah, we're; okay, hey good, all's, good yeah! What a talk party all right boys! I think it's time to step it up a notch. What do we got bottomless pit over here? Who wants to get in it no way any horizon line, something you cannot see the other side of assume a hundred foot drop, probably is a little v thread. Anchor here thread some rope through it. I feel like.

I could just straight pull that through the ice right now give her all you got dude that thing better, not budge, you're golden! It's like six inches in there yeah six inches. It's not nearly that deep. This is definitely going to be the best documentation of some serious freaking stuff said it: yes, folsom baby. This has a little extra pucker factor to the jalapeno on the scoville pucker uh system, this one's up there, oh dude, we're talking muay, habanero, split back and start walking backwards.

Let's do it baby the bottomless tube of dude i'm coming down today, nice dude keep breathing. Take some deep breaths: oh wow, that's a tube! This is insane, it keeps going. Doesn't it this looks like some star wars map? Where are the tauntons? Okay, we'll see you guys back up top i've died and gone to heaven. Yes, how you feeling about the polar pulling thingy, what you changed your mind? No we're plunging brother.

Let's go get pneumonia, but i tell myself all the time pain is. Temporary. Film is forever just got a report that we're looking at about 33 degrees fahrenheit. I need the like thousands fries, thousands he's crazy he's, not that bad, i'm proud of us, hey love, you guys.

We do it for you uh. I can't think right now, although i said talk to you soon, i regret it. I regret everything about it. We're continuing to honor the salmon of the trip with some wild caught alaskan salmon cooked over an open fire on a rock at 10 p.m.

I wish my wife looked at me. Like tai, looks at his king salmon. It's not a king salmon, but a silver that is flaky. Perfect.

Oh wow, that's better than finding gold me garrett, corey we're getting on a raft going down the river gon na be a great day. Let's have some fun all right boys, you all ready. Let's do it sweet, i can confidently say this is going to be the best white water. Rafting you've ever done no way better in colorado.

Oh yeah guarantee it 10 miles on the river. We're gon na do three canyons that get progressively rowdier. The river is the great equalizer. She knows if you've been living right or not, oh, and so, if you guys been living right, she'll probably treat you well, but otherwise you got some time to repent all right, we're about to do a swim test.

The only way to know if you're ready to get tossed out of the boat later is, if you try it now, this water's freezing than you thought. Oh, it's so nice, hey, you're, gon na get him by the shoulder, strap all right. We passed the swim test. We're ready to wrap.

Let's go oh dude there. It is my boy dylan, kept it safe on to the next activity, alaska, i'm in love. Let's go fishing! That was insane. You cannot explain in words the number of fish that we flew over on the way here.

Just landed on the float plain in the middle of nowhere alaska and landed next to some bears. I'm a little nervous runs across charges him. He runs off guys got brown pants now pretty sure. So, please keep your head on.

Swivel be safe, gosh! I think i'm just gon na take pics and hopefully he won't eat us. You know what are you doing? Oh dude, that is gon na, be absolutely special, the bear's coming closer. This is insane. How long does it take to do the you know? You can see it in about 15 minutes.

Okay, it's pretty cool mine. You can see instantly, look, there's the bear. That's overrated! Yeah yeah! Yours is stuck on your camera. This is going to be so much better than yours.

I can put this on my wall. I'm ready to go catch a fish. Let's go. Do this thing, ladies and gentlemen, like to introduce you to brian founder of alaska sportsman lodge, he is taking great care of us uh.

We have a bear behind you. There was a bear on our side and i think, there's millions of fish yeah underneath us right now we got a nice rainbow she's, pretty beautiful, dark rainbow tried to get him facing up that way. I got the net you can let go of that there's only one. First, fish of the trip and tyler got him fishing with my friend brownie.

So far he's caught more than i have so got some work to do. Keep that rod right where you got it. I'm just gon na have you hold the net just like just like that is a fatty. Should i pick up the camera, the fishing pole? How do you decide? That's so cool silhouetted try not to hit myself in the back of the head.

