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EPIC Airsoft Battle round 3!! Even more balloons, even more pops!
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“Brand New Thing”
Performed by ZAYDE WØLF
Courtesy of Morning Routine Collective LLC C/O Lyric House, LLC
Written by Dustin Burnett
(C) 2020 Red Coco Publishing C/O Lyric House Denver Publishing (ASCAP)
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Too perfect: well, howdy doody! You got the blue team team red checking into the game. We are focused, we're dialed in we're going to smoke some red balloons, team, deathmatch style, let's, let's party, okay, sparky checking in here. What's up guys corey checking into the game, purple hoes you're here, what's up guys, tynato, i'm trying to push that one hard rather get rid of tt, let's go to nato visibility limited, but, as you saw in asbr ii, the gun skills, not red shirt choice is A nomad choice, which is the uh character that i'm portraying some say the nomad character, was based off of me. My character comes with a real bonus.

I have night vision gon na stick to a little bit of camping. A little bit of aggression see what happens. My voice, the mission from eagle one, is to find out which team has what it takes to claim the ultimate elite squad. Trophy: hey, chad, uh.

You don't need to use the comms when we're about five feet away. You know. No. I know i just like the way they sound all right here.

We go all right, blue team. Let's do this hurry, hurry, hurry, nothing like a fresh game, nothing like a frex game. I have an elk in front of me elk in front of me: hey i'm on the roof on the left side of the cliff got somebody on the roof ty's in the middle guys, kai's in the middle, just popped, cody just popped, cody cody is down unbelievable. How did he get away? Okay, i'm pushing garrett, you go cliffside dude.

What happened uh kobe got me. I saw him coming. I tried to warn you sparky come over to me and let's push corey got him. Just that tie ties down.

I think gare just moved the cliffside okay, i'm heading there right now. Spark ty he's going right down to main street he's. Coming back to you, folks, coming back to you, i'm down i'm down boom just got kobe godly. I just missed swinging around going to try to flank tie yeah the costume, i'm wearing probably not meant to be worn at 100 degree heat.

I only spread like 20 yards got one in our spawn. I didn't know he was in there. I was searching for gare. I'm sorry boys, i've been a non-factor, so far saw cody at the center corey.

Can you go back behind him and cut him off he's retreating to the back? He's retreating in the back went one for one there not ideal kobe. Where are you you chicken? Take a seat, buddy twin shots feel better than any other shots. This is what it is love. You cops starting a distraction pop and smoke.

Oops hang on. We have a fire like an actual real life fire going on right now. How in the world did you start a fire might be? Fire is uh put out what a horrible toss. I look like a backup quarterback for the baltimore ravens, hey garrett, wrap around mountain side.

I think they're respawn, all right, 10 4 codes wrap it around. I'm going to go right down here. Cody is on the right side. I have no idea where corey is.

Are you kidding me? I just wrapped around cody's right in front of me: got him baby. Cody got me wraps up round one: let's go blue team: okay, fellas healthcare just moved to a different location on the map we got ta go find it all right. We have moved up the mountain from the town. We are now in the park blue team here we're up by one it's not over.

Yet it's half time we're gon na get some upgrades. I've uh swapped out for a little bit lighter gun. We've got some other upgrades red dot on his shed a little bit of weight. Didn't like what i had changed goggles.

I think the uh. The upgrades are gon na help round two. Here we go, i'm chasing gear, alcohol chasing gear out the hole got him got him gears down garrett's down. I got me: hey he's in the ballroom all right, i'm back boys going down middle, i'm in the ballroom courtyard and there's nobody here.

Oh my gosh. How did i miss that? Finally, it's what i needed man is that sparky i used to be my best friend in the last airsoft battle, not so much this time. I think it's kobe on the roof. Just stay put he's not doing any damage like a little squirrel, i'm on top.

I really need somebody to flank him around the backside on a balcony on their sides on the town side got one just got one that was good got ta hand it to him. Got there gear down gear down, i got him in the courtyard. They want zero part of middle yeah. Let's go middle right in front of us right in front of us.

That's coming! Hey sewing cover middle. This is perfect great spot for night vision. Climbing these steps. Tim kill, your light, take a seat.

Oh, i don't think i broke anything but my pride. One of us should go out and lure him around y'all need to draw fire. I'm gon na go behind him coach. He just went down hey.

I got him. I got him, got him got him got him got him, you got ta, be kidding me, hey, let's charge and go blood in the water pull up the water he's on the left. He's on the left. All right, we'll come back in a minute.

Got him baby. Am i dead? I don't know if i've ever been this frustrated in my life back to the health crate. Once again, you know i've actually been living here so much. I might start paying rent shot sparky.

Finally, that's exactly what i needed oh walking, into a doorway. What a noob, hey y'all have guys on time got: got him wow triple kill, let's go to work that one hurts. That was sloppy one more boy, one more! Let's go step: banking, oh wow! What the heck ty where'd he come from! I'm about to uh change! My mentality, that's full charge mode. Hey.

I think i hear somebody stay alive boys we're still in this. I see cody, i'm charging, i'm charging baby blue team is victorious. I just peeked cody went off. You got to give it to him cody what a charge baby.

It is not my honor or pleasure or enjoyment, or any positive adjective i could think of in this moment, but the mvp to the winning team, the blue team, the ski bum himself, cody jones. What a performance well done! Well done thanks for watching guys if you're, not a dp subscriber click down here, so you don't miss out on any new videos, special thanks to our friends at tom clancy's elite squad for making this video possible to download and play this awesome game for yourself with Your own five-person elite squad click right here. If you want to see the last video click down here, signing off for now pound, it noggin see ya.

12 thoughts on “Airsoft battle 3”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fedrix 1409 says:

    Wait, the guy with red t-shirt and the blue hat… is it NOMAD FROM GHOST RECON?!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mrgrandslam says:

    This is a sick map i wanna live there if it got fixed up of course

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Danielle Kirkland says:

    This is Cody Kirkland age 9. Please make another airsoft video these are so fun,amazing, and exciting

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars saved ink says:

    John 15:12 my command is this Love each other as i have Loved you……….. …

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sc says:

    Cody first game: Camps and hides the whole match
    Cody second game: COBY where are you at you chicken

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars saved ink says:

    John 15:12 my command is this Love each other as i have Loved you…..

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fallon Ulrich says:

    You guys need to make another one. Cody the king needs to go 4/4

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shirley maricela Sandoval villegas says:


  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ImYaBroDude says:

    If you didn't know, airsoft smoke grenades can catch fire pretty often

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julian Marrero says:

    This was posted on my bday last year, i turned 11 this year but last year i turned 10

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SomeDude says:

    Is that not the place, where MrBeast hat filmed a "Hide and Seek" Video?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zaid Nafees says:

    I only just realised that this is were Mr beast did his hide and seek 3

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