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Yeah, this is your captain speaking. Please remain seated until we reach the gate. Skymall yeah, hey buddy, give me a solid i'm just going to leave this right here. Oh, that is a game-changer.

Is this a plane or a sauna? Oh my gosh flying through a cold front. Oh yeah, my flight got canceled. What's your name ty, it's just ty! Your flight was canceled, cancel! Oh, is there one available? No tomorrow what was your name again, hi hi, all right, i'm going to try somewhere else. Thank you.

I think we should talk to the passengers, cool hi everybody. This is captain cody speaking, we are now in our. My excuse me excuse me. We ever pushed this button before uh.

Oh uh, we're about to hit some turbulence. Passengers we're about to execute a barrel roll. Oh sorry, for the turbulence. Remember keep that seat belt on nice and tight.

Usually i have to fight for these things. Dude. Are you staring at my daughter uh? She started it come on man, that's weird and the flame charred vermin on a stick. This is wild.

I don't know what to do with this ma'am. No! No! No! Thank you! That's not mine! Maybe your husband yeah! I have to take it. Is this your back? Yes, sir, let me do a bag check. Okay, oh sir, is this your axe uh? No, that may be somebody else's.

Is your name tyler uh? Yes, sir, it says tyler's axe right there i'm going to jail. Aren't i oh just make sure next time you fly, make sure you keep the cap on okay, be safe and have a nice flight. Thank you. Sorry.

I have a belt: don't walk back through it spread them got a box cutter in there bingo press, toothpaste, oh toothpaste, huh sure, looks like an ied to me. I'm over it full body scan come on come on trade table's, not locking dude. What are you doing? Uh just finishing up a birdhouse: why is he walking like that? Dude something's wrong? Oh my gosh turbulent. What is happening? Do you hear the pilot's first time flying you sure? That's okay! For you to be taking that many pills, you just marshmallows feel bad for the people in the back.

I'm about to blow this thing up. Yes, sir, that guy that just went back there, he said he's gon na blow up the plane, then couple of minutes the whole plane's gon na feel that one. What do you have to say for yourself? It was just the number two heidi ho martin burger wampanoag minnesota. Can i catch your name? Okay, buddy, martin, burger, told ya.

I wasn't lying to you since here you've been in close contact with fruits, seeds and soil, don't freak out or anything that can be our little secret. There's no secrets of tsa yeah. I'm gon na have to confiscate this fullback to the next bag, not keeping that one last question: have you been around or seen any livestock guys are so thorough. With your questions, it's unbelievable yeah.

I really come on empty row. Empty row, empty row. Good night is that goliath and his buddy next to a little guy. This is nice, i'm not that little, i'm five, nine yo! Do you got the moistures hey, but i got crawfish.

If you want something, can you hear ginger ale yeah, i'm pretty sure everybody can hear it. Thank you ma'am appreciate. Oh, i think i'm good thanks. Do you want us in the middle, so y'all can see? Oh no! No! No! This is perfect.

That's good! That's good! Can you hold her while i run to the restroom? Oh yeah, i'm great with kids, it's okay! Please shut that window, dude! It's the saint louis arc! Where are you flying to anaheim yep? Oh, wait! We're all flying to anaheim, see big hat guy. What kind of head shape do you have? Oh you're, bald? I love flying so much. This is going to be such a fun flight yeah. I cannot wait.

Nice backpack where's it from a nomadic. Oh, my gosh there's so many compartments in this wow hi. Where you going bathroom to the bathroom you mean to anaheim that didn't reach the cockpit well, the only good thing about a middle c is you get both arm rests. That's weird! I've always heard of his first come first serve hey.

Can you see the grand canyon out there? No can't see it, hey my birth's, not bothering you is it. I mean it's probably bothering that lady now sorry my snake just needed to stretch out he's in her seat. I, like paid for this scene, you're freaking out my emu right now. I need you to calm down i'll, give you a tax sign so fast.

Where are you guys, headed we're on our honeymoon me and sugar? Bear y'all might want to buckle up? Oh no, we are not talking about for life yeah. It looks like we're going to have about a 30 minute delay. That's fine! These are fast hasn't been 30 minutes to wish you a safe, oh by the way i have night terrors. So just don't wake me up what'd, you say oh flight tyler yeah.

It said you're going to be here like 15 minutes ago. That's my bad left lane needing left lane right, no exit. Oh, you know what i was going to show you this water tower. I don't care about the water tonight.

I don't know it's an investment i made for my family that looks like the worst water tower. I've ever seen and the gates are closed. Okay and i've just missed my flight. I never should've.

Let you take me to the airport you're a horrible driver. I can still get to the airport. That's your strategy! Kicking it. Are you serious that was smooth, huh dude? Please don't do this, don't clap, hey how's it going martin burger, wampanoag minnesota, i'm gon na struggle, then martin berger wampanoag minnesota.

What's your name business class? Are you typing that okay ready? No, no! I'm not! We ready to lock in that order. Yeah we're thinking! Uh we're both gon na do the flamed, moose yummy, just poop claim the person the last one was not me thanks for watching guys, special thanks to our friends at nomadic for sponsoring this video check out the awesome giveaway we have going on with him at Dudeperfect we'll see you next time, pounding noggin see ya.

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