That's the main goal with every cast see that one's getting dangerously close jeffy help me out. Why does that happen? If you want to watch a master work come to the front of the boat. Well, kobe's got another keeper in the boat jeffy's, currently instructing him. How to hold it? No he's giving me a special shockingly i'm uh behind him in the fish count right now.

That's a dinner fish. It almost wasn't a dinner fish. It nearly was not a dinner fish, but it is a dinner fish. The ultimate predator brown bears in tt in alaska.

No, no, i'm not going to take a bite. I'm hyped for this we're going atving through the back country of alaska. You've seen a lot of snow in this video so far, but right now, you're about to see all the green trees and the crazy terrain. Gon na be epic.

Welcome to 49 state motor tours. My name is brian. I'm going to be your lead guide on the tour today, if you have done other atv tours in other places, this is going to blow that out of the water. Is everybody good we're in two-wheeled drive high guys two will drive high we're going to cover all kinds of terrain today, there's going to be lots of mud sand dunes, big open, wide spaces? Oh, this is awesome.

Oh yo, what all righty, guys wow welcome to kinnick valley, unbelievable, let's keep going never done anything like this. We are just ripping through alaska right now highlight of the trip so far dude. What kind of tour has views like that? What a view? Oh now, that is alaska. I honestly, i don't know what to say it's insane.

You know what that is. It's happy. This is unbelievable by far my favorite part of the trip not even close all right, let's race, coach, i'll race, you, brother, hey, that was fun. Man, the ending was so fun just ripping through there dude.

I hope the footage makes that seem as insane as it was in real life. That was crazy. We've arrived the north pole baby. This is huge, santa we're coming santa.

I know him cannot tell you how excited we are for this next part. We are officially in north pole, alaska, standing in front of santa's house editors, santa's inside you know what to do, having a hard time putting into words right now. We turn the corner and uh santa's here, cody and ty are going to be so jealous and i literally met santa and his wife. That's mrs claus to you, mrs claus, guys we got an actual real live whale.

Talking to the whale just boarded the train. We got panoramic windows all around the views are about to be insane. You know my favorite thing about a train, no red lights, that's true, you just go, go, go yeah and you don't get stopped at the train track because you're on the track. We are just warming up in the natural hot springs of alaska.

Fun fact actually comes out of the earth at 170 degrees. They actually have to cool it off to about 106 107, so that we don't boil like little crabs. We actually came here to try and see the northern lights, but, as you can see, it's cloudy the only lights we get. Are these man-made ones right there they're kind of like cool club lights, okay, boys, we are at the mouth of lake ilyamna and we are going to drink some water right out of the lake.

I like it there you go. Boys cheers salute my friends. Look at that crystal clear cheers: not many places left in the world that you can do this so uh, let's keep the ones that we've got keep them this way. Here's to it! Oh, that's good! Pretty good huh! I got ta bottle some up and take it home.

That's nice would not recommend doing this at your home lake. Don't do this at ray roberts or texoma, certainly not louisville. If you missed the point, the water's a little different, we're here good to go. Please jack: are you trafficking at the galaxy party eastbound after departure experiencing everything that alaska has to offer has been a blast, but we also want to ensure that future generations can enjoy it like we have on our last day at the lodge brian took us to The proposed site of pebble mine, many people, fear that this mine would have a negative impact on the environment, including the supply of clean water and salmon.

Seeing this area in person has really put into perspective the damage that this proposed mine could have looked down right here through this past you'll see a bunch of sockeye in here. Oh my gosh wow, that's crazy! Bristol bay produces 50 of the world consumption as long as we take care of it. Yeah it'll keep on feeding us forever, but it's our responsibility to protect it and ensure that it's here for future generations to enjoy. So you can kind of see where the deposit is at and where the proposed mine would be we're not against my.

Our groups have not been against mining, we're against this particular mine in this location yeah. So this is frying pan lake, where we just landed. We just flew over the proposed mine site and, as you can tell, the ground is like a giant sponge. Here's the water that is contained, that's insane in the ground, the water table's at six feet.

So if you dig down six feet, you're now affecting all of the underground water sources in this area, even if you think it's separated by land from water to water, it all just flows straight underneath that's nuts blueberry. If i was a bear, this would be where i would be hanging out right now, good thing the mine wasn't here yet because that might have had some arsenic, yeah, there's literally no telling. If you get stuck in the alaskan bush, that's a blueberry. That is not! Oh, you ate not a blueberry started, i i spit part of it out, but i definitely ate it.

Tasted like a grape am i gon na die. I hope not. That is tricky. It looked just like it's blueberry time, um.

That was by far the most blueberries. I've ever had at one time. It just feels right, i think, by coming out here brian. It just reminds me that you know we get to see this now, the way it is, but obviously we want to protect it so that we could bring our kids back.

One day or our kids could bring their kids back one day and it would still look like this, which i think is what's so cool that it's untouched. You know absolutely. I didn't inherit this land from ancestors. I'm borrowing it from my kids in future generations got a bear basking in the sun on an island on the coast of alaska, surrounded by mountains and a weirdo with a polaroid dude.

I'm done you could. Thank me later. That was priceless. He's sitting right by me.

What do i do? The water here is very, very cold. My legs are asleep beneath my knees, but it's fine. It's worth it all right, we're catching so many fish brian's issued me a challenge. Top water fly with the fly rod going for a lunch fish.

That's the goal: let's see if we can get it done. Oh here we go here we go here. We go oh, oh hold on. Let me capture this moment.

I know you're a little disappointed go away. We did it top water yeah pink salmon top fly. Let me get in tight three two: oh wow good thing you had the flash on that is special. Oh yeah, baby, atta boy.

Brian, cannot! Thank you enough. For the last couple of days. This trip has been unbelievable and uh. I hope you saved me a spot for me and my three boys, 20 40.

got it i'll. Put you on the schedule, all right, we're heading out to decision point about 60 miles of beautiful landscape. When we get there we're gon na see a glacier should be awesome. Let's do it boys check that out wow we made it the blackstone glacier creation is beautiful.

It's a beautiful, beautiful thing trip home with all the zigzags and the top speed. Unbelievable. Let's say we go, grab some grub and do more activities. We are here in talkeetna about to board this beautiful aircraft and go land on a glacier.

How safe is this? Well, you guys are about to find out. Oh gosh, there's sun here and snow there and pilot paul's gon na, hopefully land us on a mountain. Let's do it on a mountain of glacier. Denali is the highest mountain peak in north america.

With a summit elevation of over 20 000 feet, the peak can reach temps as low as 75 degrees below fahrenheit. That was cool. That was very cool. That was awesome.

This is unbelievable. It's quite slick, i'm obviously about to bust out the polaroid. This is just one of those moments. Oh, let's see what the guys say.

I love this. Why are we being pranked right now? Oh my gosh guys! What in the world i'm telling you ty's had his big fancy camera the whole time? Oh digital! This is special stuff. I mean this is a city boys. It gets you fly in you land, you get an amazing photo, you say what's up to your bros and then you peace out, we're taking off baby core cannot wait to make your dreams come true, brother.

These are your dreams: ty no they're. Yours guys welcome to ice world. Okay, hey check that! Oh that's, sick! Guys! I found the beauty and the beast rose. Give us a half check for this one.

I know we've added a few checks. I wanted to build my own igloo turns out we're just gon na observe an igloo, but i am gon na go in it and enjoy the insides one, one. Five, five, six, six, five, four, four, three, three, two, two one, one: five, five, six, six, five. Four.

Three three two one wow our buddy trav here is letting me take the reins on one ice glass. So here we go one ice glass coming right up! That's how it's done! That's how it's done phyllis huge moment i have one photo left. I got the whole group together come on boys, so weird, thank you. Thank you.

Man, i'm freezing it three, two one. What's up guys, tt, welcome to mtv cribs deluxe 10 edition come on in, but take your shoes off before you get inside. Usually i like to start off by putting our house slippers on when we're on the atv tour coming back, we're flying down this kind of sidewinder back country and all of a sudden, i'm in front of him, and i hear.

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